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MG SS : Ishaqzaade


Geet placed the chicken curry n rotis on the table n walked behind with glasses n water ..n eat thr dinner discussing geet’s project ..n then cleared the table …while geet was washing the dishes maan stood thr helping her drying them placing them on thr place ..

Acha maan ek bad news hai ..


Brij entered in Mohinder’s study without knocking n hurried towards him ..

Chacha gi ..mujhe abhi pata chala ..that new construction company from South India has approved maan’s project …Mr. Murthi ..he has a well established company in Chennai n he is here to set his company in north of india as well …we can’t let this happen humien kuch karna huga …

Mohinder was busy with a file n didn’t even graced him with a glaze n said rather casually ..

Hum kuch nahi karenge brij …

Whattt …chacha gi yeh aap ..

N then he snapped shut the file throwing it on the table n looked straight at him ..

U heard me …maan has got this with his talent ..n hum.kuch.nahi.karenge

Mohinder handa emphasized on each word making his intentions clear ..n brij had a soaring face understanding that the boy has managed to finally gain mohinder’s approval ..no he couldn’t let this happen …geet can’t marry him ..he won’t let this happen …n he tried to play his cards ..Angry

So u r trusting that khurana guy with my little sister chacha gi …

Mohinder was silent …n brij had a nasty smirk on his face he knew with all the rivalry b/w the 2 old men mohinder can never trust a Khurana …n his silence was the proof ..

Boliye chacha gi ..aap meri choti behen ko ek aise ghar mien bhej rhe hain jahan k log dhoka aur fareeb k ilawa kuch nahi jaante …aap maan par bharoosa kar bhi kaise sakte hain ..

Mohinder handa stood up from his seat n stood facing the his back to brij ..

Iss waqt baat trust ki nahi ..meri beti ki khushi ki hai …aur geet ki khushi maan hai ..aur phir itne months mien maan ne ek bhi mauqa nahi diya hai humien uskoo reject karne ka …TongueTongue tu abb hum geet se kya keh sakte hain …

Chacha gi ..aap baare hain ..mujh se ziada samajhte hain dunya ko ..par iss baar shayad aap galti kar rahe hian …aap dena chahte hain uss Khurana ko mauqa tu dijeye par mien har pal uss par nazar rakhe hoon …mien apni choti behen ki zindagi se kisi ko khelne nahi dunga ..

He left the room seething in anger …everything was going out of his control ..n now he can’t even harm maan as that would bring him in mohinder’s bad books ..but he will have to do something n something really fast…


Back at maaneet’s house at the same time …

Geet placed the chicken curry n rotis on the table n walked behind with glasses n water ..n eat thr dinner discussing geet’s project ..n then cleared the table …while geet was washing the dishes maan stood thr helping her drying them placing them on thr place ..

Acha maan ek bad news hai ..

Wao tell me brij is dead ..LOL

Geet smacked him hard …while he smiled ..

Acha okie fine nahi keh raha usko kuch bolo kya hua ..??

Simi aunty is leaving on Monday ..

Ohh ..itni jaldi ..

Han she has some show in paris so she is leaving ..n dad ne Sunday ko farmhouse jaane ka plan kiya hai ..sab family wale ..

Ohh ..(n maan understood what the bad news is).. means u won’t be here tomorrow ..(geet nodded sadly turning the tap close n turned to him n looked down knowing maan must have felt bad but maan sighed n tried to smile it off seeing her sad face).. hey ..its okie (he lifted her face up placing a finger down her chin n looking at her beautiful duo-shapped eyes).. don’t spoil ur mood ..go enjoy thr ..n I ..i ll be having fun here with armaan ..

Geet looked guilty Saturday – Sunday is thr day to spend together ..n she knew with her project she isn’t going to be able to spend time with him like this n this weekend was suppose to be the last stress free for next 2 months ..n now she is going away from him ..

Actually mujhe aaj subha hi dad ne bataya …n simi maasi is going to mien mana nahi kar paayi ..

Geet please itna senti mat hu yrr ..its okie ..i know it was our last weekend tumhare project se pehle but don’t worry ..we have a whole life ahead n I am sure iss se bhi buhat better weekends spend karne ko milenge humien ..so chill babes

Geet smiled aat his attempts to make her feel gud ..the idea of having a lifetime with him was so good that it vanished all the sadness from her mind ..n she smiled at him ..n they made thr way to aasha tai’s home to meet her  n share the gud news about maan’s project with her as well ..


Monday …Early Morning ..at 3am

Geet hugged simi aunty tight outside the airport ..feeling bad n really low don’t know if its more coz she is leaving or coz she hasn’t talked with maan since last 24 hours ..last it was Saturday evening when she left his house …n now its Sunday night past 3am ..that she is biding bye to simi maasi

Geet itna sad mat hu ..warna depression mien chali jayegi ..

Tou aap kyun jaa rahi hoo ..mat jao na maasi …

Simi smiled at her looking like a small child pleading …n held her face in her right palm ..

Jaana tu huga ..warna teri aur maan ki shaddi ke time pr wapis kaise aungi ..

Geet looked down blushing her dad was standing beside ..n thought of being maan’s bride was her most beautiful n awaited dream …but it wasn’t about it …it was about simi maasi leaving her ..

But aapne kaha tha u have to leave on Monday ..

Tou Monday hi tu hai ..its past 12 meri jaan ..

Thts not fair ..

Acha abhi I hv to leave warna tere chakar mien tu meri flight hi miss hujayegi ..

Acha hai hujaye ..(n she hugged her almost in tears) ..

Simi parted n smiled at her .. n turned to mohinder ,..

Take care ..apna bhi aur meri cocunut ka bhi …

(Mohinder smiled n nodded at his only friend) U too ..have a safe flight n take care of urself ..

She left in n both geet n mohinder stood thr waving at her till she went away from thr sight n left sighing ..gud byes r always painful ..no matter for how short time it is ..!!


Early in the morning …maan sat up with the sun shinning over his head n illuminating his house ..cursing himself ..n then suddenly the thought crossed hiss mind Where is geet ..?? Why isn’t she here already ..?? its past 7 she reaches here way before this time …worried n confused he began searching for his mobile but couldn’t find it anywhere ..n then he realized he must have forgotten it in KM yesterday ..


Maan was awaken by the continuous calls on his mobile in the late morning of Sunday …cursing the caller he sat up n located his mobile somewhere down his duvet n received it …n then straightened hearing his dadi maa’s worried voice ..although she was trying to sound so casual but he could guess it when his straight forward grand-mom tries to hide something or isn’t able to come to the point …but he is also her grand-child …he knows how to cut short her talks n come to the point ..n he did asking her directly about what is worrying him …

Maan actually Aniee …Aniee aarahi hai Delhi 2 hours mien uski flight land hone wali hai aur wohh kuch nahi jaanti aapke KM mien na hone k baare mien …

I ..i understand dadi maa …but batana tu huga na usko ..

Han but agar aap usko khud yeh sabbatayenge tu uske liye handle karna asaan huga maan .. aap jante hain wohh sirf aapke dad ke friend Ranvijay ki beti nahi aapke dad k liye unki beti jaisi hai n aapse kitna attached hai …

Dadi maa apko yeh sab kehne ki koi zarorat nahi hai …aniee meri choti behen jaisi nahi behen hai .. she is my baby sister …n mien bhi usse disapoint nahi karna chahta …I …ill be thr in KM to receive her phir …phir usko hum …hum dono mil kar saari situation bata denge …I m ..i m sure wohh samajh jayegi …

Theek hai tu hum car bbhej dete hain aapko lene k liye ..

Nahi dadi maa ..aap aisa nahi karengi ..mien ..mien khud KM aajaonga ..

But bete koi public vehicle kahan allowed hai humare area mien …n aapke paas tu armaan ki bike bhi nahi hai kaise aayenge aap yahan …

Ek min …aapko kaise pata k mere paas amy ki bike nahi hai ..

Umm .. wohh aap  ne call nhi pick ki tou hum ne armaan ko call ki thi …aaj Sunday hai n usually aap Sundays ko unke saath hi hute thay tu …humien laga ..

Maan smiled : hmm ..but now its different uska job hai ..meri bhi n life is so much more busy ..besides aaj tou geet bhi nahi aayegi yahan tou don’t worry we have full day to make sure aniee has understood the situation n isn’t feeling bad about it ..

Waise geet har Sunday aati hai aap se milne ..

Sirf Sunday nahi dadi ..wohh hitler tou har roz mujhe subha 6;30 uthane puhanch jaati hai yahan .. aur Sundays ko tou pucho mat kya haal huta hai ..poore weak ka cleaning ek hi din mien … sach mien she is such a cleanliness freak ..thank god iss week meri jaan bachi ..

Bas han maan itna mat phenkiye ..humien ache se pata hai aap unke na aane par kitna khush aur kitna dukhi hain ..

Maan smiled sheepishly n they both hung up with dadi scolding maan n making him agree to come with her driver only n he decided that he will go to receive his sister himself …they both knew aniee wouldn’t sit in to relax to get over her jetlag infact like always she would be ready to go to thr favorite ice-cream stall then her list of visiting places goes onn from thr .. till the end of the evening that too they have to scold her n drag her back home or she will get sick of fatigue …so the plan was set today they r going to receive her n explore delhi once again for the umpteenth time n would let her know about maan’s love story on the first opportunity given ..as expected aniee was super delighted seeing her maan bro at the airport n landed straight in his arms ..maan smiled n engulfed her in a brotherly hug ..while she jumped like a toddler in excitement ..

Oh my god ..i can’t believe I m finally here ..(maan smiled n pinched her).. ouch maan bhai ..

Aree u only said u r not able to believe I just helped u believe it’s a reality baby ..Tongue

Uhh ..u …aap kabhi nahi badloge ..always ready to tease me …sirf yash uncle hi ache hain jinhoon ne dad ko manaya to send me here for a while warna aapko tu meri yaad tak nahi aayi last 6 months se ..buhat ghussa hoon mien aapse ..

Acha baba saari complains yahin karni hai ya ghar bhi chalna hai …chal dadi maa wait kar rahi hain ..

Chalo jaldi …(she held his arm n side hugged him walking towards thr car).. pata hai I have googled all the new clubs n restaurants of delhi ..n bhai I just got this awesome place in the outskits to dine .. they had such a lovely interior ..mujhe wahan jana hai ..n u’ll have to make yash uncle agree ..n uske baad kuch Club XXX tha …I heard it’s the best now-a-days …tu hum party k liye wahan jayenge … aap armaan bhai ko bhi bolana …k n ofcourse abhi na sab se pehle wohh humare fav wale ice-cream stall par .. aapko yaad hai na dad n yash uncle humien wahan bachpan mien lekar jaaya karte thay …we use to have so much fun in the park near that ..mujhe wahan jana hai …n …///

Okie meri maa jahan jana hai chali jana …but abhi beth car mien ..teri list tu last day bording tak khatam nahi hugi ..Tongue

Aniee pouted then giggled at his last remarks indeed she just loves to travel ..n with her maan bhai she never have to worry for anything ..she is her best friend … guide … her partner in crime her shoulder to cry on ..n  everything ..being back in her home town is so much better than the place she live in since last 6 years ..but the best part of being in delhi is not the sight seeing it’s the pampering she gets from dadi ..yash uncle n her brothers …maan n armaan bhai ..

They sat in the car n aniee continued to tell him all about her last 6 months n her every sentence ended with …I hate u …aapko pata hai I tried so much to contact u that time ..par aap tu ghayab hi hugaye bilkul pyaar nahi karte aap mujh se ..n maan chuckled at her n shook his head who would believe this girl has been enrolled in her graduation now …she is fully grown woman of 21 …coz she still doesn’t know how to behave like one n still so innocent n childish somewhere but she is his jaan in every sense ..the little sister he always craved for n the space no one can ever take in his life except her .. 

They reached KM n maan stood thr at the entrance for a moment ..his eyes mishty looking at his home .. after so long …for a moment he saw Yash standing thr at the entrance with his arms wide open to hug him …Ouch n then aniee came out from the other side n ran past him to dadi maa who just came at the door steps of Khurana Mansion to welcome her child …aniee hugged her tight while her eyes were fixed on her grand child its been months since he left the house n today it feels as if the soul of her house has come back with her children ..tears of happiness flooded from her eyes n maan looked away from her …somewhere guilty to have hurt his family so much first for his happiness n now for his ambitions ..Cry looking at his dadi today he realized just how much he has been missing being here n how much he has pained his dadi in order to gain his happiness ..

Ohoo dadi maa …aap bhi na ek dum senti hujate hu ..chalo ansoo saaf karo n andar chalo …humien abhi ghoomne bhi jaana hai …bro aap bhi aao na …jaldi …

Maan stood at the door steps of KM ..sighing he looked inside the grand hall looked just the same as he had left it …but today he couldn’t muster the courage to walk in …the images of the day he walked out of the house flashed in front of him n he felt all the more guilt piling up within him .. n just then her angel’s message showed up at his mobile ..

Hi good morning ..i hope aab tak tu hu hi gayi hugi ..LOLTongue

Wohh …mne Asha tai ko bata diya tha about my absence ..aaj breakfast unke saath hi kar lena .. n ..

Ummm .. please neeche se luandary wale bhaiya would send someone up tu unko wohh washroom mien basket mien jo kapre hain who handover kar dena ..

Yahan … sab busy hain apni apni activities mien .. ride the horse after so long this morning .. mujhe humare college ki picnic yaad agayi ..aap ne sikhayi thi mujhe riding first time remember ..had super fun ..beat brij veerji twice …WinkTongue

Acha maasi bola rhi hai ..ill leave



urs mishty …Embarrassed

maan shook his head n smiled at his jhalli mishty ..n typed a reply

gud morning 

Ms. Handa ..

agar mujhe miss kar rhi hu tou seedha seedha bhi bol sakti hu ..itna ghoma phira k baat karne ki zarorat nahi hai ..waise mishty I ..Miss..U.. Too …buhat saara  ..Embarrassed

mne asha tai k saath hi breakfast kiya n luandary k kapre bhi jaa chuke hain ..

enjoy ur day there .. see u soon …

n..I.Love.u …mishty

urs ..Maan

sighing he looked ahead n went in towards the 2 darling ladies of his life …


  oppss Brij Backfires …Ouch maan is in trouble Dead


hi all ..the story heading towards a major twist ..Wink

be with me …quite disappointed with the decreased likesCryCry

however i won’t be able to update frequently till june ..Ouch

university n studies are hell …Dead

do leave ur reviews n likes for me Embarrassed

waiting …Day Dreaming

luv ya all



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MG SS : Ishaqzaade

By the time they stepped out ridz was the only was who wasn’t drunk ..n so she was going to drive …coz both boys were long gone …though not completely unconscious but still none oof them could drive …even geet had had a few shots ..although she wasn’t drunk but still she had taken alchohol so she wasn’t driving ..anyways she didn’t had any vehicle simi had dropped her …n maan was suppose to drop her on his bike ..but now tht he can’t ridz would in armaan’s car in which they both came ..
Geet took him up ..but they tripped just as they entered his apartment on maan’s shoes n with a thud geet landed on top of him on the single mattress present thr …she was ready to feel the hard ground but instead felt the light feather like kiss on her closed eyes n surprised she opened her eyes only to find herself in maan’s embrace n his grinning smiley face .. 
A slight blush appeared on her face n like a silk curtain her hairs fell over them from one side …lost in her beauty maan caressed her red blushing cheeks his long finger making way to entangle them in the thick mass of her hair while his thumb continued feeling the hotness of her cheek …geet closed her eyes feeling the warm sensation spreading in her whole body making her lost in his sensual touch n those love filled drunk eyes that made her so shy with thr dark intense stare …for once she thought she’ll melt in his embrace now in this moment n closed her eyes lowering her head like a shy teenager ..
Maan held the nape of her neck n jerked her head lower …her grip over his shoulder tightened ..the anticipation of what maan has in his mind was enough to make her insides shudder ..the heat pooling between her thighs made her so scared of her own desires than maan’s intention ..n ridz’s words when she dropped them both down rang in her ears ..
U sure ..tou yeh talli maan k saath upar …I ..i mean if he …
Ridz …I trust him ..
Yeah but can u trust urself with him being around …(n she smirked looking at her friend’s flushed face) ..
(geet glared at her hearing her chuckle) Well actually u should be worrying about urself …coz  m sure ur dear talli fiancé is not going to let u drive in peace ..(n then smirked making a fake concerned face) .. oh my god ridz ..kahin tum dono car mien hi tou ..
Geet …//
Geet laughed seeing the horrific blushing red face of her friend …n smiled moving away trying to balance maan on her shoulder ..
Drive safe n let me know when u reach home ..
Yeah whatever …bye 
Geet couldn’t help but to laugh at her worried state …guess even ridz was worried about amy ..they both boys have been saying non-sense throughout the drive n thus geet decided to call simi aunty at maans rather than making ridz drive in an opposite direction of her home this late ..
She came back to present feeling Maan’s hand griping her waist n pulled her on himself making her shocked open her eyes n stunned she was completely on his mercy …he was drunk but still in senses ..sane enough to feel the affect his closeness had on her ..sane enough to know he couldn’t do all that he was imagining with her right now … 
Geet was although not THAT drunk yet was loosing her senses in his embrace ..feeling his hot breath fanning her face …her front completely crushed into his hard bare chest …the skin contact burned them with desires which were unknown to both …n it spread fire in both …geet closed her eyes embarrassed feeling the heat pooling between her thighs while he held her closer feeling himself hard with her softness pressed against his hard chest … Wish she knew her affect on him .. Alchohol had him riding high but her face that was flush red depicting her turmoil …n those scared eyes yet the complete surrender from her side knowing his condition was more intoxicating than any alchohol in this world …the trust she had in him had a completely different effect on him …it takes a lot to trust a man with urself when he isn’t in his senses for a girl… he held the nape of her neck n inched her head lower  wanting to diminish all the distance between them …he could feel her heart beat rising at a different level with his own but he smiled at her complete surrender …she didn’t opened her eyes neither did she resisted ..although her heart was bounding in her chest yet she trusted maan ..she trusted thr love …this moment …nothing seemed wrong …nothing sinful …she didn’t knew what he is going to do but she wasn’t afraid she was just in this moment feeling his hot breath fanning her face n his heart beat in sink with her just below her hand placed over his left side …a ghost of a smile touched maan’s face n He moved his head up n whispered over her trembling rosy lips in a husky voice making her insides shudder with anticipation n excitement ..n she clutched her his right shoulder even more firmly …
Geet … I love u …Embarrassed
N with a thud his head fell back on the mattress making her come out of her trance …n she looked at him stunned ..while he smirked looking at her face knowing what she was expecting …
Aaj nahi ...(geet’s face flushed bit confused as well looking at his eyes so intense n in love) ..dont worry ill kiss u …(geet’s eyes widen in shock n embarrassment with his words .. Gosh drunk maan has no filter n she looked away blushing hard while he continued) but when u’ll be mine in front of this whole damn world .. uss din jab mien tumhare mou se woh teen shabd sunoonga ..(geet looked at him with so much awe in her teary eyes while he closed his eyes slipping into unconcsious but continued mumbling) uss din ill make u mine with all my love n authority …when u’ll be mine …just mine (geet sighed ..trying to move away from him n stand up looking at his unconcsious state ..but he tightened his grip on her waist n opened his eyes slightly smiling at her ).. I love u mishty …buhat …buhatt …n he again closed his eyes mumbling sweet nothings
A tear slipped from her eyes n she wiped it away from his face n caressed his face by the insides of her palm…admiring the innocence on his face …n a desperate throaty whisper she voiced out her feelings …
I love u maan …i really love u alot .. Mien ...(geet was overwhelmed with his love …she never thought somebody would love her so much …he knew her so well …knew n respected her choices so much .. the desire was so clear in his eyes ..n he was drunk yet he kept her virtue first then his desire.. she didn’t knew till now her confession meant so much for him).. tumhare pyaar k aage yeh 3 lafz buhat choote par jayenge maan …buhat chote …kaise wohh sab kuch jo mien tum se kehna chahti hoon bas 3 lafzoon mien byaan kardoon … but Maan i ..i do love u …i love u a lot !!
Wiping away her tears she sat up ..taking off his shoes n socks ..covering him with a thick duvet ..she saw her mbl buzzing with simi’s call ..tears danced in her eyes again ..but she sighed masking her face with a smile n bent down on him …planting a firm kiss on his cheeks she gazed his calm face for few sec n went down halfheartedly to leave with simi aunty …
It was late in the morning when maan’s eyes open n the first registered in his mind was the excruciating pain in his head …he cursed the head ache n remembered the last night …a small smile came on his face remembering geet n her daring words at the club …thr dance …it had been so long since he enjoyed so much n last night was the best in months …infact in years ..he never enjoyed going to club like he did last night ..the happiness on geet’s face was worth all his struggles of last 6 months .. n then the drinks ..the pain came back n he clutched his head ..
Ahh …damn ..y I had to drink …its hell ..
He looked around ..he was in his home ..but he didn’t remember coming here …ofcourse magic of alchohol …sighing he stood up n went in the washroom to get freshinup …just as he looked at his face in the mirror he noticed the faint lipstick mark on his cheek …surprised n confused he caressed it n then came crashing the events of last night …geet taking him up here ..n they tripped on his shoes ..
Damn ..not again ..mene phir shoes beech mien utaar diye thay ..
But then what ..?? they tripped n fell on the mattress …n they were about to …kiss ..!! shit …shit shit …did he …did he forced geet into it …NO ..he can’t he shook his head frantically.. no I wouldn’t have …maan tu ne …tu ne yeh nahi kiya huga …he assured himself somewhat n sighed .. exhaled sharply getting done with the brush n came out hurriedly..
God damn …mujhe kuch theek se yaad kyun nahi hai ..we were close ..right ..we were but then …then what ..i was saying something to her …yes …kuch kaha mene uss se ..but kya ..?? aur yeh time …(he looked at his watch n it was past 11).. geet abhi tak aayi kyun nahi … Saturday hai but wohh 10bje tk aajati hai .. plss ..plss geet ke babaji …please mene kuch garbar na ki hu …itni mushkil se tu hitler kuch normal huyi thi …meri mishti …n now …(maan sat down on the small dinning table for 2 n closed his eyes holding his head in his hands) … geet kahan hu tum  …
Oucchhh ….maan …
Shit ..geet ..
N before she could fall on the ground tripping on his shoes again he made it in time n saved her from falling …maan held her in his embrace but she had closed her eyes ready to fall on the hard ground ..but when the blow didn’t came she slowly opened her eyes …n found herself in maan’s embrace .. 

she opened her eyes n they both looked at each other lost for a moment ..n then the events of last night flashed infront of her ..her eyes went towards his lips n the feeling of them brushing over hers’ whisper of his husky voice still making her insides shudder with sensation alien to her n she looked away embarrassed n maan straightened her n they both looked away …geet was again flushed she didn’t expected the day to start like this …all the way she was praying to have enough control to behave infront of maan ..n here she landed in his embrace entering in the house …Great !! what a start geet ..!!
Maan looked at her n by what he could understand from her face she was probably cursing him under her breath …completely unaware that she was scolding her ownself… geet sighed n tried to move to the kitchen she knew his headache must have been really bad ..actually she didn’t expected him up this early but maan stopped her ..
Geet …wohh kal raat …(geet looked away …she was hoping maan wouldn’t remember any of it but guess her babaji has vowed not to listen to her today).. I mean ..mene ..wohh …(maan was nervous talking this with her ..he didn’t knew what he did ..n what he said …he even didn’t knew if she is angry for that …uff its so difficult n then the way she was looking away with a flushed face …in confusion of how to say it out he said hurriedly).. mien … mien kabhi apne shoes beech mien nahi utaaroonga ..LOLTongueTongue
Whatt …(maan looked at her with the same wide eyed shocked n confused expression as her) ..
I …I mean …I sorry for …wohh kall raat jo …mene jo bhi kaha ..i don’t I mean …(n then he sighed n made a oh-so-cute puppy dog face n looked down n said peeking his eyes up at her) ..mjhe kuch bhi yaad nhi hai …(oh god he looked like a toddler a cute mouth watering toddler ..geet couldn’t help but to drool at n then with his frantic nervous voice she snapped at reality)..  but I …I know I must have been behaving like a jerk n I am so so sorry mishty please forgive me …
maan sighed her silence wasn’t a good sign ..he couldn’t look at her if only he could ..he would have seen the amusement and awe on her face but infact he looked down ..geet smiled could she fall for this mad guy anymore than this she wondered ….gosh he looked like a 5 years old apologizing for his mistake ..when infact he didn’t committed any ..
Geet smiled n looked down ..trying to form a sentence less embarrasing for both of them ..n finally after what felt like ages she sighed n said ..or rather say tried to speak …
Maan ..aap …wohh ..u didn’t …(she sighed trying to control her raging heart n blushing cheek while maan looked at her expectant).. kuch galat nahi kiya kal aapne …(maan had a sudden spark in his eyes like a big weight lifted off him n geet looked up into his eyes n smiled at him).. ofcourse u talked rubbish ..infact u both talked rubbish but …its okie u were drunk ..n ..yahan jo …wohh …(geet closed her eyes she couldn’t speak about thr moment in this room last night ..she just couldn’t she was way too shy to put it in words in front of him n said finishing off the conversation).. bhool jao ..just bhool jao ..
Maan smiled seeing her flushed cheery red cheeks …aww she looked so damn cute blushing ..maan hugged her tight almost crushing her in his embrace …while geet hid herself in his embrace ..contended flushed ..blushing cherry red …
Aww mishty …pata hai mien kitna tensed hugaya tha …pheww ..u saved my life ..
Geet smiled hiding her face in his chest ..n wondered how easy it is for him to express himself …his fear his happiness his insecurity his weakness ..his love ..!! she envied him sometimes ..but felt lucky to have him for herself ..all for herself ..!!
Gosh seriously geet I m never gonna drink again …these headache are worst then hell ..
Oh wao ..u know what Mr.Khurana last time bhi aapne jab apni graduation party k bd mjh se baat ki thi tab bhi aapne yeh hi kaha tha ..but see somethings never change ..
Oh hello ..bol tu aise rahi ho jaise tum bari shareef hu …even drank last night remember ..??
Ofcourse ..but I know when to stop …tum dono ki tarha nahi k ek baar choro huye tu bs rukna hi nahi hai ..
Pata hai kal ridz ko itni raat ko humien yahan drop kr k armaan ko uske ghar pr drop karne jaana para then she went her home ..n thankfully simi aunty was out that hour so I asked her to pick me up from here warna usko mujhe bhi drop karna parta ..
Maan looked away guilty …yeah okie sorry ..
Geet placed the chicken curry n rotis on the table n walked behind with glasses n water ..n eat thr dinner discussing geet’s project ..n then cleared the table …while geet was washing the dishes maan stood thr helping her drying them placing them on thr place ..
Acha maan ek bad news hai ..
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MG SS : Ishaqzaade
Geet pulled back to look at him but couldn’t control her smile from bursting seeing his eyes widen in shock …surely he never expected her doing such a thing …tempting him ..almost making him loose his senses n then teasing him with her deadly smile …maan looked away n exhaled sharply leaving the long held breath his heart was beating frantically ..she was so close .just a breath away ..n …wohoaa .. this girl knows how to take his breath away n leave him all wanton …n yet she is the one blushing with a cheery ..still he can’t help but to laugh …sighing he went closer to her while geet kept giggling like a fool seeing his face ..
Girl u ..(pointing his finger at her with a passion filled stare at her).. r going to regret this highly one day ..
Geet couldn’t believe what she did just now …n his reaction was clearly unpredictable she knew how much maan’s closeness has started affected her physically but for the first time she realized even she affects him the same way …it was exbarrasing but she can’t lie pleasing as well …n now they both couldn’t stop smiling like fool …they would have slipped into a cozy hug but just then they heard 2 very fimiliar voices …n saw armaan n ridz making thr way towards them ..as always fighting !!
Dekha tumhari waja se hum late hugaye ..
Excuse me ..tum ne mujhe late bataya tha iss plan k baare mien …
As if tum tumhain kam time lagta tyaar hone mien ..
Armaan tum humesha aise hi karte hu …pehle khud galti karte hu aur phir blame mujh par dal dete hu ..
Ek min iss waqt kuan kis ko blame kar raha hai ..n anyways mene tumhain msg kiya tha tum ne read nahi kiya yeh meri galti nahi hai ..
Maaneet both looked at thr direction when they were struggling to make way in the crowd to come to them …still fighting ..geet turned to maan n maan looked at geet smiling at thr friends ..n thr eyes said the same thing …they-r-never-going-to-change …shaking thr head they looked at amy n ridz just then a guy delibrately collided with ridz ..when she was busy taunting amy ..
Tum tu chahte hi yeh hi hu na …ouch ..what the …//
Armaan stepped infront of her glaring the man n maan n geet decided to walk to them …n ridz held him back ..
Armaan leave it ..jaane do 
The guy left intimidated by his glare n amy turned to ridz cupped her face in his palm ..n asked with all his love n concern 
Tum theek hu .. n she nodded smiling at him ..
Aap dono ka hugaya hu tou koi hum se bhi mil le ..
Geet …maan 
They all smiled n hugged each other ..greeted them having settled at thr table maaneet shared the good news with them while having some snacks..
Oh my god …that’s huge 
Really geet its so good to hear that …finally sab theek hujayega
I hope so ridz ..
Iss hi iye we decided to call u both up n celebrate ..
Acha kiya ..warna tu tou apne dostoon ko bhool hi gaya hai …
Maan smiled n shook his  head at his best friend’s antic …
Abb tu yaad kar liya na ..abb chal aaj ki raat celebration ki raat ..
Right ..but celebrations cold drink par nahi ..its go to the bar
Armaan …
Plss yrr ridz aaj friday hai kal mera off hai ..iss liye aaj nahi …
Han tu mene kab kuch kaha ..
N they all headed to the bar …while on the way geet stopped maan holding his hand n he turned back giving her a confused stare ..
U have to ride back ..tou wohh ..
Maan smiled at her troubled state n then answered her ..
Don’t worry ..i know how much I can handle ..
Geet smiled n they all made way to the bar ..
Armaan : Here’s to the gud news …
Maan : To the friendship …
Ridhima : To love …
Geet : To our togetherness …
They all : Cheers …
Wanna naach all night
I wanna dance all night
Wanna naach all night
I wanna dance all night
hey u all girls n boys ..its Friday night 
n today we have the best music with us to make u dance all night ..
Do you feel alright
Wanna naach all night
I wanna dance all night
Hey amy that’s my favorite DJ ..as usual here on Friday night ..
Yeah n as usual ..thr are some girls waiting for u on the dance floor maan..
Maan gave him a confused look n armaan pointed out the 2 girls who had thr eyes on them ..smiling at them ..
Dance with me baby, wont you dance with me all night
Won’t you party party party, won’t you run the floor all night
Maan smiled at them …but looked away 
Not tonight amy ..coz I have my partner with me now ..Embarrassed
While maan glanced at geet who was busy ordering her soft drink at the bar with ridz by her side ..ridz saw armaan waving at those girls ..
Wanna naach all night
I wanna dance all night
Wanna naach all night
I wanna dance all night
Ouch ..thts gonna break thr hearts ..(n he laughed turning to him) ..
N I guess ridz is going to break ur hand …(amy looked confused when maan smirked at him) ..she saw u waving at them ..
Shit ..i m gone ..
Yes u r …LOL
Y me ..yaar ..humesha mien hi kyun .. I.am.so.gone
Hmm ..unless u decide other wise ..Wink
Do you feel alright
Wanna naach all night
I wanna dance all night 
What do u mean …??
Lets go ..tonight is to celebrate ..(n they both gulped thr drinks in one go) ..
Dance with me baby, wont you dance with me all night
Won’t you party party party, wont you run the floor all night
Geet  turned her head to the middle floor seeing maan thr singing ..n an instant smile came on her face ..
Pyaare pyaare lamhe …lamhe lamhe
These are lovely moments
Pyaari pyaari baatein…baatein baatein…
These are lovely talks
N just then amy came around them ..circling them in his arms ..
N took them to the dance floor …geet went ahead ..but ridz didn’t clearly annoyed with him ..
Sapno ke din hai…k din hai din hai…
Dreams of the day
Sapno ki raatein…k raatein raatein…
Dreams of the night
She joined maan …n he welcomed her giving her his hands n they did the step ..n saw ridz angry ..they both shared a glance ..n waled to them ..
Ho goonje hai dil ke taraane
The songs of the heart are echoing
Machle hai geet suhaane
The pleasant songs are dancing
Geet went ahead n grabbed ridz hands n took her with her ..on the dance floor n maan did the same with armaan ..
Behke hai saare dewaane
All the lovers are mislead
Toh nachle nachle all night
Let’s dance all night
They all did the signature step together forgetting everything in the zeal of this moment ..
Where’s the party tonight
Somewhere down the road
Where’s party tonight
On the dance floor 
The crowd joined them …n they danced like the most happy persons on earth ..
Sapno ke din hai..sapno ki raatein…
Dreams of the day and Dreams of the night
Where’s the party tonight
Dance with me baby, wont you dance with me all night
Won’t you party party party, wont you run the floor all night
Armaan held his ears n ridz smiled n pulled his hands down ..hugging him n he sighed ..
Maan gayi ..LOL
Naach all night
I wanna dance all night
Wanna naach all night
I wanna dance all night
Do you feel alright
Wanna naach all night
I wanna dance all night
Maaneet came along …clapping around the happy couple …
Pyaare pyaare lamhe …lamhe lamhe
These are lovely moments
Pyaari pyaari baatein…baatein baatein…
These are lovely talks
teasing them ..ridz blushed parting while armaan pulled her even closer ..
Sapno ke din hai…k din hai din hai…
Dreams of the day
Sapno ki raatein…k raatein raatein…
Dreams of the night
N this time ridz started it …looking around …it indeed seems like a dream ..the ultimate Casanova of the college changed for her …for her love ..just for her ..!!
Ho goonje hai dil ke taraane
The songs of the heart are echoing
N geet circled her arms around maan from back surprising him …hugging him with a smile on her face ..the single drinkhad lossened her ..n maan could feel it ..
Machle hai geet suhaane
The pleasant songs are dancing
Behke hai saare dewaane
All the lovers are mislead
Toh nachle nachle all night
Maan held her hand n pulled her in front ..lost in the depth of her eyes that only depicted love …love that was for him ..just for him !!
Let’s dance all night
Where’s the party tonight
Somewhere down the road
Where’s party tonight
On the dance floor 
While on the other side both amy n ridz were busy relishing thr time n space ..
Sapno ke din hai..sapno ki raatein…
Dreams of the day and Dreams of the night
Where’s the party tonight
Maan pulled the lone strand away from geet’s face …n kissed her forehead lightly .. expressing all his love ..n geet melted in his embrace ..n they both engulfed each other as if it had been century since they felt each other so close …
Ho…. Sajna (x2)
Oh My Beloved
Tere bina mein..  nahi hoon
I am not there without You
The peace felt was completely different ..the feeling of being loved by the person u love is completely out of this world ..n today they all four were experiencing this completeness in thr lives …
I Wanna go dancing (where’s the), take you out (party tonight)
I Wanna go dancing, (where’s the) let’s scream and shout (party tonight)
They wouldn’t have come out of thr love land if not for the crowd n sudden beat change .. that they all four joined the crowd with thr step … n just then ridz sang ..n the crowd parted ..n she walked to geet …smiling
Jo meri manzil tha, pagal jispe dil tha
What was my destination and on which my heart was mad
Haan woh mujhe mil gaya
I found him tonight
She did meant her words n her eyes could speak it ..
while maan circling geet in his embrace …said looking at her with all his love ..
Phool jo mehka tha, jispe dil behka tha
The fragrancing flower on which my heart was mislead
Baaho mein vo khil gaya
It blossomed in my arms
Geet cupped his face in her palm ..n sang ..
Mehki hai pyaar ki raahein
The streets of love are smiling
Ridz was by now in armaan’s embrace ..yet again lost in his love …
Behki hai saari nigahein
All the eyes are mislead
N armaan said spreading his other arm …happy to finally have managed to get his love ..its like a dream ..from getting his basket to believe inher then convincing her parents n now thr love n relationship is on a complete different level ..
Phaili hain khwabon ki baahein
The dreams have their arms wide open
Laughing together relishing thr togetherness they danced …danced like thr is no tomorrow ..
Toh nachle nachle all night
Let’s dance all night
Where’s the party tonight
Somewhere down the road
Where’s party tonight
On the dance floor 
Grabbing the drink off the bar armaan n maan gluped the 3rd shot in one go …
While geet pointed at them to ridz as they were in the middle of the dance floor ..
Sapno ke din hai…sapno ki raatein…
Dreams of the day and Dreams of the night
Where’s the party tonight
Naach, naach all night
I wanna dance all night
Get it right
Ridz knew they have over done is n now thr is no use stopping them ..so she danced to him n circled her arms around amy ..n took the drink away from him ..
Meri yeh kahani jiski hoon dewaani
This is my story about which I am passionate
Woh hai dewaana mera
He is my lover
(Is crazy about me too)
N amy pulled her in his embrace even more fiercely …standing up with her to the dance floor …while maan continued drinking …
Jo hai dil ki rani usko bhi zabaani
The queen of my heart knows
Yaad hai fasana mera
My story by heart
Geet came around him ..n crossed her arms around his neck ..looking at him intently ..n placed a kiss on his cheek …happy to have finally over all thr hurdles …this project did meant a lot for them …n for her …she didn’t wanted to see him suffering anymore ..
Woh puri hui koi kahani
That story reached an end
Mil gayi dil ki nishani
The heart got to its destination
Maan was stunned were her gesture n sang standing up …forgetting about the drinks all together …
Jhoom uthi hai yeh zindgani
This life is rocking now
N they all danced together ..
Toh nachle nachle all night
Let’s dance all night
Where’s the party tonight
Somewhere down the road
Where’s party tonight
On the dance floor 
Sapno ke din hai…sapno ki raatein…
Dreams of the day and Dreams of the night
Where’s the party tonight
Where’s the party tonight
Classical music ….
Maan geet were lost in thr world grooving together on the  beat forgetting the whole …thr problems ..n the upcoming days ..it was them ..thr love ..n thr happiness this moment .. n they wanted to be with each other n nobody else ..nothing else .. the whole crowd was going crazy at the high beat …dancing like mad people but they both held each other ..geet crossed her hands around him smiling …lost in the happiness his eyes reflected …while he held her closer through her waist …wanting to cherish this moment with her …when she is just herself ..no fake attitude ..no inhabitation …no reluctance ..no shyness …just his geet …just his …sirf maan ki geet …!!
I wanna go dancing (where’s the), take you out (party tonight)
I wanna go dancing, (where’s the) let’s scream and shout (party tonight)
By the time they stepped out ridz was the only was who wasn’t drunk ..n so she was going to drive …coz both boys were long gone …though not completely unconscious but still none oof them could drive …even geet had had a few shots ..although she wasn’t drunk but still she had taken alchohol so she wasn’t driving ..anyways she didn’t had any vehicle simi had dropped her …n maan was suppose to drop her on his bike ..but now tht he can’t ridz would in armaan’s car in which they both came ..
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MG SS : Ishaqzaade

Geet was so excited when she reached home …simi guessed her mood ..n went up to her room ..
Not fair geet ..maan ka project pass hugaya n ek methai bhi nahi humare liye ..
Gee smiled n hugged her tight ..the happiness was just so overwhelming ..its rare for geet to feel this much joyful n today is the lucky day ..
Aapko kaise pata ..
Chehra dekh apna aaine mein ..
Geet blushed n looked down ..
Acha abb mujhe baad mien tease karna aap ..pehle meri help karo we r going out ..kya pehno .
Ohh ..date n all ..Embarrassed
Simi ..aisa kuch nahi hai ..actually I got my first project in HI as well ..n humare best friend Armaan n Ridhima ki bhi aaj confession anniversary hai so we all going out to disc .. n I ..umm …cnfused kya pehno …yeh (she showed a black denim with white top) ..ya phir yeh ..(she took a orange tank top to go with that denim) ..
Geet bete …tou disc jaa rahi hai ya mata ke jagrata mien ..Tongue
Uhh ..whatt ..
Rehne de …ill give u something which I designed for u .. n my girl u r going to look damn sexy in that ..n trust me that guy will me knocked out ..
Geet’s eyes widened with her words ..n she was gone giving her a smirk …now she was nervous ..she didn’t knew what its going to be n she can’t refuse simi aunty ..it would rude n she would be hurt ..
Babaji ..please mehr karo ..LOL 
geet’s dress
thnxx to my dear appy di for suggesting this …Hug
Dressed in a Bodycon Long Sleeve Teal Green Wrap Dress geet entered in the club where they use to party during thr college time ..maan was the most famous guy obviously ..everybody who comes here regularly knew him …n she use to be a corner girl who use to be with armaan n ridz ..maan although surrounded with a bunch of fool always use to make sure she isn’t alone … not that he would leave his oh so beautiful witches leaving the attention …Tongue but he’ll somehow have someone around her …that over possessive freak …Embarrassed geet smiled looking around at thr table ..n saw some guys checking her out .. a hard glare n murderous eyes were enough to let them know thr r looking in the wrong direction .. huffing she went further ahead looking around for maan …when she heard someone coughing ..she ignored n kept searching for maan ..
Maan (whisteling) kya baat hai …
Geet turned back almost ready to give a piece of her mind to who ever this was but was stunned seeing maan checking her out from head to toe …she wasn’t exactly comfortable wearing this dress but all the way through thr drive here simi kept encouraging her n now seeing maan’s reaction she was getting conscious of her look ..is it that appealing …but then she looked upto his eyes n thr wasnt any lust thr but only love n affection …her face turned red with the blood rushing thr n maan smiled seeing her blushing ..she looked different but really nyc …
he sighed tonight is going to be a test for his patience … Geet saw him smiling n she knew it wasnt a gud decision dressing up like tht …he is a man she shouldnt be testing his patience but it felt gud seeing him troubled crossing his legs now leaning on the wall ..n she masked her nervousness n walked upto him …
Geet (staring at him with murdurous glare) : yeh kya batameezi hai .. Maan tum hosh mien hu na .. 
Maan : abb itni sexy larki mere samne hu …tou geet koi kaise hosh mien reh sakta hai ..
Geet couldnt control her shy smile n her red flaring cheeks but she looked away maan is such a charmer n its hard to remain angry when he is in his flirting mood …Wink pehle tu its was so easy to pretend angry n irritated but now even the hard mask slips in front of him …geet sighed knowing she is loosing it n then glared at him with a warning…maan ..//
maan (interrupted her staring at her intently) stop staring at me like that geet ..
Geet : kyun …kya karloge .. 
geet stepped ahead closer to him challenging him even when she could see the dark desire in his eyes n she couldnt look away nor could she give in to her heart felt desire n hide in his embrace instead she stood thr hypnotized by his captivating ocean eyes …with her eyes sparkling with happiness yet her jhoota ghussa on face
But her mask slipped in a snap of a moment when maan in a jerk pulled her closer 

n she fell on him shocked with his sudden move n held his shoulder to support herself n he glued her holding her from her waist …thr hearts were beating faster as if in a marathon .. Maan breathed in her thick mass of hair it took every ounce of his control not to kiss her when she looked so damn beautiful ..her eyes full of love shying still glaring at him yet her face holding that mask she looked smoking hot ..he has seen girls in short dresses but he knew his desires had nothing to do with her dress it was the happiness on her face n that spark in her eyes ..Embarrassed that made him loose his senses …geet held him trying to over this feeling but closed her eyes when she felt his hot breath fanning her shoulder …n his lips caressing against her neck ..

He exhaled sharply n thr chest collided spreading the heat throughout thr bodies …geet could feel herself pressed against him ..with a few inches b/w them she stopped breathing n her hand went around his torso almost naturally like they belonged thr n maan pressed a kiss on the nape of her neck earning a moan from her …

Maan …
N that made him gain his senses but geet lost hers in his embrace n left her body loose at his mercy ..maan held her close to hold himself together ..n hugged her tight one last time before releasing her .. 

geet opened her eyes when she felt his arms loosing around her waist …n she instantly parted realizing what just happened ..she looked away thanking god for the busy crowd around them …n never dared to look back at maan who himself was having a hard time controlling his raged heart beats .. a smile spread on her cheeks n she bit her lower lips in embarrasement she knew her face is red feeling the heat suddenly transferred from below her body to her cheeks …n they both exhaled sharply trying to look sober …n just when she was thinking that the whole evening is going to super awckward maan turned to her n said rather amused ..
Waise geet tumhain yeh dress nahi pehenkar aana chahiye tha yahan ..
Geet looked at him confused …bit shy as well but she couldn’t decide if he really meant what he said coz his eyes were speaking otherwise …n she could tell he was trying to tease her …maan on the other hand was surprised seeing geet trying to judge him …he thought she is going to be super shy throughout the night so he tried to change the atmosphere by teasing her but now looking at her he was thinking otherwise …the sherni look was back on her face ..n he looked away fumbling with his words ..
I mean kuch bhi hu sakta hai …u …u look fabulous n I ..umm …
Maan took the chance to glance at her n she was staring at him with her eye  brows arched ..then a deadly smirk appeared n maan knew he isn’t safe anymore .. he took a step back towards the wall while geet artfully walked upto him ..thr eyes never left each other n thr was all of a sudden a naughty glint in hers’ while he was drowning in her beauty ..the deep v-cut of her neck exposing her front …n the smoky eyes now set on him was a turn on …how he wish they were in the confines of thr little home n he could crush her in his embrace n kiss her senseless …n before he could come out of his thoughts geet was standing just infront of him mere inches away her finger tracing from his collar to the v of his neck where his 1st 2 buttons were open ..but her eyes never left his’ n he couldn’t manage to look away ..n just when he thought geet would close the distance she held his shoulders n her face came closer with her breath fanning his …while he held her waist to trying to figure out how to breath …his heart almost stopped having her so close when she said in a barely audible voice ..
Baat tu sahi hai maan …kuch bhi hu sakta hai …
Ek akeli larki …ek akela larka ..itni khubsoorat raat …(geet smirked at his lost eyes n came closer to his ears n whispered in a husky voice).. socho … agar meri neeyat begar gayi tou …Shocked 
Geet pulled back to look at him but couldn’t control her smile from bursting seeing his eyes widen in shock …surely he never expected her doing such a thing …tempting him ..almost making him loose his senses n then teasing him with her deadly smile …maan looked away n exhaled sharply leaving the long held breath his heart was beating frantically ..she was so close .just a breath away ..n …wohoaa .. this girl knows how to take his breath away n leave him all wanton …n yet she is the one blushing with a cheery ..still he can’t help but to laugh …sighing he went closer to her while geet kept giggling like a fool seeing his face ..
Girl u ..(pointing his finger at her with a passion filled stare at her).. r going to regret this highly one day ..Embarrassed
pheww its done …took me so long to type …passion isn’t my forte n my regular readers knows this ..sorry if i went wrong with this anywhere …EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
just let me know if its that bad …Ouch
PRECAP :- armaan n ridz r yet to enter ..obcourse raat baqi baat baqi …WinkWink 
will meet u all with next update having the fun filled Where’s the party Tonight seq Embarrassed Big smile
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MG SS : Ishaqzaade

Its evening n maan n geet both are trying each other’s number after getting off frm work .. but both were having same recording …This number is currently busy at the moment ..
Stupid idiot …pata nahi kis se itni dair tk baat kar raha hai ..ghadda kahin ka ..yahan mujhe itni important baat iss se share karni hai aur janab hain k pata nahi kis se gappe laga rahe hain ..
Pal larki ..i m sure office off hote hi ..simi aunty se baat kar rahi hugi …tab hi tu 15 min se mbl busy jaraha hai … miss chatter box …abb iss kaise share karun mien …phir bolegi k mujhe bataya nahi ..
They both tried again for 10 min n it was again going busy ..irritated they both cut the call half way to the recording ..
Hadd hai yrr ..abhi bhi baat kar rahi hai … mujhe bata hi nahi hai isse ..
Uhh god ..i hate him so much now …isse bhi kya baat hai jo khatam hi nahi hu rahi … chaddo mien bhi nahi bata rahi ..kal subha hi baat karlungi ..
N they both turned to go towards thr home …walked few steps then geet stopped ..
Ek last baar try kar leti hoon ..(she dailed n maan saw her name delighted he picked up in half ring) ..
N they both said together ..
Kab se call kar rahi / raha hoon …LOL
Actually mujhe …
Ek good news …
Uff pehle tum bolo geet ..
Nahi pehle tum ..
Mien keh raha hoon pehle tum bolo
Han tu mene bhi kaha na pehle aap bolo ..
Geet ..acha theek hai ek kaam karo India Gate aao wahan mil kar hi bataonga ..theek hai .Embarrassed
Hmm ..better idea ..mien bs nikal rahi hoon ..
Gud then c u thr ..mishty
They reached thr but couldn’t spot each other …desperately turning around finally geet found him …excitement got the better of her n she ran upto him …n patted on his back ..he turned surprise n anxious to tell her the news .. their eyes met they both smiled at each other …n before any greetings they both said together ..
I ve got my first project … my project got accepted …
Whattt …
Yeppieee …(excited n elited they both hugged each other )

Its been months since they got such a big news …n now they both can’t decide why they r so happy coz his project got accepted or coz she got her first project …funny but true when u love someone truly thr success gives u more happiness than urs ..
Maan parted with the hug n cupped her face in his palms …his sparkling eyes showed his delight n her smile could depict her level of happiness ..
I m so happy …maan finally its over …u got ur project accepted n now u can return back to KM .. aweee …(n she hugged him so happy her eyes were mishty thanking god to have put an end to thr miseries)..
Not so soon madame …
Matlab …? (confused she parted)
Matlab yeh ke Mr. Murti ..my invester he is going out of country for a month n the official papers would be signed only after then ..so till then I won’t be leaving my job ..nor will I be going back to KM ..
The color from geet’s face drained …she knew how much maan misses his father his dadi ..n this news brought her a hope that now he would be able to meet them …tell his father he did lived upto his words …he didn’t came back defeated ..but she also knew he doesn’t trust anyone out thr now ..thr has been so many times that people has accepted his project but then backout later onn …she knew he doesn’t want to get his hopes high ..geet looked down hoping her brother won’t do any of such thing again ..she can’t handle it anymore seeing maan defeated again isn’t in her … seeing her pale white face maan circled her in his arms …n said smiling it off ..
Its okie geet ..jahan itna wait wahan ek month aur sahi …
Geet jerked his hands off her ) : stop pretending as if it doesn’t hurt u …mujhe pata hai tum uncle aur dadi ko kitna miss karte hu …n its all coz of me u are here …all my damn fault ..just to shove u away I said all those stupid things ..(she sighed frustrated n angry at self).. why did u have to take it all so seriously ..i just …//
Maan smiled at her …n came up to her …he cupped her face ..n said looking into her eyes straight ..
I am not doing it all coz u said so or coz mohinder uncle’s some condition ..i could have kidnapped n married u any time I wanted (geet glared at him ..shocked n looked away turning red blushing under his love filled gaze).. but mishty its coz I wanted this …I had promised dad that I’ll earn my position in KC … n we Khuranas don’t go back on our words lady ..
(geet sighed n looked down n stared at him with a pleading eyes) : But at least go meet him …let him know of this …he’ll more happy than we both r …
Maan smiled n geet could see the sadness in his eyes) : I …I can’t he has left for his business tour this morning …dadi maa ka call aaya tha aaj subha …even she is going for some temple visits ..dad kal jaane wale thay but pune mien kuch problem hugayi so he had to leave …
geet sighed knowing she can’t do anything to make things better for maan …while he smiled at her concerns for him hard to believe but yes a very soft heart fragile geet lives in this hard shell of Geet Handa ..who loves him a lot n still hasn’t said those 3 magical words he now can die to hear …sometimes even wonders how n when she will confess her love in words …but then smiled shoking his head n asked her …
acha aab mujhe apne new project k baare mien tu btao madame ..
umm ..nothing wohh ..dad called me up this evening in the HOD meet …n now I m the finance n account head for a new project in HI …apparently my boss …Jhanvi Singh suggested me for this project to my dad ..
oh hello miss bore ..itni baari news n itne thande way mien …geet u r never gonna change ..
excuse me ..khurana did u just called boring ..
well yes I did geet ..damn u girl it’s the biggest achievement of ur life till date ..(n he gestured his hands in air)..n u r behaving as if its nothing ..
(geet smirked n looked away).. well I m sorry but This isn’t the biggest achievement of my life ..
(maan was shocked at her sudden display of attitude …n was quite ammused seeing the old geet surfacing again).. really then what is it ..??
geet smirked at him …n stared at his face for a while …maan was genuinely waiting for her answer n she looked away smiling answering him ..
umm …(then she smiled not being able to voice out n looked away blushing).. kuch nahi …
yeah whatever ..thr should be a limit to arrogance n fakeness u know ..
haww …what arrogance ..n what fakeness …I m not faking anything alright ..(geet crossed her arms n looked away)..
really ..then stop rendering urself feeling the happiness of ur first project ..(geet gave him a glare which meant i-am-not n maan just rolled his eyes n suggested excitedly).. okiee umm … I guess tonight is worth celebrating …lets go somewhere out ..
well yes but for many other reasons then we both have right now …
maan looked at her confused …n those r ..??
uff budhoo ..today is armaan’s n ridz’s confession anniversary ..
what …what anniversary ..
they confessed thr love today 2 years back ..
uhh ..u girls ..chalta phirta chalender hoti hu ..
geet wacked him hard
ouchh ..
shut up maan ..call him up n congratulate ..
he caressed his arms dramatically to which geet only rolled her eyes …n then he said …
well I have a better idea ..lets go disc today ..its been a long time ..n I am sure those two cheesy love birds must have had thr celebrations last night already ..
geet chuckled ..n then shook her head ..
maan u …that’s so mean ..
alright whatever ..ill call him now ..
geet looked around ..the night had turned dark n  the sky shinned with beautiful stars shinning already in the vanishing pink shade of the sky …it looked so beautiful that she lost track of maan’s conversation n got out of her trance only when he tapped her shoulder ..
uhh .. sorry I just got lost ..
maan looked up around …n acknowledged the beauty of the sight with a smile ..
amy said they still have an hour at thr hospital shifts so they can leave only after that ..
cool ..we’ll get the time to go home n freshen up ..
great then …its our usual place ..
yeah done ..
pheww its done … suggest some song for disco pluueejj …i m thinking of **Wheres the party tonight** let me know if u have any idea better than that ..
thanks ton for all ur lovely likes n comments ..
do the same for this one …me waiting for ur likes n comments ..Embarrassed

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MG SS : Ishaqzaade

The next few days went by in a rush …geet was busy with her work …then having simi here meant she had no time but she did went to maan’s house early morning ..managed to maintain her schedule with him as it is …mohinder started noticing the way geet smile at the mere mention of maan’s name ..not that he wasn’t aware of his daughter’s visits to maan’s place but now a days he observed maan as well …how he had been doing in his office despite brij creating so many hurdles in his ways ..not just his office ..mohinder got to know of his approached to some small firms in delhi regarding his project … n then he walked in his chawl one day early morning when geet was busy preparing thr bf ..
Geet : maan jaldi karo we’re late ..
Maan : han baba bas 2 min ..
Geet (placing the omelet on the table) : mien coffee laa rahi hoon ..n u Mr. Khurana better get started with ur bf …
Maan (smiled fixing his shirt) : okie Mrs. Khurana ..
Geet was adding sugar to her cup when she heard him ..a smile appeared her face n she shook her head chuckling at him …he knows how to cool her down in seconds …damn him !!Embarrassed
Distracted with the thought she accidently poured the hot water on her hands a bit …n the pot slipped from her hand .
Ahh …(n maan ran to her worried)
Kya hua geet …(he saw her hand n took her away carefully).. shit ..tum kar kya  rahi thi …yeh ..dekho kitna red hugaya ..(he was so scared seeing her hand turning red n held her hand gently).. geet dekho yeh …dhayaan kahan tha tumhara ..
N she so innocently n instantly replied …aap par …Embarrassed
geet was staring him with her big teary hazel almond eyes filled with so much love in them that he couldn’t scold her any more n looked away  with a helpless smile coming on his face ..

mishty … tum na (n he couldn’t just voice it out her eyes speaks so much he wish he could also say it all through his eyes coz sometimes its so difficult to give words to ur feelings …n the pain mixed with love he felt at her naïve answer just made him speechless).. chalo mien …mien medicine laga deta hoon ..
just as he was about to put the medicine ..geet took her hand away fearing the burning sensation ..n she did that twice ..
geet if u ll continue taking ur hand away ..please explain hhow am I to put this medicine ..
maan ..wohh …actually rehne do ..theek hai ..itna nahi laga hai ..(n she was just about to stand up)..
he stood up n stood by her side of chair …n made her sit again .. 
ji nahi …yeh zarori hai …n don’t worry ziada jalan nahi hugi .. (before she could interupt he circled her in his embrace from left side n took hold of her right hand that had been slightly reddened with hot water …he looked into her teary eyes n said with so much love n concern).. trust me 
geet couldn’t possibly argue on that ..could she ..?? she closed her eyes tight n just as he placed the ointment on her hand n turned her head n pressed herself closer into his embrace hiding her face in chest to stop herself from crying ..n circled her free arm around his waist ..
maan cupped her face in his palm n wiped away the tears lingering around her eyes ..n kissed her forehead lightly ..

hugaya ..Big smile
she looked up n sniffed …looking at her hand ..n was about to get up ..when maan again pressed her shoulder down standing up from the arm rest of the chair ..
abb tum koi kaam nahi karugi ..yahan betho n ill get the coffee ..
mohinder was standing outside hiding from them with the help of the curtain on thr door …it was hard not to barge in hearing his daughter scream ..n he did removed the curtain to step but the way maan was holding her hand ..n the concern in his eyes made him retreat …not only that he could see the assurance in geet’s eyes as well .. when he heard her refuse to put the ointment ..he was angry at her childishness …but then maan handled her so well ..n again he couldn’t over come the urge to peep n he did …usually seeing his daughter in another man’s embrace is an awckward feeling for a father but that moment mohinder could see the level of trust geet had in this guy ..
n just by a simple few minutes around them ..he knew he might never be able to trust maan with his daughter but just for the sake of his daughter’s happiness he has to give him a fare chance ..a fair chance to prove himself …
The next few days were both tough n great for maaneet …maan had got a few apointments with some small firms of the country regarding his projects ..while geet could see mohinder changing his stand n opinion about maan ..once she was telling simi about maan’ss upcoming appointment with a person n brij intervened with some bitter cruel comments …but before geet could have him shut up ..mohinder scolded him to have used such a language in front of family ..which did made geet happy ..not coz brij was scolded but coz mohinder said something n maan’s favour though not directly but indirectly also ..  she knew it something has to do with simi maasi ..but obviously she won’t except it so she isn’t going to waist her time by asking her ..she was happy that things are getting better ..she just prayed that now nothing goes wrong now for maan ..he has struggled a lot ..
On the other hand in KM …yash had been depressed a lot by the departure f his son …not only he left but coz ow he made him leave …maan has not even lked to him once …even though dadi maa tried asking maan indirectly to call his father he refused saying he’ll go infront of him once he’ll prove his decision right …dejected he old woman now spends her whole day seing old pictures …yash has also planned a long business trip …since dadi maa wished to go for the visit of holy places in India ..
Its easy to place a challenge in front of your children but difficult to let them face it all alone … n yash was having a hard time letting that brij mess with his son’s life …the more brij troubled maan the more he felt hatred for the girl maan has fell for ..Ouch
He walked in KM  saw his mother crying sitting in the hall holding thr family picture ..he came ipto her n held her while she cried over his shoulder …missing her grandson …
Akhir yeh sab kab tak chalega yash …abbb aur maan k bina nahi reh sakte hum ..
Maa apne bete se door rehne ka dukh mujhe b hai …but maan ne apne liye koi asaan rasta nahi choose kiya hai ..as much as I want to ..i can’t help him ..He won’t like me helping him ..
Par beta ..
Maa …aap sambbhaliye apne aapko ..mujhe yaqeen hai sab jaldi hi theek huga .. 
Hum tu bs dua karte hain k maan ko unki khushiyan mil jayen ..aur who jald se jald humare ghar wapi ajayen …bas abb sab theek hujaye ..
Yash (st) : huga maa ..abb sab theek huga aur agar nahi huta u mujhe pata hai k unn handas ke saath kaise deal karna hai ..Ouch
It was an odd day …geet had just completed her trainy period in Handa Industries n now was assisting in finaince department …but today her father has called her in HOD meeting … taking a deep breath ..she stepped in the conference room …
Whereas maan sat infront of the person who owned a small firm in India but is expanding itself fastly .. Mr. Murti …he just presented his project to him …gave a presentation to his people in his conference room 30 min back n now he has been called to inform what has been decided ..Smile
PRECAP : What do u think …??? what is it going to be for them …Wink
P.S : i m not ending this story in another 10 updates as well so consider this before giving ur answers …LOL Tongue WinkWink *Devil me*
hope u enjoyed this …Smile  please please please people u not telling me if i am lacking anywhere won’t help me …so please if u think the story is being dragged please let me know …however its entering in the last phase …Embarrassed
waiting for ur reviews n likes Day Dreaming
luv ya

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MG SS : Ishaqzaade

On the other hand …in geet’s room simi was drilling geet on todays event n geet told her the whole story of her n maan ever since he came in her life …thr fights …how they became friends …his care ..concern …his protectiveness even when he was just a friend …everything …n then how things changed after that accident …thr relation …the way she accused him n then he came to handa haveli mohinder’s condition …though simi knew it all but she wanted geet to say it all …she knew thr is so much geet is holding in her …n that geet’s isn’t a person to open up easily …ever since she lost her mother ..simi is a only person geet shres her every thought ..though she come for a few days but these few days are enough for geet to feel all the love of a mother from her simran maasi …
Simi : I still can’t believe tujh jaisi larki ..maan jaise larke pyaar kaise kar paayi ..i mean I know u ..the-real-u ..but I am amazed how he was able to reach thr …
Geet (shighed wth a smile) : pata nahi maasi ..yeh tu aaj tk mien bhi nahi jaan payi ..
Simi (smiled all the more excited) : acha chalo say something about maan …
Geet (surprised n confused) : kya …maasi sab kuch tu bata diya ..
Simi : nahi bhuddhu …tune story batayi …kaise mille ..kb pyaar hua kb izhaar hua …abb maan k baare mien bol …woh kaisa hai …tere saath kaisa hai …romantic hai ..ya tere dad jaisa ..kharoos types serious lover ..
Geet (giggled) : kharoos aur maan …hmm actually kuch kuch ..i mean I don’t know ..uff its complicated …mujh se nahi huga …
Simi (nudged her) : chal bhav mat kha abhi …jaldi bolo …kaise hain tere who ..
Geet (blushed hard with her teasing) : maasii ..

Simi (smiled seeing her child turning red) : bolna ..
Geet (sighed n closed her eyes then smiled n said his name so softly) : Maan … (then opened her eyes n looked in oblivion) ..kya kahoon uske baare mien …wohh humari dunya se nahi hai …he …he is so different from us …kabhi kabhi tu lagta hai wohh kisi aur hi planet se aaya hai …
maasi he is nothing like everyone has been telling me about men are like …he isn’t an egoistic jerk …wohh apni galti maanne se nahi darta …wohh sorry kehne se sharmaata nahi hai …ghussa buhat jaldi aata hai uss se …buhat un reasionable batoon par ..but he usually don’t express it like the way brij veerji or even dad do …lekin pata chal jaata hai .. jab who apni steaming hot coffee ek dafa mien khatam kar le …ya mirror mien ready hone k baad apni gud looks par flaunt na kare …pata chal jata hai …he is a complete possessive alpha-male ..(laughed a bit) … but wohh male chauvinist nahi hai …he isn’t ashamed of crying in front of me …buhat senti hai …but that doesn’t make him weak …lekin han shayad usski strength zaror hai …u knw what he actually cried the day he left KM …(simi was amused seeing geet’s eyes turning water just remembering it ..but geet smiled throughout re-living each moment with her maan).. he is so full of life maasi .. itna sab hugaya ..he still doesn’t hold dad responsible ..though he hates brij veerji but he won’t say it ..(laughed throatily n wiped the tear trailed just cascaded down her cheeks) .. aapne kahana mujh jaisi larki kaise pyaar kar bethi uss se …I don’t …I don’t know maasi kaise …he just makes me feel how I always wanted to be …maasi mien (sighed not being able to put it in words) … kya kahoon …Maan Singh Khurana gets what he wants …Tongue
Aap jante hu na maasi …sirf aap jaante hu …I didn’t wanted to be like this …This hard core Geet handa …thts not me …mien nahi banna chahti thi aise …but …but mere paas koi option nahi tha … dad ne humesha kaha world is not that gud as it seems to be ..every person has its own motive to be with u …I never trusted anyone …maa k jaane k baad school mien sab itna bully karte thay .. n brij veeriji tu thay hi nahi …I had to shield my own self …ghr mien bhi veerji never left a chance to pull my leg … everyone …every single person taunted my father for not having a son …mien kya karti maasi …I had to be this strong to survive ..to be able to prove myself more than a mere daughter … n then all of a sudden ..this stupid stubborn guy enters my life …
What the hell could I do with this guy ..he proved every single bit of my concept about this world wrong … itni achai mene apne ghar mien nahi dekhi thi jitni maan mien nazar aarahi mujhe …Embarrassed I just couldn’t stop my self .. zindagi mien kabhi itna acha dost nahi mila tha mujhe .. itna acha k usski achai kab mere dil mien ghar kar gyi mujhe bhi pata nahi chala .. mere bhai ne kabhi mujhe protect nahi kiya but ek dost hukar uss ne mujhe bachaya college mien har kadam par mera saath diya ..kaise na trust krti uss par …wohh tu jaan de sakta tha apni dost k liye …bina kuch maange sab loota deta wohh …koi hidden motive nahi tha …koi jhoot nahi tha …sirf sach ..aur sachi dosti thi maan ke paas jo uss ne dil khool kr lotai … mien kaise uss se pyaar na karti maasi …maan itna pyaara hai k pyaar ko bhi uss se pyaar hujaye mien sirf ek insaan thi .. par meri kismat tu dekhiye …iss se pehle k mien maan ko apni dil ki baat bata sakti …mujhe pata chala k jis insaan ko mene apna dil diya hai wohh mere hi dad ke rival ka beta hai …mene kushish ki …apne dad ki izaat se bar kar meri khushi nahi hu sakti thi …but this guy …he is so damn stubborn …aur abb dekhiye kya hugaya …
Kabhi kabhi lagta hai maan ki har mushkil ki waja mien hoon … magar phir usski dedication uske ambitions dekh kar lagta hai shayad yeh aise hi hona tha …par darr lagta maasi kuch galat na hujaye .. mien dad aur maan mien se kisi ek ko nahi chun sakti …kabhi nahi chun sakti ..Ouch
Simi (hugged her n wiped her tears) : aisa sab mat soch …kisi ko nahi choose karna parega tujhe .. sab theek hujayega mien aagayi hoon na ..
geet looked up to her n smiled …her child she just cuddled in her lap while simi kept caressing her hairs lovingly ..n looked up only to see mohinder handa standing by the door of geet’s room with his eyes mist ..a single eyes contact b/w them he left closing the door
Geet (simi kissed geet’s head n kept her head on the pillow guessing she is asleep but she wasn’t n opened her eyes worried) : kya hua ..??
Simi (smiled caressing her head) : kuch nahi mujhe laga tu soogayi iss liye shift kr diya …chalo abhi ankhien band karo aur sojao …
Geet smiled n slept with a smile straightening her legs feeling the anklets making soft voice n went to sleep remembering maan’s face n the delight he had on his face having seen her wearing those ..
Simran came to the roof top of handa haveli she knew mohinder would be here …
Simi (with a heavy voice) : wohh buhat pyaar karti hai maan se … she won’t be ablle to survive without him …
Mohinder (with a stone cold voice) : mien sirf uss se protect karna chahta tha ..i didn’t wanted her to fall prey to every other person walking in her life n hurting her …I didn’t wanted her to become a stone …
Simi (with a moist eye) : mene kushish ki ussko samjhane ki that she won’t have to choose b/w the 2 of u … but she still fears it the most ..
Mohinder : mien apni beti ko khona nahi chahta tha iss hi liye humesha uss se dunya se door rakha ..iss dunya k logoon se door rakha …but mien usski khushiyan nahi cheena chahta tha …
Simi sighed knowing he has heard geet’s talk …she knew whatever he did was to ensure geet wasn’t being fooled by anyone …he didn’t wanted her angel’s heart broken …she knew he isn’t listening to any of her talks …but living his own guilt trip …she knows how it was for him to live without Rano ..loosing the love your life isn’t that easy …the pain never goes nor does it sub sides ever …n mohinder didn’t wanted his child to fall for someone who will leave her …that’s y he always made her aware of the negatives of the society just that he forget to make her see the positives of the life … which eventually resulted in a stone hearted geet handa …n now realizing it is bit too painful …
Simi (turned to him n put her hand on his shoulder gaining her friend’s attention) : usski khushi maan hai mohinder …who ussko de do ..
Mohinder looked away not wanting to break down …while simi left knowing mohinder won’t like any company for the rest of this night …probably this lone time would make him admit it .. n she left praying for geet’s happiness in any case …
In all these years simi has tried her best to support her best friend …n be thr for his daughter ..but her commitements did had her accupied …but geet turned out to be a gem …just that mohinder fears a bit too much to loose her ..but today she saw the same fear in geet’s eyes …she was a big girl now …in love with a guy mohinder don’t trust an inch …n she very well knew mohinder can go to any extent in order to protect geet …
Simi : babaji please mehr karna meri bachi par …

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