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hi all,
for those those who don’t know me ..
i am Sobia ..one mad writer of this Geet Forum ..LOL
exam fever chara huya hai mujhe Dead…so as a result ended up trying my hand on something passionate Embarrassed…though not that straight Wink..as usual u know me ..i am a big tease with OS …Tongue
well firstly ..U all say thnkss to meri sweet si cute si DEVIL VARSHA di …Embarrassed (mien nahi keh sakti warna yeh mujhe buhat dante gi ..Ouch) ..
buhat dimag kharaab kiya unka iss OS ke chakar mien LOLLOL…she helped me alot editing this one ..Hug as i am a total hopeless case when it comes to write something passionate Tongue…but still hope after so much efforts from varsha di to get me to the right track i dont bore u all ..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
enjoy reading n plsss do leave some wada wala comments over this ..Embarrassed

One reason all problems are easy to shun, 
Is trusting the loyalty of your loved one..
A relation in itself is a bond so strong, 
Together you face all the right and wrong..
These factors decide how long it stands, 
Here loyalty and trust walk hand in hands
By Google Baba
Twisting turning ..she was still awake past mid night .. rolling on the bed of her side ..wide awake playing with a black thread ..a smile touched her lips when she glanced down at her mangalsutra ..n she closed her eyes ..again in an attempt to sleep but in vain .. poor girl was so much addicted to the warmth of her husband’s embrace that a night on her friend’s house without him was so unbearable �the feel of his touch �the warmth of his love �the intense eyes �his passionate hold ..n all those possessive claims from past an year flashed in front of her eyes making her go red with the amount of wetness she was feeling below just with the thought of thr moments together �
she opened her eyes yet again with a smile ..blushing ..saw the moon shinning up in the sky from the slits of the open door to the balcony  ..she turned n saw her friend sleeping like she haven’t slept since ages � gosh this lazy head didn’t even cared to close the door of the open balcony ..she thoughts n stood up to close as it wasn’t safe to keep it open at this late hours ..now standing at the end of the open balcony she gazed the shimmering stars n glowing moon ..with a pout ..remembering her 6 month anniversary n thr 1st night ..his claim n those words in the open beech wrapped in the warmth of his arms �!! well yes they didn’t consummated on thr SR coz she gave her words that she won’t give in to a strangers demands ..so that’s her a bold rich spoilt girl ..now an uncrowned queen n a ever to lovable DIL � n best friend to her SIL �not to forget a very possessive n lovely wife ..she stood thr admiring the glowing moon ..remembering his words ..
Aisa kya soch rahe ho aap ..??
Soch raha hoon ..aaj tak aasmaan  mien jis ko dekha karta tha wohh chand hai ya aaj jo meri bahoon mien simta hai who chand hai �Embarrassed
His love filled deep ocean eyes n His words �oh god he is capable of making her legs turn jelly with just his one memory ..but the thing he said that night ..she use to feel the same admiration in his eyes every day ..every minute around him ..she looked up to moon pouting ..cursing her friends ..
Geet : I hate her �mene kitna try kiya iss ko samjhane ka I won’t stay here over night but this devil na maan �aapko pata hai na yeh kaisi hai �even after my clear declaration that I want to be with u ..she house arrested me ..gosh I can’t believe she actually locked up the main door so that I couldn’t leave ..grr I hate it ..i hate it so much  ..mujhe neend bhi nahi aarahi aapke bina �(making cry baby face)� I wish aap yahan ajao ..(looked at the moon pleading)

plzz maan ajao na this idiot have locked up my mobile don’t know whr after making u a call .. (making a puppy face pointing at the moon) ..I know aap bhi jag rahe hu na ..!! ..i promise aaj ke baad na aapki koi baat nahi taloongi ..aapne kaha tha nahi jaane ko but me hi duffer hoon is stupid nisha ki birthday bash mien agayi �uhh ..abhi kya karoon yeh suraj devta bhi aaj kitni dair laga rahe hain prakat hone mien �
chanda mama aap plzz jaldi jaye’na aur suraj mamu ko bhejo �so that I can be with my maan soon ..pluueejjj �
Well her prayers for now was in vain �maan wasn’t going to come here at 3 am ..was he ..??  ..sighed she was going back to her room to try n sleep ..just before she could reach the balcony door ..someone jerked her backward n she fell on some-ones rock hard chest ..
She lost her balance n her heart beat as well ..n clutched the shoulder of the person tight to support herself ..while the person held her waist tightly �the minute she gained her conscious to what exactly happened she snapped her head up n pushed the intruder with great force ..n the person jerked up a bit ..she felt suffocated ..n was about to yell at top of her lungs thinking of the person to be some thief but her voice died in her throat the moment she saw who was standing in front of her ..n a low whisper came from her mouth out of shock ..
Vikraant �!!!!
The person smiled ..n stood straight looking at her for a moments n then hugged her tight .. crushing her in his hard frame ..while she stiffened ..felt suffocated ..but was in shock her body was paralyzed but mind running in a marathon with so many question ..how is he here  ..?? how he knew her whereabouts ..?? why is he here ..?? n what if somebody saw her with him ..?? what will maan think ..??
The last question just shook her whole existence as maan’s love filled face came in front of her eyes ..n she pushed him with full force ..n he fell down with the effect ..while she see around if some body saw them hugging ..sweating furiously ..scared till death she stood thr petrified ..n started taking back steps ..while he stood up confused ..n said with a throaty groan ..
Geet ..!!
She was scared ..her eyes turned wet seeing him ..she was sweating with fear ..the black page of her life she never ever wanted to even remember after she married maan was standing right in front of her .. n the only thought came to her mind was simply that what maan will think if he got to know about her past ..she never told any thing to him �what will happen ..?? but vikraant continued to take steps towards her while she kept going backward with each of his step finally colliding with the edge of the balcony railing ..looking around if she could go a inch more away from him ..n his gaze ..it was making her feel disgusted �
Vikraant : What happened geetu ..y are u fearing ..?? its me ur Vicky ..itna darr kyun rahi ho tum ..?? (he tried cupping her face with his palm but she inched away with fear) geet itna paraya kar diya ..?? see I know 1 saal pehle jo huya that was un-fateful ..u never wanted to marry that MSK �but ur father pressurized u ..n so only u left me ..but not now geet .. u don’t have to live with that person any more �look at me geet �dekho mujhe ..tumhare dad ne mujhe iss liye reject kiya tha na ke I was a normal middle class poor guy but ajj �aaj I have everything ..everything to bring that smile to ur face ..everything to give u every comforts �abb tumhain iss un-chahe rishtey mien rehne ki zarorat nahi hai ..
There was a strange madness in his eyes ..a hidden command was thr in his words that felt more like order than a plead or request � she was horrified seeing the person she loved ONCE in her college time in front of her ..this wasn’t Vicky �this wasn’t the person she loved once ..he was some body else �.she was sure but for now all she wanted was to get away from this filthy proximity of his ..his breath was fanning her face n she was feeling suffocated �every second was like she was being burnt in hell’s fire with him so close to her ..tears cascaded down her eyes feeling so disgusted to even breath in the same air as his �n she pushed him away n went to the other end of the balcony �panting ..crying ..silently calling for maan .. praying that he some how come here n save her from this moment ..but alas she have to face him �wiping her tears she turned around only to see vikraant searching for something on the floor ..she was confused n he said casually ..
Wohh humari rings �remember tumhain ek ring pair pasand aaya tha last year but I couldn’t afford it ..mene wohh buy kar liya ..but I guess kahin gar gayi ring ..pocket mien hi thi dono but �(he found it) � see wohh rahi mil gayi ..
he went towards her to make her wear it but she went away ..n stood looked away from him clutching her mangalsutra .. praying for once to give her the courage to say it all �
Geet : vikraant its too late now ..meri shaddi hu chuki hai ..i am someone else’s wife .. (but be4 she could continue further he came ahead n held her from her shoulder) ..but u don’t love him ..yeh shaddi zabardasti karayi gayi thi ..u are mine geet .. mien hoon tumhara pehla pyaar  ..(she snapped his hand off her n went away frustrated)� y can’t u get it .. yeh sab .. yeh sab pagal pan hai ..tum pagal hu gaye hu ..jao yahan se ..i don’t ..i don’t love u any more vikraant ..yeh sach hai kabhi mere dil ne tumhare liye kuch mehsoos kiya tha but aaj .. aaj iss pal I only belong to maan �mera mann ..meri aatma ..mera wajood sab unn se jora hai ..i love him from the depth of my heart ..(she cried fearing to loose maan with this one truth of her life which she never wanted ) �plss meri baat ko samjho aur chale jao yahan se ..
vikraant’s eyes were turned red with fury ..he clutched the ring in his palm tight making it bleed ..looked at her with a volcano bursting up in his heart ..he loved this lady so much n here she is saying she got over him in just one year �was her love this shallow to fade away with just this worldly thread of marriage ..was thr nothing in between thr souls that connected them �he was living his whole 1 n year In a hope that his geet must be going through hell n he should make himself capable enough to take her out of that hell but here she is all so happy forgetting about him �forgetting about THEM �??
Geet looked down with guilt ..she knows she have hurt him �she know  this man loved her truly ..but then she had no control over her heart which fell from maan .. thr wasn’t at all ..in this moment as well she just can’t say what it was that made her forget him in just a matter of few months but yes one thing she is sure of is now she is in love with her husband .,..her maan n she will never be able to take if he ever even thought of leaving her �her brain was only occupied with this only thought n she failed to notice with her blur teary eyes that vikraant was heading towards her n be4 she could react she was pinned to the railing of the balcony wall ..she bend back In the air to create gap in thr faces petrified with his demeanor ..
Vikraant : Tou what was b/w us an year back ..han geet bolo what was all that ..those promises ..kya tha who sab ..(he yelled on top of his voice) jawab do Mrs.Geet Maan Singh Khurana ..kya tha un kasmoon wadoon ka matlab �(he held her face desperately looking at her with a sheer madness) bolo geet ..plzz bolo kyun ��?? ..tum jhoot bol rahi hoon na .. u don’t need to worry of that MSK geet �hum abhi yahan se bhag jayenge ..he will never get to know whr u went ..plzz ek baar bolo ..
Geet made a horrified face listening to his word n pushed his hands off her face n went away ..with a sudden confidence ..she looked at her mangalsutra once again ..n said without even wanting to look at him ..
Geet : Jawaab tum ne khud dee diya vikraant �wohh saare wade ..wohh har kasam tumhain ek larki ne diye thay ..kisi ki beti ne ..kisi ki behen ne �jo GEET HANDA thi ..but aaj jis ko tum un wadoon aur kasmoon ki duhai de rahe hu ..woh kisi ki patni hai ..kisi bahu hai ..kisi ki bhabi hai ..kisi aur ke ghar ki aabroo hai ..wohh MAAN SIGH KHURANA ki GEET hai �. vikraant mien nahi janti ke yeh kab aur kaise huya ..par aaj ..iss pal mien ..maan ke bina mien jeena bhi chahoon tou mera dil mujhe dhoka de dega .. meri saansien mera saath chor dengi ..kyun ke meri har dharkan maan ka naam lekar chal rahi hai ..har saans mien unki khushbo ki garmi basi hai ..tou kaise jee paongi unke bina mien � yeh sach hai ke ek waqt tha jab mien tumhare liye apni jaan bhi de sakti thi par aaj ..aaj vikraant maan se door jane ka khayaal hi meri jaan le raha hai �tou kiya kahoon mien iss ko �yeh pyaar hai ya kuch aur mien nahi janti �yeh bhi nahi janti ke jo tum se kiya wohh pyaar tha ya kuch aur �.par mien maan ke bina na reh sakti ..tum agar mujhe bewafa kaho tou keh lo vikrant ..par mien maan ki nazroon mien bewafa ban kar shayad ek pal bhi zinda na reh paon ..i beg of u vikraant chale jao yahan se �plzz chale jao ..pichle 1 saal mien har pal har lamha bas ek hi dua ki mene ke maan ko kabhi mere ateeth ke bare mien pata na chale � pehle apne dad ki kasam nibha rahi thi ..par kab wohh kasam mera darr bann gayi mujhe pata hi nahi chala ..vikraant agar maan ko pata chal gaya tou shayad wohh ek baar mujhe maaf bhi kardien par uss ek pal mien jitna dard maan ko huga uss ke liye mien kabhi apne aap ko maaf nahi kar pongi ..iss liye plzz ..plsss zindagi mien agar ek pal ke liye bhi mujhe tum ne sacha pyaar kiya hai na tou chale jao yahan se �plzz chale jao �
She was shaking with this sudden scenario in her life just a few hours be4 she was giggling smiling ..yearning to be with him n now �just in few minutes things turned so drastically �she never even wanted to face him again ..just wanting to run away from the bitter truth of her life that she once loved some one else other than maan �which she actually forgot ever since maan claimed her ..claimed her soul ..her heart ..!! her mind was so much occupied with him n thr relation ..she forgot her past completely n this sudden encounter made her so scared ..she wasn’t a cheat ..she wasn’t betraying maan behind his back she was a loyal wife n a responsible DIL but still the guilt of hiding something so important from the person she owed her life to, was eating her ..n she started taking big steps to exit the balcony but his words stopped her in her track ..
Vikraant : Geet itni asaani se mien tumhain maaf nahi karne wala ..what did u thought ..mien koi saint nahi hoon jo tum meri feelings ke saath kheloo aur mien kuch na karoon �agar mujhe mera pyaar nahi mila tou I promise u that Mrs.Geet Maan Khurana ..tum dono ko bhi tumhara pyaar nahi milege ..ill tell each n everything of our relation to that A*****e husband of urs ..
But be4 he could continue she placed a tight slap right on his cheeks making him bleed n fell on the ground ..n she said with a sheer anger n hatred …
Geet : Dare u say a single word about my maan with ur filthy mouth �n now u have proven that my parents n my heart was right to select maan at every step ..get lost mr.vikraant ..u are no body to me from this moment just get lost �I hate u ..i hate u �
She turned away with disgust shown evidently n Vikrant smirked wiping the blood from the corner of his lips n stood up going away from thr not be4 saying �
Vikraant : I’ll say to him everything geet from the first time I proposed u ..till the moment we shared our 1st kiss n to the night we spent alone lost in the college camp �he will never look back at u .. just the way u are not ..
Geet petrified first with his words then turned towards him n jerked his collar ..
Geet :Nothing happened that night ..nothing ..n maan will believe me more than u bloody B******d ..he ll kill u the moment u’ll utter anything ..n trust me ..even if I confessed he will forgive me for my honesty ..i know him ..i know my maan too well ..the only thing stopping me ever since is the pain of that moment in his eyes ..i will never be able to bear it n that the reason I am bearing this pain of guilt .. but u ..now I don’t even feel sorry for u ..just get lost be4 I kill u with my own hands ..
Vikrant held her hands firmly ..n looked into her eyes ..thr was this mad trust ..a kind of strong determination she was holding ..he never saw her like this ..he couldn’t understand her reason to hide the truth .. was she really in love with that husband so deeply ..?? the only question in his mind ..
Vikraant : Itna vishwash mujhe par tou nahi kiya kabhi ..
Thr was so much of hurt pain n hatred she just didn’t know how to explain her side to him right ..but ..
Geet : Abb tou samajh jao vikraant ..i love him ..only him ..plzzz go away ..plzzz chale jao .. maan ne itne se waqt mien mujhe zindagi bhar ki khushiyan de di ..mien kabhi nahi sehh paongi agar meri waja se maan ko thori bhi takleef huyi tou ..plzz chale jao ..
Both turned in opposite direction with tears �vikraant couldn’t believe she was the same girl who loved him despite the fact that he wasn’t any where near her standard ..then what actually happened in this one year that she lost every ounce of her love for him ..all he could see in her eyes was the undying trust n unshakable compassion for her husband .. he was in a fix what he said few min back should he do this ..should he tell maan n break her paradise ..should he avenge her ..?? since one month he was trying to meet her least did he know it is easy to meet maan but meeting his most treasured possession was next to impossible for a stranger like him �
While geet was crying ..sobbing with hiccups when she saw her best friend Nisha standing in front of her with a hurtful painful expression � geet stood thr in tears .. not knowing what will happen next ..it was the moment she never wanted to face in her life .. but what vikrant said scared the hell out of her ..no ways she can loose maan ..she is living to be with him ..n what if vikrant told maan everything �what will happen she was sure maan will understand her fear ..but will thr relation be the same ..will maan be the same ..?? she was numb tears didn’t stop n she stood thr head dipped down ..when Nisha came forward n hugged her tight ..
Nisha : Shh ..nothing will go wrong ..jij loves u a lot .. he will understand ur fear to loose him kept u numb about this .. plzz relax karo .. he really loves u .. sab theek huga geet ..
Geet cried in the hug �n asked like a baby after loosing his fav toy ..
Geet : Who mujhe maaf kadenge na nish .. he hates lie ..n lairs .. mien bas darr gayi thi if he backed out after knowing the truth �jab shaddi huyi I never thought of him so important to share all this aur jab samajh aaya that he was the most important person to know about Vicky n me ..i was in love with him ..too deeply in love with him ..mein na reh paongi unke bina nish �plzz bolna wohh maaf kar denge na apni mishtii ko �
Nisha parted her ..n wiped her tears n said with a assuring smile ..
Nisha : Zaror karenge ..mere jiju hain ..zillions mien ek mr.Maan Singh Khurana .. aur wohh khud hi tou kehte hain tumhain tumhari rooh se ziada wohh jante hain ..tumhari saansoon se ziada wohh tumhare kareeb hain .. tumhare dharkanoon se ziada tumhare dil mien wohh baste hain ..tou phir kyun who meri cutie ki baat nahi samjhienge �tu bas kal uss vikraant se pehle khud hi unko sab bata dena ..problem solved ..jiju apni mishtii se pehle kisi ki nahi sunege ..
Geet smiled with tear remembering his words on thr 1st wedding anniversary party .. it was the first time he so openly confessed his love ..n showed that trust ..she just could fall for him every minute ..
Nisha saw her bit calmed n smiled thinking its only maan jiju who can make her smile ..if he is not here than his words n his memories .. she wished things won’t go bad b/w them .. they truly love each other insanely ..
Though nisha tried to make geet sleep but the haunting images of vikrant kept coming in front of her eyes n finally stood up deciding to take a cold shower ..n stood under the shower head ..cold shower running down her body in 5 at the morning ..usually it would make people shiver with cold but geet’s body was burning �n this chillness gave her a LITTLE bit of peace �n lessened the sense of disgust which came with vikrant’s touch over her body Dead..she so much wanted to go to maan n hug him ..be in his protective embrace but knew she can’t not in such state ..she have to be strong ..strong enough to face maan ..with so much of guilt in her which she successfully hide from him from past 1 year ..but now its time �time to unfold the hidden pages of her life’s book in front of him .. its been an hour since she was standing thr lost in her thoughts ..when nisha banged the door of the washroom ..n asked her if she is ok .she replied with her best calmed tone n came out dressed properly ..nisha saw her pale face .. geet was desperate to leave to KM ..it was 6 in the morning n nisha didn’t knew what will happen once she ll reach her home so only she held geet for a bit more time n all geet did was to repent on every time she had the chance to tell it all to maan n she didn’t �nisha was trying to get maan on call thinking It will be awkward to have such convo in KM but in vain ..sitting in the hall geet was again remembered of the last night’s happening .. it was already 7:30 am ..
Thr was a volcano building up in her �the desperate need too meet maan was making her drive her car in full speed .. she was seeing every of thr moments together in front of her eye ..she was near KM when thr was a sudden block due to some accident ..she just couldn’t hold on her heart .. beating as if in a marathon n dialed to KM inquiring about maan n got to know he left to KC early ..she sighed thinking even fate is playing with her ..here she is so much in need to meet him ..n this damn traffic ..some how she managed to reach KC by 9 ..after quite a lot of drive ..she was tired ..weak but still in a dire need to meet maan n tell him everything ..the thought if vikraant told him be4 her what will be consequences ..she was scared ..didn’t wanted to make things go worse b/w them .. n reached the 8th floor n saw the office staff running from here n thr .. n she could guess maan wasn’t in a good mood ..another bad news for her ..here she is wanting to talk with him on such a matter  n maan’s mood on fire ..God is playing His games with her � she collided with CEO KC Adi ..he smiled in his signature style greeting her Good morning which she reciprocated with a nervous fake smile ..
Adi : Mam acha huya aap agayi ..MK ka tou aaj para buhat high hai ..bhagwaan jane kab kis ka patta kat haye ..
a part of her mind got scared thinking if he got to know anything but then calmed herself thinking how will he ..n adi’s words snapped her out of her thoughts .
Adi  : waise aaj aap MK ke saath nahi aayi ..
Geet (replied lost) : han wohh friend ke ghar ..//
Adi (be4 she could complete) : tab hi tou Wink..last 1n 1/2 year mien MK ko kabhi ITNE kharaab mood mien nahi dekha Embarrassed�mujhe laga hi tha ke aap se hi jori koi baat hai ..Embarrassed
Geet (with a slight shy nervous smile said assuring him) : aap kaam karlo mien dekhti hoon ..
Geet stood at the door of his cabin ..sighed she cleared the last layer of tears from her eyes ..n knocked holding her breath opened it a bit to have a view of him ..n next heard a sharp yelling voice ..
I said I don’t want any one here ..GET LOST �!!
Geet inched back a bit ..an instant smile touched her face listening to his frustrated voice ..well he forgot his room is sound proof so y anyways he has to shout at anyone standing outside …she don’t fear him but was worried seeing him in such a horrible mood ..she knows if his anger shoot up very instantly than his anger goes down the same time ..but for the first time it didn’t seems to lessen ..n she opened the door a bit more ..n peeped in with just her half face visible n said ever so cutely in her baby tone �.
Mien bhi jaoon sir �
He glanced back at once ..looked at her briefly n turned his back to her again ..she was not sure what was that she saw in his eyes �was it something else than work pressure or her leaving for the night �the other option was equal to death for her to even think about .. holding her breath she went in ..carefully locking the door ..n stood beside him closing the blinds ..his face was hard ..jaw clenched �she was just an inch away from him .. she could feel his heart pacing high ..but wasn’t sure if its hers she is thinking of as his �coz its been hours since she wanted to be with him n her heart was beating in no less speed than a bullet train .. him being so indifferent only made her scared ..but still she tried ..n inched towards him ..slowly slipping her hands on his waist encircling him ..putting her head on his shoulder ..pressing her self on his hard huge figure ..he felt her shudder .. even groan out of anguish ..but she wasn’t at all in a state to let go off him ..
She could feel his heart throbbing violently ..n felt him stiffing not sure if it was usual of her touch or something else ..a tear rolled down her eyes which she was holding ever since she stepped in his cabin ..n her body loosened all her weight on his �like her life depended on him�  the repulsion from self she was feeling ever since vikrant touched her was so unbearable ..that his warmth felt soothing it ..as if removing the dirty gaze off her n soon maan’s hand enveloped her in his embrace ..snaking her petite figure with his large palm with so much of desperation in him ..restlessness was so evident in his caressing large palm over her back ..pushing her into him .. almost crushing her �but that soothed her restless soul ..her hands went up his back .. feeling  him close to her ..letting those tears of guilt n pain soak in his shirt n his caressed her senselessly ..diminishing every inch of gap b/w them ..she held his shoulder from back hiding her face in his neck ..while he rubbed his rough stubble on his tender flesh ..she was loosing herself with the guilt ..his breath was shallow his hold evidently showing the pain longing n some kind of anguish restlessness .. she thought it was coz of thr one night separation only to increase her guilt 10 folds more ..she was about to say something in between her sob ..
Maan mien ..
But his lips kissed the side of her exposed neck slightly taking it in between his teeth n whispered hoarsely ..making her shiver in his embrace ..
Dare u leave me again ..
His voice showed how much he missed her � thr was a strange kind of pain in his voice � y not it’s the first time in last 1 year after they confessed thr love they were not together for more than few hours ..practically it was always 24/7 around each other from home to office then back home together .. she smiled in the hug ..n tightened her hold if it was ever possible ..her every thought went away in thin air with his one expression of love ..thr was nothing beyond this togetherness �being with him her only solace �he has this magic in him to make her forget her own self ..she snuggled close in his embrace placing a light kiss below his chin ..saying ..
I love u ..
They stayed still for like eternity…his warm breath against her lips…She could still feel the difference in his hold, like he was scared of something…like he wanted to consume her forever in his arms…Geet looked at him in guilt, she wanted to pour out her grief…but his tensed features scared her…Will he forgive her after knowing the truth, becoz she would die if he didn’t…Her heart ached with this painful thought and she looked away, hiding her threatening tears…She was in her own reveries, when suddenly his soothing touch brought her back to reality…His hand went into her hair, while his lips gazed the soft skin on neck…slowly kissing his way to her earlobe…Geet moaned with the sensation, as his hands caressed and cupped her with oozing desires…She pressed herself more into him, and maan groaned hugging her like never before…Her softness pressed onto his hard frame, like a missing puzzel piece…His arousal was setting firm, while his hands knew the territory too well…He senselessly removed her duppatta and carnally kissed her all over her neck…His kisses hot n rough, driving her to another world…She closed her eyes and felt his lush lips devouring her with all his needs…He kissed and sucked her furiously, making her scream for more…while his hands squeezed its way, marking every nook and curve of her body…mumbling in between his kisses ��
U r mine only my mishti ..
His voice was never so weak ..like he was pleading to hear it ..her soul ached to feel him so wrecked ..her hand tightened over his back wanting to consume her existence in his arms .. n answered with all the love her heart held for him ..
Only urs maan …sirf Maan ki Mishti ..
He looked up coming out of the crock of her neck n cupped her face with so much love that for once she felt she should die before telling him the bitter truth of her past ..

the depth of his love was so evidently visible in his deep dark passion filled eyes that she couldn’t muster the courage to look into them with this guilt in her heart ..his hand went up from her waist cupping her face in one palm ..her lashes were dipped down partially in guilt partially in fear ..fear to give away that truth through her eyes guilt to have put his trust on stake .. but his hold ever so gentle ..having his own tale of compassion .. his own language of possessiveness .. firmly bend her head gesturing her to look up into his eyes while his thumb pad sensuously caressing her cheeks teasing her by touching the corner of her trembling lips looking at her with so much passion .. she obliged ever so softly looking at him ..
loosing herself in the depth of his eyes .. his soft yet firm touch giving her the feeling of being loved ..his hold on her waist so tight as if claiming her a sense of being possessed by him covered her mind yet the heart was bleeding with this aching guilt .. she looked at him trying to gather her lost courage n speak only loose every of her thought in the oceans of his love filled eyes .. forgetting about self with every of his sensuous seducing caressing below her waist ..on her cheeks �his eyes giving away his desires .. her eyes still lost in those endless moments spent with him ..heart thudding so loudly .. wanting to form a single sentence to tell him what was on her mind ..
But his grip tightened over her waist pressing her on self n both could feel the level of arousal .. geet moaned with the sudden feel of his hard rock member over her belly .. while maan burned in desire listening to her seducing moan ..n his hand over thr own accord went up to feel her .. to mark her .. she closed her eyes loosing her senses with the sensuous sensation he was setting her in ..his hand started unzipping her kurti he quivered with his advancement he placed his smiling lips over her cold now warm skin of collar bone 1n1/2 year of marriage n 1 year of intimacy still she shivers with every of my acts blushes with each of my intense stare ..her hands clutched him tight around his nape moaning his name but the moment his hands went down her arms baring her from her sleeves her eyes shot open with the sudden pain n then remembered vikrant held onto her exactly the same place her eyes turned teary with disgust she belonged to her husband her maan .. n that jerk touched her ..the feel was so painful she couldn’t take it ..maan holds tightened over her like he was furious she could feel may be he saw the mark ..she hated it �hated herself to have hide it from him she wanted to tell this all to maan n get off this burden but the thought of him leaving didn’t let her speak up n she ended up snuggling close in his arms ..he kissed the length of her arms like a man possessed as if determined to mark her � claim her like never be4 ..he was wild unlike his usual self but she wanted it ..wanted to get over vikraant’s touch n his claim only soothed her .. he was lost in her when she actually held his shoulder tight gathering all her courage to speak ..n started in a mere whisper ..fumbling ..loosing her herself in his love n passion …
Maan ..mujhe �who �mujh kuch kehna �kehna hai ..
But he never let her ..n she closed her eyes feeling shiver ran down her spin making her grasp in shock with his hands cupping her mounds above the dress ..while the other pressed her more on him setting the wetness down below her ..kissing her he took few steps in front while her hands went to his shirt unconsciously�. her hands wandered over his chiseled well toned chest ..making him groan ..inclining her on the table he bent on her kissing exposed portion above the curve � she arched with the feeling of his member pressing at her womanly place perfectly ..a single drop of tears fell from her eye with the thought he loved her trust her so much n what she did hide her past .. with every of his touch expressing his love n longing-ness was increasing her guilt .. n he pinned her hands above with one of his hands other busy caressing her curve n the sensitive skin while his lips went to the corner of her eyes sucking the dropping tear pearl a faint smile covered her lips ..n she wriggled in his hold ..to hug him tight ..but he smiled seeing her  her  n started grinning on her core making her gasp ..lost in him n only him ..she bend her head side ways giving him more access arching for more still trying to pry off her hands ..but he sealed her lips with his ..exchanging the saliva ..he lifted her a bit opening her zipper freeing her bra hook leaving her hands.. making her moan ..while her hands went towards his back something fell in between ..but she was least bothered ..his passionate wild claim was driving her immune to her surrounding n her hands went inside his shirt feeling his bare skin ..while he continued to shower her with wet kisses grinning in between her legs maker her eyes roll .. he bit her curve harshly above her dress ..n she shot open her eyes n scratched him even moaning when he started removing her kurti �
but her hold loosed over him when her eyes fell on the file she just pushed down the holder ..it was having Vikraant’s pictures n some papers may be regarding his background ..the color of her face drained ..he was lost in her feel �her silken flesh marking her but stopped feeling her cold ..looked up n followed her gaze ..closed his eyes for a moment repenting to left the file here n then moved her face with his forefinger ..her tearful eyes didn’t dared to look at him n he bend down to suck the tear pearls ..she still had her eyes closed in guilt ..the thought he knew it all made her so confused ..scared ..fearful ..the question what did he thought after knowing it all ..?? did he thought she cheated him ..?? her eyes snapped open with just a mere thought n she looked at him pleading sorry through her eyes while all she could see in his was pure love .. love n nothing else ..she was surprised he wasn’t angry� not even asking her any question �what was running in his mind ..she tried saying something with her chocked fearful voice ..
maan �wohh ..he ..dhoka nahi �wohh bas �darr ..
maan placed his lips on her trembling lips n wiped the tears away ..kissing her lips lightly lingering thr for long ..shutting her hiccups ..smiling he cupped her face with one hands ..n kept wiping the new pouring tears while she held him tight ..kissing him back .. wanting to consume her in his embrace with this guilt eating her alive ..
Her lips on his could tell him better than all her stumbling words. 
Margaret Mitchell
He parted from her not much though still caressing her lips with his each word �
koi meri jaan … meri mishti ko itna tang kare ..uski aankhoon mien aansoon laye aur mujhe pata tak na hu ..aisa hu sakta hai kya geet ..?? kya aisa hu sakta hai ke maan apni hi zindagi par bharosa na kare ..?? (she looked at him in utter surprise he didn’t have any complains ..he wasn’t hurt she hide such a big truth of her life ..she asked in a low child like tone) aap ghussa nahi hu ..? (maan smiled placing a gentle kiss on her forehead) meri itni himmat ke mien Geet Maan Khurana se ghussa hujaon ..? (she was still confused how he know that ..did vikraant told him anything ..thr was just so much in her mind she could comprehend) abb aisi chakal mat banao mishti �tumhain kya laga I was going to let u live in that stupid friend’s house for the whole night �mien kal aaya tha tumhain lene ..(her eyes pooped out with the thought man saw all that ..he saw me hugging him ..he saw all that ..he heard all that ..how much hurt he must he at that moment ..her tears could stop in this moment while maan wiped her tears caressing her cheeks n she hugged him hiding her face from him only) I am sorry maan ..mene buhat hurt kiya na ..i am really sorry �(maan tried balancing himself with his weight over her n then stood up sitting in his chair taking her in his lap soothing her) shh mishtii .. u can never hurt me �(she said in thr hug) but kal raat tou �//(he silenced her pressing her in his arms ) kal raat ko kuch nahi �yes I was angry a bit with u hiding this but fir with that jerk touching u my anger turned for him more ..i was heading to punch him black n blue but ur words held me at my place �(he caressing her head ..tucking her hairs away from face removing her tears yet again).. I never knew u loved me so much ..u never said all that to me (he pouted like a baby n she tightened her hold on him) I love u more than I can express maan �(he smiled n held her even more close if that was possible) .. but ur punch was damn solid .. meri sherni mien itni taqat aaye kahan se ..(she smiled a bit with tears).. aapne hi tou di �(maan kissed her forehead) I never want u to cry ever ..(she snuggled closed to him fanning her breath on his exposed chest) I don’t want to leave u ever ..( he smiled thought to change her mood can’t see her in tears n then his eyes turned bit mischievous ) fine fir tum abb se kabhi nisha ke ghar nahi jaogi mujhe chor kar ..(she hugged him with a smile n placed a kiss below his chin) done ..(maan shocked its her BFF she is talking about ) geet its nisha ..u remember her na ..(she glanced up with so much love in her eyes ) aapke aage kuch dekhta hi nahi �aap saath hu ..tou mujhe kuch nahi chahiye ..koi nahi chahiye ..(maan smiled kissing her cheeks) u don’t have to worry about anything n any one ..i am here to handle it okiee (she knew he was talking about vikraant ..the love in his eyes n the way he never questioned her even once assured her that yes no more she have to be afraid ..no matter what happens he will be thr with her �) I love u maan �
he hugged her n nuzzled her neck making her giggle with him strocking his rough stubble on his soft sour skin marked with his passion already ..
so now let me complete my work sweetheart �Embarrassed
geet looked at him confused n he carried her to his private attached room to his cabin looking at her with so much intensity making his intentions clear enough �
geet hid her face in his neck thanking her father to have chosen maan for her .. n then only it struck her ..his bad mood was coz of last night’s incident .. his restless heart was coz he was disturbed ..his anguish was simply coz I didn’t trusted him �this wildness was all coz he got to of the vikraant being the first man in my life �she looked up in his eyes wanting to see if thr was any remorse but he stared at her with so much of  love held in thr .. still no matter how much he try she know she has hurt him ..n smiled mentally thinking how correct her trust on him was ..he will forgive her .. but that’s not all ..her fear about thr love �he has proven it wrong  as well ..he still loves her the same way .. he understood her fear ..he never questioned her ..
then her mind went a few moments back how his heart seemed to be at peace when she said Maan ki Mishti �she wondered did it took just her one word to make him believe that she is HIS only his Embarrassed..may be that’s the reason they say ..love may be the root of every relation but without Trust even love can’t survive .. so to be with the one u love all u have to do is to just trust that person with all ur heart � n not to think with  mind when its love ..
thr was suddenly so much of respect in her heart for this man ..all this while she had been falling for him ..for his nature ..for his honesty ..for his passion ..for his consuming love which made her fell in love with him .. but today ..today she respects him beyond any limits � n in this moment all she prayed for was that may Almighty allow her to remove the slightest scare from his memories of the last night �she was so happy being in his arms ..in his warmth ..her gaze went towards his desk once be4 he closed the door of his private room n she looked at him mirroring the same desires as his ..forgetting about all that left behind with those piece of papers n pictures �n now its just them ..thr love .. trust ..n togetherness ForEver …Embarrassed
hope u enjoyed ..

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MG OS : Naina Ashq Na Hu


naina ashq na hu


In tThe Pakistan Military Academy at Kakul it was the new batch performing thr passing out parade and all the parents of the cadets stood proudly saluting the national flag as they pass in front of them glistening with tears of joy and a look of extreme proud in thr look seeing thr sons in the uniform taking oath to protect the country and its citizens …after the march ..the leader of the parade ..the best officer of the batch came out walking with all the elegance of an Army officer n stood in front of his parents with a smile …n his father salutes him


Javed Hassan Khan : welcome officer


His mother smiled in tears looking at the old show of the father n son along with her son who smiled n salutes back to his father ex-army officer …


Razia javed : bas kijiye aap dono …itne waqt baad apne bache hu dekh rahi hoon …(caressed her son’s face in admiration)… jee bhar ke dekh  tu lene dejiye isse .. kitna noor hai na iss ke chehre par ji ..


Javed : hona hi hai …abb aapka bacha sirf bacha nahi ..ek trained army officer hai ..officer Maan Hassan Khan ..


Maan (smiled) : ami yeh baat tu abu ne bilkul theek kahi yeh wardi pehente hi na ek ajeeb sa josh sa ajata hai …


Razia : abb ghar chaliye sab aapka intezaar kar rahe hain ..


At Home in Lahore ..


Sarah : welcome bhaiya ..


Maan : hi choti (hugged her).. kaisi jaa rahi hai university madam ..


Sarah : ek dum first class ..


Razia : chaliye khana lag gaya hai kuch kha lijeye ..


Maan : ek ami ..bhaiya kahan hain ..?? wohh nahi aaye


Razia : wohh beta ..kamal ko chutti nahi mili ..tu abhi bhi ship par hi hai


Maan (sad) : yeh navy  wale na …


Sarah : rehne dijeye bhaiya abhi 2 din mien duty join kar lienge aur phir aapka bhi yeh hi haal huga …


Javed : dil chota mat kijeye beta ..aapke bhai aaye nahi tu kiya unki best wishes tu humesha aapke saath hain ..right


Maan (smiled) : hmm .. mien samajhta hoon abu ..chaliye kuch khate hain …waise bhi ammi ki haath ka khana khaye zamana hugaya



On the other hand in Karachi …a girls screamed at the mid of the night


Saima : geet beta samjhne ki kushish kijeye


Geet : nahi mujhe kuch nahi samajhna …ami humara 18th birthday hai aaj …aur aaj bhi abu nahi aaye …dekhiye 12 bj gaye …aap lejaiye yeh cake …nahi khana mujhebatwa dejeyega kisi orphanage mien …


Saima (caressed her head lovingly) : geet beta aise nahi karte na …aap janti hain na aapke abu head hain yehan army ke taraf se …its not easy to fulfill each responsibility of an Army General …


Geet : mujhe kuch nahi sunna mien jaa rahi hoon soone …good night


Saima : kya huga aapka agar aapke abu ne aapki shaddi kisi army officer se kara di tou …


Geet (smirked) : uhh …my foot ..mar jaongi magar kabhi kisi army officer se shaddi nahi karungi …zindagi bhar intezaar hi karti reh jaongi mien tu …kabhi nahi




After a month maan was transferred to Karachi because of the growing tension in the city army was called for standby force and maan was there in that company of officer …

The day when riot broke out in the city geet just left her university though with her security guard but she was dead scared seeing all the blood n riots around …n that’s when her car was attacked …the driver tried his best to tackle those goons but was unable to at last her guard stepped out n opened fire n fired some of them but he was only one n they were so many …he died protecting her but did drove the car in that injured state of his only at a safe distance n asked her to leave for her home …


Geet : nahi but aap aise …mien aapko chor kar kaise ..


Guard : madam please …aap meri responsibility hu …please car se utariye n iss street ke usspaar kuch army ki cars hain aap ko unke paas jaa kar apna NIC dekhana huga ..sir ka name dekhte hi they will take u in refuge n will send u to your house safely ..

Geet : but aap yahan …??


Guard :  mien aapko back up doonga .so that no one can reach u …madam pls jaldi kijeye ..


Geet (crying) : mien aapko chor kar kaise jaa sakti hoon ..?? pls mujhe bataiye mien …aapko hospital le chalti hoon ..app aise


Guard : aapko kuch karna hai na mere liye (geet nodded).. tu plss bina koi aur sawaal kiye jaisa mene kaha hai waisa kariye …aapko safely ghar pohanchana meri responsibility hai n aap mujhe ussko poora karne mien mada kijeye ..aap ghar safely puhan gayi tu mien samjhoonga mujhe shahadat (martyrdom) mil gayi ..


Geet with tears in her eyes ran hearing the goons scream n her guard firing …n dropped at the jeep of the Army officers …they all got alert but just as she showed her NIC they relaxed n made her sit in the car …but as the time passed it all got more worst n the goons out numbered the army officers …geet saw those men approaching them n she was sweating with fear n vaguely heard the senior official order his one of the officer to take her somewhere …


Geet sat thr numb when maan came from no where n asked her to move out but she didn’t …she was so scared she cld barely register anything n without any options left maan screamed on top of his voice n geet saw him with tears filled in her eyes n asked her politely ..


Maan : plss madam jaldi bahar aayi …we need to move out of here ..


Geet ( crying) : wohh log …unke haath mien guns hain …


Maan : plss trust me jab tak mien zinda hoon aapko kuch nahi huga ..plss bahar aayi madam …jaldi we don’t have time


Geet nodded n came out n followed him in between all the firing n saw those army officers fighting with great courage against those goon …for the first time in her life she realized if there isn’t any more going that doesn’t mean the army n other forces don’t face dangers any more …its more greater a war they fight every day ..


There were many other people stuck thr as well …n like her even they were taken in the refuge of those army officers ..while maan moved ahead of her behind the burning vehicles n other cover provided making sure geet wasn’t behind …n they hid behind in a shop which was robbed in between all these riots ..


Geet (crying) : hum kahan jaa rahe hain ..?


Maan (looking out for the best chance to escape) : yahan paas mien humara ek office hai …like other people even u will be taken thr n u will have to be thr until ur father can make it to u ..


Geet : aap mere liye apni friends ko akele chor kar aagaye …


Maan  (looked back at the girl she didn’t even saw properly n couldn’t help but to smile at her innocence) : they know how to handle such bastard traitors …don’t worry kuch nahi huga unko


Geet : aur agar hugaya …?? Yeh log buhat dangerous hain ..they have those big guns n all ….my guard also got injured pata nahi kaise hunge wohh …


Maan : agar unko kuch hugaya tu ill be proud for they will be getting the status of a martyr ..


Geet : how can u be so insensitive ..they r ur friends


Maan : because I m a soldier …n we r here to protect u all not to protect each other ..


N as maan signaled geet moved out and they made a run for it …but a goon came from behind n held geet at gun point freezing maan ..


Maan : chor do ussko


Goon : itni asaani se nahi …tumhari government ne hum se humara sab kuch cheen liya …abb hum kyun unke rules mane ..


He hit maan on his forehead making him bleed n fall on the ground N before he could fire geet another officer fired from back killing that goon ..n geet fell down scared ..


Maan : aap theek hain ..?? hello miss


Geet nodded to scared n numb to voice out her answer


Maan turned to see another lady stuck in a corner with her child ..


Maan : faiz u be here with her …ill be back


Geet looked up panicked wondering where he left …n maan made his way towards that lady grabbing his run while running only ..he reached thr n took them both with them trying to cross the road again with them …but the lady wasn’t able to match his pace eventually slowing him …which attracted many goon which he fired efficiently ..geet could not move her gaze from him ..his passion his devotion n his determination to save that lady n her child showed in every of his move ..the way he sheltered them ..just as he reached to them a goon fired him n he screamed n fell down ..


Geet (panicked sat by his side while the other officer took care of the goon) : aap  …aap theek hain ..??


Maan : don’t worry goli chu kar chali gayi …faiz lets go ..we need to take them all to the office


lady : aapka buhat buhat shuriya janaab …aapne humari jaan bachai

without bothering to answer them maan moved along with faiz covering them 3 from front and back …with a lot of such excounters they reached the army office n made enter thr securely …


geet (turned just be4 maan could leave) : aapne buhat kiya aaj mere liye …aapni jaan khatre mien daal kar kuan aaj ke waqt mien kisi ki jaan bachata hai …shukriya ..


maan (stood thr determined without even a line on his forehead) : madam ek soldier academy se bahar nikalte hi jeeta sirf iss liye hai ke apni mulk (country) aur usski awaam (citizems) ki hifazat (protect) kar sake ..aur aakhri saans tak yeh hi usska maqsad hota hai ..aur humari sab se bari responsibility bhi ..


geet : phir chahe uss ke liye usski jaan ..usske friends ki jaan bhi chali jaye


maan : han ..kyun ek officer ke liye mulk …aur mulk ke baad uske citizens sab se upar hote hain …har rishte …har responsibility se barh kar …shahadat (martyrdom) humare liye sab bari khushi hai ..

aey pak watan jab bhi tu ne pukara
hum barh kar badal daingay burray waqt ka dhara
niklain gay kafan baandh k sar pe teray betay
goonjay ga arsh pe teray naam ka na?ara
hum teri mohabbat ki qasam khaye huwaye hain
aey pak watan tu humain jaan se piyara hai
yeh shehar, yeh karriye, yeh gulistan, yeh bahaarain
jannat se fuzoon tar teray sehraa ka nizara
bin teray apna koi thikana bhi nahi hai
bin teray kahan dhoondnay jayengay sahara
hai meray liye TAKHAT E SULEMAAN teri mitti
hai mujh ko teri khaak ka bhi sitara



geet : mien dua karoongi Allah aapki hifazat kare


maan (smiled) : nahi karni hi hai tu dua kijiyega ki mujhe shadat (martyrdom) ki maut mile ..


n he left without looking back to geet who suddenly realized what a soldier is all about ..


Jab raat ko sab apne apne ghar,
Neend ka qarz chukaatey hain,
Tum kis ki khaatir jaagtey ho,

Jab bache apne baap ke seeney se,
lag kar so jayen,
Tum apne battway mein apne bachon ki,
Tasveer ko dekhtey rehte ho,

Jab behnein eid’on par bhayiyon ki
Nazar utaarein,
Tum sehraa’on ki jalti rait per,
Tum un ki chithhii parhtey ho,

Jab lakht-e-jigar ki doori se,
Maan ki aankh tar ho jaye,
Tum us mein bethe sarhad ki nigrani
kartey rehte ho,

Jab har umeed ki khirrki per
Bebasi jaalay buunti ho,
Tum aesi tez hawaaon mein,
Har simt ko urrtay phirtay ho,

Tum yeh kese kar lete ho,

Tum is qaum ke saarey gham,
Apne kese kar lete ho,
Har mushkil mein is mitti
per martey rehte ho,

Tum yeh kese kar lete ho..



After a week geet heard his name from her dad …n her mom suggesting to thank that brave soldier n geet got to know he is under her father only n made her plan to thank him herself …next day after her university she brought a thank you card n went to her father’s office …it was lunch break for the officers n in the mess they all were just leaving after having thr lunch when geet saw him coming out n she ran to him …


Maan (surprised to find her here) : aap …??


Geet (extended her thank u card with a smile) : abb iss mulk ke soldiers to thank you bolna bhi tou yahan ke citizens ka farz hai …(maan was about to refuse but she went onn) .. mana mat kijeyega …wohh kya ahi na abu kehte hain ke soldiers ka moral high hona buhat zarori hota hai unki performance ke liye …and obviously appreciation tou moral high karti hi hai na …tu plss aap issko wapis karne ka tu sochiyega bhi mat ..


Maan : meri lines mujh par hi …(he smiled at her).. waise yeh thank you card tou theek hai …but aap chahe tou baat karte waqt beech mien saans le sakti hain miss geet ..


Geet (smiled n exhaled) ; chaliye humara kaam hugaya abb hum chalet hain ..




Jab kisi ko milna hu tou kismet koi na koi khel khil hi deti hai …un aware to them both thr fathers were best of friends …n after maan got his first promotion n geet completed her studies they decided to get them both married …ofcourse they both were too happy with the decision …however geet did had to bear a lot of teasing comments  for her previous thoughts on marrying a soldier ..but she cared less for maan had seeded a lot of respect for a soldier in her heart in matter of few hours …after all risking own life for a complete strange isn’t really an easy thing n now she know what it takes to be a soldier ..n all she use to say to her cousin was a single sentence ..

Geet : he risks his life for people he don’t even know …imagine what he’d do for me …!!



After 3 years of thr marriage


Sarah : dekhna maa beta huga ..


Razia (smiled) : hmm ..ek army officer …nahi beti honi chahiye …


Geet : maa yeh kya baat huyi …beta huya tu hi army mien jayega ..beti kyun nahi


Javed : beta larkiyan kahan jaati hain itna army mien …agar uska interest hu tou dekhenge ..


Maan : no ways abu …dekhenge nahi ..beta hu ya beti agar uska interest huya tou definitely army mien jayenge hi ..


Kamal : maan beta 3rd month chal raha hai aur tumhien abhi se usske profession ki lagi hai …jab baby aayega na tu khud decide kar lega kya karna hai ..


Razia (smiled seeing her DIL hiding in a corner with embarrassment) : acha abb yeh sab baad mien discuss karenge pehle dinner kar lien kafi late hugaya hai ..


Maan : oh han …geet chalo ache se khana kha lo …phir tumhien medicines bhi leni hai ..


Nimra : chaliye ..mene table par dinner laga diya hai …


Rafay (son of kamal n nimra came running towards geet with his drawing book) : chachi …chachi …dekho mene kya banaya ….(he was about to collide with her when maan held geet firmly n nimra stopped rafay in mid)…


Nimra : rafay mene aap se kitni dafa kaha hai dhyaan se chachi kea as paas aaaye … aur yeh kya drawing le kar bethe hain aap …jaiye hands wash kijeye aur khana ke liye aaye ..


Geet : bhabi aap …aap kyun uss bechare ko dant deti hain …bacha hai ussko thorai pata hai kuch ..


Nimra (smiled) : humien pata hai geet ke rafay aapka fav hai …but abhi uski side lene se ziada zarori hai aapka dinner karna …maan aap geet ko lekar jaiye


Maan : ji bhabi ..


Life was beautiful for her ever since …marrying maan was the best thing happened to her though she would never say this to her always busy soldier .. but she loves him like crazy …his family is the best family in the world .. she never thought after all the years of being away from her father on every other occasion she would ever be able to respect the armed forces but after coming to this family ..she knows n respects every person in uniform whether a traffic police man or an army soldier …she now knows what it takes to be a soldier when she see her husband sad for not making it for his only sister’s birthday …when kamal bhaiya came back from ship the look on his face for not being able to attend his lil brother’s nikah she never can forget this …and of all things when maan himself attended Sarah’s engagement in uniform that too for hardly an hour n left just as the rituals were completed …that night after returning home he sulked for the whole night …but then he was out thr protecting the life of many other girls like sarah …it wasn’t easy to miss every occasion n still be loyal to your nation …now it seems to her that its part of the training …a soldier is trained to bear all the hardship and that does not only involve physical or mental but also to bear a heart full of hurt …she respects every soldier coz she know what it takes away wearing that uniform …she has seen her husband ..kamaal bhaiya do that …




Maan : geet plss yrr zidd mat karo …I m getting late ..n I m leaving ..


Geet : maan that’s not done …its been a week aap theek se breakfast nahi kar rahe hu …aaj tu aapko karna hi huga …I don’t know anything …bas


Razia : karlu na beta jitni dair behas kar rahe hu utni dair mien tu kha bhi luge bf ..


Nimra : maan aapke liye yeh koi letter aaya hai …


Geet : bhabi mujhe dejeye …


Maan : geet …(tried to take the letter from nimra but failed)… geet letter de do .. geet …


Geet (smiled evil) : shshshs …soldier ..abb aapko yeh letter chahiye na …tu ache bachoon ki tarha nashta kar lijeye …


Sarah : kar lijeye na bhai ..


Maan : fine u win


Geet : as always soldier …


The all the four ladies smiled while maan swallowed his bf hurriedly …


Maan : abb mien apna letter dekh sakta hoon


Geet : ji bilkul dekh sakte hain aap ..


Geet giggled and handed over him the letter ..maan shook his head smiling but his smiled vanished as he read the letter n javed entered just then n asked him wht happened ..


Maan : mera transfer hugaya hai


Geet : not again ..(made a sad face).. abhi 6 months pehle hi tu yahan aaye hum maan ….


Razia : abb kahan ke orders hain beta


Javed (took the letter seeing maan so tensed) : yeh tu …


Maan (nodded) : Waziristan …


Every one in the house went quite knowing what it meant …n geet kept looking at maan who didn’t dare to look at his dear wife knowing she must be in tears by now … over last 3 years of marriage thr has been many transfers but never had he left geet ..he had his own insecurities marrying geet knowing she don’t understand the army protocols but today he is proud to have her as his wife …she has grown from a girl to a woman after marriage …understanding the situations ..she never complained …in fact tried every way to compensate his absence in every function be it birthdays or his own sister’s engagement …he regrets not being able to be thr for his sister n is gonna regret this all his life but his wife did all she could n completed all his responsibilities for him .. she is a gem which he never recognized n now he is the luckiest person to have her .. he loves her ..loves her dearly but still his duty his nation and its people comes first for him …his is a soldier first n will always remain that …but he isn’t some stone hearted person to see his wife cry in front of him …in the last 3 years he has tried every possible way to make her happy n be with her …but now his duty calls him n he know he will have to leave her …but he isn’t sad it’s the time to serve the nation a he will ..




Not able to control her tears she went away from thr …


Nimra : geet aisi halat mien aapke saath wahan kaise …??


Maan : geet wahan mere saath nahi jaa sakti bhabi …


Razia : beta ..


Maan : mujhe office ke liye late hu raha hai ami ..mujhe jana huga


Nimra : maan ek baar geet se mil lete tou ..


Maan : dair hu jayegi bhabi ..mien chalta hoon …


N he left after all a soldier’s duty is his first responsibility ..




Nimra (went to geet n sat by her side) : geet jab hum ne ek soldier se shaddi ki tou yeh huga iss baat ko tu hum dono jaante thay …


Geet (with tear filled eyes) : bhabi ..yeh unka farz hai mien jaanti hoon …par aansoo tu mere bas mien nahi hain na …


Nimra : tumhare aansoon ussko kamzoor kardenge geet …


Geet : yeh kaisa rule hai …maan jaa sakte hain wahan mien nahi kyun … mujhe jaana hai unke saath …


Razia : geet beta ..(they both straightened) ..hum samajh sakte hain aapki halat .. (sat beside her n wiped her tears with a smile).. but kya karen yeh dono bête mera bilkul baap pe gaye hain …duty se aage kuch nahi hai beta in ke liye ..


Geet : maan ki iss hi baat ne tou unke liye mere dil mien itni izzat banai hai ami .. par mien unse dor aise …mujhe kuch samajh nahi aaraha ..


Razia (sighed) : log kehte hain sipahi (soldier) hona asaan nahi hai …koi unke ghar waloon se pouch eke ek sipahi ki maa …beti behen aur biwi hona kitna mushkil hai … agar ghar se dor border pr larna asaan nahi tou …ghar mien reh kar apno ka intezaar karna bhi asaan nahi ..(caressed her face) ..but beta sipahi ki biwi ka who guror bhi phir kaisi mehsos karenge hum …boliye …kitni fakhar (proud) ke saath hum apne aap ko ek army officer ki biwi kehte hain …us ski kimat bhi deni hai ..


I hate to watch
Each time you leave
And I hide from you
How much I grieve

I know it’s your duty
And you will go
But once you are gone
I will miss you so

I know you’ll come home
As soon as you can
But right now you’ll deploy
Like an honorable man

So I’ll keep things together
Till you can come back

But, this is where you belong
Not some war land ..

Yet, I do understand
Why you risk you’re life
For that’s a Soldier’s job
And I’m a Soldier’s wife.



Geet nodded trying to control her tears ..


Sarah : ami mene sab kuch store room se nikaal liya hai


Geet (confused) : yeh kya kar rahe hain aap dono ami …


Razia : maan kal jaa rahe hain na tu aaj hum raat ko sab rat-jaga karenge (over night party u can say) ..


Nimra : han kitne din huye maan ka gana nahi suna hum ne ..



Maan came back home as usual late but everyone was waiting for him …he saw geet coming out of the kitchen with few dishes …wearing his fav color red ..her little cute bump n the mesmerizing face was a deadly combo ..but just as he saw her red eyes he knew she has been crying …he didn’t knew what to say to her ..with every transfer she use to crib a few time n than  just as they will reach the new place she would try her best to adjust but today leaving her go …he didn’t knew how to explain it all to her …but her tears he couldn’t take ..so avoided any convo with her …


After dinner every one gathered in the lawn thr were chairs n sofas set for the night n sara n nimra came with snacks …after a few mins of chit chat everyone asked maan to sing … n he did grabbing his guitar …



Maan sat opposite to geet …n started playing …actually talking to her ..asking her to take care of herself …and not to cry ..

O yun na lamha lamha meri yaad mein
Hoke tanha tanha mere baad mein
Naina ashq na ho


Geet looked at him surprised ..n saw him walking up to her ..a tear slipped from her eyes n she looked down …

Maana kal se honge hum door
Naina ashq na ho

He sat on his knees in front of her wiped her tears while everyone saw them in awe having tears in thr own eyes ..


Naina ashq na ho…

Maina lauta aane waale saal jo
Meri wardi bole mera haal toh

Geet gasped n tried to put her hand on his mouth but he stopped n nodded negatively trying to make her understand what exactly the situation is n tht he never want her to cry …be the brave wife of a martyr soldier ..she stood up n walked away trying to hold her tears …


Naina ashq na ho
Yeh samajhna, main hoon majboor

He came to her n placed his hand on her bump ..n a tear slipped her eyes ..while he requested to not get upset if he cannot make for thr baby …n understand that his duty is holding her away from them …


Naina ashq na ho
Naina ashq na ho..

Geet turned to him …they were in a lone corner of the lawn n she has so many complains n accusation in her eyes …but his eyes only depicted love …concern n helplessness …and his words gave her the promise …promise that will be her only support till the next time they will meet …

Beete huey lamhon ke taare ginunga main
Aake tujhe khwaabon mein tere milunga main



He hugged her close …while she cling to his front trying to stop the tears knowing it will upset him ..

Jab kabhi halki halki barkha aaye
Jab kabhi dil bhi yunhi bhar sa jaaye

He wanted to give her all the memories of this night to remember till they can meet again ..n he did …


Jab kabhi halki halki barkha aaye
Uss pal jhonka ik banke aaunga main
Us pal zulfein palkein daaman chhu jaaunga main


They walked back whr everyone was n he handed nimra bhabi n sarah some glass bangles along with geet …silently conveying her his message to never leave her hands empty …she smiled in tears knwing how much he hates seeing her hands without glass bangles …

O teri choodi nagmein gaaye jo mere
Teri palkon pe ho saaye jo mere
Naina ashq na ho


N he nodded no …not to shed tears …remember him with a smile ..its all he want ..


Aansu karte humein kamzor
Naina ashk na ho
Naina ashk na ho..

Everyone started talking to each other sarah n nimra went to razia n geet showing thr bangles …smiling over something while maan stood at a distance seeing his family happy n joyful …a picture which he will take with him

Tere liye saansein aaye
Teri liye jaaye, jaaye re.. jaaye re…
Tere liye saansein aaye
Teri liye jaaye, jaaye re.. jaaye re…
Rabba bairi se bichode jaane kisne banaye
Haaye re, haaye re, haaye re.. doori tadpaaye
Mere baad chaahe aaye yaad meri
Naina ashq na ho
Naina ashq na ho
Naina ashq na ho…
Ashq na ho ho ho ho..


Its been 2 months since maan had left to Waziristan …a call in a week is all they have …but maan wrote a letter for geet once or twice n managed to have it delivered to her somehow … standing at his post …he hoped his baby n his jaan is doing fine ..its her 8th month ….n as expected he isn’t going to make it for his birth .. but he know his wife is strong enough to handle it ..plus knowing hiss family is thr with her is a relief …but deep down he wanted to be thr with her …but he is happy protecting thousands of children of the nations …a smile spread across his face remembering the children whom they just saved from the Taliban gangs …

O Likhi khat mein maine tujhe baat jo
Sona rakh ke takiye tale raat ko
Naina ashq na ho


Geet caressed her now big 8 month bump while lying in a hospital waiting for the doctor to make the call …thr has been some complications n they had to go for a c-section … he wished maan cld be here but then she know he has a much bigger responsibility to ful fill ….she clushed the envelop having his letters …assuring herself that she can handle this one ..


Geet : baby ami n abu both loves u …aap pareshaan mat hona ami aapko kuch nahi hone degi ..brave soldier abu ka brave bacha hai na aap tu ..kuch nahi huga ..

Ye judaai bhi hai dastoor
Naina ashq na ho
Naina ashq na ho..

It was again a open fire situation when they were having to face those talibans fron the front they have done well …80% of the area has been cleared from any militant …n the operation was almost to its end …army has stared evacuating the local areas ..but maan was in the last company who was facing the fires for now ..  it was a fellow officer hit n to save him maan ran without cover ..tok him off the ground n hid behind a stone ..


Officer : thank u sir ji ..


Maan : yeh gun pakro u will need it …ill get some other men to get you out of here ..


Officer : sir ji .. (Maan turned towards him n he extended maan’s purse)… yeh aapka wallet …


Maan took it and saw his family picture …he got lost for a moment when a terrorist aimed at him n fired …

Maina lauta aane waale saal jo
Meri wardi bole mera haal to
Naina ashq na ho
Ye samjhna, main hoon majboor


Geet cried while signing the hospital forms before going to operation …she decided n it was her call …she doesn’t regret it but for once just for once she wanted to see him …see maan ..but she knew this isn’t possible wiping her tears she went in the operation theatre …

Naina ashq na ho
Naina ashq na ho..



It was the last batch of soldiers returning from Waziristan ..kamal has gone to the air base to receive his brother hoping he will come walking in attitude just as he use to …n sighed in relief when he did walked out of the air craft …but htr were bandage around her arm with a sling ..but a smile on his face ..a victory smile ..


Maan (hugged his brother) : bhaiya aap aaye hu …when did u came back  mujhe last call pe kisi ne bataya hi nahi ..


Kamal : han who sudden hi tha ..


Maan : great aur koi nahi aaya ghar se …??


Kamal : nahi sirf mien hi hoon ..


Maan (surprised) : geet bhi nahi aayi …mujhe tu laga tha sab se jhagra kar k aayigi …but chalo acha hi hai ..usski date hai na next week itna stress lena uske liye theek nahi huga ..


Kamal : ghar chalen maan …


Maan saw his brother extra ordinarily quite but didn’t questioned n kept wondering what it could be …he wasn’t able to call home since a month .. every thought crossed his mind n he asked the driver to drive fast ..


Just as he reached the home he instantly knew something was drastically wrong looking at the house which should be celebrating knowing his wife every corner would have been decorated but it was quite …quite like no one lives here any more …n as he entered he saw a beautiful sight in front of him ..Nimra bhabi with an infant child in her lap .. he walked in as if hypnotized n stood in front of her looking at the baby in awe ..


Unknown to him a tear slipped from his eyes while a smile spread across his face ..


Razia (came from back n kept her hand on his shoulder) : ami (looked at her smiling with surprise).. yeh …yeh mera ..mera baby …mera baby hai na …(razia nodded n his happiness knew no bounds) …geet ..geet kahan hai …?? It’s a premature …wohh theek tou hai na …kab huya yeh sab …kaise aap log ne tu kaha tha sab theek hai …ami boliye na geet kahan hai ..


Kamal : maan meri baat suno ..


N suddenly all his happiness vanished remembering his brother’s worried face throughout the drive …every wronf thought crossed his mind n he pleaded like a child to his mother …


Maan ; ami geet theek hai na …? Kahan hai woh please boliye ami …kahan hai geet …?? Geet ko kuch nahi huya hai na …?? Boliye na aap log sab aise kyun khare hain ..pls kuch tu boliye …


Javed : maan (he turned to his father).. geet apne room mien hai ..


Maan sighed n smiled with slight mist eyes ..


Maan : kya aap log bhi dara diya mujhe …pata hai mujhe zaror koi nayi shararat sochi hai iss ne …abhi batata hoon madam ko mien …


N he left running towards his room like a child in search of his fav toy …


Razia : yeh kya kara aapne ..ussko upar bhej diya …wohh kaise samjhega kuch ..


Javed : tu aur kya karta mien ..aap bataiye …kisi mien himmat hai ke maan ko sachai bata sake …upar khud apni aankhoon se dekh kar khud samajh jayega who ..




Maan ran towards his room screaming …


Geet bahar aao …u r game is over madam abu ne bata diya mujhe kahan chuppi hut um …geet bahar …///


His word died in his mouth as he opened his room’s door n saw geet lying thr in mid of so many machines …he almost fall thr on his knees but sarah came n held him carefully not to hurt his injured hand …


Sarah (with tears in his eyes in a slow voice) : complications hugayi thi bhaiya …doctor ne kaha ya tou baby ya bhabi … aap yahan nahi thay n it was bhabi’s call …hum ne buhat kushish ki …sab ne …but wohh nahi maani …she chose the baby …aur phir …


Kamal : geet 1 month se coma mien hai maan …


Maan had tears in his eyes seeing his wife lying thr life less …she use to be the life of this house n now her silence has taken away  every bit of life from the house n his life ..


Maan (sat beside geet caressing her head lovingly) : I m sorry ..i sorry for not being thr for u jaan ….i am sorry ..




A dinner was conducted in the honor of all the soldiers and thr families who fought in Waziristan ..n every commander was to come up a  give a speech ..it was maan’s turn who came up with all the glory of a soldier came up the dice …


Maan : today, I am able to stand in front of u all alive to say what we went through is just because many of my colleagues have sacrificed thr life to win the battle … without thr effort it wouldn’t have been possible for me to clear my territory alone …so I want to thank each one of those soldiers who stood by my side throughout the dark days n salute those martyr friends of mine who now sit in the heaven peacefully .. but with all of them …thr are few people whom I want to thank .. people who didn’t fought by our side but they haven’t faced any less than us in those months ..they were the brave families of each soldier who fought .. every mother who blessed his son and said to him to win the battle regardless of the fact how her son would be coming back home …every father who seeded the feelings of patriotism in his son …every sister who prayed for his brother ….every brother who supported his family behind our back … every child who without any complaint let us go with thr smiles n best wishes ..n I thank every wife who thought of the nation first than her own life … I thank u all people for being a soldier’s support …for making us able to fight in the battle field with all our might .. for letting us fully devote ourselves to our nation n this country …it takes a lot to a relative of a soldier and now I knw this so I thank u all for saving this nation by sacrificing ur loved ones … thank u very much ..


He finished his speech n every person in tha hall was still silent obsubing the depth of his words realizing how much thr families have suffered while they were fighting in the battle field n the first applaud came by the love of his life …maan smiled seeing geet applauding for him while sitting in her wheel chair having thr son in her lap with a smile and a proud look on her …he walked towards her n knelt before her took her hand in his …looking straight in her eyes he said with utmost sincerity ..


Maan : thank you …thank you for being my strength …


Geet (smiled) : soldier ..army waloon ko emotional hona suit nahi karta ..


Maan shook his head standing up last one month of her being in coma was the most terrible period of his life …but his love n prayers she did gained her conscious a week back by the grace of Allah … n today he is the happiest person to have his family back …






After 12 years


Saeed : ami dekha na abbu aaj bhi nahi aaye …


Geet : beta abu ko kaam huga na ..


Saeed : mere annual function se bhi important


Geet : country ko protect karna tou sab se kaam hota hai na ..


Saeed : par ami abu kabhi nahi aate ..


Geet : that’s so not fair saeed maan Hassan khan …aapke abu last Sunday poora din aapke saath thay ..


Saeed : han but tou bas ek baar ..


Geet (sighed n knelt in fron of him) : beta aapne apne English ke chapter mien parha than a kaise soldiers apni family se dor reh kar baqi sab ko protect karte hian (he nodded).. tu aapko abu bhi tu soldier hain …unko bhi tou kitne saare logoon ko protect karna hai … aur waise bhi aapke paas ami hai na …aur bade abu aur badi ammi bhi hai …dada dai ..aur rafay bhaiya bhi …chalo aaj se chutti start tou ghar chalet hain n …umm …


Saeed : party karte hain


Geet (smiled whole heartedly) : han party karte hain …chalo chalo jaldi se chalo …




God found some of the strongest woman and paired them with soldiers



My battered body stood testimony to my fate

My heart had stopped in a battle brought about by hate

I had screamed in pain, and shivered with fright

But before I died, I did put up a fight

Remember me, my beloved country

It was I, my men, who brought you victory

I fought to the last bullet in my gun

I was a soldier, I was your son


If I die in a war zone,
Box me up & send Me Home,

Put My Medals on My Chest,
Tell My Mom I did My Best,

Tell My Dad not to Bow,
He won’t get tension from Me now,

Tell My Brother to study perfectly,
Keys of My Bike will be His permanently,

Tell My Sis not to be upset,
Her Bro will not Rise after this Sunset,

Tell My Love not to Cry…


The soldiers life is not for all
A soldier must be willing to give his all
He is overworked and underpaid
A truer patriot was never made
Ready to go at any time
Wherever there is trouble or the first sign
His courage and honor are unsurpassed
Ready and willing to complete the task
Travelling to lands both near and far
He stands his post and looks at the stars
Wondering what he might have done
If he had not chosen to carry a gun
Remember the next time that you are driving by
And see the flag flying proud and high
That somewhere out there a soldier stands
Weary and cold in a foreign land
Protecting our country from our foes
Standing tall and proud come rain or snow.



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hi all,
kaise hu sab log …
chalo mera thora dimag na kharaab huya hai ..
i forgot to post this UNEDITED version on IF ..
so here i am posting it 
who ever has read it …plss do have a look again ..as thr is some more to it …Wink
hope u will enjoy this OS ..
n the font in blue in representing the flashback ..

MG OS : 

Iss dard mien bhi rahat hai ..



Love is eternal sacred light

Free from the shackles of time

Evil is darkness, sight without sight

A demon that feeds on the mind

the most powerful angel that rules the hearts

still the biggest weakness one can have

yet it gives the strength to stand midst of all odds

the eternal sacred light which enters one time and lasts forever .. (poem edited by me)


Love an eternal bliss ‘a feeling soo beautiful ‘a relation soo strong ..which ties 2 people in an un known sacred bond which does not need any explanations ‘ the soul of this relation is trust ..faith ‘n’ un-conditional love  ‘three things that makes a relation worth living for ‘three things that can win over every fear ..every question ‘every rational logics ‘it just the heart that guides u ‘a point where brain seems to be out of working order ‘.when u trust a person beyond any limits ‘is whr u can love him un-conditionally ‘.the moment of life whr everything seems to be nothing more than a mere dust particle in front of his one single smile ‘n that rage within u to see his tensed face ‘ is love ..love where every pain is blissful if it makes ur beloved happy ..satisfied ..

Love whr nothing matters in front of his words ‘be it ur own heart ‘whr his single look is enough to make u bow urself in front of him ‘whr u lacks the abilities to fight back with that person ‘.where u r ready to give up every single happiness just see them safe ..


A night full of silence ‘but it was not un usual ‘after mid night it was normal in the residential area to be isolated n pitch dark but the fearful thing was the scary sounds of stormy winds blowing ‘making the dark night even more fierce ‘

A girl may be 26 ..walking towards her house ..in a dull pink saari clutching the files to her chest  ‘walking as fast as she could ‘with a sweaty face ..n suddenly came to halt listening to a gun shot ..as if the sound paralyzed her ‘her heart beat stop for fraction of a second ‘n soon some bruised persons ran 2wards the exit of society in a high speed ‘n she saw someone going behind them with a gun in his hand ‘chasing them ‘scared she made a run to her house ‘n covered the 15 min walk in less then 10min ..panting she opened her door with a bang ..n closed behind her leaning her back over it ‘eyes closed she was mumbling something ‘


Girl : raksha karna babaji ..plss unki raksha karna ‘.that shouldn’t be my MAAN plss that shouldn’t be him ‘unki raksha karna ‘


Moving ahead after some time to have a glass water she stood at the counter of her kitchen watching the picture of her students frm the dance class ..



Sunday ‘a sunny morning she was as usual here teaching the little girls an Indian dance form ‘.something which gives her peace after a long busy week ‘dancing KATHAK ever soo elegantly she was lost in her own world oblivious to her surrounding ‘unknown to the intense deep dark pair of eyes a male figure well built may be 27 ‘watching her intently but then she tripped after a long time ‘n felt something in the mid of cheers ‘.


Boy : GEET …!!


a gasp hardly audible still she recognize the change in the air NOW ‘turning around looking for the most desperate view ‘wanting to see that person ‘its been whole 6 months she met him ‘n now the desperation was seen in her face as well ‘just the way her pain was reflecting from her dance …the pain of his departure ‘the pain of his drifting apart ‘the pain of thr broken hearts ‘the pain ofTHAT LOSS ..


Geet : Maan ‘maan kahan hu aap ..plss bahar aao plss ‘just once ek baar maan plss bahar aao ..


running madly through the corridors of the building screaming his name ‘.she was soo desperate to see him ‘feel him ‘just once ‘only once ..just to be in his arms for few minutes ‘few minute of togetherness just to breath few more days ‘just to get that strength to live without him ‘but he was still hiding behind the pillar clutching the keys in his fist making it bleed ‘his eyes full of fury ‘fury on his own helplessness ‘rage to see her tear ..something he never wanted ‘something he can never bear .. may be the only thing ..


Geet : plss maan ..ek baar mujhe aapko dekhna hai ..plss maan ek baar mujhe se mil lo plss bas ek baar ‘plss bahar aoo ‘aap jo kahoge mien karongi but plss bas ek baar bahar aoo ‘I beg off u maan ‘mien mar jaoongi ‘plss mujhe milna hai aapse plss ..


but damn this destiny he is the soul reason of her every single sorrow ‘but still he have to hold on his steps to again enter her life ‘6 months back his heart took over his brain n they had lost thr most prized possession ‘but nt this time ..he will nt become the reason of another danger in her life ‘he just cannot ..


lost in his thoughts he lost track of her ‘restless he made his way to search her ‘only to find her running in different rooms madly ‘

searching for him n his heart skipped a beat seeing her tripping on the wet floor n next she found her self in the most safest place ‘her heaven ‘.the only place she could gain solace from ‘his arms ..his warm embrace ..enveloping her against his thudding heart .. wrapping his arms around her ‘hiding her from the whole world ‘making himself believe she is fine ..yes she is fine ..fine in his embrace ..fine to be with him ‘the dead soul has gained its life again ..the bleeding heart was at peace ‘the aching of longing ness was now lessened ‘hugging him she smiled with tears continuously flowing from her hazel almond eyes ‘


Geet (crying) : plss maan aisa kabhi mat karna ..plss aap nahi jante aapke bina yeh 6 mahine kaise bete ‘har pal ek maut ko mehsoos kiya hai mene plss maan aisa kabhi mat karna ‘


Maan (tightening his grip over her ) : shh mishty ‘don’t u ever say that ‘


Geet ( feeling something wet over her waist ..came out of his arms n looked at his hand bleeding furiously ..panicked ) : maan yeh ..yeh kya kara ..dekho kitna khoon


Maan (knowing she is scared of blood ..snatched his hand from her grip n hid it behind) : nahi kuch nahi mishty ..its just a minor cut ..


Geet looked at him with tearful eyes ‘n then tearing a piece of her dupatta ..getting hold of his hand forcefully tied it over his wound ‘while some tear drops were about to fall out of her hazels which got socked in the skin of maan’s palm of good hand ‘completing her task ..she looked back at him ..n hugged him tight as if he will vanish if she didn’t ‘while maan sighed knowing she must be tiered running like this ..so only he slipped down on the ground to make her sit ’embracing her ‘silence prevailing in the isolated area of the old building with no one to disturb thr moment ‘while the 2 love birds sat thr living that blissful moment ‘feeling the warmth of each other after such a long time ‘n then he spoke ..


Maan : mishty tum apni dawai nahi lee rahi time par ‘docter ne bola mujhe u r still very week ..( geet looked at him confused as how he met with doctor ..n he continued guessing her ques. ) ‘woh I called her 2 days back ..


Geet (snuggling closer) : aapko tou humesha se pata tha ke mujhe apna khayal rakhna nahi aata ..


An awkward silence prevailing ‘he knew he was wrong in some places ..he ran away from his life with his family needed him ..when she needed him the most ‘he broke every single promise ‘every damn vow he took for thr relation ‘he broke it .. but then he could not do anything better in that state ‘nothing can be done now ‘he can never get back to that beautiful moments of thr life ‘neither can he take her with his dark dangerous life ‘but this moment ..this moment wasthr n he can live in this moment ‘breath in her aroma ‘feel the missing warmth of her love ’embrace her feel her hid himself in her ‘be what he actually IS..or what he WAS ‘


Glancing back out from the broken window ‘he saw some particular men hiding behind the parked cars ..parting her from the hug he turned to look back clearly ‘n she tried to rose up fixing her dupatta but he jerked her from her wrist n she landed on his hard rock chest with thud ‘eyes closed with fear clutching his shirt ‘while he was mesmerized yet again with the pure innocent beauty lying in his embrace ‘

Removing the hair strands from her face he cupped her face in his large palms ‘hiding them both behind the wall ‘


Maan (not meeting her eye ..bit guilty) : geet mujhe abb jana huga ..


The 1st reaction from her was simply flinch at the thought of him leaving again ‘last few minutes or may be hours ..she was totally oblivious to the thought that he will have to leave in no time ‘eyes full of ques. N hurt looked at him expediently ..but he looked away indicating his denial ‘with a chocked voice she said


Geet : aapne wada kiya tha aap mujh se milne aate rehenge ‘yaad hai na ..

Maan (guilty with the pain he felt in her voice) : hmmm ..


Geet (with tear stricken face) : yeh sab kab tak maan ‘


Maan (with a cold voice trying hard to control in emotions) : tum ne bhi ek vaada kiya tha ‘.ke koi sawaal nahi karogi ‘


Geet (looking down remembering the promise she gave with the un breakable trust she had on him ..she leaved a big sigh shutting her eyes removing the tears from them she opened them ..n asked with a heavy voice ) : phir kab miloge aap ‘


The pain in her voice was only piercing his soul ‘he thought for once she should argue or scold him ‘or just get over it ..but he knew this is something impossible ‘a little sarcastic smile appeared on his face knowing he was thinking about something which is not possible ..it didn’t happened when he went away leaving her all by her self n then how will it happen he himself is unable to leave her ‘still he wished she should .. she should get over him for her betterment ..


Maan : pata nahi geet ..pata nahi tumhain  dobara dekh paaonga ya nahi ..pata nahi wapis laut paonga ya ‘


With no other thought she sealed his lips with hers ‘stopping him to utter something like this ‘sweeping him in the world of her love ‘making him realize that he can’t leave her ..not at any cost ..he have to survive ..he has no other option but to survive .. nibbling on his lips ..pouring all her pain n anguish ..she just wanted to melt in his arms feeling those rough lips against her after long 1 year ..it was a bliss ..he knew she did it to prevent him to say about his death but now this was healing his wounds ‘making him forget all the problems ‘just giving in the moment ..he grabbed her waist plastering her to his body completely ..sucking on those soft petal lips urgently ‘feeling the heaven yet again ‘treasuring the most blissful sensation she poured in his existence ‘clutching a fist full of her hair he tilted her head to deepen the kiss ‘n she gasped for air only to allow him enter his tongue in her mouth toying hers with  his ..

The kiss ended As suddenly as it started ‘n he stood up panting ‘pushing his hairs back from his hands frustrated ‘while she sat thr dipping her head down breathing heavy ..with tears flowing down her eyes ‘n he made his way to exit but stopped with her cracked voice almost pleading to stop ..


Geet : maan ‘


But he knew he can’t ‘how much ever he wants he can’t stay back with her ..n left with a single sentence ..


Maan : mishty apna aur dadi ka khayal rakhna ‘aur abhi yahan se bahar mat aana thori dair …just stay here …


Its been 2years of them meeting secretly ‘n thr every meeting was same ‘sudden ‘n words getting vanished b/w them with each meeting ‘


Now every word I carry is becomes another burden

I question whether it’s really worth the trouble to bear

I tried to send you a message once

But how is the question to be asked

Desperate to breathe

Now speechless

Oxygen sucked out of the room as you left nothing but your words

With no warning

No clearer then the grey skies

As I close my eyes

Trying to look for you

but Alas ! not even a single sign of urs ..

and here i am still standing in that second of togetherness

waiting for u to come back …

and envelope me in ur safe embrace ..

for i know there no other solace for me …

but the the question is still un-answered will u ever come back ..

will i get my solace ever Again …

too many un-answered question n i am still breathing

breathing with a hope to find the answers one day .

 (poem edited by me)


With a bang on the door her trance broken ‘n she came running to the hall only to see HIM standing in front of her with a bleeding head ..bruised hand ‘n scratched arm ..leaning on the closed door ..he was panting heavy ..while she was standing still seeing him after 10 long months ‘she was not having the courage to move ..tears formed in her eyes ..remembering the day when this fate game started in their life making them go through worst ..


4 years back ..


She was heading 2wards his house Khurana Mansion after 4 days of her visit to her orphanage in manali ‘. KM owned by the King of Construction world Raghuveer Singh Khurana ‘maan’s father ..she was in a hurry to meet him ..scared ..worried like hell ..still a part of her was over whelmed with the feeling of that tiny life breathing in her worm ..her child .. thr symbol of love ‘she was so anxious to meet him n tell him the biggest news of thr life .. the sweaty face was still having a kind of glow over it ‘the 7 days pregnancy made her this much happy what will happen in next 9 months she wondered ‘

But the moment she entered Delhi’got the shock of her life time ..the one maan loved the most in his life his parents ..Raghuveer n his wife Shipra khurana met an accident n r dead ..it was shocking for her ‘but the thought of maan made her shiver with the fear of him being in pain ‘she knew he must be going through hell ‘n will never be able to say his feelings out and will bury all his pains in his heart making it shut close ‘but what amused her was his absence ‘

He wasn’t thr ‘not in his house no whr ..the moment he finished the last ritual of thr funeral he was gone ..where ..why no one knew ‘not even his dadi ..

Broken she was at the point of her life where she had no one ..no one to live for ..no one who loves her ‘no one in this whole damn world whom she can claim as her’ ‘no body but just her child ..thr 7 days baby ..who was then breathing inside her ..the only reason she didn’t collapsed ‘her promise to his dadi …the only reason to survive ..


Geet : dadi i promise ..hum maan ko dhundeinge ..har haal mien har hadd tak ..par un ke aane tak aapko apne aap ko sambhalna huga …aur tab tak aap sari problems mujh par chor dejeye ..mana maan jaise nahi sambhal sakti but i promise aapko akele yeh sab face nahi karne dongi ..





Remembering the sorrowful past tears beamed in her hazel eyes n the moment thr eyes  met they made thr way out ‘the blankness of his eyes only made her feel the pain ‘the place which was once filled with love n mischief is now void deprived of every emotion ‘it was not him ‘it ws not her maan ..the person she loved but still she can’t see him in danger ‘the thought of his life being in danger makes her experience her death in every second of her life ‘


Making her way towards the bed room wiping her face ‘she came with a 1st aid box ..n made him sit on the couch ‘dressing his wounds ..flinching while applying detol on the wound making him smile a bit almost after 10 months his lips curved into a smile ‘but that doesn’t lessened her rage ‘n the only thing he got from her was an angry glare making him gulp his chuckle ‘finishing her task she sat on the ground still ‘his wounded hand in hers ‘looking at it ..a tear drop fell on his palm ..n he pulled up her face with his 2 fingers ..but she lowered her eyes ‘yet the pain depicting her pale yellow face was enough to tell him ‘she was yet again crying seeing him bruised ‘sighing he closed his own eyes ‘n placed his forehead touching hers’ ‘.they sat thr for a long time oblivious to all the world ..soothing thr bleeding hearts ‘with lots of questions in her mind n a cheer guilt in his heart ‘

He was looking at the construction designs placed on her study table curiously ‘while she entered in the room with a black coffee n observed him looking at the designs ..so stood at the door itself watching him in contentment ‘just like he use to be ‘n that’s when he noticed her standing thr ‘startled she straightened herself n handed over the coffee to him ‘


Maan : mishty tum pareshaan thi uss waqt ..i mean is anything wrong ..


Geet : han wohh actually yeh design ..


Maan : oh han yeh design theek nahi hai ..thr r many flows in it ..


Geet : yeah I know ‘but kal meeting hai & we don’t have enough time to make the changes in the design as the presentation is still left ..


Maan : but tum log ne yeh pehle kyun nahi kiya ‘?


Geet : wohh clients ne meeting pre pone kardi hai so we r nt prepared ..


Maan : but u could have told them ‘hw can they just do this


Geet (lowered tone) : maan Khurana Cons. ki position abb wohh tou nahi hai ..+.. we want this deal so we just can’t afford this type of behavior with Sinha’s ..


Maan (thinking) : hmm ..okiee lets do one thing ..ill prepare the presentation n u correct these designs ..


Geet (surprised) : aap karenge ..?


Maan (stern) : kyun ..nahi kar sakta


Geet (with a baby face) : han kar sakte hain kyun nahi kar sakte ..but who aapka hand ..woh wound aap kaise type ..


Maan (least bothered he removed his bandaged) : fine ..ab hujayega ..jao aur lappy lee kar aao


Geet (panicked) : maan yeh kya kara aap ki choot ..


Maan : chup bilkul chup ..jao aur laptop lee kar aoo ABHI ..!!


Geet (with an angry pout leave muttering) : DUSHT DANAV ‘Ziddi kahin ke ..!!


Working together since last 2 hours they were in the same room oblivious to the fact that things were normal b/w them after 4 long years ‘they were talking normally ‘like they use to from the day they met in college first ‘they way they use to be around each other helping each other ‘for the first time in last 3 n half years ..

Geet was out to make coffee for him n tea for her ‘n maan’s eyes fell on the document while working having the sign of KC’s CEO GEET HANDA ..a contended proud smile appeared on his face ..n he grabbed that paper in his hand caressing the sign of his mishty .. remembering the words of his friends 4 years back in college camping’


Sam : what .!! MK u r kidding me right geet kal poori raat tumhare saath tumhare tent mien thi ..i mean that typical desi larki ..she actually did slept with u ‘


Maan : yup tou iss mien itna shock hone wali kuansi baat hai ..u know we both r dating each other since last 2 years ‘


Sam : yeah but u never ..i mean I know u have a big list of gf but u never crossed ur line with them ..


Armaan : exactly ..tere wohh rule ka kiya huya ‘bara kehta tha u will be giving this right to ur wife only then how all this ‘


Maan : dude its coz 4 the 1st time ever I am 1000% sure that Geet is the one whom I want to spend my whole life with ‘n yes it was our last year ..mene KC join karli hai ‘n next year geet will be done with her architecture than dadi will announce our marriage ..


Sam : maan plss think again ‘see plss don’t be mad at me but u knw these middle class girls ..n geet she is an orphan ‘.n honestly mujhe nahi lagta she deserves it ..


Maan (highly raged with her accusation) : sam aaj keh diya dobara mat kehna ‘geet ke bare mien kuch bhi nahi bologi tum


Sam : maan plss I know she is just behind ur money ‘after all ur dad is the living tycoon of business world n u r the only heir ‘y won’t she


Maan (fisting his hand his eyes turned red with anger ) : enough sam ‘mujhe nahi pata mera saya kab tak mera sath dega but one thing is sure geet mera saath kabhi nahi choregi aur jahan tak baat paise ki hai tou its my mishty u r talking about ‘geet ke liye yeh sab koi value nhi rakhte ..got that now go away ..




Remembering the past encounter with his friends ‘he smiled thinking about his life ..he has left his home ..his dadi all alone n the person who was once accused to be behind my money is thr all by herself supporting my dadi ‘fulfilling every duty of mine with utmost generosity ‘life will turn so terribly he didn’t even thought in the wildest dream of his’ ‘the people he could never live without ..he himself left them alone but still he had to fulfill his goal ..n for that he will have to stay away from them ‘n with geet around dadi he was sure nothing will ever go wrong ‘nothing ‘his dadi will surely take care of his mishty ..knowing what importance geet held in my life she ll always support geet n geet she is already doing what maan was suppose to do ‘


Finishing thr work ‘maan was resting in the guest room while geet in her room ‘ life was soo beautiful with them together n now thr is nothing but void ‘a void of love in thr life ‘a void of togetherness in thr life ‘a void of support in thr life ‘2 person who vowed to be together till death r now living life nothing less than hell ‘

Maan’s was resting on the bed post with sleep no whr near his eyes ‘the flashes of her laughter ‘n then the thought of her fearful pale face is haunting him since last 3 yrs but her thoughts were always a bliss to have ‘yet the shrieking sounds of car ..n that accident never let him sleep in last 4 years ‘

While geet was un-usually sleeping peacefully knowing he is thr ..the air around her was pleasant ‘he has that magic in him to make her feel in heaven with just his presence ‘but still some memories r thr which will remain in her heart burning her ‘every minute every second ..




It was a usual night ‘she was going back to her home from KC but the calmness of air suddenly changed with the horrible sounds of gun shoot ..panicked she started walking as fast as she could …within seconds she was hiding behind a pillar from the goons passing bye but then with a sound of gun shot her world frozen ‘HE was standing in front of her ..after 6 months ‘after finding him like maniac he was thr in front of her eyes ‘but still something was changed ..the raged red eyes n blood stained hands shiver the hell out of her ‘n next what she saw was the most unpredictable thing ..her maan ..her love killing a man soo ruthlessly ‘even after emptying the whole magazine he wasn’t satisfied ‘clutching her heart tight in her fist she tried hard to stop those sobbing sounds ‘she was successful till a moment he looked up to her direction SHOCKED ‘both stood thr paralyzed ‘n then his gaze went to her slightly visible bump ‘tear made thr way out frm her eyes out of control but still she didn’t had enough courage to take even a single step in his direction ‘

His heart pierced with the realization of the bitter truth of thr life ‘she was pregnant .. but what made him feel like to kill himself was the fear she was having in her eyes for him ‘she was fearing him ..his mishty ‘his geet was fearing him ‘

Moments passed or may be hours ‘n they both were still standing at the distance of 3 steps looking at each other ..her eyes still watery n his pleading forgiveness n guilty .. the only emotion they depicted till now ..but next 2nd his heart skipped a beat when she pushed him aside n the bullet hit her above her heart ‘n she fell down ‘



She woke up screaming his name ‘looking for him covered with sweat she was panting remembering the most dreadful moment of her life ..the time when she lost her most precious relation ..the symbol of thr love ..thr child ..

N next she found herself cocooned in maan’s embrace ..sobbing hard ..she buried herself in his arms ..shivering with the dream she saw again as always ‘while his eyes moist a bit seeing her in just a devastating state ..every second of last 3 yrs he has been punishing ..cursing himself to have become the reason of her sorrow ..her loss … thr loss ..!!

While she just kept snuggling close in his embrace as if wanting to get rid of that moment .. wanting to ran away from that bitter reality ..n he sat thr hugging her in helplessness patting her back to sooth her aching heart ..


Maan : shh ..chup hujao mishty ‘I am here ‘


The only response came from her was to tighten her grip on his shoulder ..making him feel that piercing pain yet again with the thought what she must have to face every night in his absence ‘hiding her in his arms he laid resting on the bed post ..trying to make her sleep n after good 2 hrs he succeeded ..it was getting early morning near 4 n he was still thr sitting on the floor of the small  terrace ..repenting each n everything that she faced alone on last 4 years ‘how she must have faced the world in those 6 months being an unmarried mother ..those pricking accusation ‘the loss of thr child ..n his guilt made thr relation wrecked n nothing else ..

Sitting thr he remembered the most terrible night of his life time ‘



Turning his head towards the direction he shoot the goon ..but his heart was beating soo violently seeing her socked in blood ‘

Running through the empty  corridors of hospital n made her admitted n the last word escaped frm her mouth be4 fainting shook his existence ‘


Humara baby maan ‘humara ‘


The mere thought of him being the soul reason of his child’s death made him hate himself to the core ‘when the doctor came with the news it was as if his heart refused to beat any more ..he stood still trying to process the words ..but all he could think of was how will he face her ‘how

The eyes which has always showed immense trust ..n unconditional love till now will only depict hatred ..but her numb state was even more terrible n difficult to bear .. 7 steps those 7 steps to enter her room after her surgery was so difficult that it seemed like death will be far more easy ‘but he has to ..he has to confront her n made her out burst her anger her pain on him ..for her speedy recovery ..but as usual his angel was way too innocent to blame him for anything ‘.but just for the fact he left his dadi alone on her ..


Geet : how could u maan …how could u just walk away leaving dadi in such a state …ek baar unka tou socha hota u can’t simply do that .. (a tear skipped her eyes ..no matter how much she try but the hurt of the loss was much more clear in her eyes n he hugged her tight crushing them both in either of thr embrace they both sat thr n she said) ..abb tou chor kar nahi jaaoge na maan ..


A tear skipped his eyes ..for the 1st n probably the last time ..infront of her in that ICU ..n he lost every bit of courage to ask for forgiveness ‘n promised her to meet her whenever he will be able to but yet again she was not allowed to ask any question ..

the togetherness meant so much to her ..she could do anything to just be around him ..n here the simple condition was not ask any question this was way too easy for her ..she guessed ..but was it …?

the only question he asked himself …how would she do this ..even after loosing her child she is not even saying anything forget about accusing him …wrecked he sat thr hugging her …


hum na kar sake dard-e-dil bayaan ..

ke woh seh na paate shidat iss zakham ki ..

jante thay ke woh sanam had se ziada wafa’daar hai

magar yeh na socha tha ke iss had tak jaayegi daastan e wafa unki

ke mushkil hujayega humare liye daman e wafa thamna ..

yeh kaisa mor pe laayi hai zindagi …

abb na dor jaa sakte hain …na paas reh sakte hain ..

yeh kaisa sanam paaya ai hum ne ..

ke har aansoon ki waja bhi hi hain unke 

phir bhi iss dard ki dawa bhi humien hi bta rahe hain …

lafzoon ki qaid se door hai yeh talooq humara ..

naa samajh paaye hum …na samjha paaye woh ..

baas itna jaan liya hai aaj ke ..

ke iss dard mien bhi rahat hai . …

(poem by me)




Silent understanding was the most beautiful part of thr relation but now this very silence from his side has changed every thing ‘his guilt ..his weakness in front of her painful eyes has snatched that beauty of thr silence n left it with an awkwardness prevailing b/w them ..

 He felt a delicate touch over his shoulder n knew its his mishty ‘sitting beside him she looked at him intently ..n after 3 yrs finally she broke the silence b/w them ..


Geet : kab tak maan ‘kab tak iss dard ko apne andar daba kar rakhienge aap ‘uss raat jo kuch huwa aapki galti nahi thi tou phir kyun ..


Maan (he looked at her shocked with this sudden confrontation n said with a firm painful tone) : galti thi meri ..meri waja se tum ne ‘


Geet : mene jo kiya apni marzi se kiya ‘aur apne liye kiya ..aap iss sab mien kahin nahi thay maan


Maan : tum ne mujhe bachane ke liye who goli ..// 


Geet (chocking voice) : apne aapko bachana chahti thi ‘.nahi dekh pati aapko uss halat mien maan ‘nahi dekh pati ..
Jo huwa uss ka dukh hai mujhe maan ..apne bache ko khone ka dukh hai ..
Magar afsoos nahi hai ‘(shocking maan with her words to look at her ) ‘mujhe koi afsoos nahi hai apni kiye par ..
Kyun mien janti hoon ‘zindagi mien agar dobara kabhi aisa huya tou mien tab bhi yahi karoongi ..


Maan : geet ..!!


Geet : yeh mere haath mien nahi hai maan ‘mere bass mien nahi hai ..na uss raat tha na aage huga ‘uss waqt bhi aapko bachane ka khayal aaya jo bhi mien kar sakti thi mene kar diya ..


Maan (clutching her shoulder roughly jerking her 2wards himself) : tum aisa kuch nahi karogi ‘kabhi nahi karogi ‘samjhi tum ..
Tumhien wahan hospital mien uss halat mien dekhne se tou acha hai ke mien mar jaon ..


Geet (gasped with hs words) : maan ‘

Maan seeing her tears ..removed his grip from her ..n turned other side ..while she came forward n hugged him tightly ..


Geet (crying) : itna sab kuch kaise hugaya maan ‘humari dunya itni haseen thi tou phir yeh kahan aagaye hum ..kyun maan ..kyun

Plss wapis chaliye ..wapis chaliye apni dunya mien ..plss wapis chaliye ..


Helpless he just cocooned her in his embrace ..n socked her pain in his heart ..


Maan : mishty ‘mien buhat aage jaa chukka hoon ..abb wapis aana mere bas mien nahi hai ‘


Crying hard ..oblivious to herself she fell a sleep only to woke up alone on her bed ‘the cold air surrounding her was it self enough to tell her he is gone ‘ for don’t how many days ‘ with another painful smile she sat up to go to her office ..




With a jerk ..someone unfold her eyes from the black cloth ..n after few second her vision got cleared ‘n petrified she tried to march towards maan ‘who was tied with ropes on his knees n many armed persons were surrounding them ‘


Geet (scared in the grip of a stranger ) : choro mujhe kuan tum log ..leave me ‘yeh kuan hai ..aap theek ho na maan ‘//


Person (interrupted) : wah re ishq ‘qurbaan jaon teri aashiqi pe ‘azaadi mangi bhi tou yaar ko bachane ke liye ‘
Aur yeh qaid huya bhi tou tujhe azaad karne ke liye ..


Maan (tied with ropes) : Mahesh tumhari dushmani mujh se hai ‘is larki ko jaane doo .


Mahesh (furious) : tumhari dushmani bhi mujh se thi mere bhai ko kyun mara tu ne



The 2 were going on n onn talking furious spitting venom ..but geet was still in the tight grip of those men ..confused as to y that person was referring maan as CHARLIE ..

Be4 her question could get its answer ..all those people started beating maan furiously ..n geet shrieked in horror seeing him getting beaten ‘n tried every way to get out of the hold of that person ..


Geet (trying get free) : choro choro mujhe ..Maan ‘maan plss mat kejeye aisa ‘mere liye apne aap ko takleef mat pohanchaiye ‘plss maan

Whereas all the people were getting tired of beating him but thr was not even a single line of finch on his face ‘furious Mahish made his way 2wards geet n grabbed her hair harshly making both maaneet scream ..


Mahesh : tou yahi hai na teri kamzoori ‘abb tou dekh kya karta hoon mien iss chamiya ke saath ..tou ne mere bhai ko tarpa tarpa ke maara than a abb tou tarpega ..jab apne aapne apni chamiya ki izzat utar ‘//

Even be4 he could complete his sentence ‘a tight punch across his face ..n he blew away with the force n geet fell on the ground ..grabbing the gun maan pointed out at Mahesh making his men hold on thr places n told geet to go out of here right away ..


Geet : nahi mien nahi jaa rahi aapko chor kar kahin bhi ..


Maan : geet zidd at karo hum dono mien se koi ek hi yahan se jaa sakta hai aur tumhara jaana ziada zarori hai ‘dadi ko mujhse ziada tumhari zarorat hai mishty ‘go


Geet : but mujhe aapki zarorat hai maan ..mien nahi jaa rahi aapko chor kar ..


Maan : tumhain meri kasam geet jaao abhi yahan se ..


Geet : maan ‘ 


Maan : jao geet


Unwillingly with a violent heart beat she left glancing back to get just one glimpse of him .. n ran from thr to get some police help ..but only after 10 minutes of running found massive police force approaching the place ‘

N with in next 10 min ‘the whole hostage area was surrounded by the police but geet was still not allowed to go in ‘praying for his safety she stood outside ..n lost her heart beat for a minute to hear a gun shot ‘n breaking the police barriers marched in only to find maan socked in blood n Mahesh dead beside him ‘


Geet ( ran ‘n kept his head on her lap) : maan ..maan yeh kya kara aapne ..plss maan mujhe chor ke mat jao plss aap yeh nahi kar sakte ‘u promised me ‘.aapne vadaa kiya tha ..


After 17 hours in hospital ..


Doctor : unka operation successful tha comessioner sahib ‘nothing to worry about aap kal test report aane ke baad unko ghar laa sakte hain ..

A wide smile spread across geet’s face who was sitting all pale on the same bench since the time they came hr ..n then stood up to meet her maan ..


In ICU caressing the face of sleeping maan ..with tears n a smile adorned her face ..


Geet : thank god aap theek hu ..warna pata nahi mein kya karti ‘aapke 

bagair jeena nahi aata mujhe maan plss jaldi theek hujao ‘




Geet : comessioner uncle aap plss abb mujhe saaf saaf bataye ..yeh sab kiya hai aur maan aur Charlie ki kya gudhi hai ‘


Comessioner (C) : geet bete aap janti hain hm sirf delhi ke commissioner nahi maan ke MAMA bhi hain ..

4 saal pehle ..Shipra aur jija ji ke accident ke waqt hum yahan aaye aur humien maan ne bataya ke who accident nahi tha bulke ek planned murder tha ,’aur who unke qatil se badla leena chahte thay


Geet : badla ..yeh kaisa badla tha uncle maan apna ghar apni dadi ko chor kar chale gaye aur aapne kuch nahi kaha ..


C : agar aisa na karta tou darr tha ke kahin maan humesha ke liye apni dadi aur apne ghar se door na hujaye ..


Geet : matlab ..


C : geet uss waqt maan ke sar par khoon sawar tha ‘who kuch bhi kar sakta tha aur iss hi liye mene uss ko police training ke liye dehradun bhej diya ‘mujhe laga jab tak maan wapis aayenge tab tak unka dimag shant hujayega ‘magar 6 months baad jab hum ne unko ghar chalne ko kaha tou unhon ne saaf keh diya ke jab tak who apne parent ke qatil ko apne haathon se nahi marte tab tak wohh wapis nahi jaenge .. 


Geet : aur aapne unko kuch nahi kaha ..


C : maan ke junoon ke aage mien majboor tha beti ..
Aur dekho aaj aakhir uss ne mar hi diya apne baap ke qatil ko ‘


Geet : matlab wohh insaan ..


C : han ..Mahish agarwal hi maan ke parent ka qatil tha jis ko Under 

Cover Police Officer Charlie ne maar diya ‘


Geet : mien dadi ko kya batongi ‘yeh sab kuch maan ne mujhe kyun nahi kaha ‘


C : mene yahi sawal kiya tha uss se jab 2 din pehle wohh tum se milne tumhare ghar gaya tha ‘aur us ne bas itna hi kaha ke wohh tumhari zindagi mien aur koi gham nahi dena chahta ..


Next day 


Maan opened her eyes ..n was blessed with a smile of his mishty ‘a small smile crept on his own face ‘but soon it vanished seeing the Comissioner ..


C : maan officer Charlie ka 1st or last mission complete hugaya aur abb  iss ke saath officer Charlie bhi ‘abb delhi police force mien iss name ka koi officer nahi huga ‘ clear enough


Maan : but mama ji ‘abhi tou


C : poori delhi ke goons ko marna tumahri zimedari nahi hai ‘.bulke abb kuch aur zimedariyan tumhain bola rahi hain ‘jao aur unko sambhalo ..


Geet (cupping his face) : han maan ‘dadi humara ghar par intezaar kar rahi hai ..


Maan (with a serious face) : ek shart par ..


Geet : kya


Maan : meri baby ki mama bann’na parega ..


Geet (with a teary eyes n smiley face) : haq se banogi ‘


Closing charlie’s chapter 4ever ‘With a hug ..n lots of smile they entered in thr new world for many other responsibilities were waiting for them ‘n many new sweet n sour moments were waiting for them ‘

Living with each other facing lots of difficulties ..they were still together saying ISS DARD MIEN BHI RAHAT HAI ‘



 pheww ..me done with it ..

hope u all will like this …

plss do let me know ur view about it ..

waiting for ur replies n likes v.v.v.v.v… eagerly ..

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MG OS : Batien Ankahi Si …

How mesmerizing The first feeling of love is …that tickle with just the thought to see him in front of ur eyes …the anxiety to know about him …the red hue which covers ur face every time with just his presence around u …
The beautiful phase of a couple’s life from engagement to marriage …a serene time when u have all the right to see that person from far away n imagine all what u want …be it wild or the sweet romantic moments like those of SRK’s movie …but yet u are nt allowed to near him n claim it in front of the world ….
The most funny yet sweetest part of this time when some1 is thr in every family function even when u know they hates it …the corner staring at each other without the other one noticing …that sweet care for one other …in short this is the most magical phase of life for people who believes in love ..!!
Sitting in a crowded room full of girls …wearing heavy ghagras’ n embroidered dresses …a girl hardly 22 was thr in a simple yet really elegant churidaar busy in msging not on mbl but on Facebook her hairs open flowing with the breeze teasing her by coming on her face that was adorned with the most enchanting smile in the world…n a sweet doll like girl may be 19 with a fully bridal look cribbing with her cousins …
Rajji : kiya yaar ..yeh papaji bhi na ..kya zarorat thi back side wale lawn mien jaa kar bethne ki …
Cousin : seriously chachu bhi na …itna bara hotel choor kar unko lawn mein jana tha …
Raji : lawn mien gaye theek hai …but backside wale hi kyun …abb hum party mien kaise jaaeinge ….(pouting with a teary eye) …aur wohh dekho Madam Geet Handa is still busy in her fb chatting …uff ho di yahan hum itne pareshaan hain aur aap ..uhhh
The girl now u know is geet handa …smiled with protruded neck n sending another msg went 2wards the door n came back after a minute with a shopping bag …with a dress in it ..

Geet : oh hoo meri nautanki behanoon …yahan roone se kuch huga nahi na …tou abb ek kaam karoo jaldi jaldi yeh jewellary ki dukaan jo apne upar sajai hai na ussko hatao aur kuch semi-formal dresses pehan kar tyaar hujaao ..
Raji : but di agar papaji nahi gaye lawn se tou …??
Geet : tou aaj ki secret boys girls party ka plan cancle huga aur kiya ….
Handing over her dress ..geet pushed her inside the dresser n went 2wards the stairs leading to a huge balcony yet again chatting …
Rajji : uhh di kabhi tou acha bolo …seriously aap se achi tou aapki dadi saas hain kam se kam try tou kar rahi hain …
ek hi tou mauqa hai mere paas Vikas ji ko milne ka …rista pakka huya tha tab se aaj take k photo dekhi hai aur meri sagaai kar di …di aap jante hoon na kitna tension …kaise kisi ajnaabi se shaddi kar loon ..
While geet was just listening to her with a teasing smile pressing keys on her mbl chatting again …n answered …
Geet : waise hi jaise mein karne wali hoon duffer …tou janti hai humesha se yahi hota aaya hai aur aisa hi hoga …shukar mana tou vikas ko mil paayi gi…
Rajji : ya right ..sachii di aap ki aur jiju ki tou rab ne banadi jodi …2saal ki engagement aur ek offial meeting nhi uff …how un-romantic ..!!
Rucha : exactly uss hottie ke saath tou meri sagaii honi chahiye thi geet di .. haayee kitna dreamy hai …aur uss ke muscles tou ..
Geet : shut up rucha …!!
Rajji (giggled) : han rucha kuch mat bol ..u see humari geet di mien bhalle hi itni himmat na hoo ke wohh apne hi mangetar ke saamne appni nazar tak utha sake magar fir bhi unn ke saamne koi unnke fianc ke upar nazar nhi daal sakta warna pata nhi kya huga yahan …
Cousin : seriously geet …sachi sachi bol wohh tere hi college ka senior tha 6 months mien bilkul bhi approach nahi kiya uss ne …?
The red hue adorned on geet’s face just made her look soo beautiful but that gave her cousin another reason to tease her ..soo avoiding thr talks she just changed her position in the room …
Rajji : kaash mien aapke college mien hoti …tou delhi ke sab se hot n happening guy ..mere MAHAAN jiju se zaror pouchti unhoon ne kiya dekha meri Hitler didi mien ….
Geet : aww poor girl …teri galti mene thorai kaha tha science lee …le leti interior designing …
Rajji : di ek baat sachi sachi batao na …
Listening to her serious voice geet kept her mbl aside n looked at her …
Geet : bol ..!!
Rajji : aapko kabhi dil nhi huya jiju se baat karne ka …unko jaan ne ka ..
Geet (smiled) : rajji dekh tou jaanti hai humari family  mien shaddi se pehle milna allowed nahi hai …aur yeh jaan ne ke baad ke wohh mere hi college mien parhte hain tu bhi jaanti hai darji ne 2 mahine mujhe college nahi jaane diya …aur jab unki Dadi Maa ne call ki aur unko pata chala iss bare mien tab hi mujhe college jane ki permission di gayi …HP mien darji bhi ne tou kitna bola tha Unn ke saamne yeh karna geet betiya yeh mat karna putta ..maa ka lecture sab kuch tou tu janti hai chutti … so technically hum poore 2 mahine bhi ek saath college mien nhi thay …
Cousin : wohoo geet di UNKI ..han naam bhi nahi loo gi …abhi kuansa HP se koi yahan hai fir bhi …!!
Raji : HP ka tou naam bhi mat loo …mana hum ek 19century ki sooch rakhne wali family se hain but hum dono humesha se Mumbai mien Maasi ke saath rahe waha parhai ki …ek azaad life ji …abb yeh restriction uhh I hate it ..mien apni zindagi ka sab se baa faisle khud nahi kar sakti …
Geet : but mama papaji kuch galat nhi socheinge humare liye yeh tou jaanti hai …
Raaji : mien doubt nahi kar rahi di but fir bhi …
Geet : acha yeh sab chooro hum jaa rahe hain na party mien …wahan dekh leena vikas ka behavior ..uss ki nature …I am telling u college ke toppers mien se tha ..he is a brilliant guy rajji …
Rajji : whatever di ….ek meeting n I will be deciding my whole life ..!!
Thr came a voice frm her mbl indicating another chat msg … n she gave up on making her understand …
Msg : Dadi will be calling u any minute I ve made ur dad move from thr be ready soon n ya ek baat soch raha tha mien …abb iss plan ke complete hone  ke baad mujhe apni list se dlt karne ke bare mien tou nhi soch rahi hoo na tum ..?
She smiled n kind of blushed with the msg …n nxt heard Rajji’s remark ..
Rajji : uhh di choro uss stupid mbl ka peecha din bhar fb par lagi rehti hoo … I wonder aisa kiya hai aur kuan jis se aap chat karti rehti ho ..
Geet : meri choti …apne chute se brain ko stress karna band kar aur sab ko jaa kar dekh tyaar huye ya nai ..
Raaji : waise I am thankful tou ur dadi saas ….unhoon ne hi maa ko manaya hum sab ko yeh party karne dene ke liye …warna tou aapki shaddi se pehle humari Mumbai se associated yeh aakhri yaad bhi kitni boaring hoti …!!
Geet : hmm ..ab jaa meri maa ..
Rajji : jaati hoon ..waise bhi aakhri chance hai mere paas aapke so called devar se milne ka ..
Cousin : devar ..??
Geet : han wohh Vikas dadi maa ki best friend ke bete hain tou close family friends n all …
Rajji : not to forget mere jiju ke best friend bhi …tou mien apni didu ke pass hi rahoongi bas ghar different hain …
Both sisters smiled n side hugged each other …while rajji went to change finally ..!!
Cousin : ohh I see …aap dono ki tou nikal pari ..di jiju se pouchu na unka koi aur bro ya cousin ya fir koi friends hi hu mere layak …
With all such teasing girly talks they got ready for the party excited yet nervous ….n then geet got the green signal call from her dadi saas to make her way towards party hall …n geet sended the final msg stating ..
Msg : okie hum aa rahe hain aap kuch bhi kar ke unko jaldi bola lo it’s the last chance for her ..
All were heading towards the door changed into a more formal party wear but all in Indian dresses … Rajji was nervous like anything meeting her would-be-husband officially for the 1st time apart frm any family function ..although all the girls present were thr cousins ….
They all reached the party hall in of the hotel …n saw geet’s Dadi Saas Savitri Devi Khurana standing thr with big smile on her face …
All girls greeted her folding thr hands n geet slowly came 4ward with her eyes down casted …the red hue making her look heavenly in her simple anarkali dress bending down she took her blessing while dadi embraced her ..avoinding looking anywhr else …
Dadi (in the hug) : acha hua aap gayi warna pata nhi yahan aaj kiya huta …
Geet smiled parting looking down knowing what dadi is hinting at …
While all made thr way in …with geet all the while looking down avoiding looking at her surrounding n greeted every devar of hers verbally with a slight smile n hugged her fiance’s cousin sisters thr …trying to be just her self when her eyes caught the two thief eyes following her each step standing in a corner with a teasing yet admiring look in his eyes …making her turn red …with a slight nervous smile ..
while rajji was looking for her fianc pouting …with the teasing comments of her cousins about him .. 
After some time when all got introduced ..some of her cousins came to geet who was standing with dadi ..n cornered her ..
Cousin : geet di ..wohh wohh dekhoo ..
Geet : kya dekhna hai …
N she looked away seeing they were pointing at her fianc who was busy talking with his male cousins …she saw him n his persona as usual held her gaze as if made her hypnotized …the useless flirting comments of her cousins wasn’t even going in her brain for she was too lost to admire the most handsome bachelor of India her fianc ….n right at that moment he turned n he caught them drooling over him giving a loop sided smile n she dipped her head with embarrassment n she made a escape …while her cousins again approached her …
Cousin : haayee di yeh tou apni pic se bhi ziada hot lagte hain ..sachii kya luck hai ..
Geet was turning red with thr comment n looked evrywhr else than them but seems like even nature is against her thr was a mirror placed in the hall n he was standing just in-front of it chatting with his cousins ..n the minute her eyes fell on his reflection he looked at the mirror frm the corner of his eyes n she got caught again …
Geet (pouting with downcasted face murmured)  : uff inki timing bhi na …kabhi galat kyun nhi ho sakti ….LOL
Then looked up once again only to see him still seeing her over the shoulder of his cousin standing in front of him …
Cousin : geet di ..geet di bolona ..
Geet came out of her trance n tore her eye lock with him getting flushed with his smirk …n looked down hiding the crimson red color of her cheeks ..
Cousin : kya huya ..itna lal kyun hurahi hoo di ..
Geet : uhh nhi kuch nhi …!!
Cousin : uff di u r such a hitler ..itna acha handsome fianc hai aapka aur itna acha mauqa bhi …koi bara (elder) nhi hai yahan hum par nazar rakhne …koi bandish nhi hai fir bhi aap unse baat karne nhi jaa rahe ..dekhoo abhi tou aapki dadi saas bhi yahan nhi dekh rahi …mana ke Vikas ji ne dadi aur jiju se request kar ke party arrange karwai hai but mauqe ka faida tou aap bhi utha sakte hu ….(geet avoiding thr talks looking for rajji here n thr with her red cheeks ..when after a pause her cousin said)….mien help karoon …??
Geet : tum log na …apne dimag par zara kam zoor daloo aur khabaar daar jo kuch aisa kiya ya kaha ..yahan tum sab meri zimedaari hoo ….koi bhi garbar huyi na tou dekhna …koi zarorat nhi hai mujhe kuch bhi kehne ki unn se samjhi …
Rajji : di plss lecture band karoo apna ..khud tou jiju se bolte nhi humien bhi kuch karne nhi dete ..
Geet : aab tumhare mou par 12 kyun baje hain …aur thi kahan tum ..kahin khud jaa kar Vikas ji se baat karma tou nhi shuru hugayi ..ohh god rajji idiot despo ..kya sochienge tumhare bare mien …mujhe tum log baat maani hi nhi chahiye thi …ek tou dadi maa ne vikas aur tum shaddi se pehle milna chahte thay iss liye itni saari planning ki aur upar se tum ….mene bola tha bola tha unko yeh theek nhi huga ..but meri suntan kuan hai …
Rajji : uhh break lagao geet di ….plss break lagao nhi mili mien vikas ji se ..
Geet left a sigh n looked at the other side seeing the rest of her cousins who were busy chatting with other girls from dadi maa’s side …then looked at the pair of eyes who were watching her with concern to see the tensed mark on her face ….an instant relief was thr in her heart like nothing to worry …n she smiled back t HIM that’s when rajji turned her 2wards her ..
Rajji : yeh acha hai aap jiju ko iss tarha sab ke saamne drool karoo wohh sahi aur hum kuch Karen tou galat …

Geet (out of words n more over flushed with the sight in front of her the ever so handsome fianc of her with his mesmerizing smile seeing her plight n she pouted looking at the other way ) : nhi wohh aisa kuch nhi hai …mien tou who ..,umm ..
Rajji : chaddo di kisi explanation ki zarorat nhi hai ..aapki jiju ki tou rab ne bana di jori hai na …dono ke dono Hitler ek saath Khurana House ka tou upar wala hi malik ..
Geet : rajjii ..!!!
Cousin : what rajji …theek hi tou keh rahi hai di yeh …aap yahan humien control kar rahe hu being the eldest sister aur wahan wohh unn larkoon ko being the eldest heir of Khurana’s the youngest emerging businessman of the year n the ever soo sexyMr.Maan Singh Khurana ….EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Rajji : itni tareef mat karoo warna didu ke cheeks ka red color tomatoes ko bhi competition deega ..LOL
Geet was flushed her cheeks burning with the red hue …n she made a escape from thr at a grt pace behind a pillar …only to see the worst nightmare …Maan standing thr talking with some1 on call ….

Her breath caught in her throat the moment he turned n looked at her ..first time ever in last 2yr.s they were ths much close in a family function the hesitance …the nervousness was clear on her face while he was just lost in the serene beauty infront of him standing with a cute worried expression n ever so beautiful red blush covered her milky white cheeks …
He was just mesmerized with her simplicity the fact he loved the most about this girl ..thr was nothing fancy or artificial about her always in her natural beauty shining like a diamond amongst many stones …seeing her glad in a white churidar with minimal yet elegant work of silver …her silky straight black hairs floating in the air …the serene hazel eyes epitome of innocence clutching her dupatta in her hands looking down blushing hard …a sweet smile adorned his face looking at her state n she looked at him from the corner of her eyes just to see what he doing standing thr frozen confused …n immediately looked other way to see his burning gaze over her n made a move from thr hearing the foot steps of dadi approaching thr …leaving a smiling Maan …
After few minutes dadi maa along with her youngest grand-son n grand-daughter Nishan n Anvesha khurana gathered all the girls n boys together n started saying …
Dadi Maa : bachoon humien tou laga tha yeh party arrange karne ke baad humien yahan se jaana parega aap sab bachoon ko akele chor kar par yahan tou lagta hai humare bagair aap sab kuch kar hi nhi sakte ….
Geet was standing with all her cousins around her looking everywhr else than him ….knowing she won’t be able to tore her gaze n again all will get a point to tease her n with dadi maa around she can never take that chance ..!!
While maan was cleverly standing at the back of all in pretext of taking a call but his eyes were fixed on his geet …admiring her dazzled state making her heart beat rose to an exceptional level …n he was just smiling thanking his stars to have given him this angel in his life ….
Nishan : ofcourse not dadi …I mean aap aisa kyun keh rahe hoo …?
Anvesha : tou aur kya kahenge hum Nishan …yeh party arrange karna aap log ki responsibility thi aur yeh yeh arrangement kiya hai ….uhh u r just good for nothing …
Nishan : what ….plzz aniee care to explain tumhain yahan kya flaw dekhai deer aha hai …
Aniee : sab se bara flaw yeh hai ke iss party mien koi DJ nhi hai …aur music ke naam par yeh faltu boring slow songs baja rahe hu …
Nishan : aniee tum na ..
Dadi Maa : acha bas aap dono tou  shoro hi hugaye …..point yeh hai ke yahan siwai batoon ke kuch tou hu nhi raha …aur na hi aap log ne plan kiya hai …
Nishan (with a cute pout n baby tone ) : abb dadi bro ne kaha tha no misbehaving …aur girls ke saamne koi flirt nhi karega or he will see him … LOLEmbarrassedEmbarrassedLOL
With this every1 broke into a fit of laughter along with geet trying to hide her smile failing miserably seeing the angry pout on maan’s face n soon got carried away with their eyes lock session immune to the on going discussion n suggestions of all her cousins …lost in his deep dark eyes depicting the depth of his emotions ..speaking volume of his eagerness …admiring his looks giving silent compliments to his Indian attire unlike his usual self making him blush with a cute killer smile in that simple classic kurta …

But soon the silent eye talks of the two love birds got disturbed with a familiar loud voice making her release she was actually gaping at him standing in the middle of all cousins turning crimson red she tried to concentrate on what the other person was saying n got a shock of her life seeing her elder Devar, maan’s closest friend n her sister’s fianc Vikas standing in front of her demanding to sing a song from her …Embarrassed
Dadi Maa : really vikas beta ..humien tou apni bahu ke iss gun ke bare mien pata hi nhi tha …
Vikas : really dadi maa, mene sunna hai humari bhabiji buhat acha gaati hain .. tou iss waqt mauqa bhi hai dastoor bhi ..
Geet was clutching her duppata …looking down then towards every1 present thr looking at her soo expectantly getting hell nervous with all this .. 
Nishan (placing his hand over his shoulder) : waise vikas bro …yeh tou batao humari bhabi ke bare mien achanak itni info aayi kahan se …Wink(pointing at Rajji from his eye)
Then vikas looked towards the blushing rajji standing thr all red …yet smiling looking at him …n then lowering her eyes with the shyness ..while vikas smiled n went towards geet n made her sit on one of the sofa …bending on his knees himself sat in front of her …n said
Vikas : bhabi aap ki tou maan ke saath sagai huye 2saal hugaye na …par ek baar bhi milli nhi aap uss se ..
Geet lowered her lashes feeling her cheeks getting warm with the blush ..n smiled faintly at his gestures …
Vikas : par maan se milne se pehle bhi tou kitne sapne hunge na aapke …apne jiwan saathi ko lekar ..
Geet was tou all sharam se pani pani …didn’t knew whr to look ..he is her devar n asking such questions ..while rajji stood thr behind her n saw Vikas gaze on her n get to know it was all for her he saying all this ..n smiled thanking her parents mentally to have brought this person in her life as now she is sure he will be the best for her …
Vikas : tou kya aapka dil kehta hai ke aap ke saare sapne maan poore kar paayega ….i mean kya itna bharosa ek anjaan insaan par kar paayingi aap ..?

Geet just looked towards the area whr maan was standing looking keenly at her response n all she could do was smile n convent that YES SHE DO …for she just couldn’t gather enough words to describe that trust she had for him …n maan smiled back with the proud n satisfied look in his eyes to see the trust in her eyes …
N that’s when rajji came to answer …
Rajji : but yahi sawal geet di bhi tou jiju se kar sakti hain na ..kya who itna yaqeen kar paayenge ek ajnabi par ke apni poori zindagi …apne room se lekar apne jazbaat tak sab kuch share kar paayenge di ke saath …??
Vikas stood up n smiled knowing that was for him ….but before he could say something Nishan came n said ..
Nishan : yahan sab itni serious kyun hugaye ….vikas bro yeh kya sapne …trust …yaqeen laga rakha aap log ne ..hum yahan masti ki baat kar rahe thay ….aur aap log …
While geet ws lost in maan’s smile n his blinking assuring eyes to say YES HE DO ….n the most inchanting smile adorned her angelic face with a slight misty eyes …she immediately wipe the tear layer away from her eyes n maan shook his head ..
Maan : miss.senti ..but still she looks really cute with that red nose ..!! EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

N thr came aniee with her demand for her bhabi ..
Aniee : to think about ..geet bhabi Vikas bhai ne aapko song ke liye kaha aur mien keh rahi hoon ke aap koi aisa song gaoo jo aapke mere ..i mean har teenage girl ke dreams ko define kare …jo bhi sapne aap ne dekhe thay ….jo aaj yahan har larki ki aankhoon mien hai ….
Dadi Maa : bilkul theek kaha aniee ne …after all sapne poore karne ke liye jaan’na bhi tou zarori hai …(with a teasing smile)
Nishan : but dadi iss tarha tou maan bro ko bhi gana chahiye …
Rajji : han mene suna hai jiju apne college mein rockband ke lead singer thay …??
Vikas : well that’s true …he was ..oyee Mr.MSK wahan kya silent spectator ki tarha khara hai …yahan aao ..
Hayee geet was tou soo nervous sitting thr …n stood up seeing him coming towards her her heart was doing somersault …n she was just praying to god for a reason which can help her escape this moment ….but most importantly from his captivating eyes …
Geet (st) : plss bacha lo babaji apni bachi ko …yahan sab ke saamne gana …meri tou awaaz nhi nikalti aur gana ….pakka koi na koi garbar karoon gi ..plss bachalo …plss EmbarrassedEmbarrassedLOLEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
N finally we could hear the most exotic manly voice making the girl drool over him …then themselves making each other come back from thr la la land …
Maan : well abb yeh typical teenage dreams kiya hote hain I don’t knw ..coz meri life mien iss sab fazool kamoon ke liye kabhi jaga nhi thi but han kuch sapne abb zaror zindagi ka hissa hain ..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Vikas : yrr tujhe tou bhagwan ne yeh looks dee kar zaya kardi apni mehnat ..TongueTongue
While maan glanced back at him giving a typical MSK glare …while geet just stood thr confused to what all this is leading to ……but more than that she was having those butterfly feeling listening to his words ..confessing his feeling like this in front of every 1 …
Vikas : oyee hello yeh sab looks apne office mien dena jahan 3 saal se sab ka jeena haraam kara hai tune ….(giving a meaningful look) ..mujh se tera koi raaz chupa nhi hai samjha …
Chalo abhi chup chap sharafat se dono ek acha sa duet suna do warna ek ek kar ke yahan sare raaz khulta jaaonga …Wink
Aniee: bhai ke aise kuanse raaz hain ….bolo na Vikas bhaiya …pls bolona ..
Vikas : sochlo maan …boldoon aniee ko …
Geet was turing pale in worry looking at vikas …n then maan n he left giving an assuring look to her like .. “don’t worry nothing will happen” ..
N left leaving her in the middle of dozens of pleading cousins …nervous like hell …
N then came  the music making everyone stop in thr track n geet stood thr only while everyone made thr way towards the sound source …only to witness the ever soo handsome MSK standing thr with a sweet smile on his sexy face hardly been seen off late …announcing glancing straight at the other end of the hall whr geet was standing confused or may be lost …smiling yet blushing looking down with all the teasing eyes …

Maan : ek geet unn khwaboon ke naam jo yahan mujood har larke ..har larki ne dekha …kuch alfaaz inke jazbaatoon ke liye ..aur kuch sur un ankahi baton ke naam ….
Coming in the middle of the crowd ..she said looking straight into his eyes pouring out her heart …
Geet : yeh geet unn yadoon ke naam jo anmol hain …unn khamosh lamhoon ke naam jo hawa ke jhoke ki tarha aaye bhi aur chale bhi gaye … uss umeed ke naam jo yahan sab ki ankhoon mien hai …magar phir bhi ankahi hai …
All were standing in awe listening to thr talks ….witnessing the divine couple standing in one frame for the 1st time …the purity of thr relation depicting in each of thr gestures ….
N here both made thr way in the opposite directions ..
Geet behind all the girls ….n maan on the DJ table playing his choice of starter music setting the mood for her ..while she smiled with the way he helped her out of those nervous moments …making her confident enough to start …
N soon the hall echoed with the most serene voice …of a blushing geet who was walking behind her cousins ..occasionally looking towards the crowd n Maan ….
While every1 from her side was stunned with the lyrics ….but surprisingly all the members from Maan’s side was looking awe struck with her heavenly voice hypnotized with her innocent beauty praising her …n rajji n vikas were lost seeing at each other smiling occasionally looking away getting shy 
sorry people no U-Tube
here is another link 
its a song from movie Hum Hain Rahi Pyar ke
Mujhse mohabbat ka izhaarkartaa …  
Mujhse mohabbat ka izhaarkartaa …
N geet cam in front of Rajji cupping her face she stood thr singing n then moved her hands to twirl with hers’ n they took a little circular round …
N geet moved behind her placing her head on her shoulder seeing maan standing thr with his hands crossed on his well built chest n a smile on his handsome face …
Both were lost in thr own world remembering thr first encounter ..the first time they actually met each other ..
In college campus where maan was as usual playing his guitar in the morning with his friends n many other student beside him in the college canteen be4 morning lecture n the way he was looking at her all the while singing the song THAT time…just the same look that he is having in his eyes at THIS moment …she smiled n lowered her lashes with the thought how she was hypnotized with his intense gaze THAT very first time …
kaash koi ladka mujhe pyaar karta 
kaash koi ladka mujhe pyaar karta 
geet moved 4ward only to bump into her friend meera thr from Maan’s side n received a teasing smile from her …for thr eye lock session which didn’t go un-noticed by her ..while maan was still following her with his eyes …remembering how he was lost in her simplicity …her innocent hazels captivating the whole world in them …how he couldn’t help but admire her beauty …for first time MSK was lost in a woman’s look THAT day …
remembering the 4 months of thr college when everytime he was falling for her …be it her intelligence …her childish nature …her sophisticated personality amongst all the flirt boys …or her smile n that slight blush every time thr eyes met ….

He shook his head seeing her doing the same thing here hiding behind every other person to avoid him …yet the small smile n that ever soo beautiful red shade of her cheeks which always makes him lost in her serene beauty ….
Placing his hand around Vikas shoulder he stood thr singing, making all girls go mad with his sweet magnetic voice …while geet was lost in his expressive eyes …which was the mirror of his heart n soul …depicting what was going in his mind …
Mujhse mohabbat ka izhaarkarti…
Mujhse mohabbat ka izhaarkarti …
She stood thr with a thoughtful face remembering the day of college cultural party …when for the 1st time she was arranging all the function as told by the princi but as usual some guys were thr to flirt with her … 

after good 7months in the most prestigious college of Mumbai amongs these spoilt brats it was now very usual for a beautiful girl like her to tackle such flirt comments but that day she was nervous coz of the function prep. N than those irritating boys but top of it she was conscious as she knew her savior her Maan wasn’t around her n those boys were looking drunk so only she made a escape but situation went worse n they started cornering her in worst positiong of her but soon a giant figure appeared in front of her protecting her from those perverts lusty gaze ….smaching their faces black n blue ..
kaash koi ladki mujhe pyaar karti ..
kaash koi ladki mujhe pyaar karti ..
geet broke out of her trance with Rajji’s tab n looked around her restlessly n found maan standing just in front of her with a concerned look ..she sighed seeing him …n shook her head in denial like ‘nothing’ but maan was still nt looking convinced n started approaching her …

making her scared like anything she eyed him to stop but he being he didn’t listen n just then Aniee came thr by her side n she pleaded from her eyes to stop …her baby worried face made him halt a bit n then every one surrounded them at either side of the hall ….
Music ..
Maan was still standing with his cousins looking geet talking giggling with all the girls thr ..but he could clearly see the tense lines on her forehead …n the way she was playing with her engagement ring …he knew what she was thinking …

he went towards a lone corner looking at geet admiring her relation with all her cousin sisters ….her love for her family ..the respect she holds for all of them …the way she has mingled with his family members …still thinking if he loves her more or respect her more for the fact he has never met such a innocent angel in his life …belonging to a high class society he often encountered many girls flashing around throwing themselves but SHE ….she was all what can define culture n intelligence although studying away from her house in a co-education she never forget the values of her family even for once in her life ….she is indeed the most divine angel of God sent by Him for him n only him in this world …
While geet stood in the middle of all ..yet immune to all the voices n words remembering the most serene words she ever heard in the most dreadful situation she was in ever ….
Seeing maan beating those guys furiously all the students gathered around with her friends consoling her …n geet stood thr with pools of tear flowing out of her hazels seeing maan red in anger clutching her duppata around her torn cloths she was dazzled with all what happened in few minutes listening to all the accusation those perverts were doing about maan-geet making her sob hard n next maan grabed his collar n shouted on top of his voice ..
Maan : han lagti hai meri ….kuch nhi SAB KUCH LAGTI  HAI meri yeh larki … pyaar karta hoon iss se ..aur yaad rakhna dobara agar meri geet taraf aankh utha dekhna tou buhat door agar socha bhi tou zindagi ka dosra pal dekhne ke liye zinda nhi bacho ge …
Ooo …
Geet was yet again lost in his authoritive voice n her eyes got mist remembering the way she ran to HP the very next morning knowing that her family wont agree for thr relation n their life will be a total mess after that ..n then saw Maan standing thr in a corner still admiring her …n she got lost in the same love in his eyes she saw at THAT time when he proposed her at the BUS STAND in front of all ..
Maan : geet I kow jo huwa wohh aise nhi huna chahiye tha ….but plss believe me every word I said last night wasn’t a lie ..yes I said it all in cheer anger but it wsn’t an outcome of my anger I really do L…
Geet (with mist lowered eyes n chocked voice) : plss aap …aap chale jayee yahan se aur jane dijeye mujhe bhi  …this is all wrong n I…..I don’t have any feelings 2wards u ..just go away …
Maan : geet plss ek mauqa tou dee kar dekhoo mujhe ….i really wanna have that place in ur heart in ur life …I want to hold u right beside me as mine ..just mine ..Maan ki Geet …
I wanna marry u geet …plss just one chance …!!
Geet came back to reality with her cousin’s tab ..n then her teasing look pointing towards maan who was still thr seeing her with the same look of love n respect n his eyes …Embarrassed
N she smiled faintly remembering how much she wanted to say out her feeling at that bus stand but couldn’t …n sang the words …
Meri maang mein cand taare sajaata…
Jo mein rooth jaati mujhe wo manaata ..
Jo mein rooth jaati mujhe wo manaata ..
She walked towards Aniee n gave her a side hug which Aniee reciprocated n smiled while geet moved ahead n Nishan came in front of her giving her a rose she smiled n accepted it n saw vikas taking maan back with all of them ..
She smiled at him ..n looked down saw her engagement ring …a wide smile n a proud feeling enveloped her existence …next maan’s valet fell on the ground n every1 present thr saw her engagement day picture in his valet ….the whole hall was by now filled with teasing comments n hooting making her go red even more if that was possible while every1 at his side was shut with one glare of his ….
N she giggled seeing him slightly blushing with his very own darling sis Aniee’s naughty comments …n then looked at her hand which had a very small old burn mark she got duringworking in kitchen (just an accident nothing else Big smile) ..her smile faded remembering those torturing moments in HP after she left rejecting maan on that Bus Stand KNowing the boundaries created by her family doesn’t allow her to come with him …
The most toughest part of her life when in every moment she knew it would take just few hours to be in Mumbai with maan but then the thought what after that her family will nvr accept this love marriage n then the situation will be same …so only she left him thinking he will get over his attraction within some time …
n smiled with what she saw at present ..SHE standing thr in between all HIS cousin sister as HIS fiance …
haalat meri wo jaanta ..
dhadkan meri pehchantaa ..
girl came around n started dancing in a circle in Punjabi gitta style ..along with boys …maan n geet whr accidently or fortunately opposite to each other in the circle …smiling remembering the way he came to HP with his family …

she was hell scared with her sudden alliance n the constant family pressure to agree as the groom was one in a million …
she looked at him …still wondering how he got to know all why she left but then smiled seeing him winking at her with no one else noticing …blushing she went away from thr n stand in a corner with dadi …
still in that very thought ….the day he came to HP 2 yrs back with dadi maa n thr meeting her room ..with that usual smirk of his seeing her confused state …n leaned on the closed doors …
she pouted remembering that sweet khatta metha first official encounter of thr …1st time they were talking casually …or rather say he was saying n she was listening stunned with the depth of his feelings …HE ACTUALLY FAKED THAT ARRANGE MARRIAGE ALLIANCE TO GET HER IN HIS LIFE N MAKE HER FAMILY AGREE …
apni bhi chahat ka ikraar karta 
apni bhi chahat ka ikraar karta ..
she was lost in her own world …remembering each n every word he carved on her heart that day ..the sincerity in his word n the depth of his voice together with the oceans of love he holds in his eyes …she was just captivated in those looks just like THAT day ..
Maan (looking straight in her eyes) : hope abb tum mera proposal reject nhi karogi ..WinkTongue
Geet (with mist eyes guilty n confused) : par yeh ..aapko kaise pata chala mien …OuchOuch
Maan : hmm.. well lets say it as tum se ziada tumhari ankhein mujh se baat karti hain …EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Instantly geet looked at him with soo much of respect thinking what this man has in his self that makes her fall for him every time …from the day she saw him singing his heart touching voice pulled her towards him like a fire to moth n then over last 7 months every day seeing him n his pure n serene nature she has fallen for him irrevocably  …
Maan : sach mien… itna bol diya bus stand par khare hukar …2 line nhi bol sakti thi ke GHAR WALOON SE DARR KAR MUJH SE BHAG RAHI HOO …
She looked every whr else then him …her eyes burning with fresh tears while he stood thr observing her state knowing it was needed to open her up just to insure his stupid MIND that yes she love me ….though his HEART knew it from the start that she is his only Maan ki Geet …but yet he wanted to knw it frm her once just once …

Geet (looking down with wet cheeks) : ghar waloon se nhi …aapko paa kar khone dar rahi thi ….mien janti hoon yahan koi humare saath ko pasand nhi karta aur apni family ke khilaaf jaa kar aapka saath nhi dee pati …iss liye ..
Maan’s heart pained to see the pain on her face depicting how much she would have been going through since last 1 week …he took few steps in her direction n held her chin up with his finger n wiped her tear stricken face with the tip of his finger …looking at her with same love n longing ….
Both shiver with the 1st ever touch n geet backed a step with the all new tickling feeling she felt in her stomach n her body goose bumps while maan smiled looking at her tomato red face …blushing a bit with this all new feeling ..
Maan : itna bhi yaqeen nhi tha ke mien tumhain tumhari family ke khilaaf jane ka mauqa nhi donga ….Shocked
Geet looked at him baffled …n he looked at her accusing for a second to have hide her feeling then softened seeing her guilty respectful hazels looking at him with soo much of love …
Geet (lowered head muffing her running nose ) : Sorry ..Embarrassed
Maan smiled at her sweet childish act ..n then said in a baby tone with a cute pout …
Maan : abhi bhi SORRY …OuchLOL
Geet looked at him questioning …like THAN …??
Maan : mera jawab tou do …abb bhi proposal accept karogi ya nhi ..?
Geet blushingly smiled n lowered her head ..then turned opening the door with a teasing smiled said over her shoulder ..
Geet : Jawaab tou maa ko hi batana huta hai na …
But be4 she could step out of her room his voice made her stop …
Maan : well Ms.Geet Handa ….abb aapka jawab kuch bhi hu get this clear .. next 2 years baad tumhara sir-name change hone wala hai …remember that …
kaash koi ladka mujhe pyar karta …
geet smiled full heartedly …remembering that meeting n the way her family was happy on this alliance but she was actually very thankful to her Babaji for bringing this angel in her life who made all her dreams come true …today only coz of him she is an Interior Designer or her family won’t have let her complete her graduation …she smiled seeing him talking with Vikas n other cousins while all her cousins soon made thr way towards them …
n maan smiled seeing her back to normal ..he sent a msg to her ..n she gt confuse as to way her mbl is vibrating since all r here then smiled seeing its an fb msg she opened n read it ..
Msg : itna mat socho mishty warna Rajji ke ques. Ke answer nhi dee paongi tum apne tomato red cheeks ke saath aur han ….mujhe abhi bhi mera jawab nhi diya tum ne mishty ….ShockedShocked
waise aaj bhi utni hi pyaari lag rahi hoo musrukate huye …EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
N next she heard his voice this time rather complaining one ..
Mujhse mohabbat ka izhaarkarti ..
Mujhse mohabbat ka izhaarkarti ..
She just smiled n looked away from those most expressive deep ocean brown eyes in the world going in the middle of her cousins seeing him approaching her her heart skipped its beats n he with a smirk passed through them grabbing a glass of juice humming the lyric as if nothing happened while geet turned beat root red with the teasing comments of her cousins …
N went in a lone corner clutching her heart trying to slow down her heart beat which at the moment were in a somersault ….
kaash koi ladki mujhe pyaar karti 
kaash koi ladki mujhe pyaar karti 
n she remembered that blissful day seeing the engagement ring in her hand sparking …the day she got marked as his …the day of thr engagement she got dressed in his choice of cloths n went down only to get crimson red under his intense gaze fixed on her all the while until Vikas poked his shoulder ..n received an angry glare …a wide smile spread across her face yet AGAIN just like THAT day thinking his popped out big eyes …n his funny angry caught face ..n she chuckled mumbling DHUST DANAV …
N next she felt her whole body shivering with his closeness ..didn’t knew if he did it deliberately or nt standing just the right side of the same pillar behind which she was hiding …he said in ever soo romantic tone which made her lost her sanity n stood thr unaware of her surrounding ..thinking how every time he is able to make her spell bounded with just his presence around her …without uttering a single word to her directly he says n understand everything about her …
wo bechain hoti, 
mein betaab hota..
nigahon me uski mera khwaab hota 
nigahon me uski mera khwaab hota ..

she stood thr wondering how can he love her soo much ….what is it in her ….how can she be soo lucky to have him in her life …
2-1/2 years ….its been 2-1/2 year they met first but still he never tried to approach her for he knew she will never go out of her boundaries getting close with a stranger breaking the trust of her family with which they allowed her to study in a big city like Mumbai …
But still he was always thr for her …in every trouble silently helping her through others …sending Meera in her group his first move …then guarding her from all those nasty boys of college his second attempt in thr silent relation ..
She always knew he is doing all this but never she understood as to y he is doing all this …she knew she is highly attracted towards him ..his sincere nature n honest words distinguishes him from all other but the pure coconut like heart is his most best quality …she stood smiling with her own thoughts n his lines echoeing in her ears …
Her trance was broken by her cousins who came thr n caught her gaping at maan who was bye now in the middle of his cousins smirking at her puzzled face n confused pouting expressions …smiling …god that smile is my death she thought with crimson red cheeks only to receive the most teasing comments from rajji …n she made a escape 2wards Aniee ..
N he came thr with Aniee’s favorite chocolate cake in a tray for all n asked the waiter to serve us ..n his baby sister Aniee pounced at him in a hug for this ….n she smiled seeing the adorable sight …
But he winked at her …well that means it was actually for Geet at first place she smiled n looked down knowing he heard Rajji n her talk, grinning ovr the desert to be chocolate fugde cake her favorite …
She looked at him standing at a distance while she was sitting with Dadi, Aniee, Rajji, Nishan, Vikas, an some other cousins on a table having thr dinner ..lost in thr own world for some special moments both lost themselves in the spell …

Standing in the middle of the decorated hall …she stood thr smiling blushing while he placed his finger at her n lifted her chin to make her look at him, she obliged …n both saw each other with a sweet smile …staring straight at each other …his hand moved to her wrist …she shuddered with the sensation building in her …n moved away …but he held her wrist captivate in his grip saying the most romantic verses …turning her around ..
sharmaa ke woh lagti gale
rakta use palkon tale 
she turned around with a blushy lowered face ..smiling with his words n saw him from the corner of her eyes …n he smirked jerking her 2wards himself he locked her in his embrace making her breath go shallow along with his lost heart beats ..placing the hair strand behind her ear he stood thr admiring her for the first time soo closely that not even air has the permission to separate them ….
chori chori woh mera deedaar karti ..
chori chori woh mera deedaar karti ..
it felt magical …perfect like nature n pure like first drop of rain …he moved his head ahead to place his cold rough lips over her marble silky white forehead ….
but be4 that waiter dropped a glass n thr gaze tore away making them both come back to reality ..they looked away embarrassed as if the other one got to know what they were thinking …skipping from the awkward situation n geet concentrated on what aniee was saying trying to control her blushing cheeks along with her fast racing heart …
kaash koi ladki mujhe pyaar karti 
kaash koi ladki mujhe pyaar karti 
after sometime with him not being around she got restless n excusing from all she made her way to search him …n saw him talking with someone may be in KC ..she stood thr trying to read his face with the changing expressions from anxiety to happiness then all of a sudden serious …
she still remember the way she use to giggle whenever he got to shout at any person in front of her n then suddenly when he use to get quite with her around as if his mom saw him stealing something ….
Indeed he was a child by heart ….but seems to be a stubborn one …she smiled when she saw him scolding the manager for putting extra spice in some of the dish …remembering how much he use to scold that canteen boy if once in a blue he accidentally put extra chilies in his order …uff poor guy use to get hell scared ..but then maan always use to apologies to him for his temper after finishing is food …Embarrassed
The fact he never flashes his goodness she admires the most …though very serious n mature he is but still the way he was with his friends often made her confuse with the contradiction in him …
Over the time …the more she got to know him the more she felt non-worthy to even have a tint of such feelings in her heart for him coz he is a shining star in the sky shimmering without a single flaw but she ….she is nothing but a dust ..a mere dust n thus she never considered herself anywhr near him .. 
But guess she is lucky enough to possess this star in her destiny …she went away from thr smiling when Aniee again asked her to sing …n she sang remembering all thr cutie memories of her college though they never intended to but guess destiny wanted them to be 2gether just she was nt listening to it …
Mujhse mohabbat ka izhaarkartaa 
Mujhse mohabbat ka izhaarkartaa 
N finally all got in the middle of the floor dancing with the music …n they both  just looked at each other standing at either ends geet …
Remembering thr LAST MEETING BE4 THIS PARTY…after he made Dadi call her house to ask her parents to let her complete her studies …
She smiled with slight tears in her eyes with the memory of that Friendship Day she resumed her college …n he was thr for his last pre-board paper …they did saw each other in the morning as usual he was thr in the canteen but to her surprise he wasn’t singing …that made her astonished as she knew it ws his daily practice to atleast play a single piece of music from his guitar but then Meer shocked her coming infront of her …saying with a wide smile ..
Meer : finally tum aayi …congrats (but geet was confused as she never told her abt thr engagement then) What ..ohh tum tou aaj bhi ek secret nhi janti .. well Ms.Geet Handa yeh jou duffer betha hai na tumhare samne (pointing at maan) mien galti se inke best friend Vikas ki choti behen hoon aur inn dono idiots ne mujhe hi use kiya tha yeh jaane ke liye if u have any feeling towards him ….
Geet was shocked beyond words …n lowered her lashes in guilt she will never be able to forgive herself for whatever she said to him on that Bus Stand ….for she knows how much she has hurt him at that time the mere look of his eyes was enough for her to know all …but be4 her hazels could shed a single tear down on the ground she saw a palm below her lashes n looked up to see …n who it can be other than maan who stood thr admiring her with look of longing same as she held in her eyes …saying sorry …but as usual he smiled indicating to need to say sorry …how beautiful it is to experience a feeling beyond words …
ankahe jazbaat bhi ..
khamoshi ki baat bhi ..
aur kuch khus’numa lamha’at bhi ..
(By Me..)
Vikas : chal beta abb tou gana suna’na hi parega after all bhabi ke aane aur humare college ke last day dono jashn ek saath mana hai humien aaj ..
Maan smiled n moved to his table grabbing his guitar singing his favorite song …while geet sat in front of him gazing him with all the love she had for him ….thinking what life will be with him if just being around him gives her soo much of happiness …
By the end of the day she was back to normal with meer n her other friend .. geet was always full of life but with this feeling to belong to someone just filled her another spirit in her …the thought in itself was incredible …
N that day was the best of her life …bye the end of the day maan left the college after his exam with a bouquet ..friendship band n a new cell phone for her in Vikas’s hands …with a number saved in the cell with the name Mystic Owner …she smiled seeing the name it was his nick name with which she made his first sketch …yes she made his sketch being a interior designer she is master in it ….well today to count it is in-numerable but the first one he got was having this name in the bottom with her name on the header … 
kaash koi ladka mujhe pyaar karta ..
kaash koi ladka mujhe pyaar karta ..
the music was fading …n soo as her clouds of the memories ….they bother stood thr living this moment knowing after this thr will be again a separation for next 2 months for be4 thr marriage no one will be having any function so no chance for them to meet …it will again be just some fluke excuses to have a letter or something with minimal chances …
Music …
With the party at its end Maan asked Vikas to go to the back side of the hall n geet made Rajji go thr ..so that they can have a bit of a chat …as all the cousins were bye now near the exit going towards thr respective rooms …
Maan n geet also made thr way out with all of them ….while geet received a paper from a waiter n she wiped off that mist layer from her eyes …n read 
Msg : agar aise aansoon bahaoogi tou mujhe wahan akar dobara apne moti chun’ne pareinge …
Thr was an instant smile on her face ..n she started looking around to see him …last time one last time be4 leaving but he was no whr to be seen …she was desperately scanning the whole hall …n then her eyes felt on the single finger standing in a corner with a serious face which immediately formed a smiled seeing at her …

Maan stood thr with his hands folded on his chest …his heart paining seeing her going away ..he knew its for good …knew it will be the last time …knew needed for them to be 2gether till eternity but still seeing her going away heis heart was nt at all able to believe any single logical reasons from his heart yet seeing her mist eyes he couldn’t resist but to send a waiter with a note just to make her smile a bit ….just to see that smile n capture it in his heart like others from her to live next 2 months ..

Geet stood thr gazing his face ..his serene smile n that pure deep brown eyes that hold the oceans of love just for her …smiling she just couldn’t gather enough courage to walk away knowing it will the last time till thr marriage day she will be seeing him ..knowing she will never be able to listen to his exotic manly commanding voice even from TV…her eyes again got mist with fresh tears beaming in them 
n he took 2 steps forward not able to see those priceless pearls slipping away like that ….but to his astonishment for the first time she didn’t moved from her place neither she broke her eye contact as if she wanted him to come n wipe those tears away …as if she was standing thr to be swept off in his warm embrace away from all these boundaries of ritual …completely lost in thr own world of khamoshi they stood 2gether just few steps away looking at each other saying in-numerable things with just thr eyes speaking n lips static …a world they created themselves for themselves where nothing else mattered ..no ritual no boundaries …nothing just them two n thr love ..
but just then rucha came running from behind n stood thr seeing the 2 alone …n coughed ..bith broke away embarrassed …n made thr way towards their rooms . 
geet was walking towards her room alone thinking about all what happened in the party smiling lost in his voice ..n bumped into Rucha …
Rucha : ahh di dekh kar …
Geet : um sorry ruch I am really sorry mera dhyan nhi tha …sorry tumhain lagi tou nhi ..?
Rucha : nhi I am fine di chill kuch nhi huya ..waise chalo room mien hi jaa rahe hu na saath chalet hain waise bhi rajji madam tou apne room ka door open kar nhi rahi …
Geet (forceful smile) : ummm han who change kar rahi hongi …
Rucha : di sachi batao aap abhi Maan jiju ke bare mien soch rahi thi na ..sachi u both were looking soo adorable that time gazing each hayeee …
Geet (looking here n thr …blushing) : kya mien …mien kyun sochne lagi unke bare mien …
Rucha : han di aap kyun sochne lagi unke bare mien …god geet di plzz dekhta hain humien poori party mien ek minute ke liye bhi aap dono ki nazrein ek dosre se nahi hati …
Geet was smiling remembering all those moments …his smile his concern ..an instant blush spread across her creamy white cheeks ..
Geet : nhi rucha who tou bas ..
Rucha : arre di iss mien galat kya hai ..i know humari family kuch chatter box girls ki waja se aap ne party mien Maan jiju se baat nhi ki na jab ke waha koi elder nhi tha apart from ur ever soo cool modern Dadi saas ..warna yeh saari baat kisi na kisi tarha humari chahi ji …tai ji ..mami ji sab ko pata chal jati …AngryAngry
Geet : hmm.. Rucha tou tu janti hai sab log ko …mien kabhi nhi chahoongi ke koi bhi maa se koi bhi sawaal kare aur meri waja se maa ko sharmenda hona pare …
Rucha : I knw iss hi liye tou Rano mami ne aapke bharose hum sab ko bheja .. waise kuch bhi kahoo aap hu bare lucky …
Geet (smiled broadly) : hmm woh tou mien hoon …
Both girls looked at each other then laughed entering in thr room …whr Rucha went in changing room straight while geet stood thinking about Rajji’s arrival n that’s when she received a msg from Raji ..
N then laid on the bed but be4 she could read the msg …felt something below her pillow …she got up n checked …only to see a silver gift wrapped box …n then thought to see the msg …
MSG : on the way toward room luv ya di …u r the bestest …n han pillow ke neeche KISI KA surprise hai tumhare liye check kar lena …*winks*
Geet smiled reading the msg n held HIS gift in her hand admiring …smiling blushing …feeling thousands of butterflies in her stomach while opening it ..
Her jaw dropped down seeing the white gold bracelet with lots of hearts nMnG letters in between them hanging …glittering with diamonds studs …she smiled whole heartedly with the thought of his thinking to but this …n she saw the letter placed below it …she was soo much in love with this person Maan ….that now even she cant tell n see any boundaries thr around her love …smiling she opened the letter n started reading ..
MSG : well mishty pehle apni palkooon par se yeh jo mere moti girne ki planning kar rahe hain unko saaf karo …
Geet smiled wiping her mist eyes n then looked at the bracelet overwhelmed with his love n care …then resumed reading the msg..
MSG : hmm so abb hum tou 2 din baad aapka b,day aapko har saal ki tarha khud aakar nhi dee sakte HP mien tou socha aaj hi dee doon ..
U know wht geet mene jab yeh design imagine kiya tou ek hi baat mann mien aayi ke meri ek nishani tumhari ungli mien hai “ring” joh tumhare dil tak ati hai …ek nishani mien tumhain humari shaddi par pehna’donga jo theek tumhare dil ke paas huga “mangalsutra” but yeh mujhe aur mere ehsaas ko tumhare radial pulse ke paas humesha rakhe ga ….tou technically mien tumare paas honn ya nhi par tumhari har dharkan tumhain mera ehsaas karayi gi …har pal har samay mera pyaar tumhare saath harm or par rahe ga ..
Aur abb meri yaad aye tou rooo kar mere anmol motiyoon ko zaya mat karma …bulke enagement ring ke saath iss bracelet ke hearts mien chupe MnG ko saath dekh kar mujhe aisi hi ek mishty si smile dee’dena ..
Geet smiled with the purity of his love …thinking how very time this man manages to touch her heart with his gestures …he never approached her to meet in a lonely time though her last 2 years in Mumbai studying thr was best time for them but yet just coz he knew she will never want to go against her family’s rituals he never made any attempt yet at every time he was thr for her ….thought it be to release her exam time tension through his msges n roses in her aunt’s house whr she lived or be it her family constant attempts to make thr marriage early …he always made it a clear thorn free path for her …
N here yet again he is thr knowing she will be low leaving Mumbai to that strict family atmosphere of HP …with his own way to make her believe he is thr …though she very well know thr she will not be able to even see him  thorugh those press conferences ….but the thought of his love n his care is all enough to make her smile …n thr she sat with a big broad smile ..remembering the last two b,days …
His visit to her house with different excuses either with meera or with his family to give her b,day gift himself …not to forget that one red rose ..
Maan on the other hand in his balcony smiled remembering her blushing face all the while in party throughout …n shook his head …
Maan paced in his balcony with coffee mug in one hand n In other his mbl gazing her picture on his wallpaper ..smiling remembering the college time when he use to secretly stock her everywhr …sitting in the library till late for her …just be around her gives him this much happiness then thought how it would be to have her with him around him 24/7 after thr marriage ..
He smiled n shook his head over his thought ….murmuring to the moon ..
Maan : kya bana diya tum  ne mujhe geet …see a typical majnu god y love u soo much that even the thought of nt seeing u is making me this much restless …mene kabhi nhi socha tha ke meri zindagi mien bhi yeh waqt aayega jab kisi ki khamoshi bhi mujhe jeene ka aur jitna hosla dee jayegi .. abb tou soch kar bhi ajeeb lagta hai ke kaisi hugi wohh subha jab mien tumhara college gate par wait nhi kar raha hoonga …kaisa huga woh din jab meeting khatam karne ki jaldi nhi hugi ..tumhari ek jhalak pane ki umeed nhi hugi ….
On the other hand …She removed he lone tear escaping her eyes ..n grabbed the bracelet in her hand ….mutely crying sobbing with the thought she won’t be in touch with him for nxt 2 months ..its been 2 years of thr engagement n now thr chat conversation is a part of thr life …then how come they survive without that ..the mere thought disturbed her …n she moved to her balcony ..
To have that soothing cold breeze sooth her restless heart …to feel the air with his essence ….again with the thought that after 2morrow even this air will be change …dull n pricking without his effect in it …
Geet : kya kar diya aap ne mere saath maan …zindagi mien kabhi kisi ka itna gehra asar nhi huya mujh par …2 saal se iss hi hawa mien jee rahi hoon magar kabhi ehsaas nhi huya ke aapki sansoon ki garmi mien yeh hawa meri sansoon ki zarorat ban gayi hai …aur aaj aapse door jane ke khayaal se bhi darr lag raha hai …
Restless both just couldn’t have sleep tonight …the last night in the same air with 2 months separation …hell it was to even think of it …but then its another ritual which they will have to follow …
Remembering those small silent encounters both somehow went to sleep only with a hope to meet in thr dream land ….
Morning came with a fresh feeling for all but the 2 souls were still gloomy sitting with all the elders of the family member in the dinning hall of the hotel having thr breakfast stealing glances with slighty red eyes depicting thr sleepless night …
N then finally the moment came of Handa’s departure …everyone bid bye geet was busy greeting to all the elders of Khurana’s n Vikas’s side auntis thr ….listening to her marriage talk scanning the area to see if maan was thr ..while maan was thr with the waiter to chk if all the luaguage is packed along with Vikas …
Vikas : yrr yeh Handas ka aaj jana zarori hai ….i mean 2 ..3 din ruk jaate ..
But maan didn’t paid any attention …as he was lost in his own devdas world …thinking how will he manage to see his mishty leaving so only he came here to escape that moment ..but hell he is not even able to stay away from her now only …without answering vikas he made his way towards all the family members to greet all …
Maan greeted all the members of handa family touching thr feets n went paas geet with a silent look of longing …but smiled for her to make her smile …
Within few minutes all the people started getting in the cars while geet n maan stood thr stairing at each other lost cursing all the ritual to have separated them …
In geet’s car ..
Rajji : ufff hoo di abb bas karoo piche dekhna …agar HP jaogi nhi tou wapis maan jiju se shaddi karke humesha ke liye aaogi kaise …
Geet looked at rajji with her teary hazels n buried her face in her embrace nt wanting the other to see her like this ….then recalling her words she tried making up her mind …n smiled faintly at Rajji coming out of her embrace ..
Outside Car ..
Vikas : yrr meer dadi se baat kar ken a Maan ki shaddi delay kara dete hain ..
Listening this maan who was till now stairing at geet’s car without blinking immediately turned 2wards Vikas n glared at him ….
While a confused meera questioned ..
Meera : what vikas bhai aap pagal tou nhi huye na …yeh kya keh rahe hoo ?
Vikas : han meer dekh maan ki wedding postponed kara kar handas ke saath geet ko bhi yahan hi rok lete hain …(seeing the tease on vikas’s meer smiled n supported him)
Meera : yeah right option boora nahi hai …waise bhi iss waqt tou maan ko dekh kar aisa lag raha hai ke geet HP nhi yeh vida hukar humesha ke liye HP jaa raha hu ..
Listening to meer’s word maan was shocked n angered …n glared her only to make her laugh …
Meer : now dnt give me that look …plss yrr tou aise senti hu raha hai jaise humesha ke liye jaa rahi hoo …janab zara sabar rakhye janab jab wapis aayigi tou humesha ke liye aapke paas hi rahegi …
Maan smiled slightly to the thought ..looked again at the cars …with the main entrance of the hotel opening maan panicked n said to meera ..
Maan : meer tujhe mera ek kaam karma huga …jaldi 
Meer : phir se postman bana rahe hu ..
Vikas : oh hoo tou postman ban hi nhi sakti …bani bhi tou postwoman banigi ..
Maan : shut u two aur meer sun jaldi …
Meer entered the car shocking Rajji ..Rucha ..n geet as well ..
Meer : what yrr mien apni friend se last time jane se pehle milna chahti thi ..
Geet smiled at her n both hugged each other tightly geet was slightly in tears yet …n meera brushing her in the hug whispered slightly ..
Meera : ek msg laayi hai potman ..
Geet instantly parted n looked at her astonished yet smiling with tears ..n meera said cupping her face ..
Meera : ziada moti waste mat karna meri sweetheart …hum jaldi wapis aayeinge tumhain sab se chora kar apne saath humesha ke liye jane ..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
For Rajji n rucha I was just another teasing comment from Maan’s friend but geet knew it was his words ..his way to make her smile …his gesture to have her last memory with him a simple smile from her ….
But still she couldn’t help those tears spilling out of her eyes …that proud smile from her face ..that shine from eyes with the fact that thr is someone in the world who loves her beyond any boundaries of words …more than himself …he loves her …more than his gloomy heart he was still thinking  of her tears …
She just couldn’t thank enough the Almighty to have send him in her life ..n she hugged meera wiping her tears n said in a whisper ..
Geet : ek sawal ka jawaab mujhe bhi chahiye meera …mujhe bas itna bata do mene aisa kiya kara hai yeh sab apni zindagi mien pane ke liye ..
Meera came out of the car n stood thr with maan n vikas seeing at her expecting to speak up but she was quite …
Meera : what …!!
Vikas : bol na devil bechara kitna intezaar karega abb …humesha aisa hi karti hai ..
Meera : poora ka poora postman bana diya mujhe tum don one maan (she pouted)
Maan : jo chahiye mil jayega madam ji abhi bologi tum …
Meera : well aapki madam jana chahti hain ke unhoon ne aisa kiya kara yeh sab apni life mien pane ke liye ..
Maan just smiled n stood watching the cars going away straight …n geet see out of her car window n smiled seeing him ..it was as if all they wanted was just a smile as thr last memory for this 2 month separation …
Vikas : hmm so chali gayi …waise maan aaj bata hi dee ..i have seen u geet jab gayi thi 2 saal pehle u were all down isolated …they way she rejected u with such harsh words even after that what made u believe she still loves u .. I mean don’t get me wrong but still what it was ..
Maan (smiled) : vikas when u truly love someone u really dn’t need words to understand them as words are just a form of explanation n love never requires any explanation …so I did what my heart wanted me to do …n see I made my words come true …its going to be exactly 2 years after our engagement in nxt 2 months n after that geet’s sur-name will be changed …
The trio smiled n went in with a new zeal in thr heart for the marriage n maan sighed with the thought that this meeting was the end of thr engagement till marriage phase as after that thr nxt meeting will be directly on wedding day ..the end of thr beautiful silent encounters …
So this was what I wrote ..
I don’t knw what u all have thought with the first look ..
But couldn’t make it any better with my khatara writing skills 
Hope it wasn’t THAT much boring …
Waiting for ur replies …likes n comments
Luv Ya
Sobia ..

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hi all,

me again here

well basically i am bored right now cause its sunday n i suppose u all r well aware of the fact that how much boring sundays are ..DeadDead


so here i am with an OS ..(which will remain an OS only ..LOL)

i wrote it months back but lost the file in my practical files 

found it 2 days back only ..Big smile


plss no high hopes with it ..Confused

really don’t know how it came out …Ouch


but can’t help my addiction of writing neither to this heavenly couple MAANEET   ..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed


enjoy reading …


MG OS : Love By Chance …EmbarrassedEmbarrassed



Sunday night, the juhu beach was unusually isolated with not much crowd �silence lingering in the air with the pleasant waves crashing with the shore �the only sound on that lonely beach �.with minimal people around �
A couple �ooppss not couple exactly they were friend �BEST FRIEND were walking with bare legs on the chill sand enjoying the cold breeze n soothing silence of the beach �
N then the boy spoke after having hours over her in silence ..with a slight chuckle ..
Boy : funny it is �
The girl glanced at him confused with his words while he continued looking straight in front of him ..
Boy : we met 3 months be4 only n now we r best friend �I never knew it takes only this much to make a true strong bond with some1 ..
N the girl smiled faintly �n glanced by her side to view the vast spread sea in front of her �
Girl : well true n strong BOND never needs time �its just the connection b/w to hearts which makes it easy n simple to be 2gether �but yeah in our case it is weird �.after all we can never expect the normal things to happen with Maan Singh Khurana �Embarrassed
She was serious �looking at the sea as if thinking very deeply but then turned her head 2wards him n a smile appeared on both thr faces followed by a heartily laughter echoing with the sounds of waves �

Maan : well with u around ACTUALLY nothing can be normal with meMiss.Geet Handa �Big smile
Geet (pouting) : uhh ..u will never be changed maan �
Maan (smilingly) : well if this makes u smile like this then definitely I am not gonna change ever ..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
She was astonished with his words �n glanced back him with utmost respect �n he just smiled back at her ..
Maan : ummm ..its been long since we r here �shall we sit somewhere ..
Geet : sure ..waise I wasn’t upset woh weather is good na iss hi liye �
Maan (smiled n proceeded 2wrds a bench) : I never said anything geet ..Tongue
They sat beside each other she was upset he could see that clearly �n more importantly she was silent �the ultimate chatter box was silent n this was actually bothering him to the core n finally he gave up on his resolution to let her herself speak �
Maan : what geet �its been hours n u r like this ..kya huya hai ..koi problem hai tou u can share it with me �tumhain itna chup dekh kar mujhe ajeeb sa lag raha hai ..whats the matter ..
She was holding herself �not wanting to be week not at least in front of him �but yet again his concern made her open her heart in front of him ..n she let the tear escape her eyes �making him hell scared �n he cupped her face wiping the tears away �
Maan : geet �.what happened kya huya hai ..
Geet (bit of a crying voice) : mujhe darr lag raha hai maan �.after 2morrow sab change hujayega �.my whole life will be turned 360 deg. 
Maan (he held her hand nt getting her) : geet kya huya just say it out clear mujhe kuch samajh nhi aaraha hai �
Geet (inhaling deep breath swallowing the tear) : kal mera aakhri din hai training ka KC mien �n after getting my certificate I will not coming thr EVER ..
Maan (confused) : wohh tou mien jaanta hoon �tum sirf iss liye itna tensed hu aur mujhe yahan bolaya �geet relax agar tum chaho tou apni wedding ke baad bhi KC join kar sakti hoo �waise bhi kal Adi tum se yeh baat karne wala tha �
Geet : but mien kahoongi kya Adi sir ko maan �.
Yeh ke  mien apni life ka faisla khud nhi kar sakti bulke iss ke liye mujhe ek aise insaan ki permission chahiye jis ki shakal tou door naam tak nhi janti �
Maan : correction tum ne uss ke bare mien jaan ne ki kushish nhi ki geet �.!!
Geet : han tou I was hell angery wohh duffer jis din humari meeting hone wali thi London bhag gaya kisi stupid meeting ke liye �but that’s not the point ..
Point yeh hai ke mien kisi anjaan insaan ke haath mien apni poori zindagi dee rahi hoon �jis se meeri sagai huye sirf 3 mahine huye hain �
Maan : correction geet ..uss se tumhari sagai tab hi kar di gayi thi jab tum 3 saal ki thi ..remember tumhare dad ne uss larke ki dadi se promise kiya tha ke unki beti ki shadi sirf aur sirf unke poote se hi hugi �
Geet : ahhh ..maan aap mere dost ho ya uss stupid idiot duffer work holic jerk ke ..!!
Maan : ofcourse tumhara but geet 3 mahine tum ne ghusse mien aakar na tou apni mom se uss lark eke bare mien poocha �aur mere laakh bolne ke baad bhi na tou uss larke ki tasveer dekhi �tou yeh suddenly lady devdas mood mien kyun hu tum ..
Geet : coz I ..i don’t want to leave my mother for some unknown idiot �pata nhi kuan hai kaisa hai ..aur uss ke liye mien apni maa ko chor doon �papa ki death ke baad ek wohh hi tou hain �
Maan : hmm ..tou itna tension kyun lee rahi hoo ..simple uss larke ki dadi ka contact hai na tumhare paas tou boldo unnko ke tumhain yeh shaddi nhi karni ..
Geet : keh deti but �papa ki aakhri wish thi ..meri shaddi uss work holic jerk se hu ..
Maan : u knw mujhe tum sach mien samajh nhi aati �ek taraf tum sure hu ke humhain shaddi karni hai tou uss hi se karni paregi aur dosri taraf iss hi baat ka sog mana rahi hoo
Madam ya tou except karlo ya ek hi baari reject kardoo �bechare ko itni galiyaan kyun de rahi hoo ..
She was silent again �not knowing what to do ..one side she cant deny her mother for this marriage n other she is just not able to make her mind for this alliance �n here out of tension she called him to meet her here 10 at night �.but still she is the most confused soul in the world at the moment �
Maan : geet �.(after a long pause with his fingers crossed ) �.kahin tum kisi aur se tou pyaar nhi karti ya fir kisi past ki waja se iss riste ko accept nhi kar paa rahi hoo �I mean ..
She was stunned with this sudden question �he has been trying his best to make her believe in her mother’s choice n to compel her to meet or at least know about that guy ever since she told him about her life’s biggest problem �still never he raised any such question �but to her astonishment she didn’t had any answer to it �surprisingly there was never a past associated to her life �she had been leading a simple ordinary life of a middle class girl but now y can’t she just say a no to his question ..
But be4 she could get the answer to her question he snapped her out of her thoughts ..
Maan : GEET �.!!! What happened I am sorry guess I shouldn’t have asked u that ..
Geet : nhi �I mean aisa kuch nhi hai ..thr was n is no one in my life ..
Maan (smiled) : okiee then today u will have to tell me the exact reason as to y u r nt able to get urself ready for this marriage �
Geet glanced at him with a defeated frowned face �written all over ” NOT AGAIN “ 
Maan : no way �.aaj tou batana hi parega �since last 3 months I have been trying to make u understand but everytime u leave the talks un answered with some or the other foolish reason �
Geet : what maan �abhi kya boloon mien aapko yeh ..
Ke mujhe darr lag raha hai �ke wohh stupid NRI kaisa huga �us ski nature �habits ..
Pata nhi uss ke saath adjust kar paaongi ya nhi �
Aur unn janab ko tou kuch pari bhi nhi �araam kar rahe hain delhi ke apne uss mahal mien ..
Maan (chuckled at her baby angry face n her cute complaining tone) : well geet uss mahal ko KM kehte hain �as far as u told me �.waise ajeeb hai na �apne bare mien sab kuch tum ne hi mujhe bataya but abhi aisa lag raha hai ke yahan mien tumhain tumhare fianc ke bare mien brief karne ke liye hoon �
Geet : maan plss ..ek tou waise hi mien irritate hu uss idiot ke bare mien soch soch kar aur aap �kabhi kabhi mujhe lagta hai na ke uss duffer ne aapko mere peeche bhej diya hu apni waqalat ke liye �
She was getting frustrated with her own confused mind n went far away from him only to get into the eyes of some drunk goons �n next the most expected thing happened �
The goons surrounded her n tried to tease her �humiliate her nothing much then a harmful dirty comments but with to thr bad luck t was Maan Singh Khurana in front of them this time ..if looks could burn they would have been surely turned into ashes by now .. stepping in thr circle he covered the petrified geet with his giant structure n smartly moved her away beating them furiously �
It was getting more worst ..they were 8 n maan was alone ..she was horrified seeing them fighting n next her phone buzzed in her hand n with shivering hand she picked it up ..it was her mother on the call who panicked listening to geet’s sob n then the screaming sounds from the background ..
Maa : geet .. geet bete whr r u �aur yeh awaazien �..all is fine na beta �itni raat ko bina  bataye kahan chali gayi tum �
But she was shivering furiously �.dead scared to even utter a single word n next with the sound of siren �the crowd around dispersed n they both got arrested along with the goons �.
Maan tried his best to let her out of it but the inspector was not at all in a mood to understand anything �geet was crying bitterly n maan held her arm trying to make the policemen understand �
Maan : inspector atleast let us make a call �..(but they were nt listening n nxt asked for all thr mobls n a lady constable approached geet with hand cuffs ut maan tried to resist) listen inspector its all my fault I was the one to fight them ..y r u people indulging her in all this �.take me with u if u want �
It was only then geet realized her mother heard everthing �n fresh tears made thr way out of her hazels thinking now what she will tell her mother �cursing herself to have stepped our without informing her �
They were sitting in the police station 11 at night �this was the worst nightmare of her life but sadly even worst part than this was it isn’t just a nightmare �she was thr sitting with many lusty gaze over her n seeing Maan shouting on top of his voice n next with the revelation of his true identity �the inspector allowed him to make call to his lawyers after all who can deny the business tycoon Maan Singh Khurana �the uncrowned king of India’s commercial world �fear was visible on the junior’s faces but still the stubborn senior inspector was not willing to listen to maan n next they both were sent in the prisoner’s room �
Silence was thr with her sitting in a corner with mist eyes n lowered head until he came n sat beside her ..
Maan : I am sorry ..
She glanced at him astonished with his words �.thinking y is he apologizing ..
Maan : this all mess �its all coz of me �I knw u r scared but trust me I ve called adi n he will be here any minute with the lawyers �u don’t need to be worried ..just ..//
Geet : wohooo maan relax �pehli baar itna sab ek saath bol raho aap �.par sab ulta fulta ..
Aap kyun sorry bol rahe hu �u just saved me frm those jerks �n about getting scared yeah I was scared but at that time seeing u fighting with them �but nt now � all I am worried about is maa �.
Maan she heard all that n I knw she must be hell worried so adi sir better come soon or else 2morrow I will make sure pinky propose her �!!
Maan was surprised that she wasn’t going to be angry with him like the last time when he slapped one of his client for mis-behaving with her in full party but then smiled at her concern filled eyes but then got extremely worried listening to her mom knowing all this fuzz �.
But be4 he could regret fully �she again made him astonished with her next set of words n he sat thr wondering how many colors can she show in herself in fraction of seconds � he will never be able to understand this girl fully in this life at least �
Maan : geet abb iss sab ke beech adi aur pinky kahan se aaye�
Geet (serious yet cute baby face) : abb agar adi sir jaldi yahan nhi pohanche tou mujhe maa se double dant paregi aur fir mujhe unn par ghussa aayega tou obviously mien pinky ko compel karoongi hi na Adi sir ko propose karne �
Maan (confused) : but fixing up thr silent relation wont be a punishment for his delay ..!!
Geet (with mischief filled face slightly smiling) : of course it will be �as u see the moment Pinky will say I LOVE U �Adi sir will be fainted right thr �I wonder if he will even be able to handle Pinky life long �so this will be the best punishment for him ..
Maan shook his head unbelievingly n smiled �this girl is surely the one n only piece created by Almighty �.she is the most rare combination he had ever seen �intelligent beyond imagination when it comes to work �yet she is way too childish around her friends �.she is epitome of beauty still she is never bothered about her looks �.every girl in his life has at least tried her luck once hitting on him either with thr cheap tricks or straight away throwing them but she �.She was different �from the 1st meeting thorough professional n now a best friend he could have ever get �
His thought were broken when geet clutched his hand tight ..he could feel the fear covering her with her hold n next he found a lady in her late 40s standing thr with a worried face n next heard a whisper from geet’s mouth �
Geet : Maa �.
Maan helt her hand above his’ assuring her he will fix it up �n next they both were called out by the constable �reaching the inspectors cabin they saw Adi sitting thr with his lawyers doing all the formalities for thr bail �
Geet stood thr with her eyes touching the ground in guilt �she for the first time ever stepped out of her house without informing her as she was gone to her friends place n now she is here in a PS nothing could be this much hurtful than seeing the hurt face of ur parent n specially when u knw its coz of u ..
Maan lead geet out of the PS followed by Adi n his lawyer n her mom came forward with a teary face �
Geet was not at all in a condition to look at her n stair at her eyes so only kept looking down �but to her astonishment he bend n took her blessing �but what made her shocked was her mothers statement ..
Maa : maan bete yeh sab kiya hai �aur geet tum agar tum maan ke saath jaa hi rahi thi tou mujhe bata deti �I was soo worried for u when I came back home n found it empty ..
Her mother calling him BETA �!!
N surprisingly she is not angry with the fact he went with her BOSS in this late hours nor she is angry with we both in PS �all she is worried about was her being missing ..
1st she thought coz maan taking her blessing n her soo many praising words for her boss her mother Is not angry trusting them both �
But then maan words was confusing her more ..
Maan : I am sorry maa �wohh I was going back to Delhi 2morrow so wanted to meet geet so only I called her �
Now this was another shock �y is he addressing my mom like this �n then he never told me about his trip to Delhi �.she getting confused 
Maa (smiled) : its okiee maan bete I understand �after all for next 1 week u both wont be able to even meet each other but next time at least inform me .
Maan : surely maa �n I am really for all ths �
They went away from thr when Adi arrived with the car �n geet stood thr trying to swallow all what she heard �.what all this means �trying to get her answer is what she is thinking is true �confusion was all that could be seen on her face at that moment n maan glanced at her from the rare view �.n then sighed knowing he have explain a lot things to her but knowing her �he doubted if he will be spared a single chance even �
Geet was lost in her thoughts n the car reached her house �adi went out with maan’s signal n helped geet’s mother to get out of the high car ..while maan pretended to be hooked up with the seat belt �.n accidentally geet’s dupatta got caught in between the car door while stepping out �.
Geet’s mother glanced back at the scene n left them both with a teasing smile assuming  it to be thr antic to get some private moment �
The moment geet’s mother left maan got out n went towards geet side n helped her with her dupatta �while geet passed an annoying look n took 2 steps ahead �.when he came in front of her ..
Maan : geet listen I can explain it all ..just 5 minutes �plss
But she was angry �more than that frustrated so without listening to any of his words she started moving towards her house n that’s when he jerked her wrist n trapped her in between the cold metal of car n his rock solid chest �
She wriggled in his hold �getting annoyed with his dominance over her �her breath were getting heavy with his hot breaths fanning her face �.her heaving chest touching his’ �making them both burn with this new feeling n this proximity melting her efforts to get free while he smiled seeing the red hue covering her face �.
Maan (with a husky low tone touching her ear with his cold rough M-shaped lips) : geet ..
She just lost herself in his proximity n then his hold over her hand which was trapped behind her his barely audible voice melting her insides n she glanced back at his deep ocean brown eyes only to get captivated by them �

Maan : I know I had made a blunder not telling u the truth at first but like u I also wanted to know the real self of that person I was going to marry �so only I didn’t told u anything about u n asked the same from ur mother also to not tell her anything about me n our company u wr working in �.plss dear not take it all wrong I really wanted to tell u but the way u were confused about the wedding I was afraid so I just couldn’t voice it out I am sorry geet �
Geet lost in all the memories of past they way they met in the office �.that first fall his never ending scolding sessions everyday at the office �.his caring friendly nature after our office hours ..they way he has helped her every time during her training time period ..everytime his gesture showed his genuineness but then the thought of being fooled made her hell angry at him �n not a single word of him was considered by her mind though a part of her heart was rejoicing the fact that its her best going to be her life partner but ziddi her �she came out of his loosened grip ..going away with a baby angry red face �
But he was fearing �.what she will be thinking n her move made him startled ..god what is running in her mind he was nt at all able to get a single clue as to how he will make her believe that he just wanted to know the real geet not the one she fakes in front of all the world �so only he did all this �
N next he saw her going in side with high spirit �his heart throbbing violently like never as if he lost the most precious possession of his’ n immediately went 2wards her n grabbed her hand to stop her but she stiffened at her place �n wriggled in his hold trying to free herself �he came in front of her  but before he could say anything �she looked at him with her cute baby red angry face with sweet pout �n said trying to free her hand
Geet (Annoyed) : maan choro ..choro mujhe �jaane do mujhe choro mera haath choro �
Maan (tightening his grip making her fall on his firm structure) :kyun �kyun chordoon ..nhi chorne wala �
Geet (irritated n looking straight in his eyes spitting fire) : abb kya chahiye aapko ..bana liya na mera ullo abb kya �.choro mujhe �..mujhe nahi baat karni aap jaise sado se ..
Maan (sighed in relief but then chuckled with her set of words ..n said smilingly loosing his hold) : fine mat karoo baat mujhse �but shaddi tou mujh se hi karni pari gi �samjhi ..!!
Geet looked at him for a second then realizing he has left her hand moved back abruptly �n went in her house shouting ..
Geet : nahi karne wale �bilkul bhi nhi karoongi aap jaise Dusht Danav se shadi ..Sado kahin ke �
Maan stood thr smiling �shooking his head thanking his stars she wasn’t angry but then thought how come she agreed soo easily when she was soo confused few hours back regarding this same marriage thing �confused he went with adi ..
Sitting on her bed half covered with the duvet �.she was still smiling remembering what just happened �
Geet : OMG �maan sir ..i means that Sado is my fianc �n all the time I was saying all kind of abuse to him only that to in front of him MOSTLY �.hw stupid geet ..
But wohh bhi tou kitne dusht hain �.ek baar bhi nhi kaha ke wohi hain mere MAHAAN fianc hain �.danav ..itne time meri baatien sun sun kar maza lee rahe thay ..duffer �!!
But to think about geet �last 3 months mien Maan tou tumhare bare mien sab kuch jaangaye �..mere andhere se darr se lekar what kind of architect I like till how much I love pani poori �every damn thing �but still I knw nothing about him apart from the little bit info about his taste buds �like he hates spicy food �all time fav. Pasta �his first love KC �he hates to see girls in short dresses �.n his fav color is white �n I think he really misses his parents �the hot headed boss �yet he is the bestest friend one can ever get �
Babaji yeh tou cheating hai na �dekho unhoon ne kabhi nahi bataya apne bare mien aur mere bare mien sab jaan liya �Dusht Danav �Sado kahin ke �.
(me wondering aur kitna janna hai shaddi se pehle �.)
Be4 she could crib more about him �.her mbl buzzed n she picked it without noticing the id ..n felt her heart skipped a beat with his voice ever soo intoxicating �
Maan : Geet �
Thr was a silence on either side listening to thr raged breaths �n thudding heart beats n after minutes finally he managed to speak leaving a long breath ..
Maan : ummm �wohh mujhe neend nahi aarahi thi so thought to ask u kal office tou tum aaogi na apna experience certificate lene �
Geet was still nt able to gather enough words �.n was numb listening to his voice n he mistook her silence as her anger ..
Maan : abhi bhi ghussa hu �??
Now this pooped up a devilish grin on her face n she naughtily nodded in yes with a slight smile on her face ..
Maan : waise kya kar rahi thi ..
Geet pouted n was about to say she was sleeping in a sarcastic manner but be4 she could say he said ..
Maan : let me guess �mujhe naye naye naam dee rahi hogi right �!!
Geet (instantly) : aapko kaise pata ..?
Maan smiled at her childish voice contended as if he was listening to it after ages but she was confused as to how he got to know �n was sitting with a cute pouting face ..
Maan : abb aisi ajeeb shakal mat banao �3 months mien itna tumhain jaanhi gaya ..
Geet face lit up with a slight blush but then she frowned remembering he fooled her �n nxt he told her ..
Maan : acha abhi frown baad mien karna pehle yeh batao kal kab aarahi hoo ..i wanna meet u ..
Geet (still angry n with a sarcastic tone) : Mr.Khurana aapko sharam nhi aati ek larki ko aadhi raat mien iss tarha pareshaan karte huye �
Maan was astonished with her sudden set of words �n actually checked the caller id removing his mbl from his ears �n placed it back only listen from her ..
Geet : aur aapke sawal ki baat tou sorry mien nhi aarahi aapke office wohh kiya hai na �meri maa ne mera ghar se bahar nikalna band kar diya hai �(she lied bitting her tongue with a naughty smile)
Maan (now he could guess she was taking out her fake anger by nt meeting him n he played along) : ohh okiee Ms.Handa that means aapko apna experience certificate nhi chahiye �.right
Geet (thought for a while then smirked) : nhi ek kaam kariyega �who certificate na aap mere stupid ..idiot �duffer ..(maan was amused with her audacity ..n then shocked the way she was going onn n onn while she kept on talking taking such abusive words for him) ghadde ..ullo ..cheater �dhukebaaz �Sado �Mangetar ko dee dena ..
Finally a smiled touched his lips with her acceptance ..n he played along ..
Maan : but aapki sign wohh kuan karega Ms.Handa aapka stupid ..idiot �duffer .. ghadda ..ullo ..cheater �dhukebaaz �Sado �Mangetar ..
Suddenly thr was a silence on both side �geet was silent out of embarrassment while maan smiled knowing she was blushing the other side �loving her new side he chosen to relish this silence n kept numb �n then finally a contended heart warming smile touched geet’s lips �followed by maan ..n both kept on smiling .smile
Geet : buhat bore hu aap �ek baar ek hint tak nhi di mujhe �Sado ..!!
Maan : abb apni dadi ki pasand par bharosa tha mujhe geet �agar hint deta tou pakka tum pehchan leti �
Geet : aur tab hi engagement ring bhi nhi pehni right ..
Maan : well uss ring se hi tou tumhain pehchana mene �tumhari training ke first day ..
Geet (frowing) : par mien ghussa hoon �aap ne cheating ki �
Maan (smiled) : agar nhi karta tou humari life best moments humien kabhi nhi milte madam ..
Geet (smiled faintly)  : hmmm
Maan : kya soch rahi hoo ..?
Geet (baby worried voice) : mien mazak nhi kar rahi thi ..!!
Maan (confused) : matlab �??
Geet : wohh maa ne mana nahi kiya milne se but kal subha mosi aarahi hai �nani ke saath mien sachi office nhi aasakti ..
Maan (his smiled vanished with the new revelation ) : what ..!!! but abhi thori dair pehle tou �
Geet (dejected) : han wohh abhi ghar aakar kaka ne msg diya ..
Maan (low) : means kal hum nahi mil sakte ..
Geet (low crying) : next 1 week nhi mil sakte �.!!
Maan : KYA ..!! matlab shaddi tak no meeting ..
Geet : hmm ..
Maan : no ways u must be kidding �geet how can they ..
Geet : aap kal raat ko delhi jaa rahe hu �
Well this reminded him he is going delhi his home Khurana House �n they will be having all the rituals of marriage in thr inherited house �
The night was short n they had many thing to talk about �the whole 3 months what they have been thinking �how it was �there first meeting �the first time he gave lift to her back from office ..that first first meal while working till late �those funny moments with him at work �that itsy bitsy fights �his scolding  sessions �thr ride back to home ..hw it became a routine �it all felt soo magical all of a sudden �
Non knew when sleep took over their senses �n their last chance to talk with each other went away with this another sweet memory  �.
Okiee I really don’t knw what made me right this ..i really didn’t had any theme attached to it �just 3 random scenes came in front of my eyes like flashes Sunday afternoon MONTHS back n typed it �now posted it �
If u liked it plzzz do press the like button n leave ur comment even if it a single word ..
Luv Ya
Sobia ..Big smile

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MG OS : 

Ek Teekhi Teekhi Si Larki

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*****~~~~~~~~ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^~~~~~~~~~*****

Evening 13th December at 8pm ..

When the whole Delhi city was at peace ‘some people were busy in thr mysterious plan executing it ‘n two restless souls were thr standing in EITHER of thr windows talking wih moon complaining thr heart out ‘
A girl standing in a small house may be OUTHOUSE was standing at the window gazing the beautiful Moon looking utmost pure soul with the moon light falling on her angelic face ‘but soon it was covered with a hand preventing her to shout n was dragged out of the outhouse struggling to get out of the grip of those heavy hands ‘
A guy went ahead out of the outhouse to insure thr is no one present to witness the KIDNAPP ‘n then came out the guy holding the girl in hi tight grip heading towards the car ‘
In next 30 minutes the girl was brought to a lavish party hall decorated slightly with dim lights hardly any thing visible away from the city ‘standing in the mid blindfolded she was blabbering what ever came to her mind but what else can come in her mind except her fianc’s name ‘
Girl : MAAN ‘
Girl : maan ‘kahan hu aap ..dekh o yeh log ne kya kara ‘(struggling with her tied hands ) ‘Maan kahan hu ‘.see what have UR STUPID FRIENDS done to me ‘kahan hut um sab ..
A figure immerged from the corner with slow steps ‘making her apprehensive ..
Geet : kuan ‘kuan hai wahan ‘Maan ‘Maan its u na ‘dekho ye mazaak band karo plzz let me free ‘yeh sab kya kar rahe hu aap ‘aur kahan hain who idiots mujhe yahan khara kar ke bhag gaye duffers ‘Maan kuch bolo …uhh 
She was still turning here n thr in the hall struggling with her tied hands ‘but next she lost her balance n was about to fall on the hard marbled floor ‘her heart beat rose to an exceptional level knowing she is going to get hurt but that never happened instead all she could feel was that intoxicating smell of his felling her nostrils ‘n his large manly arms wrapping her in his embrace BlushingBlushing‘the warmth of his body made her relax in his grip n she stood releasing her all weight in his arms ‘EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

1st FALL …EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Coming extremely close eliminating the last inch of gap b/w them he stood fanning her exposed neck with his breaths in that DIM lights ..n released her hands which were decorated with MEHNDI  ‘n kissing each of them whr his name was written ..he let them go but she placed them on his broad shoulder smiling with a slight blush ‘as if it was the most natural thing as if they belong there ‘n he took off the blindfold smiling kissing her beautiful hazel almond eyes ‘EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Adjusting to her lights ‘she blinked couple of time n next her eyes fall on him ‘a big smile came on her face seeing him after good 4 days ..it was indeed a treat ‘the depth of his deep brown eyes lost in them ..she stood thr gazing him smiling ‘n next they both hugged each other tight ‘feeling each others raged breaths n the warmth feeling thr senses with utmost peace ..
But the beautiful romantic moment was interrupted with many intruders ‘as a huge crowd surrounded them ‘n they parted BIT embarrassed …blushing with a slight smile standing in the mid ‘when all thr frds were teasing them like hell ‘
N thr came the 4 KIDNAPPERS ..making her turn into her Sherni mood ..
Girl : Armaan ke bache tujhe tou mein abhi batati hoon rok tou abhi ‘(n they started chasing each other) ..ruk kahan bhag raha hai idiot duffer moron ‘tune mere hand kyun tie kare ghadda ‘idiot ..
Armaan : abb mien kiya karta tu maan hi nhi rahi thi blindfold karne ke liye ‘(n next a cushion came flying to his back) ..Ouch ..GEETtou pagal huyi hai lkya chor dee I am sorry 
Geet : nhi tumhari himmat kaise huyi mujhe KIDNAP karne ki ‘u bloody kidnapper ‘
N next a girl dressed in Indian came b/w them making her stop panting ‘
Ridhima : chor de na geetu plss ‘dekh bechare ki halat kya hugayi ‘
Geet : kyun iss idiot ne mujhe kitna tang kiya aur plss Ridz tum tou na chup hi raho ‘pata hai mujhe iss dufer ke saath shaddi hugayi tumhari but plss mien nhi chorne wali iss ko ‘waise bhi tum bhi iss ke plan mien shamil thi u lied to me ..Confused
Adi : plss geet chordo na ‘hum sab ne yeh sab apni marzi se thorai na kiya ..
Geet : adi bhaiya ‘aap se tou na mien baat hi nhi karongi ‘aap neb hi in sab ka saath diya ‘mujhe kidnap karne mien ..
Adi : nahi geet ‘wohh tou sab hum ne Maan sir KE KEHNE PAR KIYA THA ‘
Geet : WHAT ‘..maan ke kehne par ..!!
Arman : ji han ‘abb yrr tum dono ki KAL SHADDI HAI ‘tou hum ne socha pata nhi abb mauqa mila ya nhi college days ki tarha tou hum aaj hi last party ker lete hain but inn janab ne tou seedha mana kar diya ..ShockedShocked
Now it was not expected for geet ‘.she was angry maan did this knowing all the family orders still he did this ‘apart from the fact she is in the seventh sky after meeting him but still family orders tou family orders hain ‘n HOW DARE HE SENT THESE IDIOTS ”KHUD NHI AA SAKTE THAY EmbarrassedLOLLOLEmbarrassed‘dhusht danav ..
But he refused for his BACHELOR PARTY ..this was another shock y ‘turning towards him wanting an answer but all she could see was him facing his back ‘pouting she made her way towards him standing in front of him placing her hands on her hips making her too damn cutie 
Ridhima : u know geet buhat lucky hu tum ‘remember Armaan apni bachelors party mien kaise drunk tha aur yahan dekho Maan ne party mien aane se hi mana kar diya ‘ saying aaj raat HANDA HOUSE mien sab busy hunge so he is going to meet u ‘
iss hi liye mene bola ill make u come to the OUTHOUSE for our girls party aur fir armaan aur adi tumhain yahan lee aeiyge ..Big smile
Adi (said placing his hands on maan’s shoulder) : han bechara buhat tarap raha tha geet tum se milne ke liye ‘.(only to get a deadly glare from him making him step back..LOL)
Armaan : after all 4 din jo hugaye thay mille huye ‘kyun buddy ..
It ws funny the Maan Singh Khurana ‘world is on the tips of his shoes n he is still bound with those ritual just coz she wanted them fulfilled ‘a down to earth person insanely in love with his college mateGeet Handa ‘irrevocably ‘ 
The teasing sessions went onn n onn ‘n after few hours armaan gaining all friends attention came n said to the couple of the night ..
Armaan : well people as u all now yeh aakhri raat hai ‘college ke sab se hot n happenin couple ki shaddi se pehle ‘so Miss Geet Handa ‘n’ Mr.&Mrs. MSK I request u both to please sing a song for all of us ‘
Maan : no ways Amy ‘aisa kuch nhi huraha ..Dead
Armaan : comm’on yrr maan ‘geet ke saath romance karne ke liye 3 saal kam thay kya ..abhi tou boar mat kar ..its our last party buddy ‘
Geet : ek minute ‘last party kyun ‘??
Adi : abb geet tum dono ki bhi shaddi hujayegi tou fir iss Amy ki tarha tum dono bhi tou Sundays ko Ghar par nhi miloge ‘aur Nakul aakat bolega ..MAAN SIR NE KAHA HAI KE WHO GHAR PAR NAHI HAIN Embarrassed‘kyun Armaan ..?
The whole hall was echoing with laughter n armaan n ridhima were left blushing ..embarrassed ‘n geet replied ..
Geet : wohh tou tab na Adi bhaiya jab aap dono apni file ka peecha churenge Tongue‘n anyways aisa kuch nahi hune wala ‘shaddi hurahi hai kisi aur planet par nhi jaa rahe hum ..
Smiling they all hugged each other ..having a grp hug ‘the all compiled maaneet to sing a song ‘
Ridhima : maan plss ..see we all know nahi bolte hu ziada but u both were the best singing pair of our college abb kitna time hugaya ..plss sing na yrr humare liye na sahi geet ke liye hi ..
Now that was a wrong side ..geet ka name li liya ridz ne ‘poor guy abb tou mann’na hi tha but can we forget it’s the MAAN SINGH KHURANA ‘
Maan : fine but geet ko bhi mera saath dena huga ‘
Geet : arre but mien kyun ‘maan that’s not fare aap ko bola hai mujhe kyun laa rahe hu beech mien ‘
Maan (jerking her towards his hard frame. whispering in her ear) :kyun Mrs.Khurana darr gayi ‘MSK ka level match nahi kar paaogi ..
Geet (smirked in the hug ‘nibbling his soft ear lobes making him groan with intisipation tightening his grip on her waist ‘) : wohh tou aap bhi jante hain mr.Dusht danav ..mien kya kar sakti hoon aur kya nahi ‘
Maan : MISHTI u r inviting trouble urself ‘
Pushing him away she made her way in the mid of the embarrassed audience her friends who witnessed thr romance for the upmth time ‘. smirking she stood thr watching him setting the guitar ‘but twitched her eye brows questioning him y he was GIVING HIS MBL TO THE TECHNECIAN ‘but all she got was a sexy smirk ..




Standing in the middle of the crowd ‘with girls drooling over the sexiest bachelor in front of them n boys raged to see thr girl ogling on some1 else ‘but thr some people were awestruck looking at the mesmerizing melody he played while some were praying to the togetherness of this insane couple ‘smiling

But still in the mid of all a pair of eyes were looking at him with utmost love n respect ‘ gaping at him with soo much intensity speaking the depth of her feelings ‘but still the naughty side winking at him analyzing  the sexy body moves n tempting him to the core ‘but with his next words became angry n pouted with her cute red face ..still confused if its her shyness or anger ..uhh this person is capable to make me confuse about my own self ‘SHE thought ‘
Here maan soo effortlessly came towards her n winked going around her ‘but she was angry atleast showing like that yet dancing in her heart hearing him singing again after soo many years ‘it was bliss to listen to his magnetic voice ‘

Ik Teekhi Teehki Si Uff Karari Si Ladki
Mere Dil Mein Dil Mein Ek Beejli Jaise Hai Kadki

but he only made her turn towards the big screen settled in the hall showing her pic from the 1st day of thr friendship of course that wasn’t her first day in college but yet was a new beginning for both them for they knew now something was changed in the sir around them from the 1st day itself ‘.

Thodi Behkte Hui 
Thodi Chehekti Hui ..

All the people were shocked the ultimate businessman carrying soo many pics that to in his mobile of a girl ..okie even it his fianc his first love but still it MSK ‘least they knew its been always like that from the time he was just maan ‘HER maan not a MSK ‘
The day she walked  in his life with her own simple yet naughty nature to blossom the silent reserved MSK to a cheerful naughty person ‘full of life but only with geet ..he can never recall when n how she came in his heart n now has become the soul reason of his existence but all he knew is she is HIS ‘is his geet ..his angel ..

Gumsum Sahemti Hui
Kaise Jal Bechati Hai Pagli ‘

Seeing her pictures flashing in front of her eyes ‘.she was drawn in the memories of her most beautiful past ‘which she lived with her friends her every mischief captured by maan ‘she was the one most annoyed with his photography hobby but today she is the one who cherish it the most ‘ he has actually captured every single smile of hers’ ‘but then the pic with her face covered with chocolate cake made her hell angry as all the friends present thr were laughing thr heart out ‘n next 
Going towards him ‘she made her stumble then steadied him ‘singing ‘with a smirk ..

Ik Teedha maidha Sa Ladkhadata Sa Ladka

Mere Dil Dil Mein Ek Shola Jaisa Bhadka 
Ik Teedha maidha Sa Ladkhadata Sa Ladka
Mere Dil Dil Mein Woh Shole Jaisa Bhadka 

N next the pics changed from geet’s to maan ‘well this was a shock ..she never revealed she secretly drooled over him be4 his proposal but now when he is showing all those utmost stupid moments of her lifehow come she not ‘
The pic of his’ ..sitting in the class in a corner desk with his books ..serious flashed n he was shocked how n when she took that ..but next the pic in which he was playing his guitar in the music room of thr college flashed .. n he was now sure she was revealing another mischief of hers’ now ‘ 

Kabhi Hickita Hua Kabhi Khulke Gata Hua
Baatein Banata Hua Phirbhi Humko Woh Bhata Hai Pagla ..

A slight blush n a shy smile on her face with eyes glittering with smile that what he saw on her face ‘the contentment of her happiness was showed on his face ‘n all the friends joined them in the middle of the dance floor dancing ..together with maaneet ..remembering those beautiful moments from past ‘

Fun in Amritsar …the secret romance ..Embarrassed 

His hands resting on her waist ‘her hands embracing him on his neck ‘enveloping themselve with the love they both were lost in thr eyes ‘ seeing those memories from past flashing in either of thr eyes n some beautiful dreams of thr future ‘
A smile kept on her face remembering the time she came to KC saying ” she is her secretary not fianc at office so he should not bother abt his employees ‘remembering the way she was hurt and mostly angered with his statement that she should remain professional in office ‘how beautiful those days were ‘those little fights ‘n that caring moments ‘all turned into a bundle of joys now ‘
The picture flashing in the back of geet ‘made him smile ear to ear ..that pic from geet’s 1st day at office ‘his cabin that fight ..n his baseless anger on her ‘the way she blasted on him just coz he told her to act as his secretary ‘funny that was ‘geet his secretary n his fianc now how come will he be able to decide which one he is talking to now ..
Geet was astonished with his mesmerizing smile ‘while he was remembering the way he was feeling lock of words ‘that morning ..
N he tightened his grip over her remembering his own words ‘so true that were ..

Maan : mien iss ke saamne kuch bol kyun nahi pata ..!!

(refer to GHSP epi of sep 8th)

Music ..(female)
While geet was smiling remembering that day end when he authoritatively asked her to come with him ‘n rested her head on his shoulder remembering his words ‘smiling ‘

Maan : subha tout um secretary ka bahana kar ke office aagayi magar abb itni raat gaye mien tumhain akele ghar nahi jane donga ..

Chaho tou meri mangetar ban kar mere saath chal sakti ho ..

Those small fight ‘n that silent sorry ..alas he will never be able to say Sorry properly ‘but still his gestures always have the charm to make her fall for him all over again ‘ 
Smiling ‘she sang looking straight in his arm ..swinging on the beat of memories ‘

Madho’makhi scene …LOLLOL

Hosh Le Ke Ud Gaya
Uski Kaise Hai Jadugari
Dekhti Hi Reh Gai 
Mein To Khadi Ki Khadi ‘

A smiled touched his remembering his b,day ‘.the happiest b,day he could ever have when he scolded his fianc in the morning it self ‘turning her in his arms he smiled placing his head on her shoulder hugging her from back ..he remembered he out burst on her for bringing roses for him in the office just coz he heard some staff talking about her in a bad account .. as he NEVER told any one in the office she is his fianc ..
N her teekha comment from her ..her red angry face ..

Geet : mujhe inke liye phool nahi ..madho’makhi ka chat’ta lana chahiye tha tab shayad yeh khush hote ..

While she pushed him making him jerk out of his fantasies ‘.n then looked at her with a confused face but followed her gaze n a chuckle left from him ‘seeing her facing her back to him in the PIC while he was offering her the cake ‘it was actually a weird pic taken by Armaan ..
But then his current attention was the angered expression on geet’s face n nodded to Ridhima who was saying to him to manofy her ‘
N next coming in front of her ..he sang ..

Chatpati Chulbuli Uski Baatein Sharat Bhari
Per Peeche Pad Jaane Ki Aadat Badi Hai Buri ..

But she was Geet ‘MSK’s geet stubborn like him ‘but then he was also HER maan ready to do anything to manofy her ..n next turned her forcefully to make her see the glorious pic of their college concert ..the most funfilled moment of thr life when he excepted thr relation in front of the whole world ‘

Off Screen GurTi pic …Big smile

may be the most special moment of her life as well ..Embarrassed

Thodi Behkte Hui Thodi Chahekti Hui 
Yuhi Fudakti Hui
Kaise Jal Bechati Hai Pagli

He saw her lost in those concert pics ‘n came to hug her but dodging him she escaped .. showing him her tongue out n thumps down ‘

Pagla ‘

n made her way towards the bar with Armaan ‘     
while he stood smiling at her antics ..singing with some of his friends ..

Ik Teekhi Teehki Si Uff Karari Si Ladki
Mere Dil Mein Dil Mein Ek Beejli Jaise Hai Kadki

The party in its full swing ..n armaan n Adi was having thr shots at the bar but ridhima was thr making sure armaan doesn’t over done it ..while geet was having her soft drink but then saw maan on a call ..n a mischief came to her mind n purposefully dropped her glass ‘the music was loud so the voice didn’t reached maan n next she was going to have her drink ..but armaan gave it only a sip mixed with water just for smell in the name of soda ‘ n she emptied it n be4 the second one ..maan came n snatched it from her hand ‘

Music ..(ramping)

Pouting she made her way towards the dance floor dancing in full swing n Armaan ..Maan ..Ridhima n Adi came to her with ARMAAN singing ‘

Voda Ki Shot Mein Ek Choti Si Mirchi Hari 
Ek Mushibat Hai Jo Sar Pe Humari Padi

N geet shoved him off ..hanging on maan’s body ..singing ‘

Are Hum To Aise Hain Hum To Aise Hain Bhaiya
Are Hum To Aise Hain Hum To Aise Hain Bhaiya

N next ridhima laughed with the picture of all 4 of them showing in the screen ‘in a disc ..whr geet was pleading maan to atleast let her have a single votca but he was adamant not to let her ‘
N geet joined ridhima ..giving a high five .his
Singing ‘

Pub Mein Leke Jata Hai 
Per Pene Na Deta Hai Jo

While maan made a face ‘n was going off the dance floor ..but geet held him from his wrist n came in front of him ..

Fully Talli Hoke Phir
Humko Bachata Hai Jo

They were dancing at the beat ..but maaneet ..they were dancing at the beat of thr hearts ‘cherishing each moment ..with each ‘this night full of joys ‘like the way thr rest of the life is going to be ‘a sweet n sour journey just the way it has always been ‘

Music …

After a moment she turned him …n made him see his most proud moment …his success being accepted by the whole world …his business man of the year award function pics …

Pau To Zaameen Pe Hain 
Per Khwaabon Mein Udta Hai Jo

N then the pic whr she was snatching the award trophy claiming it to be her as she allowed him to work till late so only he has earned him … although every ounce of his heart n mind was screaming that yes she is the one biggest reason of his success like he said in his speech but then how can he loose the chance to tease her n that’s what he was doing that moment but the smile remembering her endless support all through these year was just not dis appearing ..n she came towards him …scratching his cheek like a baby ..she sung with a beautiful childish smile ..

Dadi Ke Beech Mein 
Dimple Chupata Hai Who

Circling his hands around her ..he embrace her in his arms ..kissing her check ..

Thodi Behkte Hui 
Thodi Chehekti Hui ..

A single kiss n she was all red …flushed in his embrace ..looking down almost hiding herself in his neck ..
Gumsum Sahemti Hui ..
N he locked her in his warmth …singing smilingly …

Kaise Jal Bechati Hai Pagli ..

Geet went out of his hold with the hooting from thr friends …n went dancing around the hall …she was in the air ..her happiness flashing in every step of hers…
While he went with the guitar in his hands again singing lost in those in-numerable laughters …those beautiful innocent hazels which have every capacity to make any sane person loose himself in their depths ..

Ik Teekhi Teehki Si Uff Karari Si Ladki
Uski Dil Mein Dil Mein Ek Beejli Jaise Hai Kadki

While she just stopped in her track realizing he wasn’t around as always her tiny chutto sa heart started pacing high with him missing around .. but next found him standing at a distance …n smiled singing
Went 2wards him …hugging him she stood thr

Ik Teekha Teekha Sa Ladkhadata Sa Ladka
Uske Dil Dil Mein Ek Shola Jaisa Bhadka 

Armaan : so finally the bachelor hood ends here ..
just can’t believe the ultimate enemies are getting married today …Big smile
Ridz : today ..??
Adi : its past 12 ridhima ji …Embarrassed
Maaneet : hmm ..guess a new beginning ..Big smileBig smile
A night full of fun n lots of memories ended with many laughters included in maan’s pic gallery …n finally went off to drop geet to her house …

Music ..

Coming out the car ..they both hugged each each other ..well it was suppose to be a short good bye hug since they r not supposed to be caught together here outside her house …but the departure was difficult ..

Maan : soo this is it …
Geet : hmm ..this is it ..
Maan : I don’t want u to go leaving me …yahin ruk jaoo
Geet (smiled) : jaongi nahi tou aaongi kaise ..?.. waise I cant believe aapne sach mien mera kidnap kar waya …
Maan : tou abb mien kya karta …those stupid ritual made me stay away from u since last 4 days …it was hell mishty …tum janti hoo since last 4 years thr is not even a single day when both didn’t talked to each other n here ur grt family ritual …god mene bola tha dadi ko simple wedding karte hain but nahi she wanted it all lavish grand …uhh I hate it
Geet (smiled ear to ear seeing his frustration …n looking at his baby like expression ever soo cute …that slightly red angered nose ) :oooleee mela baby ..acha chalo promise ..kal ke baad I will never leave u …Embarrassed
Maan (tightening his grip on her waist ) : as if mien tumhain jaane dene wala hoon …Embarrassed Big smile
Geet (resting her head on his shoulder smiling contently)  : maan ‘sab kuch kitna jaldi badal gaya na ‘last year mene socha bhi nahi tha ke kal ka din humare liye aisa huga ‘aapko yaad hai last year Dadi maa aur Aniee ne humien Dare kiya tha ke humien poora din sirf 30 min baat karni hai ‘
Maan (smiled) : kaise bhool sakta hoon ..it was hell poora din bina tumse baat kiye ‘gosh ..Ouch
Geet : pehli baar aapse mili thi tou socha nahi tha ke zindagi mien yeh din bhi aayega ke zindagi ka dosra naam aap ban jaoge ..kabhi nahi laga tha ke chup chap reh kar mere har bol ki sada ban jaoge aap ‘mujhe nahi pata tha jis insaan se mien sab se ziada jhagra kiya wohi ek din meri dharkan ban kar mere dil mien dharakne lage ga ‘
Yeh kya kar diya maan aapne ‘aur yeh hu kaise gaya ‘
Kal ‘kal mien humesha ke liye aapki hujaongi maan ‘

Maan (smiled with her confession listening the heart warming words frm her tightening his grip if ever possible making the tiniest gap b/w them fanish) : pehle tum batao mishti ‘kyun jis ki sharartein se mujhe chir thi wohi meri muskurahat ki waja ban gayi ..kaise bina kuch kiye tumne mujh jaise be rang insaan mien zindagi ke rung bhar diye ‘iss zindagi mien jahan siwae khamoshi aur ghusse ke kuch nahi tha tum ne apni hassi ..apni baton ..apni sharartoon ‘apni backani harkatoon se kaise ussko itna khubsoorat bana diya geet ‘bolo kyun aur kais eek insaan jo pyaar jaise ehsaas ko manta tak nahi tha ‘uss ko pyaar karna sikha diya ‘
Yeh jadoo kaise kiya mishti ‘
Hai koi jawaab meri baton ka tumhare paas ..
Geet (nodded negatively in the hug) : nahi ‘nahi koi jawab ..ke kaise jis ajnabee say meri phly mulakat ek jagday say huwi thi,,,
Mai uski shakal tak nahi dekhna chahati thi,,,,
Aaj,,,us ajnabee ki zindagi ki wajah ban gayi houn,,,
Kab who jaan say janay jaa ban gaya,,,
Khatay meethay pal,,,
Dheray dheray do dilon ko ek jaan bana gayi aur khushiyan hi khushiyan ho gayi …
Kab mai us kay wajood ka hisa ban gayi,,,
Kab mai us mai sama gayi,,,
Pata hi nahi chala,,,
Dheray dheray do dil ek jaan bangaaye…
Khatay meethay pal,,,
Dheray dheray do dilon ko ek jaan bana gayi aur khushiyan hi khushiyan ho gayi ..
Maan (cupping her face all his love n care oozing out of his deep brown eyes) : geet kal ke baad mujhe  zindagi say koi malal nahi,,,mujhe zindagi say kuch nahi chahiyae …after all kal humari shaddi ke baad meri zindagi meri mishty humesha ke liye mere paas jo hugi ..
Geet : I love u maan ..
Maan : I love u too mishty ..

‘. N the night of endless memories begins waiting for the most awaited journey to begin ..

Okie now me ending it with a hope that Maaneet will again come with a new journey of love ‘with a new beginning ‘
Although DD said season 2 is not possible but I can only think one thing ..she didn’t new if Geet will be this much of a success even after 2 months of show as she herself stated in an off screen interview that be4 maaneet love story they were not getting good reviews about the show ‘
So I can just say our prayers will be heard one day ‘

Hope I justified it ‘knowing the occasion of high emotions ..it was difficult to finalize ..

My 1st OS here on song SAIYAAN RE ..


My apologies ..last OS mien sab ko lagta hai buhat rolaya so this was hopefully a better one ..

Luv Ya All 

Me waiting for ur comments 

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sorry cant give  the song link no YThere is the other link ..http://www.in.com/music/track/heroine-songs/saaiyaan-882344.html



Saaiyan mere saaiyan

Saaiyaan mere saaiyan ..

I am Maan Singh Khurana …the name known for his power ..position ..status n intelligence ..

In the last 9years of my life all I have achieved is my own construction company which I started from a chawl n now is listed among the most successful firm on India ..a happily married life for my sister n a fianc my one n only friend ..cousin .. at this point of life … Meerawho stood by me when thr was no body ..no body at all …

But …Today I am Walking on the same street of Delhi from whr this story started …like a failed person …a person who has failed in every aspect of life …in recognizing his love …to protect her …to trust her ….just a selfish person who never bothered for anyone other than his own good for nothing ego …n now remembering all her antics years back …her laughter …her smile …those concealed painful eyes …n the hurt written all over is flashing in front of me …today I can relive every moment of that one year spent around her …when I never recognize how much deeply she loved me …

It was the same place whr I was just a normal middle class orphan brother who had just a sister to take care of in the name of family …whr I was copping with my life with a positive attitude …adjusting in a budget of just 30,000 …I was studying in my last year of graduation while aniee was stepping in the first year …

We had all what we wanted studying in the top graduation college of Delhi through scholarship standing in between the rich spoilt brats of high societies …I never cared a damn about all the comments they passed over my status …I was as arrogant for the outer world as friendly I was for my friends n for me all mattered was just my baby sister who was really innocent to stand those pricking comments …but this was just until that day when I saw her for the first time …

Mere saaiyaan ..

It was raining really heavily I was walking through the same dark streets of delhi enjoying the rain drenching as loved doing that n that’s when I saw a girl stepping out of her car in light pink churidar struggling with her umbrella ..her hairs were scattered all over her face making me curious to see her n soon I saw her umbrella floating in my direction with a stormy wind …n she just stood thr adjusting her dupatta frm slipping away in that wind ..n I like a gentleman took the umbrella n walked towards her n called with the most usual word “Suniye” but next moment I still don’t know what exactly was that but I wasn’t able to remove my gaze off her n I just kept looking at her drenched face n the water drops falling off her face n the few strands which were troubling both of us ..making my throat go dry with the urge to remove them off her eyes …a thunder bolted making me come out of my trance n saw her scared face fully for the first time the lightening ..she was shivering I guessed she was scared …but y she was looking down I couldn’t understand then but thought it to be my constant gaze n I turned handing over her umbrella only to listen the most melodious voice ever in my life “Suniye” this was defo the most sweetest name I was given ever .. I still remember the way she said all at that time ..her soft enchanting voice is still echoing in my ears …I turned towards her n saw her nervously clutching her umbrella stick then after waiting for few minutes I said “ji” she looked up into my eyes n I felt like drowning into the depth of those Hazels …soo much was hidden in those deep almond eyes I just couldn’t fanthom then n next moment she disappeared in the darkness with her car saying the last set of words “thanks for the Umbrella” ….

This was my first meeting with her …I didn’t knew at that time she came with the storm of that night was not for this city but ME …

Oblivious to the future I was lost in that meeting till a week n kept thinking and smiling at that innocent looks n nervous state of hers …

Saaiyan mere saaiyan mere saaiyan

Mere saaiyan re, saaiyaan re ..

That was colleges first day as well as a day of ragging so only I told aniee to join a day after …but I felt to be on cloud9 seeing the very person whom I was thinking off from last 1week was now in front of me …glad in white churidar looking as divine as the goddess of beauty would be ..i was totally flat with her simplicity n pure beauty …I never saw someone looking soo beautiful in such a simple attire ..but that was my dream girl yes now I know that’s the one girl made for me …n I saw her entering in college out from a lavish Mercedes ..walking with all the elegance one could possess but the ragging session was taking a toll on my temper n stood up for her rescue but next she surprised me by putting up her demand in front of a flirt senior my classmate Rahul Jadeja that if she did what he asked he will have to bow in front of her for the next whole year every time she passes bye him …n as decided she wore the short skinny dress ..i was seething in anger looking at her un-comfortable look n next she tripped on principal ..n talked with him in utter seductive manner ..as we all expected principal got immensely angry n called her to his room .. n we all heard him shouting at her …Rahul was giving high five to his friend for succeeding in his plan to have thought her a listen to mess with seniors but I was really feeling helpless as we knew she will be expelled for doing this knowing the bad temper of our princi but I was glad she wasn’t n came out with a bright smile …

I was shocked ..i assumed her to be a nave simple girl as she really looked tensed with Rahul n his gang approached her but now seeing her back firing at them made me stunned but I enjoyed those fuming disappointed looks at their facing n next her eyes met mine …n I practically lost some beats ..it was not for a minute either …n when she tore her gaze ..I actually recognize her looks as till that moment I was just worried for next moment n she was all what could define the word graceful in that deep red short fitted dress but my heart was beating faster with every step she took in my direction n next I heard her voice asking about her class ..n was blank for a moment n then saw her talking with my classmate Ridhima …n then I saw her stepping 2wards change room ..lost in her sweet n melodious voice i stood thr spell bounded feeling her aroma in the air …


Sacha bole na jhootha mahiya re

Mere saaiyaan re, saaoyaan re

Jhoothi maya ka jhootha hai jiya re ..

It was second day of college n as expected aniee was one of the prey of Rahul’s gang ..n saw her standing with tears in her eyes n I marched with sheer anger …but before I could reach her ..i saw the same angel standing beside aniee circling her hand over aniee’s shoulder supporting her threatening those je** about the approaching princi ..making them halt n next princi came thr asked for the reason for the crowd n then all dispersed with geet taking aniee with her ..i was satisfied …don’t know y but I felt aniee to be with a safe company …the whole day went like that n I kept onn stalking her with aniee …just couldn’t gather the courage to face her still don’t know y …I still remember how she was trying to make aniee smile ..the way she laughed ..her sweet voice n her naughty antics all were just making me fall for her all the more ..n today I finally got to know the name of my dream girl ..”geet” …so perfect it felt …she was truly like a song ..smooth ..soothing ..calm n pure ..just as a musicians melody …  

Ab kis disha jaaon, kit main basera paaon

Tu jo thaame sambhal jaaon

Saaiyan mere saaiyan, saaiyaan mere saaiyan ..

Its has been a months n every time I tried interacting with her some how I failed ..i was truly dejected n even started feeling that she was avoiding me ..even though she was being very nice to my sister or should I say geet n aniee has now become an inseperable friends ..

But today I felt to be restless ..didn’t knew the reason but I was …till that day my every feeling was just connected with my sister but today I was feeling a strong urge to see my dream girl my geet just wanting to assure my self that she is fine n my doubts turned to be true she was in trouble ..locked in the top floor class room which was not in use with Rahul who was trying to take advantage of her but for the first time I thank my star to have stalk her soo much so that I knew I wanted to visit that top floor to see whats thr ..my blood boiled seeing him hovered over geet n her dress torn..i knew I have a bad temper …I was very well aware of the fact I can go to any extent to protect my love one but the rage I felt at that moment was something which even I couldn’t understand I just wanted to make that Rahul die 1000 times a minutes …beating him furiously I took him to princi’s cabin n made him rustigated …this created a big hype in the college I was worried for geet … after all for any girl this was not an easy situation to face… but she never fails to surprise me …I was sitting in a lonely corner with a medical box beside me thinking of her when I saw a faint image of some1 standing behind the pillar n then saw her coming towards me with shaking steps …her dress was changed n I was relieved seeing her …though she was sweating furiously may be she was still in that moment but I was confused y she is here ..in all these moths she never approached me or should I say she tried her best to avoid me but today she is coming to meet me ..?? or its just a co-incident ….my heart skipped a beat when I saw her shaking hands grabbing the medical box n she sat on her knees in front of me …I can still feel the soft touch of her fingers on my hand …the way she bandaged my bruised hand ….my heart is still bleeding remembering the painful teary Hazels which were looking at me pleading …but what I didn’t knew …I was confused what she was trying to convey but before I can say anything she left sobbing ….

Mere saaiyaan re, saaiyaan re

Mere saaiyan re, saaiyaan re

Sacha bole na jhootha mahiya re …

Its was almost 6months since then …geet was pretty normal even after that may coz of her cousin around her …I so much hate that Armaan Malik … but then more than him I hate this in-different behaviour of hers only with me …she is talking with my sister …with my friend Ridhima …even with other student ….in front of me …standing beside me but what’s the problem talking with me …I was just not able to get whats bothering her …every time I am hocked up b/w my job n annie she always thr as my savoir giving company to aniee n helping her dealing with seniors phrank …whenever aniee needs any help she is thr …even when I gets head ache due ti my tough schedule she some how manages to make me have those pain killers through others or even when my boss has ordered me to do over time as my performance was getting effected due to this so called love life of mine where I still didn’t had a proper talk with my love interest …she was bringing my favorite grill cheese sandwiches in the name of aniee so that I could have something in college be4 leaving to office but I was not a fool to recognize thr were 3 sandwiches n we all know aniee can’t have more than one though she liked it very much like me…so who the hell is going to have those 2 left sandwiched when she never joins me n aniee with our combine group in canteen at the lunch time …knowing her cousin will be providing that book worm her lunch in the library it self …I cant believe she can study this much …

Daman mein samete andhere layi hai

Behroopiya roshni

Oh loriyaan gaye toh ninde jal jaati hain

Lage kalsuri chandni …

Well I had enough of this stalking session even my friends circle had started doubting me with geet …but then I was way to smart for them to guess anything about me ..still Ridhima was close to me n she guessed it ..n even asked me straight forwardly so I couldn’t denei her n confessed the way I  have been hitting geet to just have a simple talk but she is purposefully avoiding me still every single gesture of hers is saying it out loud she do have some feelings for me …the way she gets restless not seeing me around when required …all was pretty confusing for us as we were still guessing the reason of her behaviour since her cousin is also an year elder than her n Is quite a flirt type guy ..finally we decided to put geet in to a situation n ill get a chance to talk with her …

It was Saturday n as per plan we messaged her with aniee’s number to make her come to a near by mandir in pretext of getting stuck over thr ..n as expected she came out of worry for aniee without her cousin all panting … as it was late night Mandir was all empty n the time she entered I walked in front of her n told her it was my plan as she was delebrately avoiding me since Rahul’s incident so I had to do this ….but the moment I finished my explanation she made her way out of the mandir but today I was not in a mood to let her go so I grabbed her wrist n asked her why she is behaving so but all I could see was fear in whose eyes with constant attempts to free herself …n out of blue I confessed my love in front of her ..she looked at me with teary eyes ..for a second I was lost in the love I saw in her eyes that made me believe that she loves me too but next moment her eyes were full of hurt n pain ….n intensity made me jolted n I instantly removed my grip over her hand n she backed 2 steps …looking at me with a blank look …I just didn’t know what to expect next then came the most piercing words ” door raho mujhse ..plss door raho ..i cant love u ..i just cant love u” …n i just stood thr drenching my self in the rain trying to swallow the harsh reality …confused with her words n the emotions i saw in her Hazels …

Mere saaiyaan re, saaiyaan re

Dil sheeshe ka toota aashiyaan re …

After that night I never tried to come in front of her … neither I told anything to aniee …she was happy being with geet they both were still doing the same n I guessed geet has never mentioned any of our encounter to her ..Ridhima still tried once to ask her about her refusal but she never gave a proper answer … while I was totally shaken with the painful look I saw in her eyes …but still the love for her was carved deep in my heart n she cant remove that …n I cant help it ..just sooth my bleeding heart I still continued stalking her …n every time I saw her in any trouble I made every attempt to solve her problem ..though that good for nothing cousin of hers were always tagged along with her but then when I saw her tying Rakhi over his hand in Mandir when me n aniee paid a visit thr all my thoughts n doubt about the only reason I had for her refusal got a halt ..it was tough time for me as her behaviour was still the same ..she still took utmost care of aniee ..they were more like soul sisters …n her sandwiches were still tagged with aniee at lunch time as aniee loves her food …n we both don’t like having outside food stuffs ..

Ab kis disha jaaon, kit main basera paaon

Tu jo thaame sambhal jaaon

It was last day for all the final year students before exams as well as for first year ….as per my routine I was sitting in the library with a book in my hand actually looking at her from a place where she won’t be able to caught me ..n suddenly libraries lights went off …n some of the students in hustle got out of thr but as a result the old door got locked ..as it was late hours to sit thr not many students were around n for our bad luck we both were the only 2 persons locked up …in my mobiles torch I went upto her but got the shock of my life seeing her cuddled up in a corner ..sweating badly eyes closed murmuring something ..placing my hands on her shoulder I tried to get her attention only get snapped by her n she stood up shaking with fear …I still tried to calm her saying relax geet its me ….Maan, students gaye hain key lane ..darwaza jaldi open hujayega ..calm down …but looks like she was in a different world …I was fearing don’t know y but something told me to do so n I came close to her placing my hand on her face ..trying to know what happened if she is scared of dark …but she just hugged me tight ….i didn’t knew what to feel in any other circumstances I would have by now fainted but now she is shivering with fear I could feel my shirt getting wet with her tears n her hiccups were getting louder …I just didn’t knew if I should reciprocate the hug …of if she will feel I took advantage of her fear but then her state was un-bearable for me so hid her in my embrace wanting her to believe that Ill be thr for her for ever but what she said made me frozen at my step …‘mujhe nahi marna maan …mumma bhi iss hi tarha andhere room mien gayi thi papa ke saath aur fir kabhi wapis nahi aayi ..plss mujhe bachalo ..mujhe nahi marna …” …I was not able to believe nor did understood at that moment what she wanted to say but all I knew was I wanted her to believe me n that I wont let anything happen to her coz now she is not only the person I love but she is my life …my soul ..looking straight into her eyes I gave the promise of a lifetime ..geet just look at me …I promise u geet I will never let anything happen to u ….i promise u every trouble will have to face me first …just believe me geet ….plss just once believe I love u …I really do love u …u don’t need to be scared of this darkness I promise ill be with u at every step of ur life when ever this darkness will approach u ill be standing as a shield to protect ..i promise u geet I will be thr for u …with u forever ..”she looked at me with an unknown look …her eyes were always concealed but today they were speaking volume …don’t know if it was her heart or I was seeing the reflection of mine but the trust shown in her eyes was giving me a feeling of possession …n her next set of word surprised me aap sach mien kabhi mujhe chor ke nahi jaoge na …I wont be able to take that …”I had a contended smile that finally she will except my feelings but then her behaviour from the start of all this was bothering me n her words at that night “I cant love u” it was all too much confusing for me to understand but for now I was just concerned for her ….n I cocooned her in my arms …n we sat thr hugging each other on the ground till the door opened n geet slept may be coz of her mental state few hours before n I was just stairing at her …our proximity was quite questionable I can accept that n when the door opened all the students present thr saw us in that state n this got them a topic to gossip over …

Saaiyan mere saaiyan

Saaiyaan mere saaiyan

It was a day after that day n I went to college for collecting some documents but then met up with aniee’s group n  heard some students gossiping about me n geet …that’s when I got to know it was going since morning but geet was no where to be seen after that …she didn’t even came to give her last paper ..i was worried ..n then went to geet’s house along with her friends  making a long reasoning session in front of Aniee n her group that we should at least meet her once ..but I didn’t knew that will only bring a poisoned end to our story which never actually started …it was her brother asking me about how I know geet …I was blank for the first time I realized that I actually don’t have any relation with her neither of her friend but what pierced my heart was her coldness 2wards me …n her answer no one bhai …he is just my friends Brother n nothing else …I just looked at her not able to believe that she actually said that …after all the concern she have showed towards me ..after all what happened in the library ….n before I could say anything Ridhima said out of shock but we thought u love each other …I knew after she saw me with geet in library she must have assumed that we are now together but my eyes were just questioning geet n I saw 2wards geet n her blank face didn’t let me had any idea of what was going in her mind …n so effortlessly she said it all  LOVE …r u crazy Ridz ..mien inn se pyaar yeh aap se kis ne kaha …I never loved him ..neither can I ..how could u even think of it …han Aniee meri buhat achi dost hai …Magar sirf dost aur YEH ………yeh mere liye Aniee ke bhai se ziada aur kuch nahi …tum logoon ne kabhi humien baat karte bhi dekha hai …for god sake kal koi bhi uth kar kuch bhi kahega n u will assume it to be true …library mien mien darr gayi thi …I am hell scared of darkness aur yeh baat aniee bhi janti hai n that’s coz of all what happened thr it doesn’t mean mien inn se pyaar karti hoon …no ways Ridz ..i know aap Maan ki buhat achi dost hain par I guess aap ne kuch galat assume kar liya hai ….” I was just not myself anymore ..i cant believe what I saw in her eyes in library was not true ..i was rooted at my place …n just kept looking at her eyes just trying have a single glimpse of fake or lie in them but as usual they were blank …n next set of words from her brother made me realize whr I actually stands in her life forget it sis ..inn middle class larko ki tou adaat huti hai jahan ameer larki dekhi chal diye luck aazmane …par yahan tumhari daal nahi glane wali larke …abb agar apni salamati chahte hu tou iss hi waqt dafa hu jao”my blood was boiling with anger …n never knew she was also in the category of those rich spoilt brats who considers poor men to be a filth …I was feeling a sudden hatred not towards her …but for my own self to have loved someone like her to this extent …n then i heard her saying let it be bhaiya …meri kismat hi kharab hai jab bhi dost banaoo yahi hota hai … I was lost in my own thought recalling every encounter with her …nothing else comes into my mind after those filthy words …n could no longer hear what the other friends of mine were saying n I made my way out of her house to walk on a path of success to prove her that what I was capable to do …to make her realize that the poor middle class Maan whom she left was not a filth or a scrap to use n throw …n I did it standing at the highest point of success …today I am the most poor person living on earth …

Saaiyan mere saaiyan


Today after 9 longs years of hating the same person whom I love the most in my life ….i got to know that the feeling which I said to be an untamed love was just nothing more than a dust in front her feelings ….I was the one who always said it loud how much I love her …or tried to interact with her …but she always tried to distance from me yet helping me with every problem silently ..she never said she loved me …but every action spoke it volumes …n I was such a fool to just see her actions not her heart …I got to know that she loves me through her action …n I assumed her to be a selfish rich brat by listening her words …but I never tried finding out the actual reason why she was distancing me ….never tried to listen to her heart which was bleeding furiously while she was saying all that to me ….

A person whom I considered to be the biggest bretayer of my life is the soul reason coz of whom I am alive today …I promised to be with her in every walk of life but she always tried to be away from my life …just to make me go away from her ..i promised her to be as a shield in front of her but actually she guarded me from her own father ….the UnderWorld  Don …Rajesh Handa …who was ready to kill me the moment he got to know about the rumor spread in the college about me n her …she did all this just to save making them realize its nothing b/w us …n made me go far away from her succeeding in her plan …every time the fear in her when I approached her was just coz she knew my life will be in danger if her family in Mumbai got to know that any guy is stalking at her …

Today sitting here in the hospital seeing the same person lying like a dead body with soo many drips covering her I felt to just end my life but then again this life is no more mine …then how can I end this …my geet did all this to save me n now she in comma just coz of me ..I still cant believe what Armaan said “I tried my level best to protect her but after Rajesh sir’s dead her brother Brij was not letting her even breath at her own n was forcefully making her marry some other underworld goon …so she escaped from thr house but couldn’t escape thr bullets n cars …n while running away she met an accident n from past 7years she is in comma” I just don’t know what to think at this moment …my geet …my innocent dream girl went through soo much just to protect me just made it sure for them its nothing b/w us n what I was doing all the while cursing her …n now when she is fighting for her life I was actually going to marry someone else ..but now what can I say toMeera …she was not at fault what have she done to deserve a bretayal from me …she was the only person to hold me when I went to nani maa’s house in Manali all broken …

Meera “don’t think soo much maan”

Her words were heavy hearted I can feel that but I was not at all able to look at her eyes n what will I say …but seems like I had done something really good in my life to have get these to angels in my life to love me selflessly “maan aap chahiye jo karlo jitna pyaar aapne geet se kiya …kabhi kisi se nahi kar paaonge ..hum ache dost tou ban sakte hain magar pyaar …who tou sirf geet ka haq hai, jao maan andar jaa kar geet ko miloo …uss ko sirf tum hi wapis laa sakte hoo maan …aaj waqt hai apne har wade ko nibhane ka …jao maan plss jao” 

I glanced at her with utmost respect n she reciprocated it with a smile n finally gathering all the courage I went in geet’s room whr she is from last 7years ..quite …lifeless ..

Saaiyaan mere saaiyan …

Tears made thr way out of my eyes n I held geet’s hand in mine …closed my eyes said all what I wanted since the moment I got to this all …

I am sorry geet ..plss mujhe maaf kardo I know I am not worth it ..but plss wapis aajao plss geet …I just live without u anymore …plss ek baar bas ek baar mujhe ek mauqa tou do ..plss geet kuch bolo ..mien buhat jhoot bol chukka 9saaloon mien aapne aap se …aniee se ..meera se poori dunya par sach yahi hai tumhare siwa zindagi mien kabhi koi iss dil tak pohanch hi nahi paaya …plss geet bas ek mauqa ..i promise u iss baar mein apna koi vaada tootne nahi donga …plss wapis aajaoo …..

but I guess now Almighty is punishing me for cursing n misunderstanding his Angel ..gods know better when ill get to see my dream girl back to normal but this time ill wait …n wait till eternity … 

Music …


this was my first ever story with a sad ending …actually a cheer result of my sad n frustrated mood ..

hope u all liked it plss do leave ur comments likes n reviews ….:)


on readers request ….a sequel to this OS was written by ANGELIC ANALYST it is on her thread Magic Of Maneet …if u want u can read it thr ..

Luv Ya

Sobia ..

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