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The Dark Angel of Fate …!!

Aniee u know I hate those medicine ..
Yes but u love me ..n so u’ll have them ..(before he could argue further she went ahead n brought his medicine n forwarded it to him in her hand).. please bhai ..
Maan huffed in defeat ..guess that girl’s stubbornness is transferring in to his sweet sister .. but he couldn’t up set aniee in her short trip ..she is here for 2 weeks only n he could manage eating those tablets for her sake even if he felt sick to his stomach seeing them ..
He had them n aniee smiled at him ..
Great chalo abb aap rest karo ill go have some fun with geet ..
Umm ..aniee listen ..umm wohh (aniee wondered what it must be to cause her bhai stamper) ..mien wohh ..keh raha tha k …geet ..umm …geet ki chot is that fine ..mujhe mauqa hi nahi mila usko pouchne ka ..
Aniee smiled at his concern he still cared for gudya no matter what ..
Wohh theek hai ..walking around just fit n fine ..thora pain tha usko but she had her pain killer ..its fine now ..
Maan sighed in relief ..n smiled at her ..aniee left n maan heared her giggling outside curious he went to his room’s door step to see whts happening ..n saw aniee n geet giving high 5 to each other ..
See I told u ..maan won’t ever scold u no matter what ..
Uff ..mien tu darr hi gayi thi bro ko itna ghussa dekh kar ..but he had his medicine …pata hai I should have asked him last night only ..but mujhe dhyaan hi nahi aaya k wohh  tu medicine lete hi nahi hai …thank god tujhe yaad tha n u checked on his medicine ..
Geet smiled n then said rather sadly ..
Being his old crime partner is an additional advantage u see …  I always use to be with him when he use to throw out his medicine in childhood ..wohh alag baat hai he never use to let me do that ..the kharoos unjust khurana he is …
Aniee laughed n the both girls went ahead with geet taunting maan sharing thr childhood memories with her while maan smiled sadly not actually getting if geet really did hated him n held him responsible for her sorrows then y is she being nyc to him secrectly ..its beyond him to understand that girl …sighing at his confused n suddenly messed up life he sat on his bed n rested his head on the best post …lack sleep from last night n the emotional exhaustion took a toll on him now ..n he closed his eyes to gather himself ..rather he never opened his eyes falling into deep sleep under the effects of medicines ..
The day went well for geet for once she didn’t had to hurt maan to keep him away from her ..n next she was glad to share her memories ..her happy times with aniee …she was too small to remember anything but ever since preetie left them she made sure aniee know all about her parents her big brother …her home back in india somewhere it was her way of rememboring her life .. she was too small herself when preetie died may be she would have also forgotten everything related to india but she held onto those memories ..n kept telling aniee about them …in a way wanting to remember it all clear n forever ..n she did …!! she do remember every bit of her time here back then .. n aniee was more than excited wanting to know it all …they laughed roamed around ..geet made her see the secret hide outs of thr ..except one !!
By the time they were called for lunch she expected a angry maan glaring him hard at the table with a red face flaring ears but infact he wasn’t thr at all .. dadi maa was busy instructing nakul while aniee got a call from her friend ..geet looked around for any sign of maan but he wasn’t anywhere to be seen .. it worried her ..she knew the medicines could be seductive so must have fell asleep but its been hours he should have been up by now …making an excuse she went up just to make sure he is still in the house n not already gone to office …
Mujhe dhyaan rakhna chahiye tha ..he is such a smart ass ..god babaji yeh insaan kuch samajh kyun nahi sakta ..fever mien bhi office jana zarori hai kya .. aur kuch problem hugayi tu ..stupid idiot ..workaholic khurana ..Tongue damn him ..please babaji sab theek hu ..
Scared ..shivering she managed to open his room’d door ..thanking her fav babaji she entered in on her tip toes n saw him sleeping soundly though in a weird position ..a smile adorned her face looking at him n she stood thr admiring the calmness on his face ..very carefully she came forward n bent down on her knees by his bed side n looked at him with glistening eyes n a happy smile ..this was her only chance at having a glance of him to her hearts content ..to be able to look at him so closely …in all those 11 years in London she never saw a single picture of him ..though thr were articles about him in the news paper ..amy ridz aniee prem bhai arjun every single person wanted n tried thr best to make her see him but she never did ..initially she was Pretending to be angry at him n then she saw him at Yash’s death when he came to take them ..no he came to take aniee with him ..Dead she wanted to go with him ..see her bade papa for one last time but looking at him so lost n depressed she couldn’t disclose all the past on him then ..she couldn’t burden him anymore then he was already n she kept mum ..maan came n took aniee with him never even recognizing her presence in the room …
n then she met him ..at aniee’s b’day he was thr in the park ..he looked different very mature ..he had a slight beard now ..he must not have shaved for days back then ..he didn’t knew her n obviously didn’t recognized her ..even she didn’t at first but his hand writing was familiar n those eyes were more than familiar ..his voice n bade papa’s wrist watch on his hand was enough for her to recognize him ..but he didn’t recognized her back then ..she was hurt looking at those confused eyes staring at her like a stranger he was standing thr in the park ..n she even after recognizing him couldn’t walk upto him ..that was the first time she ever looked into his eyes n within second looked away scared he might read her eyes ..she wanted to probably run into his arm fight with him ..beat him ..cage him forever but she sat thr as if she didn’t knew him for a second sighed n gathered herself ..n read the page tht had came towards her through wind ..clearly he was depressed ..he writes only when he is depressed ..when he can’t say something to anyone ..but then armaan called her to get thr ball n she stood up to get it ..n thr convo started .. n she knew something is terribly wrong back home ..but his words trigered her wrong side ..she may be 15 back then but she was much more mature n him being here when KC was in a bad shape wasn’t something she could approve or appreciate ..no matter what ..although later she did got to know about his breakup with sameera through Rajendre Uncle ..that day from his GUDYA she became his ANGEL ..a smile adorned her face remembering it ..a foolish smile that always comes to her face remembering that encounter with this stupid person ..n then a tear escaped from her eyes .. even in that visit she couldn’t meet him to tell him about herself n thr oh so complicated past ..n after that she decided she would tell him all of it once she finishes her graduation n she would have her best friend back in her life ..things would be normal ..
but at the age of 16 when her mami (technically maan’s maami) got to know of her calss mate proposing her told geet about maan n her alliance being fixed ..she didn’t knew what stopped her after that ..she was too confused about it n never thought about it much or we should say pretended not to thought about it much ..she wasn’t in the age to either understand or except it .. but maan’s success the praises she read in the articles omitting the pictures ofcourse made her so proud of him ..n then don’t knw how n when it all become much more … infact so much more …she had started seeing thr future together ..she remembered fasting for him at karva chauth secretly Embarrassed god only knows how she managed that whole day ..but armaan caught her breaking her fast the traditional way ..but with an old pic of thr childhood n he got to know about her crush on him ..geet was slowly falling for an unknown man who was once her best friend but now he was her dream man ..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed the person she wanted to spend her whole life with ..who probably had a bad temper than anyone else in the world ..who was probably the most arrogant man on earth ..who was probably even more difficult to handle now but despite everything she heard abt him she wanted to be with him ..but the irony of life …today she is the one who is making the only man she ever wished to be with walk away from her ..give up on her .. leave her !!
Her brain was yelling to stand up n leave but she couldn’t resist the urge to gently caress his face ..just the tip of her fingers tracing from his forehead to his perfect jaw line so carefully scared to get caught n the abrubtly stood up the tears couldn’t stop n she didn’t wanted to wake him up with her sob n hiccups n she started moving out when maan woke up n saw her walking away n called her ..
Geet …Shocked
She froze at her place dead scared to face him ..what would she say to him ..how would she answer his question what she was doing over here ,…in his room ..what the hell was she even thinking coming in here …damn her ..!! lost in her worries she stood thr wiping her face frantically wiping the tears away trying to look normal n thinking of all the possible answers to his question but he stunned her with his words n left her speechless …of the all the thing ..he asked her ..
Tumhari chot kaisi hai ..
Geet turned to him confused ..almost shocked while he was trying to get up his neck hurt by sleeping in a weird position by the headpost so as his waist but he stood up infront of her kind of not getting the confusion n shock of her face ..he didn’t asked something wrong ..or did he ..?? while she looked down n every where else then help trying to over come her shock n come up with something bitter n then the plan stricked her ..OuchOuch
Geet  I m asking about ur leg ..is it fine …??
Umm ..yup mien tu bilkul theek hoon aur aapko ghar par rok kart u aur bhi khush hoon ..dekh liya na mujhe zabardasti yahan rukne ka nateeja ..
Maan smirked ..ek minute tumhain lagta hai mien office abhi tak tumhare childish obstacles ki waja se nahi jaa paya ..n he chuckled rather amused ..
Childish or not childish Mr.Khurana but trust me aaj tu aap office nahi jaa payenge ..
Geet tum mujhe ruk nahi sakti ..
Uhh ..wohh tu dekh liya mene ..(n smiled at him mockingly) .. u r still here locked up in ur own house deprived of ur car valet phone n atm …
Geet mien jab chahoon abhi bhi iss ghar se bahar jaa sakta hoon ..
(Geet smirked at him) ..u know what maan ..(n then with her hand gestured him to bend closer n whispered in his ears).. I.Dont.Think.So …Tongue
Maan glared at her hard ..with a warning in his eyes ..
Challenge kar rhi ho mujhe …??
Geet smirked with a dare in her hazel almonds ..
Mien aaj tak nahi haara geet …
Geet gave him a smile as if mocking him n his confidence ..
Aisa aapko lagta hai …
Maan glared at her hard ..his ego was so hurt ..the blood rushing to his eyes n the over confidence of geet was making him irrational …
Agar mien chala gaya yahan se bahar tu ..??
Geet smiled rather amused making him angry with her confidence ..n then she stared at him hard ..
Jaa hi nahi sakte …
Maan stepped forward almost entered her personal space intimidating her ..
U watch me now girl ..maan singh khurana ..//
aaj tak kisi se nahi hara …geet completed his sentence with a smirk playing at her face irking maan ..Tongue n turned her back to him …
yeh hi kehne wale thay na aap …I know ..
she turned to him n looked at his eyes straight …challenging him ..knowing his mind ..n reading his face she knew a little more effort n he would do exactly as she wants ..
I know maan ke aap aaj tak kisi se nahi hare ..but do u know y ..(maan had an urge of asking her but controlled looking at her face having that irking smile ..he looked away while she continued moving in a circle around him).. coz aaj tak aap kabhi kisi aise insaan se nahi lare jo aapko aap se bhi ziada janta hai …but I …I know u ..i know ur heart n mind …(geet was looking straight into his eyes standing in front of him ..she meant every word she said coz truly she knew him better than he knew himself n for a moment maan found himself lost in her captivating hazel brown eyes n thr depth ..n just as her smirk came back his trance broke n he sighed trying to control his temper while geet continued to move in a circle around him)..mujhe pata hai k aap iss waqt mujh par zor se chillana chahte hain ..u want to shout at me so loud but nahi kar sakte ..aniee sunlegi na ..mujhe indaza hai k iss waqt aapko meri smile kitna irritate kar rhi hai ..karni bhi chahiye after all ive managed to lock u down in ur own damn house …that huge na ..(n she chukled while maan clenched his fist to control his temper).. itna ghussa sehat k liye acha nahi hai .. iss liye aap yahin rahiye ..aaraam kijeye kyun ke office tu mien aapko jane nahi dungi …
Maan stopped her n held her elbow rather harshly ..n glared into her eyes..
Tu phir yeh wada raha geet …tumhari ankhoon ke samne iss ghar se bahar jaonga aur tum mujhe rok nahi paogi …
For a second geet was starled with the intensity of his voice n the anger in his eyes ..but she didn’t showed it on her face ,…the flash of fright disappeared from her face just as he left her hand jerking her slightly away .. n she smiled at him very sweetly ..
I’d like to see that Mr.Maan.Singh.Khurana …Ouch
N she left the room chuckling ..while maan grabbed the jar from the coffee table n smashed it hard on the floor ..Dead
pheww done ..hope u all liked it Embarrassed
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MG SS : The Dark Angel of Fate …!!

she left leaving him broken …he knew what had cost her because he had lost him damn memory but hearing it from her hurt like he never knew it will ..ofcourse she is right ..he wasn’t thr for her last 13 years n now all of a sudden he can’t claim to know everything about her life …he will have to earn that trust again ..that friendship again …n then may be ..just may be she will let him help her ..but till then he can’t leave her alone to face that handa family …he won’t ..she like it or not she will have to be here ..
sighing maan exhaled sharply before making it to the breakfast table …
on the other hand geet went to the bf table aniee wasn’t thr nor dadi maa .. she glanced at the head of the family’s seat …n then the table ..the bf wasn’t served yet …whispers of old memories came back … the Sunday morning in KM …when Yash use to be thr with them on the bf n all three of them use to create so much noise if the bf got late …geet glanced back in the kitchen …now it had a separation door back back then …thr use to be a small round table of 8 placed in the adjacent room to the kitchen where they use have thr bf …the grand dinning hall use to open for family dinner or parties only ..n in a flash of a second she was standing in that cozy little kitchen of her maa ..where yash ..maan n geet were banging the table hard ..
khana do …khana do .maa humien khana do ..
dadi maa laughed seeing the antics of her son ..who would believe it’s the owner of a multinational company doing all this with his son n daughter …
preetie ..khana lao bhae ..
maa ..mera pasta ..
n mere allo k parathe ..
n they all shouted in unison … aaj Sunday hai ..
khana lao ..khana ..
uff …bas karo app tum log …(preetie came out with a spoon in her hand).. pehle khud log mujhe late karwaoge …aur phir bf k liye chilaoge …ek aur awaaz nahi ..
maan geet looked at her wide eyes scared with her anger they knew thr maa doesn’t get angry easily but once she is they knew better than to disobey her …but yash smiled n then with an innocent face n said … abb preetie bachoon ko bhook lagi hai na ..
preetie glared at her dear husband n came forward bending down to his level ..
yash stop it …waise bhi subha subha aapne hi mujhe late karwaya hai ..WinkEmbarrassed iss liye chup rahiye ..warna lunch mien karela khane k liye tyaar rahiyega …(yash looked at his wife shocked while she smiled a him).. waise bhi karela tu apka fav hai na …LOL
umm nahi ….mera matlab hai hujata hai …kabhi kabhi late bhi hujata hai .. bachoon koi baat nahi ..hum wait kar lenge ..
maan n geet giggled seeing thr dad’s scared puppy face ..they assumed thr maa scolded him as well least did they knew about thr sweet little threatening …Embarrassed
geet smiled n all of it vanished just as it had been snatched from her years back …n she realized the tear that had wetted her face …she sighed n exhaled sharply …those moments won’t ever come back ..
wiping away the tears off her face she sat down waiting …while aniee n dadi maa stood at a distance looking at thr gudya completely broken ..
dadi maa …hum geet ko kaise sambhalenge …(dadi maa looked away she didn’t had her answers even she didn’t knew how she is ever going mend what has been spoiled for years).. mien yahan ayi tu mere paas tou aap thay …bhai thay …aap logoon ne mujhe sambhal liya …but geet tou bhai ko bhi apne paas nahi aane de rahi …kya karenge abb ..
pata nahi bête …pata nahi sab kaise theek huga …but bas ek yaqeen hai k huga …najaane kaise magar abb sab theek hona huga ..babji humare bachoon ko aur takleef nahi de sakte ..
mien geet k paas jaati hoon ..
aniee ..geet se koi sawaal nahi kijeyega bête .. kabhi kabhi khamosh reh kar bhi hum apno ki madad kar paate hain ..geet kuch kahengi nahi aur aap janti hain kahin humare swaal unko aur dukh hi nahi puhancha den ..
ji mien nahi kahongi kuch ..
they went ahead ..n aniee all excited sat opposite to geet ..while dadi maa looked at the empty table n scolded nakul ..
nakul aapko pata hai na maan ko kitna ghussa aata hai wohh table apr aaye aur khana serve na hua ho ..jaldi kijeye maan tyaar hu chuke hain ..
ji …ji dadi maa bas 2 min ..
maan came n thankfully all servants had managed to serve all in time saving them falling prey to his awful mood …bf was mostly awckward … maan didn’t knew what he would do …most expectedly when he’ll leave for office geet would dodge aniee n flew away …but he had called adi early at the office …he has to kow all about geet today … when he was lost in his thought aniee excitedly told geet about her plans for the day  n geet was as usual quite smiling at her occasionally ..while dadi maa observed maan ..n knew he was stressed … everyone was having bf when nakul came with 2 hot cups of coffee ..
maan sir aapki coffee …n geet bitiya yeh aapke liye bhi ..black coffee ..
aniee : geet tu maan bhai se naraaz thi phir bhi black coffee chori nahi..
dadi : kya matlab ..geet ki coffee aur maan se narazgi ka kya connection ..
geet (be4 aniee could say) : kuch nahi dadi maa ..aapko tu pata hai isse baqwaas karne ki adat hai …(aniee was giggling confusing both maan n dadi while geet sipped the steaming coffee n burned her tongue) .. ahh ..
maan took away the mug from her immediately : tum pagal hu kya ..itni garam coffee koi peeta hai kya ..(geet looked away while he continued to lecture her)..bache ko pata huta hai k kitna garam wohh seh sakta hai …par tum tu .. 
aniee (came to her side) : tu theek hai na …ziada jala tu nahi …
geet (looking down holding her tears) : nahi mien theek hoon sweeto ..tension mat  le tu ..
maan (noticed her tongue had turned red) : nakul ice lekar aao ..
dadi observed how geet was avoiding maan n maan’s temper also didn’t gone
unnoticed by her ..but he couldn’t understand what must have happened ..
geet : nahi isski zarorat nahi ..//
maan : shut up geet ..
geet looked away knowing thr’s no use sayin anything now (st) : maan abb iss zubaan ne itni takleef di aapko …tu saza tu milni hi thi na issko …mujhe maaf kar dijeye …but mien iss waqt aapko apni zindagi k kareeb bhi nahi aane de sakti ..aapka ghussa …wohh sab bigar dega jo mene 2 saal se sambhaala hai …shayad ek waqt aayega jab mien khud chal kar apne best friend se sab share kar paongi …meri galtiyoon par aise hi dant kha kar hu sakta hai sab theek hu jaye …magar abhi wohh waqt nahi hai … aur mujhe aapse dor rehna hai …meri batien aapko dukh puhanchayengi par mere paas aur koi rasta nahi hai …kyun iss ke elawa koi aur tareqa nahi hai KM se door jaane ka mere paas … pls apni gudya ko maaf kar dijeye ..Dead
nakul  brought the ice n maan asked her to rub it on her tongue geet did it with one n left excusing …maan sat thr tensed even aniee was standing thr worried when maan stood n hugged her ..
relax wohh theek hai ..
aniee was about to say something but she instead checked his forehead n said shocked ..
bhai aapko kitna tez fever hai ..
dadi got worried n stood up to check him ..
aniee theek keh rahi hai maan …aaj aap office nahi jayenge ..
nahi aap dono pls tension mat lijeye mene medicine le li hain ..mien theek hoon n mera aaj office jana zarori hai ..so please ..
par bhai itna fever ..
aniee pls ..mujhe jana huga …nakul driver se bolo car nikale ..
he left leaving the 2 ladies worried ..
dadi ..abb kya Karen ..
kya kahen hum aniee …maan tu kisi ki sunte hi nahi hai …aaur aaj tu waise hi itni tension hai kabhi nahi maange ..
geet ko boloon kya ..?? I m sure sirf geet hi maan bhai ko ruk sakti hai ..
nahi pls abhi dekha aapne ..abb who pehle wale rishte nahi hain aniee ..aisa na ho geet kuch karen aur maan unn se hi khafa hujayen ..Ouch
dadi maa ..accident k baad maan bhai ka har rishta pehle jaisa hu sakta hai tu yeh kyun nahi ..Dead kyun geet aur maan bhai k hi rishte mien itni takleef itni dooriyan hain ..
dadi maa smiled with tears looking away ..what she could say to her …she didn’t knew how much maan suffered after his accident every time anything related to geet came in front of him ..he stressed his mind so much to recall it it almost make him loose his senses at times he would faint as well … it wasn’t easy for yash to change it all n not to tell him about her ..but the docters adviced so n he they had to do it for his betterment ..
pata nahi beta ..shayad iss liye k yeh rishta sab se mazboot tha ..ya shayad iss liye k geet maan k dil k sab se kareeb thi ..aur jo rishta jitna mazboot huta hai uske tootne ki choot bhi utni hi dardnaak hoti hai .. bas dua kijeye k inn dono ki takleef jaldi se khatam hujaye take yeh dono ek baar phir apne rishte ko jor payen …ek naya naam de payen iss bandhan ko ..
after 15 min ..
maan walked down screaming at every servant ..dadi naniee came out ..
dadi : kya baat hai maan bête …kyun ghussa kar rahe hian aap ..??
ghussa na karon tu kya karoon dadi maa …iss ghar mien ek cheez bhi jaga par hai …na mera valet mil raha hai na meri files aur na hi mera mobile …akhir hua kya hai …abhi bf par aane se pehle apni saari cheezien mien table pr rakh kr aaya tha …aura bb kuch bhi nahi hai wahan ..
aise kaise hu sakta hai bhai …aap dikhiye wahin huga ..jaigi kahan cheezien ..
aniee agar hoti tu mien iss tarha yahan ghussa mien na khara huta … nakul ..
jee …jee sir ji …
kuan gaya tha upar mere room mien ..
abhi …abhi tu koi bhi nahi …sab ..sab servants bf ki tyaari mien hi thay … mien …mien abhi jakar aapke room mien check karta hoon ..
n he left saving his life from his wrath ..
dekha kisi ko kuch nahi pata tu mera samaan zameen kha gyi ya asmaan nigal gaya ..
everyone was tensed n geet walked in whisteling carrying n half eaten apple in her hand ..n maan somehow suspected her coz she was the only one not around at that time ..
geet …ek min
talking to me ..??
gi ..idhar aayengi aap ..
han boliye ..kuch aur dant baqi hai kya ..??
geet …mere room se mera samaan ghayab hai …tum ne kisi ko lijate huye dekha ..??
kuansa samaan ..??
mera valet files aur mobile sab meri table par rakha tha …abb wahan kuch nahi hai .,..
arre nahi …medicine rakhi thi wahan ..
par wohh sab …/// tou yeh tum ne kiya hai ..

geet tum …//
ouch ..(she bit her tongue wile chewing)… ahh god aniee plss pani laade na ..
Maan : geet yeh sab kiya hai …kyun kar rahi hu yeh sab ..i am getting late damit ..thr r clients waiting for me …band karo yeh bachpana ..
Geet (smiled) : lo abb mujhe yahan zabardasti ruk kar aapko lagta hai ..i am gonna let u attend ur so called meeting …haha ha …in ur dreams Mr. Khurana …aaj tou aap office jaane se rahe …
Maan (glaring her angrily) : geet tum …
Geet : han mien …mien kya …kuch nahi kar sakte …siwai isske ke upar jaake araam kijeye ..woh kya hai na fever utra nahi hai aapka abhi tak..
Dadi maa looked away hiding her smile …while maan glared her hard which didn’t even got noticed by her she was busy adjusting her bite in her mouth so she won’t bit her tongue again ..
Maan : mien bol raha hoon geet ..acha nahi huga ..
Geet : ache tu aap pehle bhi nahi thay ..aur abb .. abb tu bilkul nahi hu …so pehle khud tou theek hujao ..phir mujhe kuch bolna …pata chala fever se yahin faint hugaye ..
Maan : tumhain kya lagta hai …tum mera valet aur mobile rakh logi tu mien office nahi ja sakta ..u watch me now ..
Geet : mien aisa bilkul nahi sochti …but aapko sochna chahiye tha ..(maan looked at her confused).. yeh hall ka main gate itna heavy banawane se pehle .. abb bina keys ke aap aise open kaise karenge ..?? obviously koi superman tu aap hain nahi …(maan looked back n saw the gates were closed)..
Maan : u …nakul ..nakul ..(he came running down almost slipping by the end of stairs).. main door ki keys …abhi lekar aao ..
Nakul shivered with his high pitch n managed to stamper : wohh …wohh ..sirrr …sir jii …wohh ..
Kya hua ..
Arre arree …kyun un par itna chila rahe hu …keys mere paas hain ..aapke baqi ke samaan k saath …so chill ..aaj tu aap office jane se rahe ..kyun k who kya hai na ..mene aapki saari cars ke tyres ki hawa bhi nikal di hai ..
What …r u mad …dimag kharaab hai tumhara ..
Like  I said mr. Khurana …mujhe yahan rokne ki kimat tu deni hi thi aapko ..Tongue enjoy resting the full day …abhi k liye tu aap bas upar jaa sakte hain ..aur jo jhot aapne dadi maa ko kaha na ..medicine lene ka …wohh sach mien badal dijeye ..medicine kha kar ..
Aniee came holding her giggle so hard ..n offered her water but she said with a smile : arre ek kaam kar yeh na apne maan bhai ko de …medicine jjo khani hai inko ..
Geet went away eating her apple ..while maan stood cursing her ..he exhaled sharply ..running up to his room ..thr was no way he could make it to office .. if hse has actually punctured tyres of all cars then thr is no need in jumping out from some window ..he sighed pushing his hairs in frustration that girl is completely mad ..he took off his tie threw it on the bed …he was literally shaking with fury …

God ..i wanna kill her ..
Damn that girl  ..
He was still trying to figure out what he could do now ..he get that girl walk over him n order him around ..damn her ..n just then he was cursing geet he saw aniee entering in his room with a glass of water
Bhai yeh …
Aniee please beta abhi jao yahan se ..i  m too pissed to talk right now ..
Mien tu sirf aapko yeh kehne aayi thi k medicine kha lijeye ..
Aniee mien theek hoon …
Bhai plss mere liye ..3 tablets khane se aapka kya jayega ..
Aniee u know I hate those medicine ..
Yes but u love me ..n so u’ll have them ..(before he could argue further she went ahead n brought his medicine n forwarded it to him in her hand).. please bhai ..
Maan huffed in defeat ..guess that girl’s stubbornness is transferring in to his sweet sister .. but he couldn’t up set aniee in her short trip ..she is here for 2 weeks only n he could manage eating those tablets for her sake even if he felt sick to his stomach seeing them ..
He had them n aniee smiled at him ..
Great chalo abb aap rest karo ill go have some fun with geet ..Big smile

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MG SS : The Dark Angel Of Fate …!!

In geet’s room now ..she was lying in her bed unconscious while maan was inquiring the docter worried sick for her …having her faint in his arms was the most fearful moment of last 24 hours ..
Maan : dr. kuch problem tou nahi hugi na ..i mean hum geet ko hospital shift kar sakte hain …if its …I mean …yeh ..
Dr. : its okie maan …relax please …gudya theek hai bas stress ki waja se behosh hugayi hai …mene injection lagaya hai ..abb wohh subha se pehle nahi jagegi …don’t worry sab theek hai .. n I advice u k tum bhi thora araam karo ..ur fever is getting worse ..Ouch
Maan : uncle mien theek hoon ..i just hope geet theek hujaye subha tak ..
Dr.: don’t worry injection is a high dose uska foot subha tak bilkul theek hujayega …waise bhi it wasn’t a big injury who tu bas she strained herself ..mien chalta hoon ..call me if u need ..okie 
Maan walked back to geet’s room after dropping dr to the gate n sat by her side … he sighed looking at her face ..thr was so much innocence no one would believe this girl has been through so much .. even he didn’t a few days back .. she holds so much in her its so difficult to understand her .. tonight as well ..Geet won’t stop pleading him n then all of a sudden she fainted …he was so damn worried n didn’t knew what to do …n then maan carried her back to her room n made call to Dr. Sharma …
Maan caressed her face n removed the lone strand falling over her eyes n moved after setting the quilt on her properly …

Back in his room maan stood by the window looking at the dark sky …he remembered the first time he saw geet in Mumbai ..

he now know what was it in her eyes that held him captivated …that pain he could relate to wasn’t his brain messing with him ..but they did shared a bond …a bond that wasn’t an outcome of love or friendship but of pain …they shared the same of loosing thr parents …thr family …pain to have lost thr world …pain to have been forced to live a life they never wanted ..pain to have lost a companion that understood them …pain to have lost thr identity ..pain to have lost everything that was dear to them …pain that was mutual n so even if the whole world couldn’t maan could see it in her eyes …even if she managed to deceive the world with her attitude n smile ..he could understand how broken n scared she actually was …Cry
But tonight he also got to know a new side of himself …a side that knew how to share ..a person how knew to say things out …a person that could share his pain …he never knew what made him say all he did but it wasn’t as difficult as it had been …may be geet had something in her ..Embarrassed something that made the MSK open up to her about something he never confronted even himself leave the world …she indeed is special ..
He turned to the picture of his parents on the wall ..n caressed it with utmost love ..
Maan : mom dad …pata nahi kyun but aaj …aaj saaloon baad dil buhat halka lag raha hai ..(smiled amusingly).. i never knew kisi se apne dil ki baat kehna itna asaan hai ..
Mom ..dadi maa ne kaha tha i use to share everything with u …but aaj geet ko woh sab kuch kehna itna asaan kaise hugaya …mene aaj tak jo kuch apne aap se nahi kaha woh geet ke saamne kaise …
He went to his study table n took out the CD of his parent’s last anniversary they celebrated together ..the last celebration of his parent’s life …the night when they lost thr family .. n went to put it on ..
He was about to start the CD again for umpteenth time when his mbl buzzed with the daily alarm he suddenly became aware of the time ..his head was bursting with pain n body seemed to have run in a marathon ..he guessed it’s the fever n no sleep ..but he couldn’t be home today …last night was enough a torture seeing geet crying like that ..he couldn’t deal seeing her hollow eyes n fake smile all day plus he had to think of a way to get geet say all that had landed her in the hands of those handas .. he got up with a bit difficulty puting the CD back in its place he got started with his daily routine ..the whole khurana mansion was busy in the daily doing when at 8 maan walked down the stairs ..aniee wasn’t down yet n dadi maa was probably checking the bf preps when he spotted geet just at the door sneaking out n as an instant reaction he called her name out loud ..n she stopped just by the door step ..n maan ran upto her ..
Where the hell do u think u r going ..??
(geet never turned back n replied in an ice cold voice to his question) ..To my house ..handa haveli ..remember that’s my house ..
Right but u r currently in ur home ..u don’t need to go back to that hell ..get this …now move ur ass in or else ..
Excuse me ..or else ..?? u can’t do anything mr.khurana .. n I don’t have to obey u …so I won’t ..now move ..
(she tried to move ahead but he stopped her n jerked her back in the house)..Geet stop it ..u r not going anywhere ..
geet jerked up him off her …n stepped back ..maan realized that was too much of manhandling from his side …n he looked away even more frustrated …n then geet said in a curt whisper ..
Maan pls mujhe jane dijeye ..mien kal aniee ki liye yahan aagayi ..n what happened (she looked away …her voice shaking …n her tone loosing its sternness).. what happened last night is ..is enough ..thank u for taking care of me ..but I …i don’t need it anymore ..mien apne aap ko khud sambhaal sakti hoon ..Ouch
Who tu mujhe pata hi hai geet tum apne aap apko kitne ache se sambhal sakti ho ..Tongue jo larki ek road theek na cross kar saktiho uss se aur kiya expect kar sakte hain ..don’t make force u …get inside now …

Maan plss mujhe aapka koi lecture nahi chahiye ..n waise bhi last 13 saal se apna khayaal mien khud hi rakhti aayi hoon ..tu abb bhi mujhe aapki koi zarorat nahi hai ..Ouch
Maan n geet both looked away from each other ..geet knew that would hurt him but that seemed to be the only way he would let her walk away n maan couldn’t handle the guilt he was feeling knowing she was true ..but still thr was no way he was letting her go to that place
he held her hand while she turned to walk out ..
Ruk jao gi geet ..

Geet didn’t knew if it was the way maan said it her legs froze or it was his heated hand that made her aware of his fever that made her stop in his track ..but she did ..n that was a bad idea coz the intensity in his eyes held her captivated …she didn’t wanted him to feel this pain …he didn’t deserve it …it was her dark fate …it was her stupid mistakes that earned her this shit kind of a life not him ..maan’s eyes had a request to stop n geet’s eyes were watering pleading him to let go ..both were stubborn n both didn’t looked away when aniee came ..interrupting them ..
Kya hua ..?? aap dono yahan kya kar rahe hain ..??
Maaneet looked away n maan looked away while geet got nervous she wanted to get away before aniee wakes up but this maan screwed it all ..now what she would say to her …while maan just remembered geet’s words earlier .. 
mien aniee ke saamne jhagra nahi karna chahti thi iss liye kuch nahi kaha …but abb mien nahi jaongi aapke saath …
he smirked praying that this would work n while geet was lost in her own worries maan spilled it out in front of aniee ..
geet ghar chor kar jaa rahi thi …n he was stopping her but she really don’t seem to get my words …tum try kar k dekh lo ..
aniee was standing thr almost about to cry ..n geet couldn’t process of what she could come up with to stop aniee bursting into tears ..

geet tu aise …//
but geet stepped ahead n said immediately ..
arre aniee tu kis ki sun rahi hai …yeh tu han hi dusht danav …LOL (to which maan standing behind glared at her shocked with her choice of words).. 
aniee (in an innocent child’s acent) : tou tu nahi ja rahi kahin ..?? bhai ne jhoot bola ..??
nahi maan jhoot …wohh mien ..mien jaa rahi thi …but umm ..apna ..wohh ..
n maan came ahead with a wicked smirk …: han geet bolo kya bolna hai ..kyunjaa rahi thi tum itni subha ghar se bahar ..
geet glared him hard which obviously had no effect on him then she turned to aniee n said in a rush of anger ..: mien apna samaan lene jaa rahi thi car se ..
maan : but tum tu meri car mien aayi thi ..n u had nothing with u …tu phir ..??
aniee looked from maan to geet …n then back to geet she couldn’t understand thr argument n she was worried about geet leaving her again ..n then before geet could say anything more maan played his master strock ..
kahin tum handa haveli se apna samaan lene tu nahi jaa rahi thi ..?? like u shifting in KM permanently ..??
a big NO was on the tip of geet’s tongue when aniee squealed in delight n turned geet towards her ..
really gudya …tu sach mien maan gayi yahan rehne k liye ..? bhai mene kaha than a sirf aap hi geet ko mana sakte hu …(she hugged her tight).. oh geet I m so happy …dekhna abb sab pehle jaisa hujayega …(aniee kissed her in joy n ran off).. mien dadi ko batati ho ..oh my god I m so happy ..
maan smirked at his victory …n the fact that now he knew how to bend this stubborn girl ..but geet stood thr shocked n worried n murmered ..
tu kab samjhegi aniee k abb kuch bhii pehle jaise nahi hu sakta ..Ouch
maan heard that n felt so bad the whole night played in front of his eyes n stepped ahead towards geet n whispered from behind ..

ek mauqa de kar tu dekho geet ..kya pata sab pehle jaisa hujaye ..kya pata humien who dosti wapis mil jaye who khushi wapis mil jaye ..Cry
geet looked back without turning to him ..n maan could see the tears at the edge of her hazel almond eyes ..n she said to him in a curt voice hurt with what he did ..
mera best friend mujhe trap mien phasata nahi tha ..bulke humesha mujhe bachata tha …he was my savior …n u ..u Mr. Maan Singh Khurana can never bring back that friend …ever …Ouch
geet moved ahead n started moving into the house when he stoped her ..
ek mauqa geet ..pechle 13 saaloon k har galat ko sahi karna ka ek mauqa tu deserve karta hoon na mien ..?? ek baar tu iss akelepan ko door karne ka mauqa do mujhe …please 
geet turned he could see the fire in her teary eyes n her fisted hands …n her clipped tone depicted her hurt in all ways …when she said ..

really ..u think u deserve it ..tou ek kaam kijeye Mr. Khurana pehle meri zindagi ke pechle 13 saloon ke akelepan ko mita ke dekhaiye …har uss lamhe  ko badal kar dikhaiye jab mujhe mere dost ki zarorat thi aur wohh mere saath nahi tha …har uss ansoo ko mita kar dikhaiye jo mene apni maa ki yaad mien bahaya .. uss dard ko mere dil se mita dijeye joy eh soch kar huta hai k mien aakhri baar apne bade papa ko dekh bhi na payi .. uss khalipan ko mita dijeye maan singh khurana jo abb mera hissa ban chukka hai …
kya kar sakte hain aap yeh ..?? nahi ..aap yeh nahi kar sakte .. iss liye aaj meri zindagi ka hissa banne ka bhi aapko koi haq nahi hai … dor rahiye mujh se aur meri zindagi se bhi …mujhe abb aapki koi zarorat nahi hai .. wohh waqt chala gaya jab mujhe aapke bina jeena nahi aata tha … abb koi zarorat nahi hai mujhe aapki ..Ouch CryCry
she left leaving him broken …he knew what had cost her because he had lost him damn memory but hearing it from her hurt like he never knew it will ..ofcourse she is right ..he wasn’t thr for her last 13 years n now all of a sudden he can’t claim to know everything about her life …he will have to earn that trust again ..that friendship again …n then may be ..just may be she will let him help her ..but till then he can’t leave her alone to face that handa family …he won’t ..she like it or not she will have to be here ..
sighing maan exhaled sharply ..he knew he had to think of something …now it was more than clear geet would leave KM at the first opportunity given ..least did he knew his little sister has done the job already …Wink
Maan (glaring her angrily) : geet tum …
Geet : han mien …mien kya …kuch nahi kar sakte …siwai isske ke upar jaake araam kijeye ..woh kya hai na fever utra nahi hai aapka abhi tak..
Dadi maa looked away hiding her smile …while maan glared her hard which didn’t even got noticed by her she was busy adjusting her bite in her mouth so she won’t bit her tongue again ..
Maan : mien bol raha hoon geet ..acha nahi huga ..
Geet : ache tu aap pehle bhi nahi thay ..aur abb .. abb tu bilkul nahi hu …so pehle khud tou theek hujao ..phir mujhe kuch bolna …pata chala fever se yahin faint hugaye ..LOLLOL
hope u enjoyed the update …well aniee has done her job to stop geet so geet won’t be leaving KM now …so take a breath of relief now ..Smile
just another 5 days left for my university to start so ill try n update this again as soon as i can ..
till then please drop ur views n remarks on the update n let me where i lacked
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OF FATE ..!!
dark angel
A Tale of Broken Friendship … Shaken Faith .. 
Shattered Family n Lost Togetherness …
Geet was still in shock .. her mind was numb echoing with the sounds of bullet n she kept on gaping at maan with tear filled hazel almond eyes she placed her cold shivering hand over his face lightly caressing his features …n her tears streams welled down .. giving away her fearful plight n maan just cocooned her in his embrace .. both thr hearts throbbing violently against each others …geet clutched his shoulder tight with fear .. n she said in a trembling voice ..
Geet : aap .. aap theek hu na ..??
Maan smiled in the hug caressing her hair soothing her …or may be his violent heart beats ..
Maan : mien theek hoon …EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Adi came thr clearing his throat .. n that’s when both maaneet realized thr proximity n geet immediately parted with a jerk ..
but next she screamed in pain ..
Ahhh …
Maan panicked as well as adi …bending down he placed his hands over geet’s shoulder n adi asked her with utmost concern ..
Adi : gudya kya huya ..tum theek hu na ..
Geet looked up on adi sideays n then maan said with a low concerned voice ..
Maan : geet kya huya hai …
Geet (tears welling down) : mera paair (leg) (maan placed his hand on his ankle to see what happened n she winced) .. ahhh .. mor gaya ..
Maan (looked down at her leg) : ek minute let me see this ..
Adi (wiping her tears) : kuch nahi theek hujayega .. rona mat gudya see abhi theek hujayega ..
Geet cried in adi’s hold as maan lifted her fitted jeans up from her toes n saw her leg bit twisted in sprain .. n she cried loud in adi’s hold  ..
Adi : gudya relax abhi theek hujayega bacha … roo mat plzz yrr …
Maan saw this scene .. he never saw adi anywhr near any opposite sex though he loves pinky but still … his mind wasn’t comprehending the fact y adi was addressing geet as gudya ..n then his clarification came ..with geet’s next set of words ..
Geet : adi bhaiya dekho na mera leg twist hugaya …(sniffing making adi smile) … aap hans rahe hu …uhh ..ek tou itna late kardiya aane mien aur hass rahe hu ..
Adi : okiee I am sorry gudya ..pluueejjj maaf kardo ..
Geet (looked from the corner of her teary eyes) : chaddo aapko tou baad mien dekhti hoon mien …pehle plzz mere leg ka kuch karo na …
Maan (bit confused n irritated) : hugaya bharat milaap ..aab chalo hospital ..geet u need to get this checked ..swell hugaya hai ..
Geet (rubbed her wet cheeks from the back of her palm n stood up with the help of adi murmuring in his ears) : dekho kaise hukum jhar rahe hain ..yeh nahi ke jaan bachai tou thank u bolien ..uhh idiot bilkul nahi badle …pehle bhi thank u ki jaga dant hi pari thi aur aaj bhi ..Tongue dekho bhaiya aapka idiot duffer sado dost mujhe daant raha hai aur aap kuch bolte bhi nahi ..Shocked
Adi (whispered) : abhi jaldi chalo agar tumhari swelling bar gayi tou hum dono ko iss delay ke liye dant paregi ..LOL
Geet looked at him pouting with anger while adi chuckled seeing her cute expression n red nose ..looking just like a doll ..
As they came out maan was standing with some police official n adi made her sit in the car carefully waiting for maan .. when geet saw her car n said to adi ..
Geet : adi bhaiya look thr is my benzy ..mene last month hi purchase ki uncel ne mere liye  ..Big smile
Adi : yeah I knw .. dad mailed me the pic gudya ..the color was superb ..
Geet : choice kis ki hai …(smiled at him) …
Adi : of course meri gudya ki hai …( n both laughed) ..
Geet (with a sad face) : but bechari ka aaj buhat boora haal hugaya … 
Adi : don’t worry ill fix it up ..just the way it was ..
Geet : sab aapke uss sado dost ki waja se ..
Adi (smiled) : who tumhare bhi tou dost hain ..OuchOuch
The angry expression of geet turned blank with his sentence ..n she saw some media persons thr coming towards maan n adi pulled the tinted window glass up making geet realize the actual situation ..
Ever since she started talking with maan in the shop she actually forgot about thr past … forgot that maan no longer remembers her as his best friend but just geet ..forgot that she was suppose to be indifferent with him .. forgot that she wasn’t suppose to let him enter in her life ..
forgot every thing she had been reminding herself every second from last 2 years of her life ..the reason y she didn’t wanted to be near him … she knew how easy it is for maan to break each n every wall around her see through her soul … but she didn’t wanted it ..she can’t let this happen or else everything she has been doing since last 2 years will go in waist … n with the way maan has changed she wasn’t sure what will be the consequences of him getting to know the truth …
lost in her thought she sat thr looking at maan talking with the police in utmost rage .. n than the media irking him … he was looking tired she knew it looking at him .. no matter how much she tries she can’t get over the concern she has for him ever .. 
Geet : wohh umm ..adi bhaiya aap maan ko bologe jaldi aane ko .. 
Adi (smiled seeing her concerned) : abb geet media hai itni asaani se nhi chorenge ..
Geet (angry) : what rubbish can’t they see he is hurt n looking so worn-out n they won’t leave …pagal hain kya …mujhe kuch nahi pata aap abhi jao aur maan ko lekar aao …ABHI ..
Adi (smiling) : okiee okiee tu chill kar mien jata hoon ..
Excusing from the media now Standing beside maan adi said ..
Adi : umm ..maan sir u should leave aapko bhi choot lagi hai .. media ko mien dekh longa aap jaiye ..
Maan : nahi adi first I wanna sort this damn issue once n for all with police ..if they can’t arrest those bas**** then ill take care of them with my gun ..
Adi sighed looking at him going to talk with the police officer …he knew maan is least bothered about his wounds n won’t go be4 sorting it …but than geet …she will any moment come n shout on top of her lungs if maan continued to roam around with his still fresh wound ..
Running towards maan be4 he reach to the police adi said in a low voice ..
Adi : wohh geet .. I mean uske leg mien pain huraha hai ..so we ..
But be4 he cld say further maan shot him a deadly glare n was about to shout but stopped seeing all the people around n said in a stern tone ..
Maan : y the hell is she still here ..tum usko hospital kyun nhi lekar gaye ..r u out of ur mind adi ..uski swelling barh gayi tu ..
Adi looked down not actually getting words to say his mind …n murmered
Adi (st) : as if she will leave u here ..Embarrassed
Maan : what the hell ..apne aap se baat karna band karo ..n leave with her ..
Adi : but sir aap ko bhi medical attention ki zarorat hai n this media will not leave this easily with all this fiasco aap plss jaye commessioner se mien baat kar kr kal meeting arrange karta hoon ..
Be4 maan cld say further police men came thr
Police man : sir I think u should leave media has gathered already n its no more required for u to be here ..iss sab ki poori investigation kar k we will let u know
Maan (shot a killing look to the inspecter n said) : if this time u failed to arrest the real culprit ill make sure that u won’t be able to wear this uniform ever again ..got that ..
Without waiting for another word he zoomed out of the place to his car n sat beside geet .. who gave him a murderous glare ..
Maan (frustrated) : What ..
Geet : thora aur time lagate ..kis ne kaha tha itna jaldi aane ko ..Tongue
Maan (greeted his teeth in anger) : U.. (after a pause) .. mene nhi bola tha wait karne ko ..adi ke saath  gayi kyun nhi ..
Geet (sighed leaving a heavy breth controlling herself n said after a long pause) : police waloon ka ghussa mujh par nikalne ki koi zarorat nhi hai ..yeh lo (passed him a hanki) .. tie it on ur forehead ..head ache thora kam hujayega ..
Maan looked at her in shock she know him too well .. no body in this world ever has read him so easily n so deeply ..if anyone else would have been thr in her place that person would be possibly angry at his best but here she knew he wasn’t angry but just frustrated over the police’s negligence .. n than wondering how on earth she knew he was having head ache …?? Geet looked away with a slight tint of pain on her face probably her leg .. she was trying her best not to show but he could see the crinkles on her forehead due to pain .. he bend forward n looked at her leg it was swelled ..n than moving back he asked her concerned ..
Maan : buhat dard huraha hai ..??
Geet looked at him with a blank look for a second than looked away ..
Geet : nhi its fine ziada nhi lagi ..aap mujhe handa haveli drop kar dejeye ..ill be fine 
Maan looked at her still not getting y she is so adamant to hide her pain from everyone like she is some saint or robot even ..driver asked exactly whr they should go entering in new delhi n geet raised her hand to give direction n that’s when maan noticed her sleeves drenched in blood ..he immediately took hold of her hand ..while geet flinched in pain .. 
Maan : yeh kya huya ..??
Geet (reluctant removing her hand back) : nhi kuch nahi ..woh shayad girti waqt lag gaya huga … kaka (driver) plss aap handa haveli chaleye ..
Maan (man held her hand tightly in his hold n shot her a fuming glare stopping her every  protest n asked the driver) : Dr. sharma ke clinic chalo ..
Geet (with widened eye) : nhi mujhe Dr. uncel ki clinic nhi jana ..no ways I am fine plss aap
Maan (placed his finger on her lips) : chup bilkul chup 
Geet for a second froze in her place with his finger on her lips sending million shudders down her spine ..maan looked at her with a firm authoritative look ceasing her protest while she lost herself in his captivating ocean brown eyes ..heart pacing high.. for a moment maan looked at her eyes he could see some strange emotions running in them like the fake blankness was gone n he could see the real self of this Geet Handa …the innocent barbie doll turning red ..wincing at the hurt still fluttering her long lashes .. his fingers still kept on her rosy lips shutting her mouth .. but he he was busy reading her eyes ..the innocence that oozes out of her deep hazel almond eyes while she was fluttering them accepting his command .. making him smile faintly ..than looking down surrendering herself … he backed away looking at her …the only thought played in his … indeed she is a gudya …beautiful … innocent .. fragile .. a complete doll whom he can command so effortlessly ever since caught up in this situation …she was a like doll following him ..he could feel a sudden urge to protect her over powering him .. 
Geet backed away in her seat creating even more distance b/w them .. she could feel her heart still thudding loudly ..she feared if maan could hear her irregular heart beats ..conscious she placed her hand on heart clutching the cloth above ..trying to ease her self . the thought of her hand being injured long gone ..the pain of her leg forgotten already .. the feel of his long finger pressing her lips making her feel butterflies in her stomach dancing.. 
Lost in her world she didn’t realized when the car entered the clinic from back side n maan was standing thr opening the car’s door for her .. she looked up confused n he forwarded his hand for her …n that’s when she realized whr she is ..n gave him her puppy looks ..
Geet (murmuring) : babji yeh bilkul nhi badle ..i doubt inki memory sach mien wapis nhi aayi kya ..??
Maan : geet hugaya hu tumhara tou bahar aaogi tum …
Geet (looked up n twisted her lips) : uhh ..i can handle myself very well Mr.Khurana ..i don’t need ur support .. step away ..
Maan shook his head at her stubbornness n stepped back frustrated ..while geet put her first fine leg out to stand put the moment she put her injured leg on the ground to stand she tripped n was about to fall when maan grabbed her shoulder n supported her waist from back ..while geet closed her eyes in pain …
Maan (made her stand straight) : shook hai ..stunts practice karne ka ..?? abhi gir jati tou ..
Geet (looked at him straight) : tou ..?? tou aapko kya ..waise bhi na tou yeh pehli baar hota jab mien girti …aur na hi aapko koi farq parna chahiye …its no more ur duty to save me .. 13 saaloon mien kayi baar giri hoon aur har baar khud hi uthi hoon .. mujhe aapki madat ki koi zarorat nahi hai ..
Geet went away still limping ..struggling while maan followed her a step back just to make sure she won’t hit down the ground ..
After entering in the clinic from emergency exit .. maan maintained distance from her pretending as if he don’t know her a few nurses passed by with patients with them n asked her to go towards OPD while maan looked away pretending to be bothered .. they entered in the other section which was un-usually isolated with no one around maan tried to support her limping form to walk but she adamant to walk on her own though in severe pain …n a second later was about to trip when a senior staff member the most senior nurse of the clinic Ms.Mathur in her late 40s held her firmly n made her sit on the chair side by ..
Sister mathur : what is this gudya ..y r u roaming around in this condition ..
Geet (almost at the verge of crying) : nhi aunty mien tou dr. uncel ke cabin mien jaa rahi thi ..
Sis : like this ..?? god u stubborn girl ..kab chorogi apna bachpana ..
Maan : I don’t think ever aunty ..
Sis : oh maan ..u r also here ..i expected to see u after hearing the news on t.v ..so only was evacuating the corridors for u ..(she said smilingly) else like last time girls would have stick-ed to u like honey bees …but I am worried now 2 attacks in 1 month ..u should be careful ..
Maan : yup police is investigating but a lighter one though not much of injury this time ..n for me now over the years it has become usual ..don’t worry I am perfectly fine ..
Geet (snapped in b/w) : yeah right lighter one ..aunty we were dodging the bullets till one hour n this idiot was almost dead if hadn’t pushed him in time ..
Sis : well my dear keep all ur stories for later first let me dress u both .. u are furiously bleeding with ur hand …it must be paining a lot na ..
Geet nodded like an innocent child making both maan n sister smile at her cute facial expression ..sister mathur left maan to be attended by another docter while in other room Dr. Vishesh Sharma (family doctor of khurana’s) met with geet ..
Dr. : 2 years han …my barbie doll didn’t met me at all ..
Geet face fell down all the more remembering the time he maid his last visit to her 2 years back a day be4 she left to mumbai with Tej ..the day when this endless struggle started .. n the thought came to her mind ..what if he told maan about her condition .. she definitely didn’t wanted maan to know the details of her wounds …she has requested pleaded dr. sharma not to tell about her wounds n the seriousness of them to dadi maa but now what will happen ..
Dr. : geet what happened dear ..??
Geet (came out of her dreading thoughts n looked up blank scared) : wohh wohh uncel ..han my leg who sprain …mor gaya ..dard huraha hai ..
Dr.sharma checked her leg sprain ..n smiled looking up to her
Dr. : don’t worry ziada severe nhi hai ..u shouldn’t have walked much warna itna bhi pain nhi hota .. chalo koi baat nhi ill do the needful kal tak bilkul theek hujayega ..
Geet : uncel wohh aapne …(hesitant scared) .. aapne dadi ko tou kuch nhi bataya tha na about my injuries 2 yrs back ..
Dr (smiled doing his work on her leg injury) : don’t worry she only knows that u were having injuring how severe n exactly what happened she still doesn’t know ..mujhe pata hai kitna pareshaan hujate sab .. don’t worry i won’t tell her ..
Geet sighed in relief ..thanking her babaji for once ..n than smiled at dr. sharma
Geet : waise what about ur kabhi na huyi girlfriend wala mission …dadi maa ne kuch ghaas dali ya abb bhi bas ainvayi ..
Dr. : arre yrr barbie doll ..abb tum tou chali gayi tou kahan se hoti meri setting …tumhain tou pata hai savitri devi mujh se kitna chirti hair
Geet (giggled) : han tou aap bhi tou unko kaisi kaisi gandi gandi medicine dete hu ..
Dr. (said childishly) : but wohh tou mien usske bhae ke liye deta hoon na
Geet : chalo koi baat nhi iss baar jane se pehle mien aapki kabhi na huyi girlfriend ko aapki girlfriend bana hi dungi …
Bith gave a high five to each other laughing when sister mathur came in with injection tray in her hand making geet gulp her saliva down in fear ..
Dr. : sister aapne maan ko injection laga diya na ..
Sis : ji doctor n unhoon ne medicine bhi lee li hai hopefully kal subha tak fever bhi kam hujayega ..but he needs at least a day’s rest which I really don’t think he will take ..
Dr. (smiled looking at geet dressing her hand) : don’t worry gudya hai na iss kaam ke liye .. kyun barbie doll
Geet smiled faintly with her eyes still fixed on the injections ..
Sis : yeh lejeye doctor tetnus vaccination 
Even be4 doctor could take hold of the injection geet screamed on top of her lungs
Geet : NOo0ooOOOooOOOOooo0o
Maan was then talking with dadi n aniee who were on thr way to clinic getting all panic …aniee was crying like hell on the call after seeing the accident clip getting a glimpse of limping geet with adi she was worried sick to talk with her only repeating one sentence every second ” gudya theek hai na bhai” while maan was trying his best to calm her ..but amidst of all maan heard geet’s scream ..not knowing anything he ran towards the room geet was in n was tongue tied looking at her sitting in the corner of bed with her legs folded pressed to her front ..n eyes mist almost at the crying while drive.sharma n sister mathur was consoling her to let them inject her the vaccination ..
Maan : whats going onn here  ..
Dr : thank god u came …see this girl hasn’t changed an inch ..yet again not allowing me to give her the injection ..
Maan : but y ..?? its necessary na when u get wounded on soil ..
Dr : yup it is but the thing is our fragile doll is hell scared of injections ..not from now but from the very first day ..in every of her vaccination in infant time as well she use to tear off my ear drums with her crying ..
Maan (looked bit out of words) : now what to do ..
Dr. (too much out of idea n said casually) : that u should know ..but we can’t let her gp without injection ..she has a sensitive nerves system n can catch infection soon otherwise ..
Maan stood thr watching the show .. while dr ran back to geet whr sister mathur was stil trying to unfold her hand buttering her pleading her ..
Sis ; acha chalo iss bar ill give u ur fav Sunday delight …or u want dark chocolate
Geet : no ways aunty u can give me all of them if u want but I won’t take this injection Tongue..dr. uncel give me as many medicines capsules as u want but no injections plss ..
Dr. : but gudya ..///
Be4 he could say further .. maan came thr clearing his throat gaining the attention of the otherwise busy people ..
Maan : kya problem hai ..??
Sis : see she isn’t letting us give her the injection ..
Geet (mking a baby pouting face) : plss aunty no injections ….plsss
Maan (came forwards n said mockingly) : ohh tou u r scared of injections ..(smiled teasingly) .. gosh geet u are such a scared cat …mien be-waja impress huraha tha seeing u 
Fight with those goons ..
Geet (came to her sherni avatar n un folded her leg sat back defending) : oh hello .. mien 12 saal se martial arts practice kar rahi hoon ..don’t u dare challenge me …(while she was busy defending herself maan eyed dr.sharma to give her the injection to which he wonked at him) .. n anyways who told u I am scared of injections mien tou ….(as docter injected the syringe) …Ahhh …(n sister held her hand in place not to hurt her) ..
Geet looked at maan with flooding eyes accusingly while he placed a hand on her shoulder soothing her supporting her ..as sister naina binned the injection ..geet wiped off
Her tears n jerked away maan’s hand to which he just shook his head .. n docter sharma handed geet a Big bar of chocolate ..which she refused to take ..n looked away ..
Geet : u cheated .. I won’t talk to u both ..aur dadi ko bhi bol dungi ke aapko kabhi ghass na dale aap mujhe bhi injections dete hu …
Maan stood thr amazed to see all this …he never witnessed any of such scene ever in his life ..a part of him was rejoicing this .. feeling happy …. Yet a part of him complaining questioning …HOW COULD HE NOT KNOW OF A PERSON SO CLOSE TO EVERY SINGLE PERSON OF HER LIFE …?? SIMPLY HOW …??  He stood thr admiring them three with a slight smile while Dr extended his hand with bar towards her smiling listening to the ultimate drama queen from all his patients while sister naina came from another side taking another big bar with her placing in front of geet …
Geet looked at both from the corner of her eye ..n than grabbed both the bars ..making them sigh in relief ..not for long as she announced ..
Geet  : mien abhi bhi naraaz hoon ..
All three snapped thr head up at her like she had 2 horns over her head .. n than geet demanded ..
Geet : mujhe ek aur bar chahiye ..
They all laughed at her demand n sister mathur gladly handed over her another .. she took it grinning ear to ear like a 6 years old child .. n doctor sharma came ahead ..
Dr. : now take good care of ur self n no roaming around till morning okie ..waise mene apna kaam kar diya hai ..probably u won’t feel the pain in next 1 hour but be careful warna injury severe hujayegi …
Maan : don’t worry uncel ill take care of it …Embarrassed
Geet looked at him confused ..not understanding what exactly was running in his mind .. n than sister mathur said to maan handing over him some packet ..
Sis : here is ur medicine for 2 days ..make sure u take them on time n take rest ur fever doesn’t seem to come down without ample rest ..
Be4 The discussion could continue further aniee came crashing the door n hugged geet tight sobbing hard .. while dadi checked maan up n down .. if he was ok ..
maan : geet ke liye koi bhi faisla lene se pehle mujhe tumhari ya kisi bhi aur ki permission ki zarorat nahi hai Mr. Tej Handa … geet mere saath KM jaa rahi hai ...(be4 geet could say another word) .. aur iss baat par bolne ka haq geet ko bhi nahi hai …clear enough abb jao aur apni duty sambhalo ..aur geet ki fiqar karne ki aap mien se kisi ko bhi koi bhi zarorat nahi hai ..
aniee geet ko leakar jao car mien betho ..
geet back to KM  ..facing all the childhood memories …Cry … 
Mere Haath Mien Tera Haath hou ..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
sorry couldn’t accommodate the precap  ..will be having TEJ HANDA from next part …Wink
hope u enjoyed ..
plsss do leave me ur response n likes plsss
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OF FATE ..!!!

dark angel


Geet (stopped her from completing her word) : nothing aniee this Man was following us ..
come ill drop u home ..

they went ahead ..

Maan : follow them ..
Guard : but sir app ..? it won’t be safe .. commissioner has already warned about the threats …(but was stopped with a fuming glare by MSK) ..
Maan : just do as i say follow them ..till the time both reaches thr home got that ..
i can take care of my self …DeadDead
Geet n aniee were talking about how maan was following her in parking ..while driving off to KM in geet’s car ..
Aniee (giggling) : tu ne sach mien maan bhai ko mara …LOL
Geet (glared at her) : just shut up aniee ..wohh idiot samajhta kya apne aapko Shocked..mien koi 2 saal ki bachi jis ko uss ki protection ki zarorat paregi ..uhh I hate him ..
Aniee (teasing tone) : really u hate him gudya WinkWink…(after receiving another glare from geet making a puppy face).. mien tou sirf pouch rahi thi ..LOL
Geet (stern) : pouchna tou mujhe chahiye ..kya kehne jaa rahi thi tum wahan Ouch..unn sab bodyguards ke saamne tum maan ko bhai bolne wali thi DeadDead..aniee kyun baar baar yaad dilana hai ke u can’t disclose ur identity like this Confused..mana who guards 24/7 maan ke saath hote hain n they have seen u in KM as well but that doesn’t mean u will risk ur identity like this ..Angry
Aniee (irritated) : yeah right ..abb apne bhai ko bhai nahi tou pata nahi kiya bolongi ..Cry
Geet (saw her n tried to change her mood) : acha dashboard open kar ..tere fav. Aashiqui 2 ka song play karte hain Embarrassed..i ve disk burn it from lappy ..
Aniee (turned sideways with anger) : nahi now u tell me straight ..kyun chali gayi thi london se … (geet tried to interrupt but aniee cut her off) … dekho I knw u are avoiding this since morning abhi bolna parega ..Dead
Geet sighed knowing its time ..aniee won’t bulge now n she have say something or the other …n parked her car side ways in a safe place ..
Geet (said looking outside with slight mist eyes) : u know it sweeto ..last 13 years ..maa ke jaane ke baad it was only U for Me .. (aniee interupted) .. n U for Me(geet smiled n continued) .. jab maan tumhain india le aye ..i was left alone thr …Amy aur Ridz bhi apni medical studies aur fir apne newly found love relation mien ghum thay .. after all being just 18 n having ur love with u is a dream come true na i can’t blame them at all …(her eyes poured out the long held tears n she sobbed in pain remembering those days she spent all alone).. prem bhai .. arjun ..preet sab thay ..but u know it na I have my own boundaries with them .. I was left all alone thr .. koi nahi thay aur phir wohh D ..// 
Geet Stopped in the middle feeling aniee pressing her shoulder with her palm like assuring her to go ahead but her sobbing hiccups told geet she was crying n geet wiped her tears plastering a smile n turned back cupping aniee’s face in her both palms n wiped her tear stricken face smiling at her ..while looked at her with questioning gaze to continue ..n she again sat looking away from her ..
Geet (st) : I can’t aniee ..i am sorry I am lying to u for the first time ..but I just can’t let u know what I have gone n done back thr in my childishness … u won’t understand n won’t be able to make u face such a harsh truth of this world … it took alot in me to keep u away from the whole world protected … just with us ..a world whr everyone loved us … n i just don’t have it in me to say this all to u n break this beautiful paradise of urs which i myself have constructed around u .. I am sorry sweeto ..ur geet is not that strong as u think of her to be ..i am sorry …Ouch
Aniee (shook her slightly) : bolo na ..fir tum yahan kaise aayi gudya ..??
Geet (smiled seeing her still mist eyes wondering just this much n this child sweeto is already in tears what she could say to her ) : woh bas mien tumhain miss kar rahi thi aur fir mene socha its just 1 n years left for my graduation to complete iss hi liye mien India agayi thinking mien tumse aur maan se milongi ..aur maan ko sab bata dungi but yahan aayi tou pata chala ke u both have gone back to london ..tou I couldn’t meet u ..
Aniee (pouted) : tou duffer tum wapis kyun nahi aayi .. hum wahan kitne pareshaan thay .. n yahan aayi tou 2 din tak ghayab kahan thi dadi ko bhi nahi mili …(geet said in a mere whisper ) .. Kash mien wapis chali gayi hoti ..
Geet (said looking every whr else than aniee) : woh sweeto wohh buhat confusion hugaya tha .. wohh airport par na mujhe cachu mil gaye thay n he took me with him ..mien wahin thi ..mujhe laga they might have told dadi tou mene call nahi kiya thinking wohh gussa hugi mien bina permission ke agayi .. aur fir 2 din baad jab wohh ghar aayi tou pata chala ke chacha n choti maa ko laga ke I would have told dadi about my arrival ..aur iss hi sab mien buhat confusion hugaya ..
Aniee (sobbed slightly hugging geet) : tu pagal hai gudya .. ek baar nahi socha hum sab kitna darr gaye hunge tu ghayab hugayi tou ..janti hu prem bhai aur arjun ne poora london sar par utha rakha tha Ouch..aur mamiji bhi kitne pareshaan thi ..Amy ne ko aisi jaga nahi thi jahan tujhe dhunda na hu Ouch…preet bhi kitna pareshaan tha .. par tu ..
Geet (hugged her back crying  mutely) : I am sorry sweeto ..i am really sorry, mien kabhi kisi ko pareshaan nahi karna chahti thi … par sab ko dukh puhanchaya mene apne bachpane mien …
Aniee (parted from hug n looked at her with a stern face) : aur iss hi liye 2 saal se kisi se baat nahi ki right …!!!
Geet looked down hiding her guilt ..pain .. fear ..n tears ..thing she told wasn’t completely wrong .. she did went with Raghav from airport but it wasn’t she didn’t called dadi but they never let her call KM …more tears gathered in her eyes remembering that time .. she sighed how just 2 days changed her whole life … wiping away her tears she looked in front setting her seat belt again ..
Geet : mien bas darr gayi thi .. jab dadi ne kaha wahan sab log kitne pareshaan thay i thought everyone must be hell angry on me to have left like this ..without informing .. tou tu janti hai Amy ko uska temper high hujata hai tou woh bilkul tere sado Maan bhai jaisa hujata hai … n Prem bhai bhi iss baar meri side nahi lete ..Arjun se koi umeed rakhi hi nahi thi mene … i just got scared ke sab log kitna ghussa hunge iss hi liye i didn’t contacted anyone ..n dadi ko bol diya tha tou apologize to everyone from my side ..
Aniee : yup call aya tha dadi ka sab ko tere mil jane ke baad to inform us that u are fine ..gosh kya din thay woh ..sab log high alert par thay aur maan bhai ..pucho mat sab log itna pareshan dekh kar khud bhi kitne sawaal karte thay but aapne sab ko kasam jo de rakhi thi ke SIRF AAP HI BATAYENGI MAAN BHAI KO APNE BARE MIEN … gosh geet aur kuch time dadi ka call nahi ata na tou Amy ne tou lava ke jaise phatna tha …
geet (making a baby crying face) : woh sab log buhat naraaz hunge na mujh se ..??
Aniee (with a baby complaining face) : uhh .. tu janti hai na wahan koi bhi apni pyaari dulari GUDYA se naraaz nahi huta … han thora ghussa hain but i am sure ek baar tu unse baat karle gi tou sab theek huga ..
geet : but mien kaise ..
aniee : arre darr mat yrr …prem bhai khud india arahe hain ..
geet (shocked) : What ..!!! kab kaise …
Aniee : unki marriage anni hai iss week mien tou woh uss hi ki celebration ke liye aane wale thay but tere aur maan bhai ke rishtey ka pata chala tou poori juneja family ne apna plan pre-pone kar liya ..
Geet (still feeling scared to face them all again ): hmm ..
Anie : kahan kho gai ..??
Geet (smiled faintly) : nothing … chalo now ill drop u home ..
Aniee (surprised) : drop me ..?? tu nhi aayegi KM …??
Geet (looked away starting the car avoiding her gaze) : nahi aniee abhi nahi …mujhe kuch kaam hai ..u go ahead mien baad mien aati hoon ..
Aniee looked at geet for a brief moment … thr were so many questions in her mind but she held back probably for the first time aniee held back herself to ask something to her gudya ..but life has changed n changed not only geet but also her .. she wasn’t that 17year old child geet left .. she is now 19…!! n a bit more mature to understand things better .. but guess geet missed that part of aniee’s behavior …Wink
2 cars of fully equipped guards were following geet’s car till KM n when aniee went inside one of the car stood outside KM while the other car continued following geet’s car …but soon lost track of her in delhi’s traffic plus geet was driving really harshly ..taking blind turns  overtaking other cars .. she was so much angry at self to have lied to aniee .. n was driving her car at a very fast speed .. reaching near Handa house she was just on the main street linking to the sub street of residential area when with a bang a car came out of the sub street n collided with her car as a result her car got its head light damaged n she also got hurt slightly on her head with the sudden hit her head banged on the steering wheel ..she after a moment of shock looked up holding her head in one hand n saw the driver of the car just hit hers’ .. head dipped down on the steering wheel she guessed he was unconscious ..Ouch
She went out of her car only to witness a shock seeing maan thr half conscious ..he wasn’t wearing a seat belt n hence he was now unconscious slightly bleeding from forehead as a result of banging his head on the steering wheel …
Geet : Maan …!! Yeh yahan .. shit I got to do something fast ..par yeh dorr tou locked hai …kya karon ..ConfusedConfused
 Leaving her cursing program she opened the door by carefully breaking the passenger side’s glass opening his door n bent down tried to wake him up .. geet shocked beyond words seeing his forehead bleeding slightly n for a second kept looking at him gaping at his wounded face .. tears gathered in her eyes threatening to fall when she cupped his face caressing the corners of his forehead carefully ..absorbing the moment she panicked patting his face ..trying to wake him up ..
Geet : Maan …maan wake up ..utho .. kya huya hai ..utho maan plss kuch bolo na(almost pleading) maan plss utho na ..  aap ..aap theek hu na …(he opened his eyes slightly with her constant patting n looked at her then again closed his eyes being sub-conscious n geet calmed a bit knowing he is just dizzy stood up thinking what might have lead him here but nothing came to her mind n she looked back at him only to see him struggling to gain his conscious) .. shit ..this idiot … damn u maan .. god knows better kar kya rahe huge tum yahan … pata nahi kya huga aage ..babaji help karna ..
After Splashing some water on his face he did gain his conscious but he wasn’t in any condition to walk or say anything ..she went to her car opening the roof of her mercedes benz she some how managed to drag him till her car n then when she wasn’t able to handle his weight she dumped him in the passenger seat of back n settled his legs inside ..thr was suddenly some cars rushing to thr side ..

Person : wohh raha MSK …wohh woh dekh uski car ..

Geet heard those men n guessed may be maan was again attacked by some of his rivals .. she immediately covered the roof of her car n reversed it back hiding not for long as the goon’s car started coming towards her n thr was best chances of her getting caught .. for a second she glanced back at maan’s face then held her ring in left thumb tight closing her eyes shot a quick prayer …
Geet : maa, babji se sifarish kar dena …aaj apke bache sahi salamat ghar puhanch jayen ..
N gaining the full acceleration zoomed out her car out of the tree n pushing pass the showering bullets she went away in a gallop n than started the tom n jerry chase .. she  didn’t knew whr to go ..whr was she taking turn to .. only tackling those goons she was now roaming in a constructing area with many buildings under construction ..
She took a turn n saw the car of the goons in front immediately she reversed her too late coz they again started chasing her n that’s when maan opened his eyes fully analyzing the surrounding n saw geet driving the car in full speed …
Maan (angry seeing her in the car holding his throbbing head with one hand shouted) : what the hell geet tum yahan kya kar rahi hoo ..
Geet (irritated) : tada ..breaking news ..mien aapke saath un goons ke haathon phas gayi hoon aur pechlke 1 ghante se pata nahi kahan kahan bhag rahi hoon ..
Maan : geet just stop the car right now aur jao yahan se ..its not safe for u to be around me ..
Geet : shut up ..just shut up maan ..if u have gained enough sense then have a look around u are in my car ..aapki car ke tires burst hugaye thay … n these damn shooters are so accurate so plzz if u don’t want to be dead just get down ..
Maan than only realized it was her car .. he glanced back seeing there were 2 cars approaching them ..n bikes as well ..luckily they were not firing now …as they have now entered in a food street with so much of public around but it won’t be safe in any way to stop n face them specially when he is injured still unsure of geet’s capabilities ..
Geet (frustrated) : now if u have finished counting them try n do something idiot .. I can’t carry on running for the life time n I have zero knowledge of how to get out of this area .. god y me babaji …y me ..
Maan (confused with her constant blabbering then those goons n top of all his head ache making him irked ) : geet mien kuch tab karonga jab tum mujhe kuch sochne dugi ..aur itni hi problem thi then y do u have to save me at first place .. chor deti wahin ..marjane deti ..
Geet (fuming) : hell yeah ..i should have ..but the sad part is Mr.Maan Singh Khurana I can’t ..i just can’t leave u to die thr …get that u …//
But be4 she could say more a bullet missed her from milli inches coming frm sideways breaking her door’s windows …n zoomed in front of her eyes ..
Maan : GEET …!!!!!!!!!
Get glanced back at maan with fear evident in her eyes while maan looked at her panicked …the sudden attack by them took them by surprise Getting the hell out of both ..for a moment she lost all the control over the car ..n it hit the side car as she has loosened the grip on steering wheel … n maan sat thr lost just looking at her up n down making himself sure she is fine … when the car hit the goon’s car n with a bang he came out of his trance ..n he saw in front seeing a small boy in the middle of the now lonely street n he came in front bending handling the steering wheel n that’s when geet came out of shock n with tears pouring down she held the steering wheel over maan’s hand he looked at her with assuring eyes n she zoomed her car ahead dodging them making maan wonder with her driving skills  ..
They managed to tackle them n in between Maan saw an isolated area n thr a closed shop ..it was now old delhi they were in .. coming out of the car geet followed maan taking her car’s key out .. 
Maan : geet tumhara cell ..
Geet (lost in the sounds of that bullet stared at him blankly n then maan held her shoulder breaking her thoughts ..a tear stream flowed out of her eye while they both kept staring at each other .. maan felt an un-known urge to hide her in his embrace n make her believe its all fine ..he won’t let anything happen to her seeing that fearful eyes n that tear lingering over her cheeks only made him feel like hell .. he looked away with all his odd thoughts n asked again ..
Maan : wohh mujhe Adi ko call karna tha …mera cell I guess meri car mien hi hai ..tumhara ..
Geet (wiped her tear n looked into her clutch with trembling hands n heavy lids couldn’t find it .. she looked up at him with her duo shape hazel almonds eyes with so much of fear n panic in them ) : wohh …wohh shayad aniee …usske paas reh gaya …
Maan (tried to calm her) : its okie ..koi baat nahi …mien kuch karta hoon …
They stood thr looking at thr surroundings while maan saw a telephone booth ..
Maan : geet tumhare paas coin hai ..??
Geet (still in that moment) : uhh what ..?? coin
Maan (saw her lost self asked calmly) : wohh wahan ..PCO hai ..mien Adi ko call kar ke kuch help le sakta hoon ..
Geet : han yeh lo ..
she gave her clutch ..n kept rubbing her hand over the ring in her left thumb ..making maan surprised with her behavior but he let go off it n opening her clutch fetched out few coins n went in the booth ..
Maan (on call with adi) : adi problem hugayi hai … kuch shooter mere peeche pare hain ..i guess I am now in old delhi ..tum is PCO ka location track karo aur guards ke saath yahan puhanco ..iss booth ke saamne ek old shop hai jo close hai ..hum wahin hain ..
Adi (on the other side worried as well as confused after hanging the call ) :HUM …choro wohh sab baad mien pehle maan sir ko bachana huga ..
Maan came out n stood thr for few minute seeing geet sweating looking here n thr .. n he was lost thinking whr was the guard’s car following her …but shrugged off the thought for a moment ..n asked geet ..
Maan : geet we won’t be able to dodge them for long .. wohh wahan ek close shop hai humien wahin chup jana chahiye ..adi thori dair mien guards aur police ke saath ajayega … hopefully tab tak who goons humien nahi dhund payenge ..
Geet (confused) : but wohh car woh mil gayi tou they will get to know hum kahin chupe hain ..
Maan stood thinking for some time then looked at a car parked thr with a car cover over it taking the cover off the car he ran to geet’s car n covered it with it ..
Maan : abb unko nahi pata chalega its our car ..
Geet nodded still no sure what was gonna happen it was already 6 sky setting dark n this isolated area ..
Maan pulled the shutter of the shop half down ..while geet looked back shocked eyes pooped out with the sudden darkness around ..
Geet (panicked) : yeh kya kar rahe hain aap .. y the hell did u have to close it damit …
Maan for once thought she was taking his intensions in a wrong way but then before he could blast on her ..he saw her busy murmuring looking up to the ceiling ..
Geet : babaji dekho iss idiot ko ..waise hi andhera kam hai jo yeh aur shutter down kar rahien hain …seriously I tell u ..he came as my death today ..idiot ..
She was busy cursing him when a warm smile spread across maan’s face ..shaking his head thanking his star he didn’t blasted her than chuckled at his own thoughts about her ..here she is afraid of darkness ..
he know aniee is afraid of darkness as well n by his previous experience with aniee when once KM’s light went off he knew he has to do something fast or geet will also be scared like aniee use to get ..
After few minutes when darkness was covering the whole place making it difficult for them to even locate things geet finally noticed him searching for something n asked getting curious ..
Geet : aap kya dhund rahe hu …??
Maan (still searching) : nothing geet bas kuch lightening ke liye ..andhera hu raha hai n I am afraid adi ko location track kar ke yahan puhanchne mien kam se kam 30 min tu lagienge ..
Geet (irritated) : yeh adi bhaiya na .. bade papa tou 15 min mien hi agaye thay ..Shocked
than bit her tongue cursing herself to have said this ..but thanked her stars maan didn’t listened to it ..he was engrossed setting the damaged lantern to lit up ..n finally it did .. geet smiled widely finally getting some source of light or else she was dead scared leaving the long held breath she sat down with both of them opposite facing each other n lantern in the middle ..the awkward silence prevailing .. maan was only lost observing her .. while geet looked at the burning lid of the lantern with a blank face ..n few memories flashing making her smile bitterly n a tear skipped her eye making maan’s trance broke n that’s when he noticed a bruise mark on her hand .. he panicked taking her hand in his ..
Maan : geet tumhain choot lagi thi tou bolti tou .. yeh ..
Geet (taking back her hand with a sarcastic tone ) : oh right right ..jab wohh shooters humare peeche pare thay mien apko bolti maan mujhe chot lagi hai ..sab se pehle aap hi mujhe lecture de rahe hote .. Tongue
Maan (irritated) : geet mien ..
Geet (intervened) : chill ..nishan hi hai bas ..chot buhat poorani hai ..
Maan (curios) : kaise lagi yeh ..??
Geet looked at him briefly for a moment than looked away yet again with a blank expression ..Ouch
Geet : jo zakham bhar chuka hai sirf uske nishan ko dekh kar kyun uss se jori yadoon ko yaad karna chahte hain aap Confused ..jane dijeye .. kuch waqt aur beetega aur yeh nishaan bhi mit jayega ..
Maan looked at her he knew this was deep her every word was not just as simple as it seems ..she wasn’t just talking about THIS ..but the memories he was trying to remember.. he can see ever since they were in this situation she was constantly rubbing the ring in her left thumb …he remembered aniee told him it was his father Yash Khurana’s ring geet wears …
Maan : tumhain kyun lagta hai ke jo nishaan 13 saloon mien nahi mitta wohh abhi mit sakta hai ..??
Geet (looked at the burning fire of the lantern said lost in some other world) :dunya mien kuch bhi humesha ke liye nahi hota …na chot ..na dard ..na gham na KHUSHI aur nahi koi RISHTA …(looked back at him with a piercing gaze ) … sab aate jaate rehte hain ..yeh zakham ka nishaan bhi chala jayega jaise iss se jora dard chala gaya ..
Maan (said looking at her straight) : par geet mujhe nahi lagta ke abb tak zakham bhi bharha …mujhe tou aaj bhi uss ka dard tumhare chehre par dekh raha hai ..Cry
she knew he wasn’t saying about the wound only but the memories related to her past something she never shared with anyone ..some event still undercover ..some emotions still hidden from all ..buried deep within her heart ..but now surfacing ..may be ..??
Geet (said looking straight in his eyes) : mujhe laga tha aap mera chehra parhna bhool gaye hunge ..Ouch
Maan : mujhe laga tha mien tumhain hi bhool gaya hoon Dead..par shayad abb bhi kuch hai jo mien parh sakta hoon Embarrassed.. (geet looked away trying to hide her tears but maan saw her weeping n tried making thr convo bit light .. he knew it won’t be easy to make it all normal least he could do was to be good with her at this moment) .. so tum ne bataya nahi yeh chot kaise lagi thi tumahin ..??
Geet (smiled removing her tears) : yeh sab …yeh aaj jo kuch huya ..i mean yeh shooters ..yeh pehle bhi huya hai …(maan confused)… kafi saal pehle humare london jaane se bhi pehle I was probably 6 than .. school se wapis aate time humien kidnap kiya tha kuch logoon ne .. n we escaped from thr place somehow.. bhagte bhagte wohh log humien pakarne wale thay when we both were hiding in a house n U collided with a wooden cupboard usske upar kuch rakha tha metallic I pushed u n was about to move myself but meri dolly wahin atak gayi thi fir who mere haath par gira n uss hi se hand par cut lag gaya tha ..
Maan was listening intently trying to remember any of it ..thr were such images when he for first time got attacked but he never thought about it n now as geet narrated it all the pictures were getting clear .. he can NOW see a clear picture of that scene just that he wasn’t able to make out geet’s face ..sweating he sat thr with immense pain in his head the fever may be was also a reason ..when geet came thr sitting beside him pressing his shoulder with her palm …
Geet : u don’t need to remember that now .. yeh wala accident yaad kar lena agli baar .. (n chuckled making him smile as well) ..waise aap mera peecha kyun kar rahe thay ..?? ek minute aap wohh hotel mien bhi humare saath thay ..??
Maan : nahi madam .. mien sirf wahan apne ek client meeting ke liye aaya tha but coffee lounge se guzarte waqt I heard a girl shouting at an elderly women n than spotted u both devils smiling cunningly I knew u were upto something n stood thr only ..
Geet (surprised) : u saw all that ..Shocked
Maan (with a teasing smile) : yup I did …tum jaise uss larki ko giraya fir sunaya everything ..
Geet : well she deserved every bit of it .. 
Maan : but u shouldn’t have involved in other matter ..that guy was following u .. tum ne mujhe hit kiya aur sab guards ko dekh kar hi wohh chala gaya n then only I started talking with u about him ..
Geet : I care a damn aata tou uska bhi wahi haal karti jo aapka …// (stopped embarrassed then looked away n maan too made a stern face ..)
Maan : that hurt-ed me ..
Geet (fought back) : I didn’t asked u to be extra smart ok ..so don’t blame me ..
But aap yeh sab mien phasse kaise ..?? guards kahan thay ..?? aur yeh fir se koi rival attack hai ya kuch aur ..?
Maan (hesitant not wanting to reveal he made his guard to follow her) : i am still not sure who is behind all this …police ne kuch warnings di thi but not clear enough to point out any1 n guards … umm .. woh I guess those guards were tackled by them .. I was going back to KC when one of these shooter aimed me on a lonely street in between but I tackled the bullet in than started the chase game n some how taking numerous turns I ended up coming near Handa House .. n rest u know ..
Geet (angry) : what the hell ..kaise guards hain aapke .. aapki car ki speed bhi match nahi kar sakte .. aap aise log ko kaam pe rakhte hi kyun ho .. what if aaj mien wahan nahi aati .. pata hai kiya hujata .. aap pagal hu ..aapko back mirror check nahi karna hota ..n top of that khud kyun drive kar rahe thay …?? Kis baat ka ghussa tha jo itna fast drive kar rahe thay ke guards bhi nahi match kar paye aapki speed …(me : mam forgetting her speed when she was angry at self)… aap sach mien kahin ka ghussa kahin nikalne mien maher hu ..dekho abhi phas gaye na hum ..stupid idiot ..aisa koi karta hai ..duffer ..
Maan was amused to see her so angry ..he wondered how she got to know about his rash driving linked with his mood ..lost looking at her red angry face n her non-stop blabbering or say scolding .. he probably didn’t saw her talking this much in last 3 odd meetings of thr it was always aniee or dadi or him speaking n she .. she was always answering in mono-syllabus way but here she is going like a bullet train never to stop .. an amusing strange smile covered his lips listening to her constant chanting words …the cutely red nose n fuming eyes going bid …odd MSK n listening to some1’s scolding …??? Really odd ..
Be4 she could say further some faint voices were heard from outside … both became alert hiding the lantern making the place again pitch dark they hide behind the broken furniture from the intruders .. they were the goons looking for them standing just outside .. maan n geet both sat thr inches away holding thr breaths waiting for them to leave but maan felt geet shivering in fear .. he was concerned may be is scared of this darkness ..he placed a hand on her shoulder n she shudder jerking back almost shouting when maan placed his hand on her mouth shutting her but her moment made a faint noise with something falling down .. they both relaxed trying to guess if they will enter the shop or not ..maan still had her hand on her mouth geet tried getting free from his hold but in vain .. no matter how much she try but his closeness was effecting still not sure of the reason but this proximity wasn’t making her clam a bit even .. she looked at maan the slight light coming from the slits of shutter illuminating thr panicked eyes gave enough access to him to see the fear in her eyes .. n he whispered ..
Maan : don’t worry I’ll do something ..
Removing his hand off her mouth ..He was about to move when her hold tightened over his shoulder stopping him ..
Geet : wohh ..wohh log bahar hain ..
Maan (smiled at her concerned eyes) : don’t worry mujhe unko tackle karna aata hai u just be here n ill dis-track them ..
Geet (shrieked) : no ways I am gonna be here alone in this dark shop u get that …
Maan closed his eyes listening to her high pitch voice n next they welcomed 4 goons well built luckily thr wasn’t any weapon in thr HANDS …he cursed her ..
Maan : great now u don’t have to be here alone .we will both meet in heaven ..
Geet (scared yet answered back) : who told u ..u r gonna meet be in heaven Mr. Khurana ..i am sure ur bestest friend the great shaitan will invite u at his place ..the great hell ..
Maan (greeted his teeth) : Geet ..!!
Goon : oyee chup karo tum dono ..kya chuhoon (rats) ke tarha phus phus kar rahe hu ..
Aur tu (2another goon) boss ko phone laga bol mil gaya Maan Singh Khurana ..
Maan n geet looked at each other eyes pooped out then maan tried going ahead to surrender may be he could put a fight with them outside leaving at least geet safe .. but thr only hope died when 2 of them put riffles out from thr back .. pointing on them ..
Maan : shit .. iss hi kami thi ..
Geet : abb ..??
Maan : wahi jo yeh kahinge .. damn u adi aur kitna time lagaoge aane mien …
Goon 2 to 1: boss ne kaha hai inko yahin rakhne ko .. who khud yahan aarahe hain ..
Maan n geet were sitting down surrounded by 4 of them ..when geet’s eye fell on the empty whiskey can n he elbowed maan about it n he gave her an annoyed confused looked then she pointed towards the gunman .. thr were 2 goons having gun with them n two were without weapons .. one of the two with weapon was standing in front of geet while other in front of maan ..n other two were at a few steps distance .. though maan couldn’t understand all what geet was upto but was alert to what she was doing .. she carefully with her legs pushed the can to a far corner of the shop making thr concentration go on it n grabbing the chance geet kicked high up to that man’s hand making his hold loose on his riffle n so did maan .. 
Geet stood up putting a fight maan was fighting with the two n geet was thr as well handling them with her martial arts skill ..maan knocked them out n saw geet fighting them quite excellently he was amused with her moves for a moment lost with her high kicks n those solid technical punches she wasn’t stronger than them but still her technique made her handle them too well .. while geet was fighting with one of them the other one grabbed a riffle n was about to shoot at geet when maan came n grabbed his hand banging his head to the near by wall surprising geet ..who just threw the other one on the broken furniture surely breaking one or more bones of his’ ..she smiled giving a high five to maan who smiled as well giving her a hand took her hand in hand n was about to step out of the shop when suddenly one of the goon stood up limping yet holding the gun in his hand aiming at maan ..n was about to shoot when geet pushed him aside n both fell down … before he could fire at them again Adi came in with police n guards ..maan looked at geet who was now lying on him shocked facial expression scared ..maan cupping her face panicked .
Maan : geet tum theek hu ..?? kya zarorat thi yeh karne ki ..pagal hu kya tum kuch hujata .. goli lag jati tou .. abhi kuch bologi ..tum theek hu na gudya ..?
Geet was still in shock .. her mind was numb echoing with the sounds of bullet n she kept on gaping at maan with tear filled hazel almond eyes she placed her cold shivering hand over his face lightly caressing his features …n her tears streams welled down .. giving away her fearful plight n maan just cocooned her in his embrace .. both thr hearts throbbing violently against each others …geet clutched his shoulder tight with fear .. n she said in a trembling voice ..
Geet : aap .. aap theek hu na ..??
Maan smiled in the hug caressing her hair soothing her …or may be his violent heart beats ..
Maan : mien theek hoon …
Adi came thr clearing his throat .. n that’s when both maaneet realized thr proximity n geet immediately parted with a jerk ..


maan : geet ke liye koi bhi faisla lene se pehle mujhe tumhari ya kisi bhi aur ki permission nahi hai Mr. Tej Handa … geet mere saath KM jaa rahi hai …(be4 geet could say another word) .. aur iss baat par bolne ka haq geet ko bhi nahi hai …clear enough abb jao aur apni duty sambhalo ..aur geet ki fiqar karne ki aap mien se kisi ko bhi koi bhi zarorat nahi hai ..
aniee geet ko leakar jao car mien betho ..

geet back to KM Big smile..facing all the childhood memories …Cry… 

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dark angel


The day went so well for both the girls they roamed in anywhere n everywhere In delhi .. eating ..chatting ..aniee telling geet the whole 2 years of her life while geet also shared some important events like her convocation day ..her countable few friends of final year in mumbai college where she persuaded her last year of architecture .. deliberately avoiding many moments when she use to miss her ..miss her own life back in london .. n most importantly that how n y she came here though aniee tried many times but geet was smart to distract her everytime n aniee being the innocent angel was too easy to handle in this regard .. geet was just cherishing every moment of this togetherness for only she know how much she missed her in these 2 year n now also geet knows it not more than 10 days maan will let aniee be here its been like this ever since …maan use to take aniee with him on secret vacations avoiding the whole world’s attention but it was never more than 4 days trip EVER ..even if aniee came to KM she wasnn’t allowed to roam about freely thr were always guards around her ..she didn’t have much friends here so all she do here other than teasing n troubling maan for one or the other thing is to shop ..shop n shop all the malls of Delhi .. leaving geet in london to just wait n same happened last  time 2 years back when maan came to london all of a sudden n took aniee with him didn’t even bothered to look for geet .. n she was busy getting a gift for him n planning his murder …:D but both girls were anaware that maan was taking aniee thr forever ..well the plan actually couldn’t last long more than 2 months coz it was always threats n attack planned for maan n he didn’t wanted to risk annie’s life so he took her back but by then geet had left london … n here life has offered some moments to her again to smile n no way she is gonna leave that but the constant fear that one day she will have to answer all question of everyone is still thr making her stay quite … n moreover making aniee doubt …it was simply not her being quite .. saying in monosyllabic language ..she was the only one who could ive competition to the great anvesha khurana in talking business …but aniee thought may be meeting maan after so many years n than him getting to know everything is bothering her knowing how much she has waited for him to come back n take her back to her home ..thr home ..but he never did any of it ..


While on the other hand maan had a super awful day ..he couldn’t do anything just sat thr in his cabin blank ..thinking again n again about all what dadi n aniee told him about his life ..geet’s life ..
Trying to remember any of his meeting with geet in those 13 years … it wasn’t like he never went to london ..he did ..he use to visit aniee secretly avoiding media attention over his visits to London .. but how come he never saw geet or is it that he saw geet but never noticed it .. geet’s painful hazel eyes filled with tears still flashes in his mind .. how could she be so happy with just a mere mention of a name from him ..HOW ..?? least he knew what emotions that one name held for her …!!

He closed his eyes wanting some peace .. answers to his queries .. only find that one blur image again ..one out of many memories he has forgotten ..

It was a girl hardly 6 running with great speed along with 2 boys elder to her may be 7 or may be 9 ..maan was not able to see any of thr faces only back running in a wide spread garden or park …that girl … she was laughing .. laughing her heart out while no one was able to catch her .. few faint sounds of a GIRL ..

Nahi pakar paoge .. nahi pakar paoge bhaiya ..aap mujhe nahi pakar paoge .. 

While thr came another boy in picture running behind her .. n caught her by her waist but they both lost thr balance n fell in the pool of mud …both looked at each other …for a moment paused .. n than sat up laughing .. removing the mud

Girl : yeh kya kar diya .. mudy muddy hugayi mien ..

Boy : but I caught u gudya ..

Girl (stood up then fell down n stood up again with his support but snorted her nose high n jerked his hand off her n left saying) : uhh bade aye ..sado

The girl slightly trip when the 2 boys saved her n 

Maan opened his eyes with a jerk sweating ..

Maan : fir se wahi sapna .. pata nahi kab ..kab iss sab ka aanth hoga … (left a sigh n after some time he realized remembering all what he got to know about his life) … woh geet hai .. geet hi hai jo itne saloon se in parchaiyoon ke zariye mere dil o dimag mien zinda hai .. par who do boys …may be prem n arjun ..but yeh ..
Mere sawaloon ka jawaab sirf geet ke paas hai ..
Par kya wohh mere sawaloon ka jawab degi ..??

Breaking his thoughts adi knocked his cabin n he asked him to come in ..

Adi : sir this the file for evening’s meeting aap parh lijeye ..4 bje ki meeting hai Hotel Taj mien ..we still have 3 hours ..

Maan : hmmm ..

Adi stood thr for a second observing maan …he was sure something is wrong but wasn’t getting the words how to ask him in Office ..if at KM he would have but now …but the way maan has been since morning he could guess thr is something drastic bothering him ..

Maan (looked up) : anything else Adi ..

Adi (fumbling bit nervous) : umm ..nahi ..wohh sirr ..actually ..wohh ..

Maan (irritated) : bolo adi ..

Adi : aap theek hu na sir ..?? I mean ..kuch ..

Maan (lost for a moment then answered) : umm .. han adi mien theek hoon ..don’t worry .. aur kuch huga tou ill tell u (smiled at his friend’s concern) don’t worry(stern) now resume ur work ..


It was nearly 5 in the evening geet n aniee were sitting in the lavish TAJ hotel’s coffee house n after playing well enough thr was aniee  again with her same question ..

Aniee : so now finally abb koi new place nahi koi exciting object nahi ..batao mujhe what came over ur dumb head ke tum 2 saal pehle bina kisi ko batye yahan India agayi .. u said u have had promised dad that u won’t come back until ur studies are finished ..then y ..??

aur mujhe bhi kuch nhi kaha .. 2 saal se kitna try kiya mene tum se contact karne ki but u never did once even tried to ..(made a hurtful sad face then again tried to be normal).. u know wahan sab kuch kitna mess up hugaya hai tumhare jaane ke baad se .. mien bhai ko bhi kuch nahi keh payi ..unko tou kuch pata bhi nahi hai wahan humari life humare friends ke bare mien apart from those few odd meetings with amy n ridz ..

Geet (mist eyes low tone) : amy aur ridz kaise hain ..??

Aniee : tumhare jane ke baad ridz bhi chali gayi ..(shocked geet snapped her head up with this new revelation n said ).. abhi tak solve nahi huya unka fight … (aniee continued didn’t hear geet’s words) ..pata nahi what happened Amy ne bhi kuch nahi kaha mujhe .. n surprisingly wohh tou sirf tumhare liye worried tha .. ridz ka tou mene usko bataya ke she has left london as well …aur upar se Bhai bhi wahan humare saath thay we just couldn’t talk openly in front of him regarding U ..aapke mahaan kasam jo toot jati ..but good thing is Amy n Bhai became very much normal with each other the way they use to be be4 in mom’s time …(smiled)… bas tumhari aur ridz ki hi kami thi ..tum dono hote tu that 1 week with bhai in london would have been the best time ..u know tumhare aise ghayab hujane par maami ji kitna tensed thi jab hum wahan puhanche saari situation itni messed up thi .. she didn’t knew if maan bhai came looking for u or what ..then me asking her about u ..poor soul was so confused n then told me about u being missing ..prem bhai ..arjun ..preet amy everyone was searching u like maniacs ..but of no use n finally i was going to tell maan bhai everything ..but mami ji stopped me knowing from the police that u have traveled to India on ur passport n I called dadi .. fir dadi was searching for u ..aur insab mien mami ji ko police station ke itne chakar lagene pare n she was so worn out ..seeing this maan bhai decided ke mami ji won’t be able to look after me in this stage of her life so he shifted me n mami ji in a far off mansion along with Dev bhai with high security be4 coming back to India …gosh it was hell for me ..me staying with Dev bhai whole 2 days …yukk u know geet he drinks … n party over night with girls n boys in his house …yukk gross bit***y girls I was soo shocked seeing him like that …u can’t imagine how much I cried over the call to maan bhai for taking me from thr … n then he came back  again to London n mami ji asked him to let us shift back to our house ..n eventually he did agreed ..Dev bhai is such a  mystery ..ek tou he never even met us for once even after completing his studies dadi se bhi kabhi milne nahi aaye yahan …n then this kind of life ..seriously geet it was only mami ji who stopped me warna mene tou Amy ko call kar diya tha to take me away from thr …

All the while geet was only trying to stop her flooding tears ..dipping her head down while aniee kept on saying while munching her sandwiches ..the thought of her dearest friends apart toured her with guilt .. n then aniee facing all this only made her feel disgusted about her stupid impulsive decision .. blaming herself for all what happened n sat thr confused with dev’s part …as all she know about him is that he is a step brother to aniee n yash adopted him when they both were in London ..dev use to live in some hostel ..they never even once met him in thr whole life of 13 years in London then y maan made aniee stay with him …she was hell angry with the fact that maan so carelessly  left aniee with that stupid brother of his .. what if something wrong had happened to aniee .. the thought was going in all wrong ways n the guilt which she is living with from past 2 year regretting every second of her life to have left london like that … is now getting doubled listening to all this from aniee ..her hurt painful voice is enough for geet to know how much she missed her …a smile spread across her face .. a painful one ..thinking how on earth she will put it in words what she has been facing ever since she came to India ..how much she missed her life ..her friend ..top of all her reason to leave Aniee .. removing the tears from her eyes in the pretext of setting her hair geet looked up ..n saw aniee relishing her fav. Sandwiches n smiled ..

Geet : but maan ne tumhain wahan bheja kyun ..?? he knew na ke u don’t even know him .. tou tumhain akele ..its really odd to think about ur devil sado brother leaving u alone with that Dev ..

Aniee : yeah it is for UR devil sado Best friend (while giving geet a teasing stare n then continued seriously) ..mene bhi bhai se yeh hi poucha tha ke all of a sudden y dev bhai ..so he said ke itne saloon se he is been living alone but it was because he was in some other part of England not in London ..but now since he is in London we should live together like siblings type … maan bhai initially tou rahe humare saath for 2 days ..but then India mien koi meeting thi he came back n dev bhai showed his real colors … n finally within 24 hours ..me n mami ji was back to our home sweet home ..

Geet : chalo good ..tumhain ziada time wahan rehna nahi parha .,

Aniee : but geet pata hai dev bhai is a real mystery .. pata hai maan bhai even asked me not to tell this all to dadi maa Dead..like wohh dev bhai ki drinking wali habits n all ..dadi kitna hurt hujati na ..iss hi liye

Geet : hmm maan ne theek hi kiya ..dadi maa ko acha nahi lagta n maan must have sorted it ..tou kyun tension le rahi hai ..aur bata aur kya kya huya hai wahan meri absence mien ..

Aniee : BUHAaaTtt kuch huya hai madam .. Amy is now a surgeon that to a cardiac surgeon .. prem bhai is married ..preet gosh poocho mat he is all the more flirty now after completing MBA .. but pata hai prem bhai ki wife Heer bhabi she is really cute n sweet one ..
N the most pathetic part of all …maan bhai ka woh jerk Arjun humare ghar ke paas rehne agaya hai ..uhh its so damn irritating ..(geet smiled teasingly n said).. but wohh tou central london mien tha na ..

Aniee (frustrated tone) : yup but abb yahan shift hugaya hai ..seriously geet he such a annoying person ..har waqt qukum chalata rehta hai ..yeh nahi kiya tou maan ko boldega ..wohh kiya tou maan ko complain kardega ..uhh
I hate him …LOL

Geet (with a loop sided smile) : really ..u do hate him sweeto ..??

Aniee : shut up geet … he is a jerk ..idiot ..n I hate him ..Tongue

Geet : mene tou sirf poucha tha …

Aniee : pouch tou mien bhi tum se rahi hoon subha se .. London chor kar kyun aayi aise .. pata hai sab kitne pareshaan thay ..aur agayi tou 2 saal se kyun sab ko avoid kar rahi hoo .. mujhe tou laga tha tum ne abb tak maan bhai ko sab bata diya huga ..but wohh bhi nahi kiya …whats going onn here gudya …

Geet was completely blank at this moment ..she didn’t wanted her to know ..but also she is falling shot of words ..its not in her to lie conveniently .. its been always like her heart in her word n this sudden change with maan’s entry in her life made her confused as to how to handle everything …lost in her thoughts avoiding aniee’s question filled eyes .. when suddenly ..

A girl in a micro-mini dress entered in the lodge .. with black shades onn n bumped with an elderly woman ..though the woman was at fault bt it was her age that made her stumble n eventually the girl tripped down with her high 6 inch heels .. n eventually the girl scolded the woman quite harshly ..which irked geet ..though the matter solved but aniee n geet both witnessed this n were looking at that ill-manner girl with low eyes ..

Geet  : I can’t believe this ..i mean don’t she have an inch of manners ..that aunty was so aged n this girl talked with her so rudely …seriously I am disgusted with even the sight of her ..

Aniee : truly inn jaise low standard girls ko tou na acha lesson dena chahiye ..bechari aunty sirf iss liye ke unki galti thi chup chap uss make up shop ki batien sunti rahi .. mera bas chale na tou ..

Geet (raised her brows with a mischievous shine in her eyes ) : TOU …Embarrassed

Aniee (smiled cunningly eyed at that girl coming towards them ) : Tou …Wink

Geet winked at her ..geet was facing her back to that girl while that girl was coming to the table next to thr n geet deliberately held her leg out n made her trip again right on thr table on which chocolate moose was placed LOL..her face covered with moose making her look damn hilarious ..both girls giggled then stopped seeing her fuming face ..n geet stood up with a fake innocent sympathy ..

Geet (giving her napkin) : ohh my god ..aap tou kitna gir gayi  ..Tongue(double meaning)

The crowd was having a tough time controlling thr laughter yet few were laughing opening making that girl embarrassed .. while geet continued ..

Geet (wiping her face) : I am really sorry mien tou uth rahi thi seat se ..mujhe pata hi nahi chala ke aap peche se arahi hai .. gosh dekho tou ..aapka face already itna full tha make up se aur mene I mean meri waja se aur artificial layer agayi …LOL (making a teasing sorry face) ..while aniee giggled passing more napkin ..

The girl fumed n snapped geet’s hand off her face ..

Girl : get off u dumb head …aaj ka din hi kharaab hai ek tou I am late for my date n then that idiot lady n now u ..gosh if u can’t behave in such high class place then y the hell u even come in such hotels ..bloody LS ..

Geet fumed in anger n aniee was ready to paste the pastry on her face when that girl’s BF came to defend her ..

BF : baby ..r u okiee ..(turned to geet).. hi u girl don’t u have any manners ..u did that deliberately ..

Geet (mocked) : oh really ..then prove it Mr.

BF : don’t act smart girl ..i saw u ..u held out ur leg just make my baby trip ..(he was chipkkofying Dead with that girl who was by now at the verge of crying) ..

Geet (snapped back at him) : well I don’t need to ACT smart ..coz I am ..n about this better teach ur BABY (emphasizing) some good manner ..or else every time she’ll humilate any senior citizen she will have to face the same treatment ..n now if will move.. (threw some random bunch of money on the table n looked at aniee).. chal sweeto ..

Aniee stood up picking up both of thr’s mbl n clutches .. n geet went out ..while she came back n gave a napkin to the girl ..

Aniee : guess u still need it ..(to the boy).. well u seriously have a pathetic taste ..God Bless U ..(n left giggling) ..

BF : ill see u girl (the girl waked him hard).. first take me to the rest room u idiot ..

Geet n aniee went out smiling giggling ..unaware of the pair of eye who witnessed all this from far ..by the time they reached to the exit door ..aniee got a call was engrossed in it eventually left behind with her slow pace ..while geet reached the parking lot ..n aniee still standing thr at the entrance of parking …

geet went towards her car ..while aniee was still talking on the call ..but geet sensed someone watching her ..n turned immediately but thr was no one ..she shrugged off her thought n went ahead but he continued following her …his mobile vibrated ..but he dis-connected the call immediately .. n looked up but geet was no whr to be seen ..he was about to step ahead when with tight kick on his stomach geet made him fall back …he was hurt with her sudden kick that to straight on stomach ..n soon his guards got hold of geet ..clutching her both hands tight while she was trying hard to get free ..as he turned she stood shocked ..

Geet : Aap …?? how dare U ..choro mujhe u morons …

Maan : agar tumhari jaga koi aur hota tou trust me that person would have been dead by now ..(to guard).. leave her

Geet : i know ..but what the hell were u thinking while following me …??

Maan : well madam i was just trying to be sure ..the girl u just made fun off in the hotel …her boyfriend was following u ..

Geet : i would have tackled him …y were u trying to be over smart han …

Aniee : geet what happened aur yeh bh..//

Geet (stopped her from completing her word) : nothing aniee this Maan was following us ..
come ill drop u home .. (turned her head from maan saying) .. uhh BADEn AYE ..
maan stood  thr lost in her last 3 words it were the same words that he has often heard in his dreams … he was still trying to comprehend what he thought was right ..it was geet all the while ..its her tag line when irritated …while

they went ahead ..then geet came back ..stood in front of a lost maan ..

Geet (pointing her finger towards him) : door raheye …BUHAT door ..samjhe aap …

after few minutes when he actually came out of his thoughts ..he ordered his guards ..knpwing once aniee will reach KM geet will be left with no security .. he so much wanted to be sure she is save Big smile knowing that guy might be around …

Maan : follow them ..

Guard : but sir app ..? it won’t be safe .. commissioner has already warned about the threats …(but was stopped with a fuming glare by MSK) ..

Maan : just do as i say follow them ..till the time both reaches thr home got that ..
i can take care of my self ..

hope u all enjoyed it ..mighty big one i checked it  now only its 7886 words …Ouch
so i need bala wala comment from all …Embarrassed
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maan’s car crashes with geet … opssii thr are shooter following him …Dead

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Tej has left handa House 2 years back when he took geet with him to mumbai .. n is no more in contact with any of Handa family … geet leaves with Tej but now a days being a police officer he is under ground ..
hope u will enjoy this one as well..


plss see the above note n the fonts in Blue are the blur images what maan sees ..
dark angel


Geet : nahi maan …aaj ke baad aapko iss ghar aur apni life ki sachai batane ki galti nahi kar sakti mien …
(smiled bitterly) .. brij handa ke ek thore se rough behavior se aap itna ghussa hugaye …agar sach pata chal gaya tou aapka ghussa mere mummy aur papaji ke iss parivaar ko bikhir dega … manti hoon mere liye yeh parivaar koi mayne nahi rakhta ..but mere mummy aur papaji ke liye tou rakhta tha … aaj tak apni life apne liye jee hai maan …pehli baar kuch apne parents ke liye karna chahti hoon .. plss mujhe rokne ke baare mien mat sochna ..
(removed her tears) .. mien khush hoon ke mera idiot dost aaj bhi meri ankhen parh sakta hai …but i am sorry maan mien shayad abb aap par utna vishvaash nahi kar sakti … apni problem mien khud hi solve karloongi … i just hope aap yeh sab serious na lo aur bhool jao aaj ka yeh din … 
Aniee n maan went to KM nearly at 4 ..the day was super un predictable for both in thr own ways … but for maan his life has turned 360 degrees .. geet’s state all the info he got about her n his friendship …the way dadi maa is still un aware of the actual turmoil she went through … the fact how much she would have been hurt when he didn’t took geet with him on his dad’s funeral Cry..damit she couldn’t even see him for the last time ..the person she loved so much ..the person who held so much of importance in her life ..she couldn’t even see his face for the last time …his heart was aching all the time thinking about geet ..then her words he heard ..the way she was cribbing about him Big smile..a tear skipped from  his eye Cry..remembering her tearful hazels when he called her gudya ..thr was so much hope ..happiness filled in her with just his mere word ..what would have she gone through when he out right neglected her presence in front of him in all those years .. the way aniee n dadi maa are sure that its only him …geet will tell her heart .. it made him actually realize the fact how much geet must have trusted him ONCE in her life ..OuchOuch
Occupied with all the thoughts of the day sleep took over his tired eyes …
A new day n new journey to be started .. clueless of what in store for them the 3 souls were sleeping in thr respective rooms …aniee in her deep princess sleep ..geet bit disturbed restless in her sleep …while maan sleeping thr uterly disturbed with some faint images of two children a boy n a girl playing guitar n the girl dancing …the melody was beautiful …thr were few elders sitting thr clapping at the end while the girl jumped up in joy …the sounds of her ghungroo echoing in maan’s mind making him turn right to left ..sweating   ..
It was 8 already ..all the servants were checking the clocks since 10 minutes checking if they are working or not .. guards were astonished .. n the moment dadi maa came out from mandir all the worried faces turned to her .. n finally nakul told dadi maa ..
Nakul : dadi maa …8 baj gaye maan baba abhi tak apne room se bahar nahi aye ..aaj subha jog par bhi nahi gaye … aap dekheye na ..
Dadi maa looked worried of course she knew y is this happening the only thing she worried was maan’s health .. she didn’t wanted him to suffer again .. it was so painful to see him struggling to remember his own childhood memories n now she don’t want to experience it all over again .. entering maan’s room praying for well being of her son ..she sat beside him only to see him in deep sleep .. n some tensed lines on his forehead with sweat beads .. she guessed may be he was again having some flashes from his past ..caressing his fore head she sat thr little longer n then after one hour when his mbl buzzed with adi’s call she went out to cancel all his meetings for the day ..
Dadi maa : adi maan ki tabiyat theek nahi hai …unki aaj ki saari meetings aap cancle kar dejiye hum aur koi stress nahi dena chahte maan ko abhi ..aur kuch time ke liye dhayaan rakheyega ke office ki tensions maan se door hi rahen ..
Adi : wohh sab mien dekh longa dadi maa ….par maan theek hain na .. I mean kuch ziada ..
Dadi maa : aap shaam ko ghar aaiye hum aapko sab batate hian ..
Adi : gi ..aap apna aur maan ka khyal rakhiyega kuch bhi kaam hu plss mujhe zaror call kar dejeyega ..
Dadi maa disconnected the call n went to cancel her NGO meetings .. 

KC ..

Pinky : WHAT …dd u mean MAAN sir aaj office nahi arahe ..
Adi sir koi mazaak tou nahi hai naa ..???
Adi :  nahi pinky ji sach mien Maan sir aaj office nahi arahe unki tabiyat theek nhi hai
Pinky (low) : oh kya huya DD ko ..??
Adi : not sure of anything ..(st) i just hope mien jo soch raha hoon wohh galat hu .. kahin fir se maan sir ko stress attack nahi aaya ..geet delhi mien hi hai ..tou kahin uss se tou mille maan sir ..aur aniee bhi agayi hai ..
Sasha (opened the door of pinky’s cabin with a thud) : ADI ..MK ko kya huya hai ..
Adi (amused n bit teasing tone) : ziada kuch nahi bas rooz rooz faltu log aur unki faltu batien sun sun kar unki tabiyat kharab hugayi hai ..
Sasha (got offended knowing he was refering to her) : WHAT DO U MEAN …??
Romeo : adi sir kuch serious tou nahi hai na ..??
Adi : ehehehe (his typical smile) .. arre Romeo babu humien tou laga aap sab log yeh sun kar khush hunge ke Maan sir aaj office nahi arahe ..
Pinky  (angry) : kya matab hai aapka adi sir ..(turned her face away) ..
Romeo: adi sir hum bhale hi unke childhood friend na hu aapki tarha but MK ki izzat tou hum zaror karte hai ..Big smile
Adi (encircled his shoulder sideways said lightly) : mujhe tou laga aap log sirf MK ki respect unse darr kar karte hain ..
Romeo : MK se tou India ki PM tak darrte hain LOL…(laughs)… but sir hum tou apne aap ko khush naseeb samajhte hain ki MK jaise malik mile humien .. galti karne par dant parti hai tou ache kaam par shabashi bhi tou di hai unhoon ne …aaj jo kuch bhi hoon iss company aur MK ki waja se hi hoon …unka boora kabhi nahi chahonga mien ..
Pinky : wohh tou hai Adi sir ..hum MK ko hitler ..DD jo bhi keh lein but humare dil mien unki izzat kabhi kam nahi hu sakti .. 
Tasha : hugi bhi kaise ..humare DD hain hi itne ache …kyun sasha (got a fuming glare from her).. I mean Maam   …
Adi : chalo abb MK ke gon baad mien gana tum log sab kaam karo coz MK sirf aaj hi office nahi arahe kal office ayenge tou poori report mange na tou sari izzat waigaira bhool jaoge sab ..chalo kam par ..

Tasha : yeah right ..  Pinky : true .. bhago


Handa House ..

In the hall brij was fumingly narrating last night’s incident to darji …n after that darji got worried ..
Darji : humien 2 saal pehle kahe huye geet ke shabd sach hote nazar arahe hain Brij … agar iss hi tarha Maan Khurana ke saamne sab raaz khulte gaye tou hum kahenke nahi rahenge … 13 saaloon ki mehnat par pani phir jayega …yaad hai na tumhain… kya kaha tha iss geet ne 2 saal pehle Mumbai jaate waqt ..
Brij went to flashback n remembers a 19 years old geet standing in the same hall bit bruised .. standing beside TEJ HANDA ..
Geet : akhri baar kehh rahi hoon aap log se ..galti bhi mat kariyega apne iss gande khel mien MAAN Embarrassed ko shamil karne ki …warna mien jo bhi gawaoongi (looses) wohh tou baad ki bat hai par itna yaqeen zaror rakhiyega ke sachai janne ke baad Maan aapko log ko nahi chorega Wink..iss liye mien chup hoon tou mujhe chup rehne dena Dead…aur aaj ke baad dobara kabhi mere papaji aur mummiji ke iss ghar ki taraf palat kar bhi mat dekhna .. just go away ..AngryAngry
Brij came back to his senses when Raghav entered in the hall with an aching head due to last night’s hang over ..n palavi came running from kitchen to hold his stumbling body ..
Darji (fumingly) ; lee ja isko bahu humari nazroon se door .. aaj iss ki iss hi sharaab ki adat ne humien iss musibat mien dala hai .. iss ki waja se hi uss geet ko sab sachai pata chali ..lekar jaa is ko yahan se ..
Palavi : ji …ji bauji (to raghav).. chaliye aap ..
But he snapped out of her hold …n stood in front of darji ..
Raghav : meri waja se ..?? bauji aap iss haal mien apni waja se hain aur apne uss bare BETE Sukhlal Handa ki waja se AngryAngry..mere pujniye BARE BHAI SAHAB ..khud tou HP mien araam kar rahe hain aur yahan …yahan uss Maan Khurana naam ki talwaar ke samne mujhe latka rakha hai …meri hi galti hai ..agar 16 saal pehle aap log ke jaal mien na ata tou aaj kam se kam mera beta tou mujh se itni nafrat na karta …
Aapki waja se …sirf apki waja se aaj mera beta TEJ meri shakal nahi dekhna chahta .. ek sach …Bade Bhai sahab ke kehne par kiye huye ek dhoke ne mujhe meri bete se hi door kar diya …uss ek sachai ko jaan kar itne saloon ka baap beta rishta tor diya TEJ ne .. aur abb bhi aap keh rahe hain ke meri waja se yeh sab … sach tou yeh hai ke aap log ki hawas ne aur meri bewakoofi ne humien iss haal tak laya hai …par afsoos iss baat ka hai ke abb bhi aap log sambhal nahi rahe …
Brij : chotte chacha ji ..bas kariye  ..oyee chachi lee jaa inko yahan se .. (palavi came forward but raghav didn’t let her drag him)
Raghav : choro mujhe palavi …inki waja se hum ne humare bete ki shakal nahi dekhi hai 2 saal se … kya galat kiya mene ..boliye ..kya galat kiya ..nahi jhel paa raha tha 16 saloon se iss jurm ka bujh (burden) mien apne seene par … iss hi liye 2 saal pehle sharaab ke nashe mien mene sab bata diya geet ko .. kho diya apna beta aur geet ki nazroon mien apni izzat bhi ..(he was roaring in his frustration n palavi stood thr crying looking at Tej’s pic hanging in one corner of the hall)
Geet who was till now in sleeping with great difficulty since the night’s event was her reason to worry …woke up listening to the high pitch voice of Raghav ..n came out stood at the stair case with a cold blank look in her eyes as if nothing bothers her anymore …indeed after 2 years of suffering she has become cold to this family …but still thr is a string which is holding her here is HER PARENTS … his father loved this younger brother of his to his dear life n that’s the reason geet never says a words to him but her cold eyes filled with accusations is enough to make Raghav feel her hatred … but brij is not so pious to feel such feeling like guilt or any other morals … neither darji has any soft corner for this girl child of thr family who never lived with them ever ..but still his worry is now what will happen is she said all the truth to maan ..no  doubt she was right Maan Singh Khurana will never leave them even in hell for thr deeds .. but now they can’t do anything they themselves have made savitri devi think about geet n maan ‘s alliance by thr continuous reminders of thr parent’s wish ..over last 6 months ever since geet passed her Graduation n completed her 6 month training period .. they were trying to persuade Savitri devi to come along with maan for this alliance though not directly but yes indirectly they were reminding her of maaneet’s late parent’s last wish .. 
Raghav stood thr with his head dipped down seeing geet witnessing it all while …n geet went in her room ..n dropped down on her bed ..with a lone tear skipping her eye gazing her parent’s pic ..n here down stairs after raghav left the hall with palavi ..
Darji : brij tou apne ghusse par qabu rakh abb uss Maan ke samne .. aur tab tak mien kushish karta hoon iss shaddi ki baat ko jaldi age barhane ki … 
Brij : par darji woh larki ..
Darji : mat bholo ke galti hum ne ki hai …aur 2 saal pehle hum sab se bacha kar TEJ usko mumbai legaya tha .. agar 2 saal pehle TEJ ne usko bachaya na hota tou aaj halat alag hote …par abhi ke liye tumhain apna ghussa qabu mien rakhna huga ..ek baari geet ki shaddi hujaye maan se fir sab apna hi hai …na uss larki ko jhelna huga na hi iss nikamme bete Raghav ko …tou apne bauji ko bol ke waqeel se keh kar kagzaat ban wale ..
Brij : ji darji mien bauji ko HP phone lagata hoon .. wohh hi chandigar mien apne waqeel ko boldenge ..
On call with Sukhlal Handa ..
Brij : bauji ..darji ka kehna hai ke humien abb ziada dair nahi karni chahiye iss larki ki shaddi mien ..wohh savitri ji se baat karne wale hain ..aur aap wahan saare kanooni kagzaat banwa lejeye ..
Sukhlal (beamed in happiness) : wah putar kya khabar di hai … abb iss shadi ke baad hum par se saare karze (loan) utar jayenge aur who kulta ..woh bhi humare khandan se chali jayegi … 
Brij (reluctant n scared as well) : par bauji agar iss geet ne maan ko kuch bata diya tou ..
Sukhlal : brij putar tu abb tak iss geet ko samjha nahi … agar iss ko kuch bolna hota tou kab ka bol deti savitri devi ko ..par nahi kaha iss ne ..
Iss ki yahi achai iss ki kamzoori banegi … tu dekhna ..yeh maan khurana ko kuch keh nahi payegi aur meri agya kari chote bhai ki saari jayedaad (property) humari mothi mien hugi …
Brij : hmm ..
Sukhlal : bas ek baat ka dhayaan rakhna …geet ko maan se ziada milne mat dena ..aur uss Tej se bach kar rehna ..
Brij : gi aap fiqar na karo ..
Sukhlal : tab tak mien yahan saari tyaari karta hoon ..
Brij : namaste bauji ..
N the call ended ..
@ KM it was 10 am n maan’s fever was lightened with constant cold water cloth remedy of dadi maa who was still thr taking care of him ..n finally he opened his eyes ..
Dadi maa (caressing his forehead) : kaisa lag raha hai abb maan bete ..
Maan (sat up) : mien theek hoon dadi .. I guess woh kal itna sab traveling aur fir aniee ke saath bhi 4 am tak bahar tha ..may be iss liye …
Dadi (placed her hand on his shoulder restraining him from saying much knowing he was lying it was all coz of his stress attack after knowing all the truth) : hum break fast aur medicine late hain ..
Maan (nodded than asked) : dadi maa aniee uth gayi ..
Dadi (smiled) : maan aniee kab se itni jaldi uthne lagi …(both chuckled)… soo rahi hai hum uthte hain unko ..nakul breakfast layenge aap kar lejeyega ..
Maan : ji theek hai .. mien ready hujata hoon office ke liye ..
Dadi (sternly) : bilkul nahi ..hum ne subha hi office call kar diya tha Adi ko aapki meetings cancle karne ko .. koi office nahi jaa rahe hain aap .. BAS
Maan (sighed) : plss dadi mujh se nahi raha jayega ghar par ..
Dadi : maan hum ne keh diya tou bas keh diya .. breakfast bhej rahe hain hum medicines ke saath ..theek se khana hum aapki princess ko dekh kar aate hain ..
The minute dadi left maan took his mobile n told adi to not cancle his meeting as he is coming to office but to his luck adi has already canceled all just one was left a meeting with a client at TAJ ..
@ 10:30 in KM .. 
The whole KM was at high alert .. servants rushing from one corner o another n aniee screaming for her one thing then other ..listening to the chaos maan came out of his room only to bump into Nakul .. 
Maan (confused) : nakul yeh hu kya raha hai ..??
Nakul : chote sahab who aniee baby ..unko 10 min mien nikalna hai na tou yeh sab .. mien jaata hoon mujhe unka dress dena hai ..
Maan (smiled) : so geet was right ..yeh kabhi time par nahi uth sakti .. 
Tarun : uff ..yeh Maan sahab ki cousin jab bhi aati hai ..poora ghar ka naksha hi badal jata hai ..
Nakul : jaldi sandwich banao aniee baby ko nikalna hai ..agar nahi bana na tou Chote sahab se ziada bora haal yeh kardigi tumhara ..
Tarun ; han hu gaya .. mien Maan sahab ka breakfast laga deta hoon table par ..
At dinning table maan sat all dressed while dadi came angry to the bits
Dadi : maan hum ne kaha tha na ke aap aaj office nahi jayenge ..
Maan (made her sit on chair n knelt down) : plss dadi ..mien nahi reh paonga ghar par aise betha rahonga tou aur tabiyat kharaab hugi n u know that … I ll be fine at office aur abb please iss ke aage aur kuch nahi … mien jaa raha hoon office ..but abb chaliye aap bhi breakfast kar lijeye ..Tarun ne kaha aapne subha se kuch nahi khaya ..
Dadi : aapki zidd ke aage kab chali hai humari ..
Maan (smiled) : aapka kya dadi ..kisi ki bhi nahi chali ..chaliye nashta karte hain aniee ko tou abhi time lage ga
Dadi (st) : koi tou tha maan jis ko aapki zidd torna aata tha Wink…agar aaj geet hoti tou aap office kabhi nahi jaa pate Tongue…(chuckled amusing maan seeing his arched brow she nodded n acted to be normal)… yash bhi tou nahi jaa pate thay geet ki zid ke aage LOL…kash aisa hote ke jo khwaab Preetie ne dekha wohh sach hujaye aur geet sach mien humari ghar ki bahu ban ke ajaye ..Embarrassed

Maan : dadi aap kha nahi rahi ..  Dadi : han ..kuch nahi ..hum kha rahe na bete ..

While both were having thr food aniee came rushing down the stair almost tripping maan stood up with worry .. n she came running hugged him tight bidding bye ..but he stopped her holding her wrist ..
Maan : aniee break fast kar ke jao ..
Aniee (Came back n kissed his cheek) : geet ke saath karlongi bhai plzz …mien already late hoon .. 
Maan : but princess ..aise
Anie (interrupted) : plzz plzzz plzz bhai …bye mien jati hoon
Dadi (came forward n handed over a box) : yeh lo sandwiches kha lena dono ..
Aniee (kissed her) : muhaazz luv ya dadi .. (ran away).. bye bhai 
Maan : dadi mien bhi chalta hoon ..aap apna khayal rakhna
Dadi (stood thr in slight tears seeing his retreating figure going outside) : pata nahi kyun humesha na chahte huye bhi hum hi maan aur geet dono ki takleef ki waja ban jate hain ..
Here geet got the call from aniee who was now sitting in her car ready to pick geet from Handa house but geet asked her not to come thr n told her to meet at XYZ place as she didn’t wanted aniee to come thr n if by any chance she saw brij again like last night geet will never be able to explain her what kind of person brij is ..so she preferred to keep aniee away from her family ..her innocent sweeto will never be able to see such harshness of a brother when she has all her life only one picture of this relation n that was maan ..the brother who became more than a father ..
Geet got ready to leave n was about to enter her car when brij came from back n was also going some where but stopped seeing geet in a jeans n loose top ..
Brij (sternly) : yeh kya pehna hai tu ne ..yeh tera London nahi hai hindustan hai ..yahan larki aise kapre nahi pehenti ..
Geet : plzz mera koi mood nahi iss waqt apse behas kar ke apna time barbaad karne ka just buzz off ..
Brij (was initially trying to surpress his anger seeing her in western but then with her harsh demeanor lost his control in his ego n held her hand bit harshly)  : oyee larki tameez se baat kar ..aur abhi k abhi andar jaa aur kuch dhang ke kapre pehan yeh rumaal nahi ..
Geet (left a sigh looking down n then looked at him spitting fire) : brij handa sach mien buhat kamzoor yaadasht hai aapki … maan ne kal raat kya kaha bhool gaye aap ..(removing his grip over her hand).. buhat shook tha na meri shaddi karwane ka .. nahi mani aap logoon ne meri baat .. abb maan ko beech mien le hi aaye hu …tou mujhe lagta hai MSK ki taqat aur mere maan Embarrassed ke ghusse ki kam se kam ek jhalak tou apko dekhni hi chahiye ..kyun ..??TongueTongue
roko abhi call karti hoon maan aur bol deti hoon ..aap jo karne wale thay mere saath …(brij looked at her fiercely n also a tint of fearLOL)… roko abhi call karti hoon ..(pretended Tongue to call him seeing the angry fearing expression of brij enjoyed every bit of it then removed her mbl from her ear) oh hoo ..meri bad luck nahi lag raha ..(brij left a silent sigh).. (geet with a bit of sternness n threatening way) .. par yeh mat samajhna ke kabhi nahi lage ga …Angry aap jante hain na ke mere bas moo kholne ki dair hai aur aap aur apke pujniye pitaji jail ki salkhon ke peeche ya fir I doubt may be arthi par honge .. iss liye bhalai iss hi mien hai ke apne haath aur zabaan dono sambhal ke rakhna ..(sarcastically).. warnaaa u never know kab mien maan aur dadi maa ko sab bata doon ..Wink ( n left leaving a fuming brij) 
Brij (stood thr seeing her zooming out with her car n said with a smirk) : tu kabhi nahi kahegi geet … achai ..yeh teri achai jo hai na ..jis ne 2 saal se tere mou par taala dala hai wohh tujhe iss ke aage bhi kuch nahi kehne degi …mana 2 saal pehle Chotte chacha ji ki bewakoofi se humara poora plan barbaad huya aur tere uss MAHAAN veerji TEJ ke kaaran tou aaj itna urr (fly) rahi hai …par abb bhi teri achai hi teri barbadi ki waja bani gi GEET HANDA …(n laughed cunningly n left to his work) ..
11:30 am @ KM ..
Maan reached the office ..n as expected every one was having a party time … he fumed in anger n roared standing at the entrance ..
Maan : yeh kya huraha hai …ShockedShocked
Every member shivered with fear …n then cursed thr fate ..n adi sir as well to have informed them wrongly …n maan continued ..
Maan : yeh office hai ya koi party hall … Adi (adi came forward tumbling praaying for his life) meri absence mien office manage karna tumhari responsibility hai ..tou yeh hu kya raha …mien ek din office nahi ayonga tou tum log ko kya laga mere office ko circus banadoge .. 
Sasha : nahi MK wohh tou bas actually ..
Maan (fumming red) : mujhe koi bahana nahi sunna Sasha …5 min ..sirf 5 min mujhe Chopra cons. house ki file aur Malhotra’s ke project ke blueprint apni desk par chahiye …aur agar nahi laa sakti tou apna resignation letter le ana Tongue..samjhe tum sab ..
Maan stormed towards his cabin slamming the door shut n every one sighed leaving thr long held breaths …
Adi : chalo jaldi sab file le kar aao ..Confused
Sasha (stood wondering) : MK ko huya kya hai ..itna rude ..4 saal mien aaj tak MK ko itna frustrated nahi dekha ..
But went away to do her task while adi stood in his cabin taking the file ..
Adi : I just hope yeh sab gudya se related na hu ..kahin maan ko phir se stress attacks tou nahi arahe ..kahin wohh geet se mile tou nahi Ouch…I need to speak this with dad n geet as well ..ConfusedConfused
N he too went towards maan’s cabin ..

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