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MG SS : Dastaan e Wafa
Pagli si hai woh ..
Mere liye har pal ..
Ek paheli si hai woh ..
Kabhi itni samajhdaar ..
Tou kabhi ek nanhi bachi si hai woh ..
Mushkil hai buhat usko samajhna ..
Par ab meri zindagi mien ..
Ek aadat si ban gayi hai woh ..
Mere hasne ki waja bhi hai ..
Par kabhi buhatt pareshaan bhi kar deti hai woh ..
Aankhon se ujhal hujaye tou
Hadd se ziada mujhe beqaraar bhi kar deti hai woh ..
Itni asaani se har mushkil mien muskuraati hai ..
Kbhi kbhi tou apni batoon se mjhe hi rola deti hai woh ..
Kaise karoon mien byaan yeh dastaan -e- wafa ..
Koi rishta nahi humara ..na sukh ka ..na dukh ka ..
Par phir bhi …
Kabhi mien uska humsaya ..
Tou kabhi mere akelepan ki saathi hai woh …
Life was never this beautiful for geet ever .. the smile never left her ..the joy overwhelmed her ..she was never tired even after the long tiring day …just thinking about meeting him again tomorrow at the caf brought a smile to her face …meera often use to caught her smiling to herself …but geet never disclosed her secret .. her group at college were happy seeing her so excited all the time though they complained to her about not being thr for their gatherings but geet never mind ..she never bothered about anything else …coz now it wasn’t just early morning serving of a cup of coffee that let her see him .. he use to drop by often sometimes she caught him in his car far away from her when she would be out with meera or amy .. specially on Sundays when she use to go to her school for dance classes .. so much so that she began expecting him thr …which was so stupid he is a business tycoon he can’t be running behind u every time geet …but then a tiny miny hope was always thr .. with a fear as well …fear to get caught by him …fear of him knowing about her lie …fear to loose that USB …fear to loose him …the thought alone shivered her with anxiety ..since last one month she has become so use to him being around that she doesn’t know what she will do without him being in her life .. the feeling she had for him has intensified tenfolds ..n now she knows she is attracted towards that geek god of a person … she is very well aware of the fact that she is stepping into a dark tunnel n she has no clue where it will end up …but she is loving the feel of having him by her side always to protect her ..his words from a month back in the church still echoes in her mind crystal clear …n she sighed hugging herself close feeling the cold wind of morning on her skin …remember the day she had stepped out of her home to hide the USB safe somewhere ..
Standing in front of  her college gate she sighed biding bye to all her friends ..only she know how difficult it had been to decline thr offer for movie …but she needed to do this ..she can’t have it in her house anymore …meera just found it yesterday n asked about it ..she had to make up a story even she didn’t believed n now she had to hide it somewhere safe …she walked a few steps ahead n away from the college vicinity hiding behind a large tree at the boundary of a park she checked her bag to make sure she has the USB …but couldn’t find it panicked n horrified she started checking in thr frantically n finally got hold of it .. sighing with relief she took it out n smiled looking at it ..
Thank god babaji …agar yehh khoo jaati tou pata nahi kya huta …abb mujhe ise jaldi se chupana huga .. 
But her relief was short lived when she heard a hush whisper of few guys behind her ..
Yeh wahi hai na ..??
Han wahi hai …isske bag mien hi who USB daali thi guddu ne uss raat ..aur phir najane kahan se wohh saala MSK aagaya tha …
Court mien wohh USB uss ameerzaade ne nahi nikali matlab wohh USB abb bhi iss larki ke paas hai .. boss ko phone laga aur puch kya karna hai ..
Geet was sweating in horror realizing they were probably the goons from that night only the miniser’s men ..oh god she is in big trouble n the USB is with her as well …shit ..!! she saw them dialing on thr phone n she took the opportunity n climbed the tree n jumped in the park’s boundary wall n crossed it reaching the church with a shortcut avoiding being caught by them with the USB …while on the other side the 2 goons called for thr partners as instructed by the minster they had to retrive the USB from that girl coz they had seen her having that USB in her hand …but the girl slipped just in few moments they looked down to dial on thr mbl n now were searching for her all along the streets …but geet had successfully entered the church n to her luck it was empty …situated in a less populated area the church wasn’t that well funded n people also didn’t visited it in week days so she was relaxed in here ..trying to locate a suitable place to hid the USB ..n due to her negligence she tripped over the carpet flooring which was torn from a place ..but gladly the father came in time n held her before falling ..nervously she straightened ..
Sorry father ..mne dekha nahi ..
Its okie my child ..waise bhi yeh torn carpet tumhara nahi humara galti hai .. (he sighed in disappointment).. ajj sab ka paas apna house decorate karne ka money hai but god k ghar ke liye nahi .. 
Geet chewed on her lips n asked rather carefully trying to fake innocence n concern .. 
Father yeh carpet flooring kabhi change nahi huyi ..??
Last 5 years se tu nahi huyi ..but u go ahead n pray to mother merry ..kya pata tumhare pray se hi log ka sin kam hujaye..
Geet smiled nervously at the old aged father who clearly seemed disappointed with the world so full of sinners …as he walked ahead she sighed coz even she is here to commit a sin ..kneeling infront of mother merry she prayed for forgiveness n hid the USB beneath the carpet flooring of the church under the wodden stand …(sorry sorry sorry I don’t know exactly what its called on which they place thr hand n pray in the church Dead sorry if anybody know let me know ill edit it ..Big smile) so it would be safe from coming under people’s foot n would be safe .. she had to take this risk now ..she has to keep faith in her destiny n in mother merry for keeping it safe here in front of her …
While Geet was in side hiding the USB ..a black BMW reached thr n stopped with a screeching sound coz of its speed n maan stepped out followed by  guarav all worried n walked towards his guards he placed for geet’s security ..n gaurav asked his men dressed in casuals 
Geet kahan hai ..?? n wohh log geet tak puhanche kaise ..??
Sir wohh geet college se aaj caf k bajaye iss taraf aagayi ..we were confused so we kept a close watch as usual n unfortunately who minister ke 1 goon jo uss raat hum se bach gya tha wohh yahin tha n he recognized geet ..
It was maan’s desperate voice this time questioning them ..
Tell me they didn’t caught her
No sir they didn’t ..actually (they couldn’t hid thr smile much for maan’s annoyance who was loosing his patience).. wohh geet ne tree par climb kar k park mien jump laga di .. n she flew away …
What …(gaurav exclaimed shocked with the new info n maan sighed)..
Abb kahan hai geet ..
MK  wohh andar church mien hai ..
Aur wohh admi ..
Gaurav sir wohh log kafi saare thay ..we couldn’t have possibly be able to  manage them so we led them in an opposite direction since they were asking people around for geet ..
Maan never stopped to hear further n made his way inside while gaurav continued conversing with his men ..
Jisse Zindagi Dhoon rahi hai
Kya yeh woh makam mera hai
Maan entered in the church all restless wanting to see her fine by himself …n what he saw made his heart feel at peace instantly ..geet was kneeling in front of mother merry .. eyes closed praying ..her face was so serene that he felt a pang of anger hitting him to have put her life in danger ..
She opened her eyes n looked up at him .. completely at ease as if she knew he is here .. n smiled at him brightly ..he couldn’t be more at ease then having her all fine .. 
Aap yahan …?? Waise acha hi hua ..wohh maan actually wohh minister k ..//
I know geet .(maan looked away guilty not being able to look at her) … n they have been taken care of for now ..u don’t need to worry …
Ohh ..tu aapke jasoos abhi bhi mere peeche hain ..iss hi liye aap yahan aagaye ..
Maan couldn’t believe this girl ..few minutes earlier her life was endangered n here she is smiling as if everything is completely normal n he shook his head sighing last 15 min had been hell for him n this girl is taking it all so casually ..n then she said peeking at him from side ways ..
Waise agar meri jaan khatre mien hugi tu aap aise hi mujhe bachane aajayege …humesha ..
Maan turned n looked at her ..her face was as always glowing with the smile don’t know y but she is always so happy sometimes he envies her …how can she remain happy all the time even after knowing the danger that lurks behind her all the time ..
Tumhain shak hai ..??
Nahi bilkul nahi ..(maan smiled at her instant reply her trust in him was his happiness rare but seeing her eyes so full of trust for him makes him contented).. mujhe yaqeen hai mien jab bhi kisi problem mien phasoongi aapp zaror aayenge …
Acha abb chalo yahan se ..we need to leave …
Geet saluted him animatedly n laughed taking her bag with her ..going ahead while maan stood thr lost in her laughter ..
Ya chain se bas ruk jau
Kyu dil yeh mujhe kehta hai
Geet n maan sat in the car n she continued telling him about her new project of management .. her day at college even congratulated him for getting over the case officially it was in the news this morning .. maan sat thr silent pretending to listeing to her when infact his full focus was on the lone strand dancing on her cheek ..actually making him feel the forbidden desire he thought he would never feel ever again …
Jasbaat nai se mile hai
Jaane kya asar yeh hua hai
Geet stopped her ranting when she saw maan’s hand coming close to her ..it was enough that he was dressed to kill in her fav red n black combo that he was testing her patience by looking at her like that …she felt she would melt under his heated gaze …n she to avoide all her gande gande thoughts she continued talking ..but now her voice got stuck in her throat n she held her breath seeing his hand advancing towards her ..n ever so slowly he caressed her cheek with the insides of his palm ..the heat from him made her face flush n he tucked the strand of her hair at the back of her head lost in her ..while she closed her eyes in complete submission …he almost forgot his sanity but then her closed eyes n that innocent submission made him remember the exact moment that happened 8 years back ..neha looked just this innocent n vulnerable lost in him when he had first kissed her ..n then she didn’t talked with him for next 2 weeks …he jerked back at his place realizing what he was doing .. n geet opened her eyes embarrassed n looked down smiling with a blush painting her cheeks red .. n he fumbled at his words ..
I …wohh geet wohh hair strand ..mien bas ..
Geet smiled looking at his troubled face so embarrassed n so cute she could just eat him alive at this moment ..but oppsss geet control …n she held his hand that was clutching the seat ..
I know ..n I trust u …Embarrassed
Maan looked at her shocked n saw her eyes completely smitten ..lost in him ..she didn’t knew what she was saying n what she was getting herself involved in ..but he knew n the most fucking paart of this all is he still feels contented having her trust even when he knows he is just going to break it one day …but may be she’ll get over him till then …may be he wont have to ..may be just may be …
Ek aans mili phir mujhko
Jo kabul kisine kiya hai
Ha..Kisi shaayar ki ghazal
Jo de ruh ko sukoon ke pal
Koi mujhko yun mila hai jaise banjaare ko ghar
They reached the small hill maan usually goes when he wants to be alone ..all the guards were at a long distance this place was both away from the chaos of the city n peaceful .. don’t know y but he wanted geet to accompany him here …n here he is standing by his car’s bonnet looking at the scorching sun while geet stood by his side all confused ..
Hum yahan kyun aaye hain ..??
Coz that’s where I come when I want to be away from the whole world ..at peace ..
Geet just hummed her response looking at him lost ..she knew thr is no use saying anything he isn’t listening …she knew he is disturbed by what happened today ..n holding himself responsible for it ..she tried to be patient for an hour then started making noises to get him talking or at least scold her ..but he wouldn’t even acknowledge her presence n finally she gave up n stood in front of him with her hands on her hips …
Listen if u have brought me here to give ur silent treatment I m better off from here okie ..
She was about to walk away when maan held her hand n stopped her ..she glared at him turning her head towards him n he released her hand n sighed ..
Sorry ..its just ..i m not in the best of my mood to talk ..
Geet turned n held his hands ..n said eagerly ..
Then take it out… (maan looked at her onfused n then looked back at the vast spread city infront of them but she was adamant n took him up to the edge of the hill).. here see this is city responsible for ur stress ..take it out on it …(maan released his hand from her n started moving back)..
Stop it geet …
No u stop it …stop blaming urself for everything wrong happening here maan ..coz sometimes its just destiny ..
Maan looked away n murmured to himself ..
Mene jo neha k saath kiya that wasn’t destiny ….Ouch
Geet couldn’t hear him but knew its something on his mind …n she stepped closer to him ..her back was facing the hill a step back n she would trip down while maan faced the hill lost in his thought when he felt her holding his hands …firstly he was shocked n almost pushed her back but stopped seeing her fumbling n she held his palm balancing herself entangling her soft small fingers with his hard long ones ..
Apne haath phela kar (she took his hand n spread them).. ankhien band kar k (with one hand she close dhis eyes).. uss insaan k bare mien socho jis se aap iss dunya mien sab se ziada pyaar karte hu ..(neha’s smiling face came infront of nhis posture relaxed geet could feel it in the less stiffness of his posture n smiled).. abb gehri saans lo …(he did).. n exhale all ur worry in this air …(he did).. let this city bear the weight of it …
maan saw all those happy moments with neha ..those times which were the golden days of his life n he opened his eyes n found hers’ captivating his …he didn’t knew how but he did felt light .. her smile …her hold on his shoulder ..those hairs that now here out of her braid flowing freely with the air ..he circled his arm around her waist n bent down at her face with an intention to kiss her cheeks but then decided otherwise …n with his breath teasing her senses he whispered a 
thank u ..Embarrassed
geet smiled n hid herself in his arms ..n they made thr way back to his car .. after having thr lunch brought by his guards ..maan discussed her management assignment n helped her select a topic ..n she thanked him ..n finally with the sun going down the horizon leaving a pink hue on the sky they also left the hill n maan dropped her to her café …
Naye mausam ki sehar
Ya sard mein dopahar
Koi mujhko yun mila hai jaise banjaare ko ghar
Maan was sitting in the café ..as usual having his coffee it was Monday n he didn’t saw her for last 2 days ..he purposely didn’t ..he wanted to stay away from her ..the growing attraction from her side wasn’t in anyones favor but she looked so happy today ..curious he strained his ears to hear her convo with her friend pinky ..
I just love them pinky ..they both r angels ..un dono k saath kaise mera time guzar jaata hai pata hi nahi chalta ..
I know warna Saturday tak tera mood kitna kharaab tha .. we all were praying k tere fav students sun ki cls bunk na Karen ..warna pta nhi kya krti tu …waise abb batayegi kyun mood kharaab kar k bethi thi 2 din se ..
Arre kuch nahi wohh ..bas aaj mera management assignement ka submission hai na tu bas thori tension thi iss hi liye ..
Maan kept the bills on the napkin ..n left not pleased knowing about her last 2 days ..she shouldn’t be getting attached with him like this ..he will have to make sure that the minister leave her to stay in peace ..n then he would also make an exit from her life for her own good ..
Today was thr anniversary …it has been 8 years since he confessed his love to neha .. the day always bring awful memories ..n usually he locks himself up in his room for the whole day to mourn n curse over his fucked up life ..but today he out driving at 7 in the morning coz he just got to know geet didn’t make it to the café today n hasn’t stepped out of her house .. which means she is skipping her college as well ..
2 hours later he sat in her home playing lodu ..actually learning it again ..she has high fever n since meera had am imp presentation she or amy couldn’t stay back neither geet would let them n maan couldn’t leave here alone seeing her b.fast still untouched ..knowing her she would sleep herself all through the day without having anything ..so he stayed n now he was fighting with a 18 years old girl over this game ..coz she was cheating …damn the nerves of this girl she was trying to fool MSK …
Geet tum cheating kr rhe hu ..
Aha ha ..jab haarne lage tu geet tum cheating kr rhi hu ..g nahi chaliye dice dijeye ..
Nahi bilkul nahi …tum galat rule se khel rhi hu I remember some bits yeh galat hai ..
Maan mera dice dijeye meri turn hai ..(but he hid it behind him)
Nahi first u miss geet should learn to play fair ..(geet stood on her knees over the bed hovering him trying to dodge him n take the dice)..
Maan dice dijeye na ..(maan retreated n held her hand which was now att his back trying to take the dice) ..
Not until u admit u cheated ..
I didn’t ..abb dijeye mujeh dice 
n she tried with another arm but maan didn’t bulge n they both ended up coming too close to feel other’s heart beating furious against each other ..maan’s breath fanning her shoulder n her raged breathing making a teasing contact b/w her soft bossoms n his hard chest …he clutched her arms tight n she lost her balance almost falling over him n they both came back from thr trance …n sat at farther distances …
after a few initial minutes of embarrassment coz of thr closeness .. both glanced at the lodu board ..smiling at thr act a few minutes back how childish they got …they couldn’t believe they were fighting over such a silly thing ..n then thr eyes met n they both laughed whole heartedly ..
Jaise koi kinara
Deta ho sahara
Mujhe woh mila kisi mod par
Koi raat ka tara
Karta ho ujaala
Aise hi roshan kare woh shehar
Dard mere woh bhula hi gaya
Kuch aisa asar hua
Jeena mujhe phir se woh sikha raha
Hmm..Jaise baarish kar de tar
Ya marham dard par
Koi mujhko yun mila hai jaise banjaare ko ghar
Naye mausam ki sehar
Ya sard mein dopahar
Koi mujhko yun mila hai jaise banjaare ko ghar
After a few days her marks for management assignment were announced n she had topped n as per the bet b/w dishti n tanmay geet’s friend ..if geet topped tanmay would give all an ice cream treat n if rahul topped drishti would ..
They all left the college early …with a huge mass exiting th main gate n the guards missed geet’s group exiting n they kept waiting but geet didn’t came n then they went in to search for her ..n she wasn’t in the college …they didn’t knew where she is they went to the café but she didn’t reached thr as well ..worried n scared of MK’s temper they called gaurav ..n as expected he yeld at them ..worried he left the office …but maan got to know of his sudden exit from KC ..he got suspicious but he had a meeting to attend n he went for it .. here geet n her group continued to enjoy .. the best part about her friend was even though thr was competition thr wasn’t jealousy n hatred …they loved n she knew even if rahul would have topped they would have partied the same way …later meera n amy too joined them ..
Here after 30 min maan’s meeting ended n he inquired about gaurav n got to know he is still not back …he felt something fishy n called him ..n as expected gaurav told him geet is missing ..maan almost got panicked in front of his staff but then composed himself n drove off from his office but even after an hour he couldn’t find ..his patience was giving up n his mind was thinking of all the worst scenarios geet could be in cursing himself to have put her life in danger …n finally he got the news geet is in her café ..
Maan drove maniacally to her café n heard her giggling with an old couple ..he sighed looking at her fine but then felt anger rushing in filling in veins with poison thinking where did she went dodging her guards …but he couldn’t possibly walk in n ask her …so he went back to office n worked ..or trie to work ..since geet was late for her duty she had to work extra hours n she stayed in the café till closing ..n left when jaspal uncle locked the café ..
Uska tha yeh chehra
Deta hai jo pehra
Jaane chupata kya dil ka samandar
Auron ko toh har dam
Saya deta hai
Woh dhoop mein hai khada khud magar
Chot lagi hai usse phir kyun?
Mehsoos mujhe ho raha
Dil tu bata de kya hai irada tera
Maan felt the restlessness growing in him seeing her walk out from the café but he waited till jaspal uncle was at a safe distance n then came out n followed her a few big steps he was able to catch her n he jerked her towards him scaring the hell out of her ..
Just what the hell do u think u were doing dodging ur guards today ..tumhain pata hai yeh kitna dangerous hu sakta tha ..kuch bhi hu sakta tha tumhain .do u get it geet (geet looked confused seeing him practically seething in anger with red flaring eyes).. now don’t give me that innocent look geet … I m trying to protect u here god damit please stop being so childish … aaj kuch hu jata tumhain tu kya karta mien …
Hmm..Main parinda besabar
Tha uda jo darbadar
Koi mujhko yun mila hai jaise banjaare ko ghar
After a few more sore scolding maan was bit relaxed n get got to explain where she was n probably what would have happened …maan wasn’t satisfied it scared the hell out of him today knwing he has lost her ..it was worst feeling he experienced in years yes he has felt even worst then this but it has been so long he felt any emotion other than self hatred that today he couldn’t handle the fear of loosing her ..
Naye mausam ki sehar
Ya sard mein dopahar
Koi mujhko yun mila hai jaise banjaare ko ghar
N for the first time he realized it isn’t going to e easy for him as well to leave her ..all this long he always thought she would be the only one who is going to get hurt when this will be over her attraction towards him would make it hell a lot more difficult to cope up with the situation but today he got to realize it would need every ounce of his will power to walk out of her life .. coz a nasty selfish part of him has began to like the similarity in geet n neha ..the warmth he felt from being with geet is same as he use to feel 8 years back with neha .. n thr is this selfish part of him who doesn’t want to loose it but he knows he is done being spoiling others life for his selfishness …n he would no longer spoil geet’s life for his own selfishness it is bad enough that she is physically attracted to him n now he can’t add up to this coz surely geet can’t be any way a part of his complicated life ..thr is no space for anyone in his heart n life except neha ..n when she will return everything will be just like it was when she left ..
Jaise banjaare ko ghar
Jaise banjaare ko ghar
Jaise banjaare ko ghar
Geet came out of her trance receiving a smack by meera ..
Tu phir khus hi khus muskura rhi hai …get up girl aaj Sunday hai u have to reach at ur school at 9 …
Hmmm …
Was all she said getting up from her bed …last 2 months had been amazing ..that night in the middle of the road she finally found someone who cares for her ..who has concern for her ..someone who will be affected with her presence n absence ..someone who has a very special place in her life n may be even she has gained a tiny miny place in his heart …geet blushed just thinking about it …she didn’t knew what love is but since that night when she felt the concern oozing out from maan’s eyes for her she felt herself falling for him every second ..his hard exterior ..his soft heart ..his scolding for not wearing a sweater ..his appreciating nod at his coffee ..his delighted eyes while having her hand made pasta .. his laughter …that was the first time she heard him laugh ..lodu wasn’t so fun ever ..she chuckled what it ended up at ..n the red hue covered her face making feel the butterfly dancing in her tummy …n she finished her bath n stepped out to change smiling at herself .. n then saw the clock its 8’ O clock already ..damn she is late …she was suppose to meet nishaan n sneha before class ..
pheww its done …yeppieee hope u’ll like it
please please please …do leave ur reviews n hiit the like button ..really nervous about how it came out to be ..Ouch
waiting for ur response …Day Dreaming
PRECAP :- Maan getting J of Amy …LOLWink Nishaan n Sneha back ..Embarrassed


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as u all know this was suppose to be an OS initially but mera devil mind palti kha gaya  n i got a full story in my mind so i changed it into an SS  …n glad to have u all supporting me ..

but after last update i thought n realized that its required for me 

to give u all a CS for the characters so that u people know about the characters n relate to thr reactions in different situation ..BUT me bit scared coz til now it was always like all my stories use to go in accordance with the CS n now i am giving the CS in accordance to what i have shown in the story ..

so plss read it n tell me if u all can relate to all this facts about the respective characters ..

LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST ..plss keep a check on both thread as even if i updated any of my SS i am not sure when ill be giving u all the pms ..so if u wanna read it plss keep checking he status or check the daily update thread of deepa di ..



A 17 years old orphan initially was living in Mumbai n is now in delhi (read story to know y) studying in 1st year architect designing ..her only dream ..the only thing she can give up everything for is her dream to get a nice settled career as an architect designer ..very bright student managed to get till here through her scholarships but now is managing her fee by working in a porch art house cum café ..n giving dance classes on her week off as well ..

What to say about her Nature ..i am falling short of words to describe her bubbly innocent nature ..

The spark she has in her to make instant bond with every one n anyone around ..

Yet she doesn’t express her love n care for others OFTEN coz living a life with no parent as certainly made her see many faces of the world so she don’t trust people with herself but also is not that cold hearten n loves to make lots of friends ..she is full of life ..yet has that maturity in herself ..always have the courage to face any situation no matter how difficult it might seems to be .. a weird or say sweet habit of hers is to talk to her favorite babaji 24/7 …At times very childish

she never bothers about her looks so only even after being 17 she doesn’t look that old still maintains that innocent childlike features just her purely  ..naturally her ..always ..

Not interested in those teenage crushes ..it not in her to drool over heroes n go behind handsome hunk way too focused BUT now a days is in trap of SOMEONES attractive n charismatic hot persona ..**.. n is struggling to over come this teenage infatuation fearing she will loose her focus n her dream as well …

Maan Singh Khurana


26 years of age he is A rutheless ..shewrd businessman of India ..rules the world with a blink of his eye ..in one line

he is MSK whom u don’t mess with ..!!

looks enough to kill any straight girl .. attitude to make the person shudder with his one stern look .. his toned shaped body always makes him the desirable hunk in town ..  his dark un shaven beard making him look even more mature n complimenting her dark intense eyes which no can read ..

lives a very confined life ..not much socializing person ..thr lots of rumors about him every day a new fired up baseless gossip in the media about him being in relation with some or the other model or businesswoman ..

but the next second all are shut close with the terror of MSK ..

thr can be no word apt enough to describe his Nature as he barely use them ..its always his action speaking more than him … basically he lacks the ability to express himself ..its not like geet that he purposefully don’t want to but its just a simple thing that after loosing his parent at the age of 10 he lost his ability n confidence to speak up his heart .. so only he says his mind n acts according to his heart ..the this frustration of not able to express himself often leads him to either being silent or angered ..

we can say he is am impulsive person ..thinks after he has said things at emotional points ..

so only people never knows his virtues side coz unlike other business person he don’t believe in showing off …simply do what he wants ..

but when it comes to business he never requires to say much as his one word is enough for the person to get convinced ..

people have many mysteries n many questions regarding his personal life but no body dares to raise any finger against him n his life knowing the second they will …will be the last second of thr life .. (he deadly when at anger ..)

he wasn’t a person to fall for any random beauty as thr were always bunch of such girls around him but NOW he is kind of attracted towards a GIRL ..*  *.. which he names as GUILT …

Meera Thapar

same as ghsp ..sorry i didn’t had her pic at the moment

Geet’s school friend ..she also don’t have her parent n is under guardianship of her uncle her chachu who is living in Dubai just to earn enough to give meera a better life n education ..she has her nani maa n mom’s family in Mumbai n she also visits them yearly but lives in delhi in her uncel’s arranged apartment those rent is given by him every month ..a girl with golden heart ..loves geet really much ..very much like geet bold ..lively talkative ..but a difference she opens her heart like a book to every friend .. n with geet she is an open which geet can read with naked eyes …

She is also in her 11th grade but in different college a very high class delhi college acquiring her B.BA

Jaspal Singh

Owner of a porch art house located in a elite commercial area of delhi .. he is an old friend of meera’s uncle n so has given geet a part time job in his café ..

A kind hearted man in his early 40s .. admires geet for her simple sweet n innocent nature ..

Not that well off person belongs of a normal middle class bg but rich at heart n helps everyone ..

Pinky Singh

same as ghsp ..sorry i didn’t had her pic at the moment

Only daughter of jaspal singh …also in 11th studying arts ..helps her father in his café after her college ..is a very nyc person ..innocent ..yet bit naughty ..drooling day dreaming of hot hunks is her fav hobby …but its comes secondary when it is the matter of food ..

A girl with simple straight life ..


Some very important characters are thr but since they are yet not revealed so I am not given it here ..will edit this once they they will be introduced ..


hope i was able to explain n justify the character according to the story ..

plss do leave me ur reviews ..

waiting for ur likes n comments…

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sorry 9n9i9s9h9u9 dearo ..last part mien i forgot to post this ..soveeyy …

people this poem is written by her on PART 3 of this story where geet was restless for maan going a miss .. i was tongue tied while reading it she expressed all the feeling n turmoil of geet so well ..

so sharing it …

woh saath tha uske saaye ki tarah

woh paas tha uske hum saans ki tarah 

yeh baat aur thi

ki woh anjaan thi uss khushi se

jo aa basi thi usme

ban ke uska sahas 

ek humsaaya saath hona hi toh tha uski wajah 

ab jab woh aaya nahi

usko khud ke paas paaya nahi

dekhta hai har pal khuda mera mujhe

uske na dekhne se yah ahsaas bhi 

ab mujhe mein aaya nahi

kyu hai yeh bechaani

kyu hai yeh betaabi

sab saath hai mere

sab sapne ho rahe hai pure

par kyu ek uske saath na chalne se

mr dil ko inme bhi chain aaya nahi

leave a few words for this as well …

Dastaan -E- Wafa

people this is the result of 30 min ..i ve typed 1500+ words this afternoon so posting here .. now i really need to say i am gone insane …. warning the real twist of this story  begins from here where i have started giving hints plss i am saying this again who ever can’t handle mysteries can surely stay away ...REST …

enjoy reading .. n DO LEAVE UR COMMENTS N LIKES ..


Maan followed geet by walk while she ran in her best speed in that state reaching her house in that drizzling night her eyes pouring tears n heart pounding as if some volcano is making it burst out with pain … the moment she entered her house maan came out from behind the pillar n watched her shaking figure standing thr banging the door forgetting about the bell for a moment his steps went ahead to steady her comfort her but then stopped remembering his own words ..n finally a worried meera opened the door cocooning geet in her embrace ..n went in taking her …

Maan walked back to his car sitting in …he placed his head on the stearing wheel closing his eyes remembering her tearful innocent hazel so much filled with questions n confusion .. when his mbl buzzed with an incoming call ..he received it n after a long moment of listening to the other side ..he sighed n said in his best calm voice ..

Maan : don’t worry I’ll make it up for my delay dear ..

Placing the mobile back he saw the torned dupatta of get placed on his dashboard she for has forgot it here ..he sighed thinking he defo owe an apology for his harsh words …remembering how he got it ..


Geet saw the car’s head light flashing from the main street it was of maan’s car .. due to some technical issue he was thr waiting for the mechanic when geet screamed for help .. already he was soo stressed n now geet’s scream set him on panic he marched towards the street but couldn’t locate her n then went ahead saw her duppatta torned in a corner worried sick he began to look for her n then her calling out for him finally helped him locating the source n he reached thr followed by his guards … n opened the closing shutters of the shop he entered only to see geet in the clutches of those goons ..


Anger rush through him remembering the sight of those goons manhandling her … his eyes turned red but remembering her concerned filled eyes n he closed his own eyes briefly n opened them with guilt visible in them ..

Maan : wohh already itni dari huyi thi n I just blasted her in my frustration .. pata nahi kya hu jata hai mujhe bhi geet ke samne 3 din ki saari tension be-waja uss bechari par nikal di .. uss ki koi galti bhi nahi thi aur mene … god what have I done ..damit ..I am never my usual self with her around ..

Hope wohh theek hu … itna darii huyi thi ..

He drove off to KM …while on the other hand in geet’s house Jaspal uncle .. pinky n meera were trying to know what exactly happened to cause her delay n such state ..but all she managed to tell them was she was chased by some goons n they tried molesting her but an unknown man rescued her n she came here running back .. her tear stricken face n vulenarable state stopped them all to question her further .. n both jaspal n pinky left asking her to take a leave for tomorrow n rest ..n meera asked her to get fresh n she went to prepare dinner for her .. lost in her own thoughts geet went in washroom ..stood under the shower head drenching herself n then tears cascaded down her hazels filling her with in numerable questions ..first her own feeling then the incident defo for an 18 years girl it was a shock n shaterring event …but her thoughts were all clouded with maan …n they way she reacted seeing him ..

Geet (she slipped down on the floor with water still running down) : yeh kya hugaya mujhe .. kyun ..kyun 3 din se itni pareshaan thi mien ..maan ke liye ..?? wohh bechani ..woh restlessness woh sirf maan ke liye thi …?? Nahi aisa nahi husakta .. wohh THE Maan khurana hai aur mien ..mien sirf ek mamoli larki ..yeh kaise hu sakta hai .. mere dil mein maan ke liye koi feelings nahi hu sakti .. wohh kuch nahi lagte mere .. kyun ..kyun phir bhi mera dil sirf unke khayaloon mien ghira hai .. kyun huraha hai mere saath yeh sab .. (wiping off her tears angrily) nahi meri life mien ..mere dil mien kisi aise jazbaat ke liye koi jaga nahi hai .. I am just 18 ..yeh sheher sirf ek zariya hai meri manzil tak puhanchne ka … aur uske raaste mien mien kisi ko nahi aane de sakti …kisi ko bhi nahi .. apne aap ko bhi nahi ..

Finally clearing all traces of tears n sorrow from her face she stepped out still with a ting of fear n hurt on her face maan’s words were still echoing in her ears .. but meera thought it was due to the events of the night n avoided questioning her .. she made every attempt to make her feel light but yet the look on geet’s face never replaced for more than a minute ..almost 2 at night both girls closed the lights n went off to bed with geet still wide awake gazing at the sealing of the roof ..still lost in the very moment she met maan for the first time .. his scent ..his hold ..that slight smile ..never seems to leave her mind at peace ..she jerked up to sit ..n vowed herself ..

Geet : stop it ..stop it geet ..kyun kar rahe hu babaji mere saath aisa .. no I can’t let this mere teenage crush take over my senses n loose all what I dreamed off ..never ..


It was 3 am when maan opened the door to his room ..stressed even more week n pale .. took his clothes from the cupboard n went in washroom stood thr nude cooling his aching soul standing down the flowing water drenching himself ..

the sight of those goons .. geet’s scream everything made him raged n his hold on the water tap went tighter turning his knuckles go white .. the moment geet’s concerned hazel flashed in front of his eyes .. her innocent worried touch .. he could still feel her hand caressing his face with so much of concern ..he opened his eyes n pushed his hair back ..

even after standing thr his heart couldn’t be at peace her last words …KOI HAQ NAHI HAI … those tearful hurt hazels ..taunted him ..

he stood thr in front of the large window looking at the dark pitch black sky …her smile ..her pouting baby face …those baby caught face of hers .. the way she would glare at him with her sweet anger …all the memories flashed in front of him on the dark sky …n

he was again lost remembering these 3 months of his life when he first met her n accused her ..the way was looking at her then with her innocent eyes captivated by his ..her fearful state in which she was clinging to him .. he could still feel that ting of attraction b/w them .. the moment of guilt when he learned she wasn’t at fault .. his guilt was eating him up probably that’s the reason for the first time ever THE Maan Khurana was yearning to know about a girl ..A GIRL …!!

It took him almost 2 weeks to know she was in delhi when he saw her standing on a bus stand acidently .. all his detectives were failed to locate her in Mumbai n its surrounding but fate made her come to him ..n that was the moment he got to know how she came here .. n then her struggling to get admission in college .. he was guilty utterly shameful to see a girl or say a kid just 18 year of age struggling like this all because of him .. so only he kept a watch on her .. but didn’t realize when this feeling of guilt turned to be his habit initially it was just he wanted to make sure the café was a nyc place to work at with such a job profile  but then the way she use to fill his mornings with her sweet angry glares n pouting funny faces ..

He just couldn’t stop himself to go towards her.. meet her ..see her …with each of his encounter with her the string connecting them was getting stronger .. even after vowing himself at the end of everyday not to meet her ever again standing here on the same place ..he had always found himself in front of her every morning .. n now when he succeeded to avoid her for good 3 days ..what was the result ..she was trapped in those filthy goons … he poured out all his frustration pilled up in him for this unknown attraction blasting her with his words hurting her so much ..

The restlessness in the two souls never let them sleep .. the question what is it attracting them towards each other made them feel miserable .. the frustration ..the helplessness .. all the question .. all they wanted was to run away from all this …run away from that person causing all this .. but still the fear was thr ..fear for of an unknown lose .. fear to loose something precious .. .. yet confused WHAT IS IT THEY ARE FEARING FOR …??

He sat on his bed finally giving up on his thoughts decided to let it be .. n put an end to this silent relation b/w them … let her hate him .. n to get over this frustration least he knew that this frustration was the result of his own decisions .. n there she …she was still turning left to right … sleepless remembering his pale feverish face .. n then his wordsKIS HAQ SE ..? everything taunted her .. questioned her .. made her feel low of herself but still a feeling that he saved her …she could still feel that protective hold around her .. she closed her eyes trying to make up  her mind to let go this feeling .. trying to get over his memories .. still the tears filed in her eyes .. with his harsh words .. then thought he was right ..still left question ..if he was right than y it was paining her so much .. y so much hurt in her heart ..Y …???

She jerked up again … : bas .. no more I am gonna let him effect me .. he is nothing but just a stranger … stranger whom I hate the most … n I will never even talk with him .. NEVER ..

Determined she laid down n pulled the duvet on her face closing her eyes to sleep .. but here maan was still restless turning from here n thr on the king side bed .. sitting up he switched on the light .. n finally decided leaving a sigh ..

Maan : enough of this guilt trip …har baar mien usko chot puhancha deta hoon n then I myself will feel guilty .. kal I will apologize to her for the first n last time ..maaf kiya tou theek warna I’ll never even cross her path EVER …!! After all she nothing ..nothing but just a mere girl whom I caused all these trouble so ONLY I wanted to be sure she was fine .. nothing more than that n I now life is smooth enough for her ..n I won’t cross her path ….

Ironically two souls who wanted to be parted are still joining the thread .. she a thread of hatred  n he a thread of care … strange it is .. both of them even being confused … even after deciding are not able to let go …un known to themselves ..they are still being a part of thr life … but will they ever be able to understand this all … will they ever give a chance to all this …??

Ajeeb dastaan hai do diloon ki ..

Rabta torna bhi hai .. rishta jorna bhi hai ..

Nafrat bhi hai par phir bhi kahin chahat ki chingari chupi hai ..

Kehte hain ajnabi ek dosre ko par phir bhi …

Dil mien koi jaga banali bhi hai ..

Kya huga anjaam iss an kahe jazbaat ke jab ..

Waqt ke mor par …

Imtehaan e takdeer azmaayenge do diloon ki himmat ..!!


so here it is ..

hope u liked it .. i am not really satisfied with it but i had only 30  mins n all could type was this .. pardon me for my mistakes .. 



guess if it is gonna be a positive one or negative …  

n do leave ur replies ..

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Dastaan -E- Wafa 


its been almost 20 min since she was running n finally tripped due to fatigue ..tears rolled down her eyes …n her eyes closed in defeat ..it was dark n slight drizzling was thr in few areas of the city …she was sitting on her knees in a dark isolated area ..the thought horrified her looking at the place what would happen next with those goons chasing her …n next she found a headlight of a car flashing from the main street .. some how getting up her feet she reached half but those goons chased her by then …grabbing her arm they were taking her away from the main street when she screamed

Geet : Help …help ..plss somebody help me …

They ushered her to a closed shop breaking its locks …It was as if the whole situation went against her ..the goons were looking at her with nasty lustful eyes …another tear trail rolled out of her eye ..n she closed her eyes fearing the worst ..the last thing came to her mind was just HIM …his gesture that hidden smile .. his arrogant smirk ..n those deep dark concealed eyes ..be4 they could close the shutter ..she screamed on top of her voice ..

Geet : MAAN …

One of the goon closed her mouth tight with his palm …while she was still struggling …

Goon : ek minute ..iss ke saath mauj manane se ziada acha hai iss ko beech (sell) ke paise kamayein …lala iss ke achi raqam dega ..

Goon : baat tou sahi hai …par itni qatil cheez dekh kar rook bhi tou kaise …


Be4 the filthy convo could proceed the shutter of the shop opened n thr stood her savoir .. with eyes spitting fire ..


she struggled to get of the the goons grip who was holding her while a tear trail skipped her eyes … all of them for a moment paralyzed with an intruders presence who looked too much enraged …next geet hit the leg of the goon holding her n ran to maan’s arm while he cocooned her in his embrace tight …she was trembling with fear ..her tears never stopped for even a second …while he stood thr spitting fire ..his hold on her was soo tight …his heart beating so fiercely ..eye turned into lava red …

the goons were actually shivering seeing him .. 

me jumping in joy ..

Next clutching her hand tight he made her stand sideways …n went ahead taking deadly slow steps n punched the goon who was holding geet a minute be4 so hard that he fainted right thr …the other two stepped back in fear seeing him turned nothing less than a beast .. while geet gasped seeing him so much furious …she held her mouth tight trying to stop her scream seeing the blood oozing out of that man’s mouth …next she found her view getting blur with maan beating the 2 goons black n blue as if determined to kill them bare handed ..n she fainted in maan’s embrace ..n he went away lifting her in his arms handing over the goons to his guards ..


She was sitting in a car when she stirred opening her heavy lids with excruciating pain in her head ..adjusting to the dim lights ..she looked around herself panicked sweating n then realized she was covered with a coat …n next she heard some faint sounds …she can never be wrong in recognizing the source ..it was HIM ..but he was worried …she stepped out of the car n saw him standing at few steps of distance talking over the mobile ..

Maan : han woh meeting thori extend hugayi thi

Dadi : ….

Maan : gi medicine mil gayi ..plss mere aane tak khayal rakhna aap dadi maa ..

Dadi : ….

Maan : aap meri chinta mat kareye ..ill be back in an hour ..

Dadi : ….

Maan : plzz dadi enough now I am fine aajaonga ghar ..bye

She standing with the support of the car n that’s when he turned around …the moment felt paused for her to see him till her hearts gets enough of him ..

tears slipped out of her already red eyes .. while he stood thr still with the way she was looking at him .. thr was so much happiness glowing in her hazel eyes he just couldn’t understand what she got that made her this much happy …least he knew from the moment she last saw him since than her heart was yearning for one glimpse of him … that restlessness was for him .. that fear was not coz she was dreading for self but it was for HIM … his disappearance made her fear for him …restless to see him …

Waqt tham gaya ..

Bas uss ke liye

Mano kudrat bhi meherbaan hu ..

Jaise poori kainaat keh rahi hoo

Ke jee bhar ke dekh le woh iss ko ..

Kya kehta wohh bhi ..

Iss ki ankhon mien khoya khara raha ..

Lamha koi itna khubsorat na huwa huga kabhi ..

Ke jis ki chahat thi woh mil gaya tou ..

Zindagi se aur kya mangti wohh deewani ..

Jis sakoon ki talaash thi itne waqt se ..

Jab wohh mil gaya tou aur kis cheez ki chah karti ..

Abb tou har saans ek hi dua kar rahi thi is ski

Ke yeh lamha tham jaye aur zindagi yoon hi guzar jaye ..

(… poem by me…)

Geet smiled removing her tears ..n looked up worried seeing his eyes swollen red with dark circles …he was having fever she could tell with his pale yellowish face .. her heart cried seeing him like that n a part of her heart screamed ..she thr was something wrong ..

She inched forward n placed her hand on his forehead thr was a slight wound mark a tear slipped from her hazel while she caressed his cheeks ..caressing the burning skin ..n tears flooded down her eyes ..n she said looking at his eyes straight ..as if trying to assure her heart he is here .. like making every single breath of hers sure that its HIM ..


Geet : kahan chale gaye thay aap … mujhe akela chor kar .. kyun chale gaye thay .. (looked down dropping her hand on his shoulder feeling so week with her emotions)..  aap pata bhi hai 3 din ..3 din se aapke intezaar mien mien soo nahi payi ..jab ankh band hoti tou iss darr se uth jati ke kahin aap aakar chale tou nahi gaye .. har ahat par aapke aane ki aas hoti aur fir aap nahi aate tou apne mann ko samjha leti …

(looked at him with anger n clutched his shirt) ..Kyun kiya aisa …kyun …

Maan was confused seeing her in soo much pain …he never expected her to behave like this … least he expected that she might not even notice his absence ..but here she is in such a devastating state ..pain clutched his heart so strong as if his heart stopped beating …out of this feeling of suffocation …just couldn’t take the intensity of her emotion ..her eyes were soo pure ..transparent like a mirror ..saying every bit of her heart making him loose himself fearing it ..he snapped her hold on his shirt n held her harshly from her shoulder ..


Maan (raged) : Kyun kiya …mene jo kiya wohh meri marzi thi ..tum mujh se yeh sawaal kar rahi hu ..kis haq se geet ..kis HAQ se ?? kya soch kar han …kya soch kar yahan aayi tum just what the hell were u doing over here in this dark deserted street ..kya soch rahi thi yahan aane se pehle tum …tumhara ghar kitna peeche reh gaya andaza bhi hai ?? …socha tum ne ek second ko bhi ke agar abhi mien nahi aata tou yahan kya hugata … geet for heaven sake speak up …pata hai tumhari cheekh (scream) sun kar kitna ghabra gaya tha mien …how could u be so careless.. (n left her jerking away)


Kya kehti who …kaise kehti ..

uss ke sawaal ne jaise uss baqi har lafz ko be-mayne kar diya tha ..

ek sawaal …bas ek sawaal ne usski dunya hi ruk di hu mano ..

sach hi tou tha .. kyun kar rahi thi usska intezaar ..

kya HAQ tha jo itna sab keh gayi ..

yeh kya ehsaas tha jo dil iss shaqs se jorta jaa raha tha ..

siham si gayi woh ..darr si gayi woh ..

apne hi badalte jazbaat se ghabra si gayi woh

kuch kehna chaha par sharam ke maare lafz hi kho gaye shayad

nazrien jhukaye .. jheel si aankhoon mien ansoon liye woh khari rahi ..

uss ek pal mien jaise zindagi ka maqsad hi kho diya tha usne ..

( …poem by me… )


Geet (stood looking down n stepped back said looking up to his eyes with her tear filled eyes with so much of hurt n confusion in them for after that one question every word of his fell on deaf ears) :koi haq nahi hai .. koi bhi haq nahi hai …


Usski ankhien kitna kuch bol gayi

Shayad wohh bhi jo uske lab kabhi na keh pate

Aur who bhi jo uss ke dil par beet rahi thi ,..

Ek lamhe mien sab khatam  hota nazar aaraha tha ..

Maan ka dil jaise andheroon mien dopta jaa raha tha

Uss ka Har peeche jata huya kadam 

iss ko andheroon mien dhakelta jaa raha tha

Kya keh gaya yeh …kaise keh gaya woh … kuch samajh nahi aaya

Par abb lafz wapis le bhi tou kaise

Jis masoom dil ko tora hai uss ko jore bhi tou kaise

Kuch kehna tou chaha ..par usski dard se bhare nighahen 

Kadam ruk gaye dil bhi tham sa gaya

Har ansoon usska iss ko zakhm dega

Abb kis moh se maafi mange .. 

Kya kehta .. kuch samajh naa aya ..

Bas khara raha dil mien baat liye ..

Hontoon par aas liye .. 

Ankhoon mien maafi ki faryaad liye ….

(  …poem by me… )


Maan tried saying something n took one step in her direction but she stopped him in his track showing him her hand out …while her eyes full of tears …n he ran away saying a quick SORRY …

While he stood thr in grief … n then followed her in his car searching for her n then followed her till she went in her house … he closed his eyes his head was bursting with pain but heart was feeling 100 times more than that ..n next his mbl buzzed with the call of his guards ..

Guard : sir wohh 3 admiyoon ka kya karna hai ..??

Maan (blood red eyes spitting fire remembering all what happened) : cut off thr hands n than  KILL THEM ..

people happy with the punishment na ..

Guard : but sir police ..

me wondering dumb BG msk kyun police ki parwah karega ..

Maan : riot hurahe thay na ..just kill them  n throw them at some corner … n han make sure it isn’t an easy one .. I am leaving to KM ..they are waiting for me thr ..

Guard : should I send some men with u ..

Maan : no need of it …but do what have I said word to word ..i don’t wanna see them alive ..

Maan followed geet by walk while she ran in her best speed in that state reaching her house in that drizzling night her eyes pouring tears n heart pounding as if some volcano is making it burst out with pain … the moment she entered her house maan came out from behind the pillar n watched her shaking figure standing thr banging the door forgetting about the bell for a moment his steps went ahead to steady her comfort her but then stopped remembering his own words ..n finally a worried meera opened the door cocooning geet in her embrace ..n went in taking her …


me wondering MSK bol payega sorry …??

let alone him ..itna sab kehne ke baad Geet uski baat sunegi bhi …


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MG SS : 

Dastaan -E- Wafa



guess u all missed a point in this story …


here the story is going in past so at THAT time geet was nearly 18 while maan 27 years .. so almost 10 years of difference … plss do keep this in mind  otherwise the understanding level of both well become a question mark for u all ..




The other day was quite normal ..with geet getting up @ 5 n opening the shop ..but by the time it was 7 she was getting bit clumsy n irritated as well ..but never showed it to the customers present thr  …the reason was non other than MSK it was his time to arrive …


Initially she got pissed off seeing him thr looking at her with his dark blank eyes ..she could never guess wht was running in his mind …but always use to be conscious with him around …though she pretended to ignore him but actually every second she use to stalk him with the corner of her eyes that 30 min were the most difficult ones for her in whole day but today he is late ..n that too whole 10 minutes late …her mind was so full of him …didn’t knew y she was waiting for him but yes she was in dire need to see him ..the thought y is he late ..n the reasons were making her restless but damn she is not suppose to feel like this for that weird khurana ..who almost spoilt her career due to his assumptions …




Geet : chado mujhe kya agar woh nahi aaye …even better uss akro ki shakal nahi dekhi …aaj ka din aur bhi acha jayega …


helpless she was …even after reminding her every minute her eyes were still stuck to the entrance …giving up she went from the shop handing over it to the owner Jaspal Singh ..who blessed her with good words n handed over her a sandwich with smile …n she went to her college ..still wondering y wasn’t he thr .. the day was super long n too awful for her as she couldn’t concentrate on anything but just him ..his eyes ..the way use to look at her ..n then the reason y didn’t he came today made her all the more restless but her cluster of emotions were defo taking a toll on her self ..making her numb to her surrounding ..


Its night @ 1 n geet was still up pacing in the whole house restlessly ..


Meera : geet ab tou tu bata hi dee ..kya baat hai ..y the hell r u soo stressed ..?


Geet : I don’t know yrr ..I …I just don’t understand y I am soo restless ..ajeeb ajeeb se khayaal aarahe hain ..aisa lag raha hai kuch galat hone wala hai ..mano jaise ..


Meera : aaj date kya hai ..


Geet : shut up yrr its nothing to do with …aur mien koi 14 saal ki bachi nahi hoon who will get effected in her P*** days ..


Meera : well madam 1stly hum  koi 24 saal ke budhi aunties nahi hain ..we r still TEENS ..just 18 ..n more over agar yeh reason nahi hai tou kya baat hai …


Geet : I don’t know …u know what aaj jab mien shop se wapis aarahi thi ..mujhe aisa laga jaise aas aap ke sab log mujhe hi ghor rahe hoon…jaise har koi mere peeche hu .. I was soo scared yrr ..


Meera : oh hoo geetu …yeh tou tune tab bhi kaha tha jab tum 1st day wapis aayi thi shop se ….ke meer I think koi mujhe follow kar raha tha …


Geet : nahi meera ..that was different uss din …uss din mujhe darr nahi laga ..i was confident …I was not fearing it ..pata nahi dil mien koi galat khayal nahi aaya …par aaj

Aaj aisa laga jaise I lost that protectiveness ..


Meera : now u r not making sense to me ..geet just sleep ..hota hai kabhi kabhi ..aur tera schedule bhi tou kitna tough hai …may be u r over stressing urself …plss relax kar aur thora shant huja …its too late plss sleep now …kal subha jab tu uthegi na dekhna sab theek hujayega ..


Geet : I guess ..u r right hope fully subha tak sab theek hujayega ..


Being an orphan and than living a life all by ur self was a tough challenge n geet knew it … she knew the moment she stepped out of the safety of her orphanage that now no will be thr for her to protect her n to guide her ..its all she for her self ..n despite of all the troubles it is only she who can complete her dream of a successful career.. but from the 1st day in delhi she never felt that the sense of protectiveness that a person always have in himself is lost …. In fact she was really confident with the way step by step everything got easy for her …after some initial failure she did managed to get herself admission in a nyc recognized college of delhi …she is doing really well with her job though its not a very high earning one but yes at least now she is independent ..these achievement gave soo much boost to her self confidence that she never feared being alone …even while walking on the lonely streets of delhi after mid night …it was never like she feared ..but today something was different …she was missing something but what …???

seeing meera setting the bed ..she went to her room’s window n stood thr looking at the lonely streets .. wanting to get rid of this restlessness building up in her .. still wasn’t sure what was it making her so restless ..


Ulhaj si gayi wohh ..

Siham si gayi wohh ..

Ajeeb khayaloon ki kashmakash mien ..

phas si gayi wohh ..

na jaane kaisa ehsaas tha ..

kyun ankhoon ko yeh anjaana sa intezar tha ..

raat ki gehraiyoon mien yeh kis ki ahat sun rahi thi ..

nahi janti kis ko dhund rahi thi ..

pata nahi kya khooj rahi thi ..

par bas bechain dil ka chain chahti thi …

iss beqarari se nijaat chahti thi ..


lying flat staring at the ceiling she was sleepless ..n then the images of HIM …her strange enemy came in front of her eyes …the way he looks at her ..his slight faint smile … that teasing look every time she trips …that last glance every day he leaves …his aroma ..that she could still feel ..his deep blank eyes that hold so much of mystery in them ..

a slight smile touched her lips remembering when pinky tried to woo him ..n was standing in front him with his favorite black coffee which she made by own self …he actually spit it on her dress …she sat up laughing …remembering that angry red face with which he saw her …but then she stopped abruptly ..




Geet  (st) : geet yeh kya huraha hai tujhe …pagal tou nahi hugayi ..kya soch rahi hai …wohh sado ke bare mien …aur yeh kya huraha hai tujhe …subha se uske naa aane ki waja soch rahi thi ..aur abb uss se joori yadien …geet dimag thikane par laa who MAAN KHURANA hai …samjhi tu …aur uss budhe angry young man ke bare mien tou soch  bhi kaise sakti hain ..dekh soo jaa ..aur kal subha yeh sab bhool kar hi ankh khoolna ..


Lying down again she covered her face with the duvet ..but only to see the flashes of thr 1st encounter a month back …his bare upper body the tones chiseled chest …his slightly unshaved bear …n his deep eyes ..everything was making her twist n turn with the sudden weird feelings in her tummy …restless she flipped her side …n then again her eyes closed saw her with him ..the way he didn’t left her that day ..they we he was lost looking at her …sweating she snapped opened her eyes …n sat up hugging her knees ..


Kaisa ehsaas tha ..kaisi kashish thi ..

KASHISH …kya yeh kashish thi ..??

Han shayad kashish hi thi …

Par kaise samajh payigi geet apne badalte jazbaat ..

Jis se nafrat hai …uss hi kya hujayega pyaar ..?

Ya phir waqt likhega ek nayi dastaan …

Ladakpan ka ek naya safar ki lagta hai hurahi hai shoro’aat

Najane kya rung layenge yeh anjaane ehsaas ..





Its been three days ..n every day was same ..with her being restless every second for some unknown reasons she just couldn’t understand y she was feeling soo lonely all of a sudden ..everything in her life was going perfect …it was going too good to be precise she even opt for weekly dance classes just on weekends as her salary wasn’t enough for her to save the semester fee ..but the problem was she wasn’t able to compose herself to do anything ..her focus on everything was loosing n she was major-ly running from people ..loosing that sense of protectiveness around her ..didn’t knew y it was happening to her running from everyone n every whr ..she had successfully avoided any un-necessary outing ..the feeling of something wrong is going to happen was engulfing her so strongly that she just wanted to hug her self tight n sit in one corner whr no one will reach her n no will will be thr to see this weaker side of her …


she had always been a strong girl ..never let anybody see her emotions ..but now she wasn’t able to point out what was it … affecting her so badly she didn’t knew ..all she had in her mind was she wanted was to get over this restlessness …this wrong wibes ..this feeling of negativity engulfing her .. a part of her heart was still wondering to know y maan didn’t showed in last 3 days …her heart fearing if thr was something wrong happened to him …the thought itself was soo dreadful n then the second she would slap herself mentally to have even thought of him …who is he ..?? why the hell she is worried for that rich arrogant businessman … she didn’t even confronted meera any more ..it was not in her.. she wasn’t a person who will show her weaker side to any one …living her life by herself has only made her tough n rough as well …she will say her happiness to the whole world but her fear n her sorrow will just bolt up in her own self …the only place she would forget about all those weird thoughts was her work place that art house …another day was ending n by now everyone around her noticed her being in different … n finally pinky asked her


Pinky : kya baat hai geet …y r u soo disturbed over last 3 days …? kuch huya hai ..?? kahin woh Maan Khurana nahi aaya iss liye tou ..




Geet (snapped at her frustrated) : mien kyun uski waja se disturb hone lagi ..anyway who is he …nothing just nothing to me …


over last 2 days she was spending more time thr in shop than usual …but strangely today she even escaped from thr ..wanting to avoid pinky’s questioning eyes …


taking an early off from the shop she made her way towards her home but her doubts were now proving to be true ..thr was sudden political murder in the city n she was now being chased by some nasty goons who were thr to take the advantage of the situation n were performing thr usual thefts n she was thr next prey but she slapped one of them n next thr fierce eyes were on her making her aware of the damage she has done n next she ran away ..escaping from them she running in an unknown direction …her dupatta stuck in some needles by the poll ..be4 she could recover it they were coming closer n leaving it thr she ran away …its been almost 20 min since she was running n finally tripped due to fatigue ..tears rolled down her eyes …n her eyes closed in defeat ..




it was dark n slight drizzling was thr in few areas of the city …she was sitting on her knees in a dark isolated area ..the thought horrified her looking at the place what would happen next with those goons chasing her …n next she found a headlight of a car flashing from the main street .. some how getting up her feet she reached half way but those goons chased her by then …grabbing her arm they were taking her away from the main street when she screamed ..


Geet : Help …help ..plss somebody help me …


They ushered her to a closed shop breaking its locks …It was as if the whole situation went against her ..the goons were looking at her with nasty lustful eyes …another tear trail rolled out of her eye ..n she closed her eyes fearing the worst ..the last thing came to her mind was just HIM …his gesture that hidden smile .. his arrogant smirk ..n those deep dark concealed eyes ..



so liked the un-expected day …

okiee how many of u think maan will come considering the fact that its a story with a happy ending …??

enjoy reading next will take a time  as now i am leaving to type dark angel of fate ..see u all thr next time ..

n don’t forget to chk the new OS i am going to post soon after this ..

waiting for ur reviews n likes

luv ya all



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hi all ..
kaise hu sab ..Big smile
for all those how don’t know me ..
i am SOBIA ..starting my 4th SS ..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
lol ..plss don’t ask me y i am starting this when i my self said about my board exams being due in 2 months …OuchOuch i just couldn’t stop my self from penning it down …EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
so here i am starting another one …Big smile
sorry about the banner …mene plan OS ka hi kiya tha but aaj subha i got an even better ending tou bit confused ..plss read n decide what u want pluueejjj …Embarrassed …
so here it goes …Big smile

MG : 

Dastaan -E- Wafa


Khurana Mansion ‘
Thr whole house was at peace ..but some faint sounds echoing in the house ..it was thr wedding anniversary ‘thr 1st wedding anniversary ‘every person who knows them is now awestruck  with thr bond ‘n the way they got thr love in each other ‘it is non other than Mr. & Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana .. 
Geet was sitting on her bed lying on the bed post half covered with the duvet ‘looking really weak while maan sat beside her encircling his arm around her ‘n some of the friends n relatives around them looking at them in admiration ‘
Meera : geet abb bata hi doo ‘kaise huyi iss prem kahani ki shuraat ‘kaise tum aur jiju ‘I mean ‘mien tumhain itne time se janti hoon still I never even got a single clue about u both ‘.
Aniee : han bhai ‘samajh tou mujhe bhi nahi aaya ke kaise mere arrogant ..tough bro ko itni pyaari angel mil gayi ‘bolo na ..
Arjun : aniee maan bhai tou kuch bolenge nahi ‘geet bhabi aap hi bataye na ..kaise milli aap bro se ‘n kaise yeh pyaar ki shur’aat huyi ‘
Prachi : Mrs. Khurana ..kya aapki disease ke bare mien MK ko pata tha ..
Geet just smiled looking at her wedding ring ‘n then looked at maan ..her eyes got slightly mist remembering the day of her wedding ..surely no one would ever had such a wedding ..a small chuckle left her mouth ..n so as maan’s lips curved into a smile ..
Meera : abb muskuraati rahogi ya bologi bhi ‘
Kya karoon mien byaan uski dastaan e wafa ..
Khamosh woh mera rakhwala bhi bana aur ..
Bas iss hi tarha khamoshi se dil bhi chora gaya ..
Mien kam’sin kahan samajh pati uss ke zasbaat ..
Lafz uske paas na thay aur ankhien hum parh na sake …
Log pouch rahe hain safar e ishq o ashiqi kaisa tha… 
Lafz kam hai aur dastaan daraz ..
mien kaise kardoon kissa saloon ka ..
chand lamhoon mien tamaam …
(Embarrassed.. poem by me ..Embarrassed)
Geet : it was 7 years back ..mere college ke final year students ka award ceremony tha aur mien volunteer thi for the preparation ..n maan wahi aaye thay as a chief guest ..college next 2 months mien start hona tha but I was living in the orphanage which was under college trust so only I was thr to help in the preparation ..

7 years ago

26 years old ‘handsome hunk ..the most eligible bachelor of India ..Maan singh khurana ..a ruthless heartless arrogant business tycoon who hates creatures throwing themselves in him ..was here to attend the award distribution ceremony of Mumbai’s best college …n was changing in a room provided to him to change In the girl hostel at the back of the college. As he came here from the airport straight ..but life is unpredictable ..n here comes the twisty moment when a girl may be 17 dressed in simplest white churidaar came in barging in his room while was taking off his shirt n she collided with him ..loosing thr balance they both swung together with her eyes close clutching his bare shoulder with her cold hand while his hand on her waist ..maan balanced them both but she was dead scared ..kept standing thr clutching his shoulder eyes closed .. Her face so serene ..so innocent that for once this heartless man felt his heart beating fast ..didn’t knew what it was but yes the pull was thr ..the strong urge to see her ‘the scattered hair stands covering her face blocking his view irked him ..moving his free hand he removed the hairs ..her eyes opens ever so softly blinking them again n again ..then realized her proximity ..removed her hand off him with a jerk n tried moving away but his grip was quite firm ..looking at him she saw him gazing her with an unknown intensity in them …like a consuming fire …but who was going to be consumed by it …?? ‘
she was trying to see something beyond in his deep dark eyes ‘like wanting to know something but WHAT ..?? she couldn’t understand ‘n after a lost moment or two she came back to her senses n tried removing his hand off her …scared with the way he was looking at her ..she felt as if he could touch every other inch of her inner self with just his gaze set over her …
he was defo lost in the scared innocence of her ..the moment she opened her eyes he was lost looking in them for him it was the only place he could feel him loosing his own self ..but strangely even this thought of loosing himself to the ultimate winner of India gave a strange soothing feeling ..
The moment his trance got broken he jerked her away ..pushing his hair back ..frustrated while she stumbled with the force n a few drop of tears skipped her eys n she wiped them ..clutching the end of her duppatta tight her hands gripping them over her thudding chest heaving up n down …gathering all the courage she had she turned towards him ..but seeing his raged red eye spitting fire she lost every bit of her courage ..her eyes filled with tears while he clutched her shoulder in a rough tight hold n said with furious eyes ..
Maan : KYA karne aayi thi yahan ..?? Kya samajh rakha hai mujhe ..am I womanizer ..(She tried opening her mouth to say).. Don’t just don’t ..nafrat hai mujhe tum jaisi paisoon ki bhooki larkiyoon se ..nafrat …
Just then the college officials came in n some girl students as well ..
Princi : kya huya Mr. Khurana ..any problem ?
Maan : aisi characterless students ko awards dene ke liye bolaya hai aapne mujhe principle sir
Leena : sir aapki fav. Student topper of the 10th Miss. Geet yahan MK ke room mein kya karni ke liye aayi hai ..(With a dirty smirk hinting wrong waysDeadDead)
Princi : shut up leena ..geet ke baare mien ulta seedha bolna band karo ..woh aisi larki nahi hai ..Big smile
Maan : sorry sir par iss baar apne student ko pehchaan ne mien galti ki hai ..
Princi : geet tum ..
Geet (shivering ..crying furiously said b/w her hiccup) : nahi …nahi si..irr mene ..yeh jhoot hai .. Mien tou …mien tou bas bolane aarahi thi inko ..aur wohh ‘wohh kisi ne ‘ kisi ne mujhe iss room mien push kar diya ..
Maan : waoo ..abb tumhain kahaniyan banani bhi aati hain ..girl just get the hell out of here be4 I loose my temper ..
Geet : plss sir I swear mien ..mien galti se hi ..
Maan : I am sorry sir par agar aise log aapke college mien hain tou I guess I should think again for this years funds ..
Princi : nahi nahi Mr. Khurana plss ..
Geet mujhe tumse aisi umeed nahi thi ..apne previous year ki topper hu tum ..full scholarship par college tumhain iss year admission de raha tha aur yeh harkatien ..I am ashamed ..
Geet : plss sir believe me …mene aisa kuch nahi kiya plss ..
Princi : no geet ..I AM SORRY ..tumhara scholarship mien cancel ka raha hoon ..tum iss waqt yahan se jao.. n han as per orphanage rules after  18 u can’t live thr ..so better start searching some accommodation ..as u won’t be given the hostel rooms nor the admission in our college unless u pay the full admission amount ..
Geet kept on pleading them But all her pleads were falling on deaf ears ..she stood thr crying after few steps of following princi ..standing at the edge of his room ..while maan ignoring the fact that in some corner he was repenting to make this issue so big so that a girl lost her career ..n banged the door on her making her fall down outside the door ..she had a visible hatred in her teary eyes for him ..while looking up she saw her senior LEENA ..topper of the 1st year n was a jealous person coz geet from the very beginning due to her simplicity n innocence was adored much more by the teachers than her ..n didn’t wanted the same to happen in the college as well ..she was smiling cunningly with the success of her plan ..while geet stood up wiping her face n gave a tight slap wiping off her smirk ..
Geet : tumhari yeh gandi harkatien mujh rok nahi sakti Leena Thaapar ..mien Geet hoon ..aur yahan apni ek pehchaan banane aayi hoon ..apna ek successful career set karne Aur uske liye mien kuch bhi karongi magar apna yeh sapna kabhi nahi totne doongi ..
Leena : lo sunlo ..jo larki apne baap ko nahi pehchaan sakti woh dunya mien apni pehchaan banane ki baat kar rahi hai ..
Geet darling zara yeh tou batana woh kuanse khushnaseeb parent thay jinhoon ne tumhain orphanage mien chor diya ..
The single question she has no answer to ..all this humiliation ..this shaking self confidence just coz her parent left her alone in this world to face it all alone ..with another tear trailing falling down her hazel eyes she ran to her room …
Tanya : wah leena kya chup karaya hai madam topper ko ‘itne saaloon ka saara badla le hi liya tum ne ..
Leena : tanya darling its me leena thapar aur mien kisi ko chorti nahi ..
All this was heard by maan ..repenting on each n every word of his he stood at his door whr he was leaning on ever since he closed it ..n now his mind n heart was in a strong battle to either go behind her or not ..after what ever he said to her ..she will never accept his sorry ..he had no reasons as to y he reacted so impulsively ..didn’t even listened to her once ‘well he knew it was just coz of his odd behavior with her he was taking all his frustration on her his desperation to get her out of his view made him do all this .. finally after so many hours of thinking what to do’ he decided to talk with princi in the mid of the function …n he told him everything but by the time they reached orphanage she was gone ..no where to be seen ..her belonging no whr giving away the fact that she has gone ..princi left saying ..
Princi : ek galat faisle ne kisi ka career kharaab kar diya ..she was a really bright student ..n a great up coming architect too.. I wish she will be safe where ever she is now ..OuchOuch
Na jaane kaise ehsaas ki kashmash mien tha ..
Mano jaise sanseein hi saath chor rahi hoon ..
Har guzarta lamha sadyoon sa lagta ..
Uske bhige nain ‘ankhoon ke saamne faryaad karte
Uss se sawaal karte ‘woh aakhri jhalak ..
Ghussa ..aur nafrat tha ja baja ‘par
Abb bhi jooj raha tha iss sawaal ke jawaab ke liye
Ke kyun usske ansoon ..iss ko dard dee gaye ..??
Kya sirf pashtawa tha ..?? kya sirf ek kamzoor lamha tha wohh
(Embarrassed… poem by me …Embarrassed)
Maan kept standing thr looking around it was just another ordinary room of a hostel but it hd the same kashish ..that simplicity ..painted in white …having her aroma in thr ..feeling him with an unknown peace yet guilt was thr piercing his heart ..
so this was the 1st part ..people do read 1st poetry carefully that sum ups the whole story ..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
hope u liked it …don’t know if ill be regular with any of my SS ..but will try to be for sure …Big smile

..waiting for ur reviews ..


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MS SS : Dastaan -E- Wafa

Part 2

Princi : ek galat faisle ne kisi ka career kharaab kar diya ..she was a really bright student ..n a great up coming architect too.. I wish she will be safe where ever she is now ..

Na jaane kaise ehsaas ki kashmash mien tha ..

Mano jaise sanseein hi saath chor rahi hoon ..

Har guzarta lamha sadyoon sa lagta ..

Uske bhige nain …ankhoon ke saamne faryaad karte

Uss se sawaal karte …woh aakhri jhalak ..

Ghussa ..aur nafrat tha ja baja …par

Abb bhi jooj raha tha iss sawaal ke jawaab ke liye

Ke kyun usske ansoon ..iss ko dard dee gaye ..??

Kya sirf pashtawa tha ..?? kya sirf ek kamzoor lamha tha wohh

Maan kept standing thr looking around it was just another ordinary room of a hostel but it hd the same kashish ..that simplicity ..painted in white …having her aroma in thr ..feeling him with an unknown peace yet guilt was thr piercing his heart ..

Kahan jaati kis ko batati ..
Toote khwaboon ka shlooq kis ke dar par manati
Na koi apna tha na koi ghar iss jahan mien
Ab tou bas chal pari thi ..anjaan rahoon par
Na koi saathi tha na humrahi
Bas apne hi hosloon ki dor pakre aagayi thi nagri uski

after 2 months of that incident ..

Geet : thank u soo much meer ..meri ek mid call par u helped me ..really I just don’t know how to thank u enough

Meera (licking her chocolate coated fingers) : simple graduation ke bad apni har month ki salary se mujhe buhat saari chocolate khelati rehna ..hugaya thank u ..

Geet (hugged her tight) : muhhaaazz ..i love u meer ..pata nahi tou nahi hoti tou kya hota meera Mumbai mien

Meera : thank my uncle jin ki waja se mien Mumbai mien thi …n then thank ur timing ..5 min aur late hoti tou mien tou nikal gayi hoti nani maa ke ghar se …n bye the way yeh mujhe kehna chahiye ….agar tu na hoti tou mera kya hota ..

Geet : kyun mene aisa kya kara …ulta mien tou itna late teri nani ke ghar tapak gayi thi ke mujhe apne saath delhi lee chalo ..with only 5000 rupees as my savings ..tu ne hi tou nani maa ko manaya ..

Meera : Dumbo …tune agar mujhe last 4 years tuitions nahi diye hote tou mien college mien puhanchi hi nahi hoti …exams mien fail jo hujati …tou matagi …iss ko apni guru dakshina samajhye …samaan rakhiye aur soo jaiye ..kal se buhat kaam hai ..

N hain ..mien yahan akeli hoon with just my uncel’s friend as a neighbor tou self service ka board laga hai …job hi chahiye hu plss khud se iss studio house mien dhundh lena ..n plss yeh formal thank u n sorry na baad ke liye bacha kar rakhna okiee meri jaan chal soo ja ..

they say na ..if Almighty closes one door the other one is still open …same here ..Geet was an orphanage n managed to get herself till here with her education just coz of scholarships ..but after her scholarship being canceled she had no whr to live in mumbai n here she was in Delhi at her school friend Meera’s house n now after a hard struggle of 2 months she has managed to get an admission in one not so high but good college of delhi ..yet another hurdle to be passed 4 her the deposit money …!

So here she is the very next day of getting the admission paper ready standing in front of the jewelry shop after selling the only gold chain she had in the name of the last memory of her parent ..
Some people rushed by her side making her loose her balance n she closed her eyes ready to touch the hard ground but a pair of strong arms enveloped her in his strong grip ..n she clutched his arm tightly in fear ..after a few moments of fear she recognized the scent filling her nostril …

how will she forget it ..from past 2 months it the same memory haunting her every minute making her hatred double for him …but strangely every second in last 2 months with every blow of wind passing by she could feel the same aroma around her …at every path she walks she could feel the same piercing gaze set over her …n now this man was standing in front of her with his same dark intense gaze set over her …she looked away feeling him looking at her eyes straight …as if he could touch her inner thoughts with his gaze …her heart again started pacing at high speed with him around …the feeling was still the same as it was 2 months back ..yet again she was drown in the depth of his ocean brown eyes forgetting her own self ..irritated with her own behavior around him ..she left a big sigh n started going away ..only to be stopped by him ..

Maan (placing the chain in his palm n sketched it in front of her)  : tumhari chain ..

Geet (gave him a confused look ..then replied coldly) : sorry par yeh meri nahi hai ..

Maan : u don’t have to give me that money back …its nothing to a person like me ..just take this with u ..

Geet : ya right to a rich rutheless …arrogant self centered person like u ..its nothing ..but tell me one thing Mr. Khurana y do u think I will take any kind of a favor with a person who is soul responsible for all this chaos in my life …uhh ..get off my way Mr. or u will again assume things ..

Maan (again coming in front of her) : listen miss ..i am just …yeh chain tumhari fav. Hai …y r u trying to be so arrogant ..just take it n ill go away …

Geet (amused) : aapko kaise pata …??

Maan : jis tarha tum uss chain ko uss lady ke haath mien dekh rahi thi ..buhat obvious tha ..

Geet (back to her strong self) : thnkss but mujhe ajnabiyon se cheezien lene ki adat nahi hai …got that now move ..

Maan (walking along with her) : dekho ..i knw wohh …uss din tumhari galti nahi thi .. if u want I can even get u back ur scholarship in Mumbai …tumhain yeh chain sell karne ki koi zarorat nahi hai …

Geet : plss Mr.Khurana …apna yeh favor apne paas hi rakhye ..n mind u ..poore India mien wohh ek hi college nahi hai …aur na hi mien koi bechari abhla naari hoon jo aapki help ke bina survive nahi kar sakti …apna paisa aur apni position kisi aur ke liye istemaal kareye …mujhe iss EHSAAN ki koi zarorat nahi hai …apni manzil tak puhanchne ka rasta mien khud bana longi …

Chali gayi who ankhoon mien nafrat ki ek aag liye ..

Magar na-jane kya tha jo wohh aag bhi maan ko apni taraf kheench rahi thi ..

Ajeeb se dor thi …kya sirf usski galti ka pashtawa tha

Jo wohh yeh sab kar raha tha …??

Shayad ..han …pashtawa hi tha …aur iss ehsaas se nikalne ki zarorat..

Par kuan jaane kab kis waqt ..yeh zarorat adat ban jayegi ..


Its been one months …

The same hour 5 in the early morning …with geet sleeping in her bed with her friend meera n her alarm buzzing …yawning ..frowning she woke up sketching her hands with eyes closed n prayed for a better life …n a nyc day ..not to forget to pray for this sweetheart sleeping beside her who after just 1 call helped her ..n allowed her to share her 1 bed room studio apartment ..smiling she got off her bed n after getting ready herself n making breakfast for meera, munching her sandwich she was collecting her books .. …meera was also an orphan but had an uncle her chahu who loves her the most n is working in dubai to earn n provide her a good life …geet really admires they way meera n her uncle is with each other ..so loving like a complete family ..which she longs for ever since …

Here another day of struggle starts for her … collecting the keys she went down her apartment hurriedly …n made her way to art house…she was happy with this struggling ..adventures filled life …she managed to get herself a part time job in a art house cum coffee shop ..it is owned by meera’s uncel’s friend Jaspal Singh …from whr she manages her monthly expense ..she is given the responsibility to open the shop sharp at 6:30 n attend the early morning customer thr for breakfast …with a bright smile she was as usual serving the daily customers …but her eyes were stuck on the entrance …waiting for the most regular customer of her shop since the day she has joined ..the same stranger …Maan Singh Khurana …who is thr every morning sharp at 7am to have his coffee n then late hours of lunch time when she will be back from her college to join her duty ..but his eyes were always use to stare at her un-blinkingly …she has often seen him scribbling something on paper n than he would just quietly go when she will take her apron off  n went in to change ..every time she came back ready to leave for her college in the morning ..he will be no whr to be seen .. n she will leave sighing to visit the temple n collected the sweets in her way n dropped them in the hands of the care taker of an orphanage on her way to college …spending her whole time thr studying hard with some of her new found friends …

It is yet another day with geet working  in the shop during lunch time after coming back frm her college ..n thr the daughter of the Jaspal uncle PINKY came rushing towards her..

Pinky : geet ..geet dekh tera wala aagaya ..

Geet (confused making coffee) : uhh ..kya bol rahi pinky …?? Waise hi mien kal ke test ko lekar tensed hoon …parhne ka time nahi hai 12 baje tou shop close hugi ..aur tou bhi na ..

Pinky : geet dekh na wohh wahi apni usual corner table par betha wohh …

Geet (still didn’t paid attention) : kuan ..

Pinky : arre wahi MSK …jo humesha tujhe ghorta rehta hai …see abhi bhi tumhain hi dekh raha hai ..

Just the mention of his name was enough for her to fume n here this weird person was again showing up …wasn’t it enough for her to bear his sight till 30 min in the morning that he comes in the afternoon as well ..gosh she was actually irritated n without seeing at pinky neither towards maan she continued assembling the order tray …while maan was still sitting thr looking at her worried pale face n continued moving his hand on the napkin with a ball pen seemed like he was writing something …his eyes never left her sight …n every time she stumble he would actually slightly jump up his seat n then would calm himself seeing her balancing herself ..n then looked away smiling ..seeing that usual expression of hers ..her tongue caught b/t her jaw ..eyes shut n lips slightly moving indicating either she is cursing her awful habit of not being careful while walking or she’ll be complaining to her ever so favorite Babaji ..her cute pouting face ..n that child like expression always left a smile on his face …but she caught him hiding his face ..n got to know he was as usual smiling at her light …

Geet : dusht danav ..mujhe aise ghurte rehenge aur mera dhyan nahi rahega ..aur jab mien girjaongi tou histe hain …babaji mujhe samajh nahi aata yeh insaan kyun mere peeche para hai …(n went away snorting her nose up giving him a glare like STOP-LAUGHING) ..

But this was only to make him smile more ..n he went out hurriedly seeing the time in his watch ..

Maan : khud pagal hai …mujhe bhi pagal kar degi ..hurry up maan u r late ..

Maan went away leaving a confused geet who saw him running out leaving some money on the table …n she went to door bit worried n saw him living like a bullet train in his BMW

Geet (went to table n saw the money) : babaji inn ameeron ko paisoon ki kadar kyun nahi hoti ..dekho kaise itne extra paise phek kar chale gaye …

She went ahead ..n dropped the extra amount in the charity box while dropped the order money to Jaspal uncle at the money counter ..

The went normal with get occasionally studying during the working hours when the shop will be having less load …that was the biggest favor she got working here ..but she was good at work n never compromised in her duties …her chirpy sweet nature was adored by everyone ..n the daily morning oldie customer actually loved her for the sweetness with which she serves them thr early morning breakfast ..


The other day was quite normal ..with geet getting up @ 5 n opening the shop ..but by the time it was 7 she was getting bit clumsy n irritated as well ..but never showed it to the customers present thr  …the reason was non other than MSK it was his time to arrive …

Precap :- an un-expected day …

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